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On wanting to see more daring institutions challenge their users - edublogs
"Most Virtual Learning Environments would, in a consumer-led market (i.e. student-led market) not make it past the beta, and wouldn't interest any Angel or VC investor in further support - the market wouldn't bite when there are so many other ways of engaging with content and people online which are fun in so many other ways. They succeed largely down to, at worst, a laziness on the part of institutions, at best a reluctance to challenge their 'customers' or users to see the world differently."
education  vles  technology  schools  learning  competition  organizations  tcsnmy  institutions  markets  ewanmcintosh  progress  engagement 
october 2009 by robertogreco
Half an Hour: Groups vs Networks: The Class Struggle Continues
"Groups are distributive – money, information, power, everything flows from the center, an authority, and it’s distributed through the members. Networks are distributed. In a network, there is no locus of knowledge. There is no place that knowledge an
groups  networks  stephendownes  definitions  vles  google  internet  web  online  social  learning  education  lcproject  unschooling  walledgardens  colleges  universities 
november 2007 by robertogreco
Flux » Articles » Innovation in m-learning
"Where are the exciting new practices that make real use of the unique affordances of mobile devices going to come from? Apart from government or LA sponsored projects where is the diversity of potential practice going to come from?"
mobile  phones  learning  education  schools  teaching  students  gamechanging  iphone  vles  diversity  innovation  lcproject  alternative  change  reform  experiments  experience  ambient 
october 2007 by robertogreco
Flux » Articles » Dopplr shift
"So what can designers of educational software learn from Dopplr? Simply that tools exist within a wider system: that it is better to create something to do a single job well than it is to build something which does many things badly."
design  dopplr  focus  simplicity  online  internet  tools  socialsoftware  smallpieceslooselyjoined  socialnetworks  distributed  alacarte  buildyourown  vles  ples  software 
june 2007 by robertogreco

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