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Minato-ku Bicycle Recycling Department | VSCO GRID | VSCO Journal™
"Lee Basford is a graphic designer, artist, and photographer who in the past year has experienced monumental changes, including a move from England to Tokyo, Japan, to marry his sweetheart. Before relocating, Lee worked as an art director and designer at Fluid. Now, working independently under the studio name Humankind, Lee is currently designing and art directing for clients globally. He also recently began writing and photographing for Papersky magazine in Japan and Nowhere Fast, an online bicycle magazine, in England. With an extensive portfolio under his belt, including work done for companies such as Sony, UNIQLO, Nike, Capcom, EMI, and Sega, Lee has had the honor of seeing his work featured in numerous books and design journals.

Lee’s latest article for Nowhere Fast highlighted a bicycle recycling shop in Tokyo, Japan. “If you lock your bike in the wrong place for too long in any Japanese city, you are probably going to get a ticket slapped on it, informing you that it will be removed at a later date. For the unfortunate, once they’re taken, any unclaimed bicycles will only be kept for a limited time before being recycled or worse, destroyed. About 85% of Japanese own bikes; so there’s a lot of them around and a constant supply for the bike police.”

Referred by a friend, Lee went to the Minato-ku Bicycle Recycling Department in search of an economically priced bicycle for his own daily use. Comprised of a team of three bike lovers and led by Tomita-san, who started the project 14 years ago, this small but highly resourceful shop has recycled over 4,000 bikes to date. These men take pride in the fact that they never buy anything new, using only recycled parts to keep their program self-sufficient. With two rooms stacked and sorted in every direction with seat posts, saddles, wheels, frames, brake cables, and more, no space is left unused in this small workspace. Tools are organized neatly and efficiently, and tiny parts are meticulously placed in containers and buckets. Working hard to strip down and rebuild bikes, the team pieces together around 100 bikes each month that are then sold at a discounted price on the second Sunday of every month. To read more about the project, check out Lee’s complete article.

All of images below were processed using VSCO Film®. View more of Lee's photography on his VSCO Grid™."
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january 2015 by robertogreco
Every bike has a story | VSCO GRID | VSCO Journal™
"Building custom bicycles, one carefully selected piece at a time, is a pursuit of passion at Mission Bicycle Company. Located in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District, Mission Bicycle operates under a simple premise — give people the bicycle they want, and they'll ride. Each bike is specially designed by the rider and then assembled by hand in the company’s Valencia Street shop. The final results are works of art.

VSCO® collaborated with Mission Bicycle and their Custom Fleet program to create a matching set of bikes for our Oakland office. Working with their team to design the VSCO bike was a pleasure, and we have since put them to good use, commuting home or taking rides in the afternoon. Read below to hear more about the custom design experience, the commuter lifestyle in San Francisco, and to see images of Mission Bicycles’ home on Valencia Street, as photographed by Nirav Patel."
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january 2015 by robertogreco

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