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Open university: Joi Ito plans a radical reinvention of MIT's Media Lab (Wired UK)
"Welcome to Ito's vision for opening up the 27-year-old Media Lab, one in which — for example — urban agriculture might be researched in Detroit; the arts in Chicago; coding in London; and in which any bright talent anywhere, academically qualified or not, can be part of the world's leading "antidisciplinary" research lab. "Opening up the lab is more about expanding our reach and creating our network," explains Ito…

"Openness is a survival trait." …

By opening up the Media Lab, Ito hopes to move closer towards his goal of "a world with seven billion teachers", where smart crowds, adopting a resilient approach and a rebellious spirit, solve some of the world's great problems. His is a world of networks and ecosystems, in which unconstrained creativity can tackle everything from infant mortality to climate change. …"
christopherbevans  networks  hughherr  nerioxman  edboydens  syntheticbiology  academictenure  academia  tenure  highered  highereducation  poverty  small  ayahbdeir  littlebits  dropouts  walterbender  frankmoss  nicholasnegroponte  communitydevelopment  macarthurfoundation  grey-lock  petergabriel  caafoundation  michellekyddlee  knightfoundation  albertoibargüen  sethgodin  reidhoffman  junecohen  constructivism  connectivism  focus  polymaths  self-directedlearning  networkedlearning  periphery  openstudioproject  deschooling  unschooling  adaptability  disobedience  education  learning  practice  compliance  rebellion  globalvoices  creativecommons  mozilla  innovation  sustainability  consumerism  resilience  london  chicago  detroit  medialab  mit  antidisciplinary  lcproject  openness  open  joiito  mitmedialab 
november 2012 by robertogreco
ep - Sugar Digest 2010-07-29 [see also the bits responding to the Michael Truncano article]
"The final day of Squeakfest as was uplifting as my first day...There were reports from the field using Etoys and many “oh-the-things-you-can-do” presentations by
squeakfext  walterbender  olpc  sugar  sugralabs  etoys  education  computing  pedagogy  uruguay  planceibal  learning  christopherderndorfer  michaeltruncano  programming 
august 2010 by robertogreco
Sugar Labs Status at Six Months - One Laptop Per Child News
"In the next six months, the creation of local or regional Sugar Labs is a priority. We look forward to a "federation" of Sugar Labs, each one autonomous, driven by local priorities and pursuing a local set of goals, while sharing a common set of principles, working with the global Sugar community, and contributing to the "upstream" project." See also conversation in comments regarding "there are now close to 3⁄4 million children using Sugar and there is concrete evidence that they are learning."
olpc  sugar  walterbender 
december 2008 by robertogreco
OLPC News: Twenty-three Questions on Technology and Education
"(10) Is school reform possible (in our lifetimes)? Are there systemic approaches to overcoming the systemic barriers to change? (11) How can we unleash the teacher in the classroom and in each of us? (12) Are there new tools for collaboration, critique, and meaningful evaluation? (There lessons the education community can learn from the FOSS community.) (13) How can we engaging the local, regional, and global communities to help? Are there any other ways to scale such that every child has an opportunity for a quality learning experience."
education  change  reform  olpc  walterbender  society  economics  computing  gamechanging  activism  learning  deschooling  schooling  unschooling  lcproject  technology 
august 2008 by robertogreco
OLPC News: Confessions of a Fundamentalist, Continued
"Sugar is a FOSS software environment that revisits how computers can be used for education: it explicitly promotes sharing and collaborative learning. At its core is the concept of an "Activity". Activities are software applications such as a web browser
olpc  constructivism  learning  education  wikis  participatory  walterbender  computers  ebooks  lcproject 
june 2008 by robertogreco
OLPC News: Confessions of a Fundamentalist
"Learning is not a service—it a process of active appropriation, and the appropriate software tools can serve as a catalyst to this appropriation. We should foster the appropriation of knowledge, not just access to it."
olpc  constructivism  learning  education  wikis  participatory  walterbender  computers  ebooks  lcproject 
june 2008 by robertogreco

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