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Natsu - travel diary on Behance
"A travel diary in Japan with some watercolor sketches on location and silver photographies.

This is a trilingual Japanese/English/French version.

"A summer in Japan with a camera and sketchbook always close at hand. The heat is overwhelming and we can hardly move. So we let ourselves go, here and there, our eyes open wide, not knowing if this is all real or if we have simply lost our way.""
japan  ateliersentô  watercolor  illustration  photography  classideas  2016 
january 2017 by robertogreco
The Coral Cave
"The Coral Cave is a 2D point-and-click adventure game. The characters and backgrounds are painted in watercolor and hand-animated on paper.


Mizuka, a little Japanese girl, lives on a small remote island, in the Okinawa archipelago.
One night, she has a strange dream. When she wakes up, a terrible danger is threatening the island. Mizuka must explore the surroundings and enter a mysterious spirit world in order to save her village. "

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games  gaming  videogames  ateliersentô  toplay  watercolor 
january 2017 by robertogreco
Giant Robot - Artist Friends Series - Ako Castuera - YouTube
"Ako Castuera is a painter, sculptor, and textile artist. For Realms (art exhibition at Giant Robot 2 LA), she has turned her focus to work on paper with a variety of media, primarily using watercolor and gouache. The works continue her ongoing interest in land, the life within it, and the life it sustains. "Suburban tracts sprawl over hills and are at once picturesque, parasitic, and fragile. They coexist with dinosaur like animal forms that suggest prehistoric life," she says. "Dinosaurs have always inspired awe and fed fantasies of the past. Their extinction forces contemplation of the future, of what's in store for the land, animals, and humans all." Ako studied at CCA, and is based in Los Angeles where she works as a writer/storyboard artist on the animated television show, Adventure Time."
watercolor  life  knitting  atemporality  time  sprawl  land  dinosaurs  suburbs  suburbia  2011  place  landscapes  landscape  glvo  art  giantrobot  akocastuera  textiles 
april 2012 by robertogreco

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