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the living: amphibious architecture
"'amphibious architecture' is a new project by the new york city design studio the living. the project specifically uses water as a surface, since it is so ubiquitous in the world, yet under-explored in art and design. the project consists of two networks of floating interactive tubes that feature light beacons on top and a range of sensors below. these sensors 'monitor water quality, presence of fish, and human interest in the river ecosystem', while the lights respond and 'create feedback loops between humans, fish, and their shared environment'. 'an SMS interface allows citizens to text-message the fish, to receive real-time information about the river, and to contribute to a display of collective interest in the environment.’"

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february 2010 by robertogreco
San Diego Reader | "SD's Drinking Water 9th Worst of Major Cities" by Scam Diego
"San Diego's drinking water is 9th worst among the 100 largest cities, according to the Environmental Working Group. In compiling the list, the group used water quality testing data from state health and environmental departments that compute records for water utilities and laboratories. Pensacola, Florida, has the worst water of the major cities. Arlington, Texas has the best. San Diego activist Mel Shapiro notes that this information has been around since last month, but mainstream media have not done their job giving it the coverage it deserves."
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january 2010 by robertogreco

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