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Chris Heathcote: anti-mega: pirates and scalpels
"These are the maps I create daily. They’re pirate maps – simple maps that have just the information I need to get somewhere. I’ve learnt that what’s most important for me are roads and roadnames. Often I’ll be using these with google maps on my phone – matching the flashing blue dot and roads with the map. Actually – I’ve very forgetful, and I’ll leave them in the hotel. Luckily, as I’ve said before, the learning is in the making."
chrisheathcote  papercamp  piratemaps  papernet  hacking  mapping  maps  mapmaking  cartography  travel  geolocation  guidebooks  books  cv  learning  wayfaring  orientation  making  diy 
january 2009 by robertogreco
PartIV » Blog Archive » “Sunbathing satellites”
Boy scouts used to be able to tell which way was north by the side of the tree that the moss grew on. Nowadays, I suspect they’d orient themselves by the direction of satellite dishes."
architecture  behavior  via:cityofsound  society  change  wayfaring  scouting  direction  technology  nature 
march 2008 by robertogreco
Digital Urban: Connected to the World but not to the City - The Local Cloud
"Devices such as the iPhone are also of interest due to lack of GPS, compared Nokia N95...question arises for urban use if a GPS is necessary, in 4 minute wait for satellite fix we can simply look up at a street sign and type in it"
googlemaps  iphone  ipod  touch  location  locative  navigation  pervasive  wifi  wayfaring  n95  nokia  gps 
november 2007 by robertogreco
From PARC, the mobile phone as tour guide [Magitti] | CNET
"mobile application that offers up information that would be useful to a wanderer--things like shops, restaurants and event listings based on your location (via inphone GPS) and the time of day, as well as your preferences and past behavior."
parc  xerox  mobile  phones  touch  suggestions  iphone  japan  applications  wayfaring  gps  search  local  location  locative  location-based  travel  online  internet  web  magitti  predictive  ios 
september 2007 by robertogreco
Tourism Victoria Get Lost in Melbourne » Television Adverts at Duncan’s TV
"Tourism Victoria has Australians talking about getting lost in Melbourne with ‘Labyrinth’, the latest television commercial promoting the city of Melbourne."
video  advertising  place  labrynth  tourism  travel  wayfaring  australia  melbourne 
november 2006 by robertogreco
Wayfaring: Maps, your way. (built on Google Maps)
"With you can explore maps created by others, or create your own personalized map. Share them with friends or the whole world."
online  annotation  internet  maps  mapping  geography  web  tools  social  software  collaborative  make  howto  cartography  collaboration  googlemaps  socialnetworking  wayfinding  wayfaring  directions  travel  googleearth  geotagging  locative  location  location-based  storytelling  visualization  tourism  walking  tagging 
november 2005 by robertogreco

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