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OCCULTURE: 67. Carl Abrahamsson & Mitch Horowitz in “Occulture (Meta)” // Anton LaVey, Real Magic & the Nature of the Mind
"Look, I’m not gonna lie to you - we have a pretty badass show this time around. Carl Abrahamsson and Mitch Horowitz are in the house.

Carl Abrahamsson is a Swedish freelance writer, lecturer, filmmaker and photographer specializing in material about the arts & entertainment, esoteric history and occulture. Carl is the author of several books, including a forthcoming title from Inner Traditions called Occulture: The Unseen Forces That Drive Culture Forward.

Mitch Horowitz is the author of One Simple Idea: How Positive Thinking Reshaped Modern Life; Occult America, which received the 2010 PEN Oakland/Josephine Miles Award for literary excellence; and Mind As Builder: The Positive-Mind Metaphysics of Edgar Cayce. Mitch has written for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Salon,, and Politico. Mitch is currently in the midst of publishing a series of articles on Medium called "Real Magic".

And it is that series paired with Carl’s book that lays the foundation for our conversation here."
carlabrahamsson  mitchhorowitz  occult  culture  occulture  magic  belief  mind  ouijaboard  astrology  mindfulness  buddhism  religion  academia  antonlavey  materialism  mainstream  intellectualism  elitism  mindbodyspirit  2018  esotericism  authority  norms  nuance  change  enlightenment  popculture  science  humanities  socialsciences  medicine  conservatism  churches  newage  cosmology  migration  california  hippies  meaning  psychology  siliconvalley  ingenuity  human  humans  humannature  spirituality  openmindedness  nature  urbanization  urban  nyc  us  society  santería  vodou  voodoo  voudoun  climate  light  davidlynch  innovation  population  environment  meaningmaking  mikenesmith  californianideology  thought  thinking  philosophy  hoodoo  blackmetal  norway  beauty  survival  wholeperson  churchofsatan  satanism  agency  ambition  mysticism  self  stories  storytelling  mythology  humanism  beinghuman  surrealism  cv  repetition  radicalism  myths  history  renaissance  fiction  fantasy  reenchantment  counterculture  consciousness  highered  highereducation  cynicism  inquiry  realitytele 
february 2018 by robertogreco
Body Code - by Anselm Hook
"'The Form' or Slow Code movement took off in the early teens and today in 2020 it is quite common to see parks full of young engineers, stripped down to their waists practicing their chi. What formerly was a sedentary and indeed solitary activity has become something of a sport with overtones of a religious crusade. Literally a full body language it recovered a functional foundation for both work and play that mapped to the modern requirements of digitally mediated interaction.

The movement has sparked a surprising cultural shift in the perception of programming, programmers and maker culture. Today the image of a modern programmer is one of somebody fit and socially engaged and spiritual. Quite different from the stereotype of the rationalist, overweight, myopic programmer of yesteryear.

Younger generations of hackers have embraced The Form as their own - and have taken the practice much further than anybody could have originally imagined. Much like dance, the movement has grown to see its own diverse stylistic flourishes. We have software parkour, contact improvisational co-creation sprints, air python versus air javascript, the original slow code aficionados versus a radical sub-culture that as of yet escapes definition."
capoeira  taekwondo  taichi  yoga  lifestyle  theform  health  bodycode  well-being  programming  wholeperson  anselmhook  coding  slowcode  slow 
july 2012 by robertogreco

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