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Futurist Stewart Brand Wants to Revive Extinct Species | Wired Enterprise |
"Most of the stuff that my fellow hippies tried turned out not to have legs. Communes didn’t. Dope didn’t!"

"Brand: I take my cue from technology historian George Dyson, who argues that, from the perspective of the real world, the digital universe is accelerating rapidly but, from the view of the digital universe, the biological world is slllllooooowwwwwiiing doooowwwwn. Since we humans are amphibians and live in both universes, we are being torn by acceleration on one side and deceleration on the other. That sounds rough, but it’s actually pretty exciting."

"Brand: I want them to know that de-extinction is coming. And I also want the eventual semi-amateur de-extinctors, as they start doing this out in the barn, to understand that there’s a framework of norms about ethics and transparency.

Kelly: What we all need is a manual on how to worry intelligently."
amateurresearch  acceleratingchange  psychadelics  drugs  communes  communitymanagement  trolls  netiquette  identity  pseudonyms  anonymity  stupidityofmobs  wisdomofcrowds  mooreslaw  well  digitalera  usergenerated  user-generated  biohacking  counterculture  geneticengineering  biotechnology  biotech  evolution  change  technology  transparency  ethics  science  georgedyson  2012  interviews  de-extinction  extinction  kevinkelly  stewartbrand 
october 2012 by robertogreco
You Can’t Read Everything - The
“I had gone through and thought about the number of books you could conceivably read in a year, for example. And then if you extrapolate it out over your lifetime, how many can you reasonably read? And it got me thinking about how vast the world of books is, and how small what you will ever take in actually is. And it becomes a sort of overwhelming thought when you realize that no matter how hard you try, no matter how smart you are, no matter how much you love to read – as I put it in the piece, statistically speaking, you’re going to die having missed almost everything.”

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reading  limits  human  scale  books  insignificance  antilibraries  life  wisdomofcrowds  statistics  lindaholmes  slow  patience  knowledge 
july 2011 by robertogreco
What to reject when you're rejecting... the wisdom of crowds: Tips for debunkers. - Jay Rosen: Public Notebook
"Let's wrap this up. You need to know what to reject when you're rejecting the idea that the collective is all-wise. Consulting the source code for the idea, we find that crowds are not inherently wise at all. Rather, they are wise when.... there's a right answer to the question, when the question isn't a matter of taste or cultural quality, when there is diversity of opinion and independence of mind among group members, when there are specialists who can draw on local knowledge, and when there's "a way of summarizing people's opinions into one collective verdict." Also, crowds can be blind and stupid, and there's no point in denying that.
jayrosen  technology  crowdsourcing  community  collaboration  statistics  socialmedia  journalism  wisdomofcrowds  web2.0  crowds  wisdom  theory 
february 2010 by robertogreco
The Dirty Little Secret About the "Wisdom of the Crowds" - There is No Crowd
"Recent research by Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) professor Vassilis Kostakos pokes a big hole in the prevailing wisdom that the "wisdom of crowds" is a trustworthy force on today's web. His research focused on studying the voting patterns across several sites featuring user-generated reviews including Amazon, IMDb, and BookCrossing. The findings showed that a small group of users accounted for a large number of ratings. In other words, as many have already begun to suspect, small but powerful groups can easily distort what the "crowd" really thinks, leading online reviews to often end up appearing extremely positive or extremely negative."
wisdomofcrowds  technology  internet  psychology  readwriteweb  influence  marketing  socialmedia  information  crowdsourcing  ratings  yelp  crowds  socialnetworking  statistics  wikipedia  wisdom  community  research 
september 2009 by robertogreco
Wisdom of the Crowds Isn’t the Answer for Everything - Mashable
"Within the Digg and YouTube communities exist sub-communities that make clear an honest debate even harder. There’s the long fabled “bury brigades” on Digg that group along ideological lines and will bury anything that contradicts their world-view before it has a chance to be seen by a wider audience. On YouTube, this behavior is best exemplified by the “Twoofer” movement, which will flock to any video with the a keyword relating to 9/11 and effectively dominate any discussion with their talking points and conspiracy theories. Any opposing viewpoints are usually shouted down, buried or marked as spam."
wisdomofcrowds  physiology  socialnetworking  community  crowdsourcing  socialmedia  politics  blogging  social  media 
september 2008 by robertogreco
Freebase: an open, shared database of the world's knowledge
"an open database of the world’s information. It’s built by the community and for the community – free for anyone to query, contribute to, build applications on top of, or integrate into their websites."
database  opensource  web2.0  data  search  knowledge  opencontent  wisdomofcrowds  wikipedia  wiki  metaweb  datamining  databases  creativecommons  crowdsourcing  opendata 
june 2008 by robertogreco
Digg, Wikipedia, and the myth of Web 2.0 democracy. - By Chris Wilson - Slate Magazine
"Despite the fairy tales about participatory culture of Web 2.0, direct democracy isn't feasible at scale on which these sites operate. Still, it's curious to note these sites seem to have hierarchical structure of old-guard institutions they've sought to
wisdomofcrowds  democracy  crowdsourcing  wikipedia  digg  web2.0  meritocracy  media  technology  socialmedia  elitism  criticism 
february 2008 by robertogreco
Kevin Kelly -- The Technium: The Bottom is Not Enough
"bottom-up hive mind will always take us much further than seems possible...Given enough time, dumb things can be smarter than we think [but] will never take us to our end goal. We are too impatient. So we add design & top down control to get where we wan
kevinkelly  smartmobs  hivemind  collaboration  wikipedia  jimmywales  clayshirky  citizendium  crowdsourcing  web  online  collaborative  design  elite  management  socialwebs  wisdomofcrowds  editing  editors 
february 2008 by robertogreco

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