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Secret Rule on the App Store on iTunes
"You are given a word.
It matches a rule that is unknown to you.
A rule could be: "Starts with H ends with R" or "Contains 'NN'" for example.
Your challenge is to find other words that match the rule."
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september 2014 by robertogreco
Eastern Seaboard, West Coast (full episode) | A Way with Words
"Does sanction mean “a penalty” or “an approval”? Well, both. Martha explains the nature of contranyms, also known as Janus words. Here’s an article about them in the periodical Verbatim.

Listeners share their suggestions for the game What Would You Serve? Hosting a golfer for dinner? Tea and greens should be lovely!

William Faulkner used adjectives like shadowdabbled, Augusttremulous, and others that can only be described as, well, Faulknerian. Grant and Martha trade theories about why the great writer chose them.

The University of Virginia has an online audio archive of Faulkner, recorded during his tenure as that school’s Writer-in-Residence.

Also, check out this splendid 1956 Paris Review interview with Faulkner about the art of writing."
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february 2011 by robertogreco

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