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Zara Gonzalez Hoang : Sketchbook : Saying goodbye to badly curated content.
"There are a few that are staying, ones that do a great job of selectively curating content and are not just me-tooing what everyone else is posting. But the rest, the ones that constantly post things that I see ricocheting across the blogosphere, those are out.
curation  curating  content  stockandflow  attention  branding  zaragonzalezhong  infooverload  me-tooing  originality  valueadded  meaning  purpose 
july 2010 by robertogreco
Zara Gonzalez Hoang : About [I love Zara's attitude towards learning, seeing the value in constant change.]
"The internet came into my life sometime around age ten. I built my first website at twelve and have been hooked ever since.
zaragonzalezhong  learning  lifelonglearning  internet  design  change  evolution  newness  interestingness  tcsnmy 
july 2010 by robertogreco

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