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Code Review Best Practices
As the size of a file goes up, discoverability goes down.
code  programming  codereview 
may 2015 by robray
Python Introduction - Google for Education — Google Developers
#!/usr/bin/env python

# import modules used here -- sys is a very standard one
import sys

# Gather our code in a main() function
def main():
print 'Hello there', sys.argv[1]
# Command line args are in sys.argv[1], sys.argv[2] ...
# sys.argv[0] is the script name itself and can be ignored

# Standard boilerplate to call the main() function to begin
# the program.
if __name__ == '__main__':
learning  google  python  tutorial  programming 
march 2015 by robray
Sublime Text 3 Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts
ln -s "/Applications/Sublime" /usr/local/bin/subl
sublimetext  sublime  shortcut  programming  terminal  command  git 
april 2014 by robray
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