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EasyFinder - Free Mac menu bar app, that enables you to access your most important and frequently used files FAST
software  app  macOS  Mac  finder  fast 
12 days ago by roggedoggelito
Project tracking for distributed companies.
Blossom is a lightweight project tracking tool for modern software development teams that love continuous delivery & simplicity.
remote  project  management  track  trello  board  tool  web  software  team 
25 days ago by roggedoggelito
is a very high performance Mac screen recorder providing the highest quality capture of your screen, system audio, microphone, camera, and even displaying keystrokes and mouse clicks. Create screen recordings of games, presentations, capture video clips from the internet, and more.
video  software  mac  macOS  screen  recording  tutorial  record 
6 weeks ago by roggedoggelito
Cross Browser Testing Tool: 2050+ Real Browsers & Devices
Browser Testing made simple! Run automated, visual, and manual tests on 2050+ real browsers and mobile devices. Test more browsers, in less time.
browser  testing  web  software  test  Design 
7 weeks ago by roggedoggelito
Sparkle: The easiest way to make real websites
Sparkle is a Mac app that enables the creation of a successful website. A great Mac user interface makes simple things simple, complex things approachable, you have unparalleled control over the looks and the features of the website. Sparkle makes building websites fun again.
internet  osx  software  webdesign  design  app  macOS  website  web 
12 weeks ago by roggedoggelito
Coda 2
A brilliant, all-in-one Mac OS X web editor. Everything you need to write beautiful web code.
software  webdesign  macOS 
april 2019 by roggedoggelito
Free, open source, cross-platform audio software
Audacity is an easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other operating systems.
Developed by a group of volunteers as open source.
audio  software  edit  cross  platform  macOS  windows 
april 2019 by roggedoggelito
is a free Mac app that helps you avoid distracting websites. Block your own access to websites or mail servers for a pre-set length of time.
app  productivity  software  block  website  macOS 
april 2019 by roggedoggelito
The free website blocker designed for studying or focusing on work. Block distractions like social media, games, apps, Youtube or even the entire Internet.
block  productivity  software  website  macOS 
april 2019 by roggedoggelito
Titanium Software | Operating system utilities for Mac - OnyX
You can use OnyX to perform operating system maintenance, clean up your computer, turn on hidden functions, and more.
software  app  macOS  clean  maintenance 
april 2019 by roggedoggelito
RightFont - Professional Font Manager for macOS
Professional and beautiful font managing app, helps preview, sync, install and organize fonts over iCloud, Dropbox. All-in-one Font Management for business.
font  software  typography  app 
march 2019 by roggedoggelito
combines the power of a digital asset manager with the context of a style guide. It makes you and your team more productive. All while ensuring brand consistency.
graphics  manager  app  design  management  software  brand 
march 2019 by roggedoggelito
Roadmap | How to Roadmap
Roadmap is a radically transparent project and team management software that empowers your team to prioritise tasks, balance workload and track their progress with just a glance.
project  management  software  app  team 
february 2019 by roggedoggelito
Homerun: Recruit like a pro
Homerun is all-in-one recruitment software (ATS) that enables you to attract, review and hire the best talent, together as a team.
tool  web  software  recruit  job  hr  hire 
january 2019 by roggedoggelito
Move and resize windows with ease
Window control with simple and customizable keyboard shortcuts
app  productivity  software  macOS  window  management 
february 2018 by roggedoggelito
Loomio - Better decisions together
Loomio helps groups of people make decisions together, online
slack  plugin  bot  decision  tool  team  software 
january 2018 by roggedoggelito
Anekdote is a directory of good brands, all about vision and values, form and function, design and craftsmanship. This directory is neither about time nor popularity. Instead, a simple keyword search will yield just a few selected brands.
shop  inspiration  directory  product  software  furniture  collection  design  brand 
november 2017 by roggedoggelito

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