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Curso de construção de arcade / fliperama powered by Arduino, com todas as peças incluídas, em SP
curso  arduino  videogame  arcade  fliperama  how-to  geek  são_paulo  sp 
september 2015 by rtopitt
MAME OS X: Mac OS X Port of MAME
MAME OS X is a native Mac OS X port of the popular MAME emulator. It is designed to take advantage of all the latest Mac OS X technologies, like Core Video and Core Image.
mac_os_x  mame  videogame  arcade  software_livre  emulador  jogo  fliperama 
january 2011 by rtopitt
RACER is an analogue recreation of a coputer racing game in the style of the classic WipeOut. It consists of a modified vintage arcade machine, a RC model car with a wireless camera, an a self-constructed racetrack/game level made entirely from cardboard. The actions of the arcade player are directly reflected by the remote controlled model car in the level. Live video image from the car’s perspective is sent back to the arcade.
corrida  wipeout  videogame  arcade  geek  arte  projeto  video 
august 2010 by rtopitt

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