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What every software engineer should know about search
Want to build or improve a search experience? Start here.

Ask a software engineer: “How would you add search functionality to your product?” or “How do I build a search engine?” You’ll probably immediately hear back something like: “Oh, we’d just launch an ElasticSearch cluster. Search is easy these days.”

But is it? Numerous current products still have suboptimal search experiences. Any true search expert will tell you that few engineers have a very deep understanding of how search engines work, knowledge that’s often needed to improve search quality.

Even though many open source software packages exist, and the research is vast, the knowledge around building solid search experiences is limited to a select few. Ironically, searching online for search-related expertise doesn’t yield any recent, thoughtful overviews.
search  architecture  programming  computer_science  how-to  top10  tip  reference  development  ux 
september 2017 by rtopitt
design of cycle tracks and velodromes
to the
"Home" of Velodromes

(Diese Seite auf deutsch!)
are known as the world's most experienced velodrome and cycle-track designers.
More than 125 tracks have been designed by the
Schuermann Family all around the world.
(see List of References)
cycling  velodrome  architecture  reference 
october 2014 by rtopitt
footle » Blog Archive » Protecting Your Users’ Data with a Privacy Wall
In this post I will describe one of our primary means for assuring privacy, a technique that is general enough that any site can use it. Our creative name for this technique is the privacy wall. Later, I’ll go on to tell you ways to hack the wall, just so you don’t get too comfortable.
modelagem  hash  criptografia  privacidade  design  how-to  security  tip  architecture  database  programming  user 
november 2010 by rtopitt
ongoing by Tim Bray · What Android Is
Android is not a specification, or a distribution in the traditional Linux sense. It’s not a collection of replaceable components. Android is a chunk of software that you port to a device.
android  artigo  celular  google  software_livre  java  mobile  os  sistema_operacional  architecture 
november 2010 by rtopitt
The Fish House by Guz Architects | Designerscouch
The Fish House designed by Guz Architects is a work of beauty and true genius. It was designed to blend with nature. This luxurious home features natural ventilation for Singapore’s hot and humid climate, a green roof with thin bendable photovoltaic panels that supply energy to the whole house, and large windows. The undulation of the curved roof mimics the ocean waves.
casa  piscina  architecture  photo  gallery 
august 2010 by rtopitt
Starbucks Does Not Use Two-Phase Commit - Enterprise Integration Patterns
In summary we can see that the real world is often asynchronous. Our daily lives consists of many coordinated, but asynchronous interactions (reading and replying to e-mail, buying coffee etc). This means that an asynchronous messaging architecture can often be a natural way to model these types of interactions. It also means that often we can look at daily life to help design successful messaging solutions.
artigo  starbucks  fila  mensagem  padrão  boa_prática  pattern  assíncrono  architecture  programming 
may 2010 by rtopitt My dream home
This home is so unbelieveably cool and funky and creative and plucked right out of my dreams. I am completely smitten with it. The Victorian duplex is located in San Francisco, and is owned by Claire Bigbie (an interior designer who now designs for the fi
casa  design  inspiração  interior  architecture 
may 2009 by rtopitt
Clipper Street Residence - envelopeA D
Mais fotos e mais info: In 2005, Claire Bigbie and Jay Shapiro purchased a tattered Victorian duplex— two stacked flats with a typical series of dark, cellular rooms—in San Francisco’s Noe Valley neighborhood. The renovation design conceives of the
casa  design  inspiração  interior  architecture 
may 2009 by rtopitt
Cracked-out Design: Buildings That Look Like Spaceships You've Never Seen
Cutting-edge architecture, or weird starship design? Sometimes it's hard to tell. In our quest for buildings that look like famous spaceships, we came across some even more striking images that should be spaceships. Gallery below.
bizarrice  espaço  architecture  photo  gallery 
may 2009 by rtopitt
Flickr Architecture | High Scalability
Artigo sobre a arquitetura do Flickr, interessante o uso de shards MySQL
artigo  escalabilidade  flickr  mysql  performance  php  server  architecture  database 
may 2009 by rtopitt

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