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Use Quick Start to transfer data from your previous iOS device to your new iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support
Transfer data directly from one iPhone to another

If your current iPhone and new iPhone are both running iOS 12.4 or later, you can use iPhone migration to transfer data directly from your previous device to your new one.
ios  iphone  apple  how-to  documentação  reference  migração  celular 
yesterday by rtopitt
A simple & functional plastic case designed to protect your phone from damage when cycling. Fully digitally printed in a range of striking designs to add a bit of style to your ride. They will also please the cafe stop owner fed up of a till full of soggy bank notes!
wishlist  cycling  case  waterproof  celular  acessório  proteção 
december 2014 by rtopitt
Desvincular número de celular do iMessage | Blog do iPhone
O que acontece se você desiste da Apple e vai para outra plataforma, como o Windows Phone ou Android? Bem, se você não descadastrar no iMessage seu número de telefone, poderá ter problemas. Todas as mensagens SMS que seus amigos que ainda possuem iPhone, iPad ou Mac forem lhe mandar, não chegarão até você, porque o sistema da Apple continuará considerando aquele número como um iMessage e enviará apenas pela internet e não pelo SMS. Visto que outras plataformas não são compatíveis com o iMessage, a mensagem se perde no cosmos.
apple  imessage  sms  how-to  android  cadastro  migração  celular  iphone  mensagem 
november 2014 by rtopitt
iPhone 6 4G brasileiro | Blog do iPhone
Dicas para saber qual iPhone 6 comprar nos EUA para funcionar o 4G (e ter garantia) no Brasil
iphone  apple  tip  garantia  brasil  4g  faq  celular  smartphone 
september 2014 by rtopitt
Anatel homologa novos iPhones (e eles serão compatíveis com o nosso 4G)
O iPhone 5S que chegará aqui será o A1457, enquanto o iPhone 5C será o A1507, modelos preparados para França, Reino Unido e Alemanha. Esses são os aparelhos enviados pela Apple para homologação pela Anatel – e que foram aprovados pela agência. Eles são dois dos quatro modelos compatíveis com o LTE banda 7 – o usado nas redes brasileiras. Os outros dois usam TD-LTE e são voltados para redes asiáticas e da Oceania.
iphone  5s  5c  apple  4g  lte  celular  hardware  padrão  compatibilidade  network 
september 2013 by rtopitt
Trocando de iPhone para Android - AkitaOnRails
Dicas de uso do Samsung Galaxy S4 com Android 4.3 Google Play Edition (puro)
android  celular  samsung  nativo  s4  play  geek  nerd  instalação  rom  4.3  tip 
august 2013 by rtopitt
Pling - A faster way to say something.
Pling is a push-to-talk voice messenger that helps teams and individuals communicate quickly and naturally. Send messages to individuals or groups with the speed and brevity of a text message and the personality and ease of a human voice.
ios  mac_os_x  desktop  celular  iphone  ipad  mensagem  voz  recado  sms  app  application 
june 2013 by rtopitt
How to Transfer Everything From Your iPhone to iTunes on a New Computer
If you've gotten a new computer or reinstalled iTunes, migrating your iTunes library is easy—unless you've somehow lost it. Luckily, you can get everything off your iPhone without too much of a hassle. Here's how to do it.
itunes  iphone  ipod  resgate  música  coleção  biblioteca  how-to  mac_os_x  celular  app  application  tip 
june 2013 by rtopitt
If you're designing a website or app, these simple templates are designed to help you sketch your ideas on paper. Download a template. Print it out. Start sketching! You can print in colour or black-and-white; on laser or inkjet printer. All templates are in PDF (portable document format). Some of the templates contain a grid of dots to help with alignment when you sketch. These dots do not represent the pixel dimensions of the device or browser.
design  ipad  iphone  pdf  ui  interface  wireframe  desenho  impressão  grátis  tablet  celular  webdesign  navegador 
october 2012 by rtopitt
[MANUAL BDI] Tudo o que você precisa fazer antes de vender o seu iPhone, iPod ou iPad | Blog do iPhone
Você é daqueles que já está pensando em vender o seu iPhone atual para comprar logo o novo que será lançado? Ou então decidiu finalmente vender seu antigo iPad para comprar um mais recente, com tela Retina? Isso é muito bom, mas é preciso tomar alguns cuidados para não deixar nenhuma informação pessoal no antigo aparelho antes de passá-lo para outra pessoa.
ipad  ipod  iphone  apple  venda  importante  backup  formatação  celular  tablet  tip 
september 2012 by rtopitt
Tenha certeza de qual iPad você está comprando! | MacMinds
O modelo 1403 não funciona na rede das operadoras brasileiras, podendo ser utilizado somente no WiFi. Para ficar facil o reconhecimento, todos os modelos do Novo iPad começam com A14xx, as versões anteriores começam A13xx ou A12xx. Este número é encontrado na parte traseira do dispositivo.
ipad  modelo  brasil  compatibilidade  apple  3g  celular  network  tip 
april 2012 by rtopitt
How to Take Care of Your Li-ion Battery
Do not let it run out completely all the time. Full discharge puts a lot of strain on the battery; Do not keep a Li-ion battery fully charged all the time, either. If you don't use your battery it might suffer from capacity loss; Keep your battery in cooler temperatures. Hot hot heat is not good for it; If you're gonna store your battery, leave 40%-50% charge in and store it in a cool place (i.e. fridge).
bateria  li-on  lítio  importante  hardware  celular  notebook  geek  tip 
february 2011 by rtopitt
Open source anti-theft solution for Mac, PCs & Phones – Prey
Prey lets you keep track of your phone or laptop at all times, and will help you find it if it ever gets lost or stolen. It's lightweight, open source software, and free for anyone to use. And it just works.
notebook  software_livre  grátis  celular  android  mac_os_x  windows  ubuntu  linux  roubo  georeferenciamento  security  tracking 
january 2011 by rtopitt
Official Google Blog: Some cool Android tips and tricks
Last week, I sent a note to my team with some of my favorite tips and apps for Nexus S, which features Android 2.3, Gingerbread. A lot of Googlers liked it, so we thought some of you might enjoy it as well. (Note: Many of the tips are specific to Android 2.3.)
android  celular  google  nexus_s  top10  tip 
december 2010 by rtopitt
Android in Near Space
On November 13th, 2010, my UCSC friends and I helped about half a dozen Google employees launch 7 high altitude balloons into near space, each reaching an altitude in excess of 100,000 feet. The balloons carried cameras (still and video), APRS beacons, radar reflectors, and several Google Nexus S cellphones. Of these 7 balloons, 6 were recovered within a day of launch and one was found a month after launch.
google  android  celular  nexus_s  espaço  blog  how-to  projeto  geek  balão 
december 2010 by rtopitt
Android In Spaaaace! - Official Google Mobile Blog
Recently, we travelled to Ione, CA and sent seven payloads up, up, and away into near space, each equipped with a Nexus S. We took some cues from others who have sent homemade weather balloon rigs far up, and we wanted an opportunity to collect some interesting data about the sensors in Nexus S – GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer.
android  geek  celular  espaço  how-to  balão  google  nexus_s  video 
december 2010 by rtopitt
Site to Phone - Send links or text from your browser to your phone
Site to Phone is a free service designed to send links and text from your desktop or laptop to your phone, the service doesn't require any personal details on sign up (not even your email address).
webapp  celular  link  url  ferramenta  cópia  integração 
december 2010 by rtopitt
android-notifier - Project Hosting on Google Code
This project sends notifications to a desktop computer when certain events happen on an Android device, such as the phone ringing, an SMS being received, or the battery running low. The notifications can be sent over Wifi, Bluetooth, or (in the future) USB.
android  celular  software_livre  notificação  wifi  bluetooth  sms  geek  desktop  mac_os_x  linux 
december 2010 by rtopitt
ongoing by Tim Bray · What Android Is
Android is not a specification, or a distribution in the traditional Linux sense. It’s not a collection of replaceable components. Android is a chunk of software that you port to a device.
android  artigo  celular  google  software_livre  java  mobile  os  sistema_operacional  architecture 
november 2010 by rtopitt
How to Install Android on an iPhone in Six Easy Steps
If you've got an iPhone, are a little bored with iOS, and you're interested in moonlighting with Google's Android operating system, you can dual boot Android and iOS side-by-side on your iPhone in a few relatively simple steps.
android  iphone  how-to  geek  hack  dual-boot  jailbreak  google  linux  celular 
november 2010 by rtopitt
ROM Customizada para o Milestone baseada no Froyo 2.2.1
android  froyo  2.2  rom  motorola  milestone  celular  google  hack  diy  geek 
october 2010 by rtopitt
Get Started Developing for Android with Eclipse - Smashing Magazine
In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to start writing applications for Android, the open-source mobile operating system popularized by Google.
google  android  introdução  celular  how-to  eclipse  java  app  application  programming 
october 2010 by rtopitt
Como comprar apps pagos no Android Market | Gizmodo Brasil
Eles chegaram. Alguns dias depois do anúncio oficial, os apps pagos agora estão disponíveis no Android Market brasileiro. Assim como seus colegas com iPhone, você vai ter que se segurar para não gastar muito no cartão de crédito. E comprar apps é bem fácil.
android  google  checkout  brasil  how-to  cartão_de_crédito  app  celular  compra  application 
october 2010 by rtopitt
Battle of the Android Music Players: The Best Alternative Players Compared
Android's default music player works, but it's nothing to write home about. If you're looking for a more feature-filled player, here's a rundown of four of the best music players available in the Android Market.
android  review  comparação  celular  player  música  app  application 
september 2010 by rtopitt
A Useful Selection of Android Developer Tools and Resources :Speckyboy Design Magazine
We have selected our favorite 20 free to use, some open-source, tools, resources, guides and downloads that will hopefully help you with your next Android app.
android  app  ebook  google  java  celular  top10  importante  application  tip  programming 
september 2010 by rtopitt
DroidDraw : Graphical User Interface Editor for Android Cell Phone Development and Programming
This tool was written to make my Java programming life easier. It can be used to build graphical user interfaces for the Android cell phone platform. I hope you find it useful for whatever Android/Java cell phone software development projects you have planned!
android  design  interface  java  ui  celular  wysiwyg  ferramenta 
september 2010 by rtopitt
50+ Open Source iPhone Apps For iPhone Developers -
The iPhone platform now has more than 200,000 and counting in practically every category. We have introduced the Great Free iPhone 4 GUI PSD Templates For Designers and some iPhone Application Development Resources.For developers, read the source code by others is another good way to improve the develop ability and code quality. Here is a collection of 50+ open source iPhone Apps for iPhone developers. Enjoy!
iphone  app  celular  top10  software_livre  inspiração  objective_c  código-fonte  application  compilation 
september 2010 by rtopitt
android-scripting - Scripting Layer for Android brings scripting languages to Android - Project Hosting on Google Code
Scripting Layer for Android (SL4A, formerly known as Android Scripting Environment or ASE) brings scripting languages to Android by allowing you to edit and execute scripts and interactive interpreters directly on the Android device. These scripts have access to many of the APIs available to full-fledged Android applications, but with a greatly simplified interface that makes it easy to get things done. Scripts can be run interactively in a terminal, in the background, or via Locale. Python, Perl, JRuby, Lua, BeanShell, JavaScript, Tcl, and shell are currently supported, and we're planning to add more. See the SL4A Video Help playlist on YouTube for various demonstrations of SL4A's features.
android  script  importante  geek  ruby  jruby  python  perl  lua  javascript  tcl  celular  google  app  framework  sdk  application  programming 
september 2010 by rtopitt
Turn your Android Phone Into a Remote Spy Camera with Ruby in 15 Minutes - leaps || bounds
It's been a great year for Ruby on Android, but no one knows it. You can start writing Ruby apps for Android devices TODAY. You don't need to install any SDK, you don't need to install some giant Eclipse IDE, and you certainly don't need to write any Java.
ruby  jruby  android  importante  celular  google  sinatra  webapp  deploy  script  how-to  tip  programming 
september 2010 by rtopitt
iPhone Photography - iPhoneography, just another iPhone photography blog - iPhone Journal - Skin your iPhone like a Lomo
Following my post about skinning your iPhone 4 to look like a Leica camera, blog reader Kevin Kethcart decided to skin his like a Lomo, saying "A few weeks ago posted an article about skinning an iPhone 4 to look like a Leica. Well, I've always been a fan of the Lomo LC-A, so I went that route. I used to make the skin."
iphone  skin  lomo  lc-a  capa  diy  celular 
september 2010 by rtopitt
Ruboto is Ruby for Android–the goal is to allow programmers to do everything they could do by writing a Java Android app in Ruby, writing no Java code at all (and hopefully no XML either).
ruby  android  google  celular  importante  futuro  ruboto  api  alpha  programming 
august 2010 by rtopitt
Download WaveSecure for Android, the complete mobile security service for your phone
WaveSecure is a complete mobile security service that lets users protect data, ensure privacy in the event of theft and enhances the possibility of recovering the phone. Download WaveSecure for your Android smartphone.
android  roubo  gps  georeferenciamento  backup  celular  google  travamento  remoto  app  importante  application  security 
august 2010 by rtopitt
Lifehacker Pack for Android: Our List of the Best Android Apps
The Android Market isn't always an easy place to get around. Our first edition of the Lifehacker Pack for Android rounds up essential Android apps—our personal favorites for productivity, multimedia, internet life, and just plain usefulness.
lifehacker  google  android  celular  smartphone  lista  top10  app  pacote  geek  importante  application  tip  recomendation 
august 2010 by rtopitt
SoBi | Home
The Social Bicycle System (SoBi) is a public bike share system that uses GPS, mobile communications, and a secure lock that can attach to almost any bicycle and lock to any regular bike rack.
social  cidade  urbano  protótipo  sistema  gps  celular  rent  bicycle 
august 2010 by rtopitt
Complete Guide to Maximizing Your Android Phone’s Battery Life - How-To Geek
You’re no doubt reading this article because you’ve got a shiny new Android phone, but there’s just one problem: you’re so addicted that the battery runs out on a daily basis. Instead of putting the phone down, let’s maximize the battery life.
android  celular  how-to  bateria  otimização  tip 
august 2010 by rtopitt
Pwn with your Phone - Document Scanner
Document Scanner allows you to scan documents with your phone camera, convert them into PDF, and email the PDF document to anyone, all from your mobile phone.
android  pdf  app  celular  google  scanner  câmera  application  photo 
august 2010 by rtopitt
AppBrain - the best Android apps and games on the Android market
AppBrain is a website for discovering Android apps. In addition to providing search and browse functionality, users of Android phones can download the apps they chose by simply clicking an install button on the site. Appbrain then stores the application in an application wishlist. A companion native android app then lets the user efficiently make all the desired changes on the phone.
android  app  celular  google  lista  diretório  download  top10  web2.0  instalação  review  popularidade  application 
july 2010 by rtopitt
chrometophone - Project Hosting on Google Code
Google Chrome to Phone Extension is a project consisting of a Chrome Extension, Android App, and supporting AppEngine server that enables users to send links from their Chrome desktop browser to their Android device using Android's Cloud to Device Messaging service.
google  chrome  extensão  celular  android  2.2  froyo  mapa  envio  cloud  geek 
july 2010 by rtopitt
OffMaps: Offline Maps for iPod Touch and iPhone
OffMaps allows you to take your maps offline and search them on your iPod Touch and iPhone without an active internet connection.
mapa  iphone  gps  georeferenciamento  geo  offline  app  celular  application 
june 2010 by rtopitt
Whisper Systems
Android apps para ligações e SMSs encriptados
android  criptografia  sms  telefone  celular  geek  beta  wishlist  security 
may 2010 by rtopitt
5 Free Ways to Identify that Song Stuck in Your Head
Getting a tune stuck in your head and not being able to identify it, or hearing the best song ever and not knowing who it is by, are two of the most annoying things that plague human kind. To help you out of such musical dilemmas, we’ve pulled together a handy list of resources that can help you out, and all for gratis.
música  identificação  busca  web2.0  app  celular  iphone  webapp  application  service 
april 2010 by rtopitt
iStat, an iPhone app by Bjango
Remote Mac, Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris monitoring. Remotely monitor CPU, memory, disks, uptime, load averages and more... from your iPhone.
iphone  apple  linux  gráfico  monitoramento  app  celular  remoto  wishlist  analysis  application  server 
march 2010 by rtopitt
rhomobile - the open mobile framework
Rhodes is an open source framework to rapidly build NATIVE apps for all major smartphone operating systems (iPhone, Windows Mobile, RIM, Symbian and Android). These are true native device applications (NOT mobile web apps) which work with synchronized local data and take advantage of device capabilities such as GPS, PIM contacts and camera.
android  apple  framework  iphone  ruby  mobile  celular  blackberry  desenvolvimento  programming 
march 2010 by rtopitt
jQTouch — jQuery plugin for mobile web development
A jQuery plugin for mobile web development on the iPhone,
iPod Touch, and other forward-thinking devices. Features (Now Beta 2!): Easy Setup · Native WebKit Animations · Image Preloading · Callback Events · Flexible Themes · MIT Licensed · Swipe Detection · Extensions
jquery  android  iphone  design  interface  framework  webdesign  plugin  webkit  javascript  celular  biblioteca  importante 
january 2010 by rtopitt
How Carriers and Phone Makers Are Strangling Android (And Google's Plan to Save It) - google phone - Gizmodo
With the Nexus One, Google isn't getting into the business of making hardware; they're just trying, in their passive, Googly way, to regain control of a project that's spiraling toward chaos.
google  android  artigo  review  smartphone  indústria  previsão  celular  nexus_one 
december 2009 by rtopitt
Essential Android Apps - - Gizmodo
In a year, Android's gone from shaky upstart to mobile juggernaut. And nowhere is that more apparent than the apps—the Marketplace is positively bursting, with over 14,000 apps. Here are the ones you need, the essentials.
android  celular  top10  app  google  application  tip 
december 2009 by rtopitt
live-android - Google Code
Welcome to LiveAndroid, a LiveCD for Android running on x86 platforms. Want to give Google Android a try, but don't feel like buying a T-Mobile G1? LiveAndroid lets you download a LiveCD disc image of the Google Android operating system. Just burn the image to a disc, stick it in a CD-ROM drive, and reboot your computer and you can check out Android without installing it or affecting any files on your PC. You can also use the disc image in a virtualization application like VirtualBox or Microsoft Virtual PC if you want to try the operating system without even rebooting your computer.
android  google  linux  iso  livecd  virtual  virtualbox  celular 
july 2009 by rtopitt
sms2blog - Primeiro gateway SMS para Twitter do Brasil
Atualize sua conta do Twitter via SMS. "O que você está fazendo", em qualquer lugar e a qualquer hora, direto do seu celular, sem pagar tarifa internacional.
celular  gateway  geek  grátis  sms  twitter  web2.0  webapp 
may 2009 by rtopitt
About Torrent Droid 0.5.1 «
Demonstração de programa pro Android que lê um código de barras de um produto, busca o torrent equivalente e põe pra baixar na sua casa (via interface web do uTorrent, no caso)
android  app  bittorrent  celular  demonstração  download  geek  webapp  application  video 
may 2009 by rtopitt
iPhone Dev Center
Central de downloads e recursos para desenvolvimento de aplicações para iPhone
apple  celular  download  how-to  iphone  sdk  tip  programming 
may 2009 by rtopitt
iPhone Developer: I Just Made $250K From App Store In Two Months (AAPL)
Steve Demeter developed the iPhone puzzle game Trism as a side project, but now he's quitting his day job. Why? Because he says he's generated $250,000 in profits since he started selling the $4.99 game on iTunes this summer. That's after Apple (AAPL) has
app_store  apple  artigo  celular  dinheiro  economia  iphone  jogo 
may 2009 by rtopitt
Blog do iPhone
Blog sobre iPhone e iPhone 3G no Brasil
3g  apple  blog  celular  claro  iphone  tip 
may 2009 by rtopitt
Instalando o Anyremote (no Ubuntu) « Venilton’s Weblog
Anyremote ( ) é um aplicativo utilizado para controlar outras aplicações do pc através do celular. Isso mesmo! Você pode deixar seu Rhythmbox ou Amarok aberto e pausarpassar de faixaaumentar o volume navegar nas pastas do pc para s
bluetooth  celular  controle_remoto  how-to  instalação  ubuntu 
may 2009 by rtopitt
Soocial • Hassle-free contacts
Soocial provides a one address book solution to contact management. It doesn't matter where you add or change a contact, it will be changed in your other connected devices or web applications.
api  celular  contatos  gmail  google  webapp  calendar 
may 2009 by rtopitt
Xtremes Caçadores de Mitos. | Xtremes
O incrível mito dos celulares estouradores de milho de pipoca
bizarrice  celular  hahaha  milho  mito  pipoca  radiação  video 
may 2009 by rtopitt
MMS2R - Access user generated MMS content quickly
MMS2R is a library that decodes the parts of an MMS message to disk while stripping out advertising injected by the mobile/cellphone carriers. MMS messages are multipart email and the carriers often inject branding into these messages. Use MMS2R if you wa
biblioteca  celular  email  gem  mms  parser  ruby 
may 2009 by rtopitt
ADC Round 1 Winners! | Android Phone Fans
Google has contacted the Round 1 winners of the Android Developer Challenge and here are the results. Listed are 46 of the 50 Winners… the remaining 4 opted not to disclose their project!
android  celular  concurso  google  importante  java  top10 
may 2009 by rtopitt
iPhone - Compre com segurança
Vendedor carioca sagaz de iPhone
apple  celular  compra  iphone  rio 
may 2009 by rtopitt
Vitamin Features » Coding for the mobile web
Developing for the iPhone is great, but it’s only a sliver of the mobile market, and the real world of mobile development is a lot hairier. Opera developer relations manager Chris Mills writes about do’s, don’ts and best practices.
artigo  celular  html  mobile  wap  webapp  webdesign  tip 
may 2009 by rtopitt
[RMB Homelinux] » Blog Archive » Enviando SMS pelo Ubuntu por Linha de Comando
Fiz um tutorial com o modem 3G gsm D301 HSPA Traveller para enviar SMS via linux(gnokii).Isso pode ser de grande valia se você tem um nagios gerenciando vários servidores.Você pode ser avisado no seu celular, por exemplo, que o disco do servidor encheu
celular  geek  gsm  how-to  mensagem  modem  shell  sms  ubuntu  usb 
may 2009 by rtopitt
Developing apps for Google Android: it's a mixed bag
The SDK for Google's Android mobile platform has a lot of potential, but it also has plenty of rough edges. Ars takes a close look at the strengths and weaknesses... by building a Twitter client for Android.
android  celular  google  review  programming 
may 2009 by rtopitt
Google Maps for mobile gains location-seeking abilities sans GPS
Google has rolled out a new beta to its mobile mapping service that will allow users to automatically determine their location without GPS.
celular  geek  google  gps  mapa  privacidade 
may 2009 by rtopitt
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