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Tails - Privacy for anyone anywhere
Tails is a live operating system that you can start on almost any computer from a USB stick or a DVD.

It aims at preserving your privacy and anonymity, and helps you to:

use the Internet anonymously and circumvent censorship;
all connections to the Internet are forced to go through the Tor network;
leave no trace on the computer you are using unless you ask it explicitly;
use state-of-the-art cryptographic tools to encrypt your files, emails and instant messaging.
linux  sistema_operacional  security  livecd  usb  criptografia  distro 
7 weeks ago by rtopitt
CheatSheetSeries/ at master · OWASP/CheatSheetSeries
The Pinning Cheat Sheet is a technical guide to implementing certificate and public key pinning as discussed at the Virginia chapter's presentation Securing Wireless Channels in the Mobile Space. This guide is focused on providing clear, simple, actionable guidance for securing the channel in a hostile environment where actors could be malicious and the conference of trust a liability.
how-to  reference  mobile  ios  android  ssl  certificado  security  criptografia 
april 2019 by rtopitt
Privacy Tools - Encryption Against Global Mass Surveillance
You are being watched. Private and state-sponsored organizations are monitoring and recording your online activities. provides knowledge and tools to protect your privacy against global mass surveillance.
privacidade  top10  ferramenta  dica  security  webapp  criptografia 
november 2017 by rtopitt
ShareDrop is a free app that allows you to easily and securely share files directly between devices without having to upload them to any server first.
p2p  filesharing  security  senha  sharing  webapp  utilidade  network  criptografia 
september 2016 by rtopitt
Mailvelope is a browser extension that enables the exchange of encrypted emails following the OpenPGP encryption standard.
chrome  pgp  email  security  firefox  criptografia  extensão  addon 
june 2016 by rtopitt
thoughtworks/dadoware: Brazilian-Portuguese word list and instructions booklet for Diceware
Diceware em português do Brasil

Lista de palavras e instruções para criação de senhas seguras e razoavelmente amigáveis.

Conteúdo baseado do método Diceware criado por Arnold G. Reinhold.
security  senha  livro  tradução  dados  reference  criptografia  download  pdf  português 
may 2016 by rtopitt
Secure Messaging Scorecard | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Which apps and tools actually keep your messages safe? Many companies offer “secure messaging” products—but are these systems actually secure? We decided to find out, in the first phase of a new EFF Campaign for Secure & Usable Crypto.
im  messaging  security  top10  criptografia  reference  geek  privacidade 
march 2016 by rtopitt
Minha Segurança Pessoal Digital
Constantemente eu venho trabalhando para manter minha segurança pessoal digital. Sempre busquei ativamente melhorar o nível de segurança das minhas informações, dispositivos e computador. Vou descrever o que eu uso de software e práticas com esse objetivo.
dica  security  mac_os_x  senha  app  criptografia  how-to  iphone  ios  reference 
march 2016 by rtopitt
Ruby - Hashids
generate short unique ids from integers

Hashids is a small open-source library that generates short, unique, non-sequential ids from numbers.

It converts numbers like 347 into strings like “yr8”, or array of numbers like [27, 986] into “3kTMd”.

You can also decode those ids back. This is useful in bundling several parameters into one or simply using them as short UIDs.
ruby  biblioteca  criptografia  gem  id  hash  software_livre  database 
august 2015 by rtopitt
Dicas de segurança da informação para executivos(as)
Proteger seus dados e comunicações é tão importante quanto analisar relatórios e fazer vendas. Veja dicas para melhorar a segurança das suas informações.
tip  security  email  criptografia 
july 2015 by rtopitt
Enough With the Salts: Updates on Secure Password Schemes - Blog - Matasano Security
When it comes to password storage, you’re much better off using a well tested and reviewed system than writing your own. You’ll want that to be something purpose built, rather than relying on fast cryptographic hashes which are especially susceptible to fast guessing and hardware optimization. This means you’ll want to use scrypt, bcrypt, or PBKDF2 (in my order of preference) with an appropriate work factor. If you’re stuck deciding between scrypt and bcrypt, you can pretty much flip a coin and end up with something reasonable.
hash  security  senha  criptografia  server  database  boa_prática  reference  importante  algorithm 
april 2015 by rtopitt
Agile Blog | Toward Better Master Passwords
The strength of a password creation system is not how many letters, digits, and symbols you end up with, but how many ways you could get a different result using the same system.
1password  security  tip  senha  how-to  criptografia 
october 2014 by rtopitt
How Google Authenticator Works
Most people use Google Authenticator to generate two-factor authentication (2FA) tokens on their phone, with Authy as a recent alternative. What's cool is that any service can make use of these apps as long as they are compatible. But what does it mean to be compatible? How do these apps work? Apps like Google Authenticator implements the Time-Based One-Time Password (TOTP) algorithm.
security  criptografia  how-to  analysis  2fa  mfa  autenticação  google  exemplo 
september 2014 by rtopitt
Schneier on Security: Choosing Secure Passwords
Artigo do Bruce Scheneir sobre como escolher senhas boas
senha  security  how-to  tip  criptografia  reference 
september 2014 by rtopitt
cppgohan : note about ssh-keygen
Convert OpenSSH RSA or DSA key to PEM format
tip  ssh  key  criptografia  openssl  dsa  rsa  pem  conversão 
august 2014 by rtopitt
Cryptocat is a fun, accessible app for having encrypted chat with your friends, right in your browser and mobile phone. Everything is encrypted before it leaves your computer. Even the Cryptocat network itself can't read your messages.

Cryptocat is open source, free software, developed by encryption professionals to make privacy accessible to everyone.
security  criptografia  chat  software_livre  browser  mobile  ios  mac_os_x 
july 2014 by rtopitt
Encryption Works: How to Protect Your Privacy in the Age of NSA Surveillance | Freedom of the Press Foundation
The stories of how NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden first contacted journalists Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras (both Freedom of the Press Foundation board members), and how he communicated with the Washington Post's Barton Gellman, have given the public a rare window into digital security and conversing online in the age of mass surveillance.

In response, we've just published our first whitepaper—using the public comments by both Snowden and the journalists involved as illustrations—to show how reporters, whistleblowers, and ordinary Internet users can still protect their privacy online.
security  nsa  criptografia  how-to  dica  internet  importante  geek 
june 2014 by rtopitt Como Nao Lidar Com Seguranca Da Info · Marco Agner
Neste post, mostro falhas de segurança críticas no site do serviço e espero trazer benefícios e mais conhecimento às pessoas de outras áreas fora de engenharia/ciência da computação, especialmente, aos clientes da empresa citada. E, espero que a empresa resolva os problemas citados de uma vez por todas de forma transparente para o bem de todos envolvidos.
falha  senha  brasil  bizarrice  geek  criptografia  boa_prática  ingresso  security 
may 2014 by rtopitt
Welcome to Steg Website | Steg
Steg is a cross-platform and portable software, written in C++. It use steganography and cryptography techniques to hide information inside uncompressed and compressed images. JPEG (JPG), TIFF, PNG, BMP image formats are supported. With it's easy graphical user interface is possible to fine tune steganography parameters, evaluates image's artifacts and uses both symmetric-key and asymmetric-key cryptography. Arbitrary data can be hidden as compressed archive file and it's also possible to add a text comment.
criptografia  software_livre  estenografia  imagem  escondido  jpeg  jpg  png  bmp  tiff  security 
february 2014 by rtopitt
reverse hash search and calculator
criptografia  hash  sha  md5  busca  api  security 
november 2013 by rtopitt
What is a strong password? · GitHub Help
It’s easy to recognize “mom” as being a weak password. But what makes for a strong password?
senha  forte  criptografia  reference  security  tip 
november 2013 by rtopitt
Passwords Are Not Broken, but How We Choose them Sure Is
So if you want your password to be hard to guess, you should choose something that this process will miss. My advice is to take a sentence and turn it into a password. Something like "This little piggy went to market" might become "tlpWENT2m". That nine-character password won't be in anyone's dictionary. Of course, don't use this one, because I've written about it. Choose your own sentence - something personal.
senha  how-to  criptografia  escolha  memória  security  tip 
june 2013 by rtopitt
Schneier on Security: A Really Good Article on How Easy it Is to Crack Passwords
Combine a personally memorable sentence, some personal memorable tricks to modify that sentence into a password, and create a long-length password.
senha  artigo  criptografia  how-to  memória  security  tip 
june 2013 by rtopitt
Secure Salted Password Hashing - How to do it Properly
There are a lot of conflicting ideas and misconceptions on how to do password hashing properly, probably due to the abundance of misinformation on the web. Password hashing is one of those things that's so simple, but yet so many people get wrong. With this page, I hope to explain not only the correct way to do it, but why it should be done that way.
hash  salt  criptografia  how-to  senha  sal  ruby  rails  web  security  tip 
june 2013 by rtopitt
Plain Text Offenders - Did you just email me back my own password?!
A website storing a password in plain text means that your password is there, waiting for someone to come and take it. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve created the strongest possible password. It’s just there.

We’re tired of websites abusing our trust and storing our passwords in plain text, exposing us to danger. Here we put websites we believe to be practicing this to shame.
blog  senha  criptografia  privacidade  shaming  geek  hahaha  denúncia  incompetência  security 
june 2013 by rtopitt
Tails - Privacidade para todos, em todos os lugares
Tails é um live DVD ou live USB que tem com objetivo preservar sua privacidade e seu anonimato.
Ele ajuda você a:

usar a Internet de forma anônima em praticamente qualquer lugar que você estiver e em qualquer computador:
todas as conexões feitas à Internet são forçadas a passarem pela rede Tor;
não deixar rastros no computador que você estiver utilizando, a menos que você explicitamente queira isso;
usar ferramentas criptográficas modernas para criptografar seus arquivos, email e mensagens instantâneas.
linux  livecd  tor  privacidade  distro  iso  software_livre  criptografia  security 
june 2013 by rtopitt
Diceware Passphrase Home
This page offers a better way to create a strong, yet easy to remember passphrase for use with encryption and security programs. Weak passwords and passphrases are one of the most common flaws in computer security. Take a few minutes and learn how to do it right. The information presented here can be used by anyone. No background in cryptography or mathematics is required. Just follow the simple steps below. If you'd like to know even more about passphrases, see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and please checkout the Diceware Security Blog, for commentary on the latest developments in computer security and shared secret authentication.
senha  gerador  criptografia  geek  ferramenta  dado  security 
may 2013 by rtopitt
Tunnelr VPN Service Provider - SSH Tunnels - VPN Tunnels
Serviço de tunelamento de acesso via VPN, SSH e PPTP com tráfico ilimitado.
openvpn  ssh  vpn  túnel  ilimitado  internet  criptografia  webapp  network  security  service 
february 2013 by rtopitt
Troy Hunt: Lessons in website security anti-patterns by Tesco
Site do Tesco no UK comete todos os erros possíveis relacionados à segurança na web de uma só vez.
boa_prática  mau_exemplo  review  web  reino_unido  bizarrice  criptografia  senha  geek  reference  security 
august 2012 by rtopitt
Make an Emergency Flash Drive and Take it With You Whenever You Travel
Getting stuck in a strange city with no ID, no money, no credit cards, and no medical or insurance documents can be inconvenient. In a medical emergency, it can be life-threatening. So have a backup plan: a secure flash drive loaded with your most vital documents and details. Here's how to build your own.
how-to  usb  pendrive  dados  criptografia  geek  viagem  emergência  flash  neurótico  truecrypt  security  tip 
august 2012 by rtopitt - Generate long, easy-to-remember passwords
The button below will generate a random phrase consisting of four common words. According to yesterday’s xkcd strip, such phrases are hard to guess (even by brute force), but easy to remember, making them interesting password choices.
xkcd  gerador  criptografia  senha  utilidade  security 
april 2012 by rtopitt
How To Safely Store A Password |
Use bcrypt. Use bcrypt. Use bcrypt. Use bcrypt. Use bcrypt. Use bcrypt. Use bcrypt. Use bcrypt. Use bcrypt.
senha  bcrypt  criptografia  hash  importante  security  tip 
april 2012 by rtopitt
The Alternative History of Public-Key Cryptography
Over the past twenty years, Diffie, Hellman and Merkle have become world famous as the cryptographers who invented the concept of public-key cryptography, while Rivest, Shamir and Adleman have been credited with developing RSA, the most beautiful implementation of public-key cryptography. However, a recent announcement means that the history books are having to be rewritten. According to the British Government, public-key cryptography was originally invented at the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) in Cheltenham, the top-secret establishment that was formed from the remnants of Bletchley Park after the Second World War. This is a story of remarkable ingenuity, anonymous heroes and a government cover-up that endured for decades.
criptografia  matemática  história  artigo  inglaterra  geek  security 
january 2011 by rtopitt
footle » Blog Archive » Protecting Your Users’ Data with a Privacy Wall
In this post I will describe one of our primary means for assuring privacy, a technique that is general enough that any site can use it. Our creative name for this technique is the privacy wall. Later, I’ll go on to tell you ways to hack the wall, just so you don’t get too comfortable.
modelagem  hash  criptografia  privacidade  design  how-to  security  tip  architecture  database  programming  user 
november 2010 by rtopitt
Yubico's Yubikey
Yubico's core product is the YubiKey®, a unique USB-key for instant and strong authentication to networks and services. With a simple touch on the YubiKey, it automatically sends the user's identity and a secure one time pass code. It works from any computer for any number of applications with no client software needed.
usb  identificação  criptografia  senha  gadget  wishlist  geek  chave  otp  autenticação  api  webservice  sso  security 
july 2010 by rtopitt
Whisper Systems
Android apps para ligações e SMSs encriptados
android  criptografia  sms  telefone  celular  geek  beta  wishlist  security 
may 2010 by rtopitt
Validando senhas fortes com Ruby on Rails e JavaScript — Simples Ideias. Por Nando Vieira.
Em muitos projetos, é importante que o usuário informe senhas que tenham um mínimo de complexidade, evitando que sejam facilmente quebradas. Existem muitas soluções feitas em JavaScript, mas não encontrei nenhuma que fosse boa o bastante no backend. Pensando nisso, criei uma gem chamada Password Strength que faz validação de diversos padrões, a fim de identificar senhas que sejam fracas. Ela é composta por 2 módulos: ActiveRecord e JavaScript.
senha  ruby  gem  javascript  validação  força  criptografia  jquery  active_record  rails  security 
may 2010 by rtopitt
Password Recovery Speeds
This document shows the approximate amount of time required for a computer or a cluster of computers to guess various passwords. The figures shown are approximate and are the maximum time required to guess each password using a simple brute force "key-search" attack, it may (and probably will) be possible to guess correctly without trying all the combinations shown using other methods of attack or by having a "lucky guess".
senha  ataque  força_bruta  matemática  criptografia  hacking  importante  reference  security 
july 2009 by rtopitt
Astrails Simple backups can be simple!
Gem para backups automatizados, com suporte à backup de arquivos E bases de dados mysql, rotacionamento, armazenamento local E no S3, encriptação, fácil de usar
amazon  backup  criptografia  gem  gpg  importante  rotação  ruby  s3  server 
may 2009 by rtopitt
EncryptedPrivateDirectory - Community Ubuntu Documentation
Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex brings an interesting new security feature to both desktop and server users: the Encrypted ~/Private Directory.
8.10  criptografia  home  intrepid  ubuntu  wiki  help  security  user 
may 2009 by rtopitt
From the Canyon Edge - :-Dustin Kirkland: Encrypted Private Directories in Ubuntu Intrepid
In Ubuntu's Intrepid Ibex development cycle, the Ubuntu Server Team is implementing support for an encrypted private directory in each user's home.
criptografia  diretório  how-to  ubuntu  security  tip 
may 2009 by rtopitt
From the Canyon Edge - :-Dustin Kirkland: What's in my Encrypted ~/Private directory?
Some people have asked, "What do you keep in your encrypted ~/Private directory?" So I thought I'd respond here.
criptografia  diretório  home  how-to  ubuntu  security  tip 
may 2009 by rtopitt
What’s in my Encrypted ~/Private directory? « :-Dustin
Exemplo de uso inteligente do diretório encriptado do usuário na nova versão do Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex 8.10 (per user private directory)
8.10  boa_prática  criptografia  exemplo  home  intrepid  ubuntu  security  user 
may 2009 by rtopitt
Creating an encrypted swap file for Ubuntu using cryptsetup | Ubuntu Magnet
Como criar uma partição ou arquivo de swap critografado com chave randômica no Ubuntu
criptografia  how-to  swap  ubuntu  security 
may 2009 by rtopitt
Ruby Security quick guide | Ola Bini: Programming Language Synchronicity
The aim for this blog entry will be to note a few things you often would like to do, and how you can do it with Ruby. The focus will be mostly on the cryptographic APIs for Ruby, which doesn’t have much documentation either. In fact, the best documentat
criptografia  how-to  lista  openssl  ruby  security  tip 
may 2009 by rtopitt
CCC - Chinese Wall
Especially for people with little experience it is important to have simple solutions to break through walls. For this reason we present the FreedomStick. The FreedomStick is an ordinary USB stick with the TorBrowser and Torprojects software preinstalled.
china  criptografia  firewall  hack  onion  pendrive  tor  usb  security 
may 2009 by rtopitt
The Prince of Darkness and Database Encryption » Grinding Rails
Question: So I’ve got some sensitive data in my database. Maybe a social security or credit card number here or there. Not something I want to be storing as plain text. What’s a person to do? Answer: Lucifer
criptografia  how-to  lucifer  plugin  rails  database 
may 2009 by rtopitt
jmckible's lucifer at master — GitHub
Lucifer is Rails plugin which utilizes the ezcrypto gem to encrypt/decrypt database columns transparently.
criptografia  github  plugin  rails  security  database 
may 2009 by rtopitt
An Illustrated Guide to Cryptographic Hashes
With the recent news of weaknesses in some common security algorithms (MD4, MD5, SHA-0), many are wondering exactly what these things are: They form the underpinning of much of our electronic infrastructure, and in this Guide we'll try to give an overview
artigo  criptografia  explicação  geek  hash  security 
may 2009 by rtopitt
[Phoronix] Ubuntu Linux Disk Encryption Benchmarks
Teste de impacto na performance do uso de criptografia no disco inteira, de acordo com o padrão do Ubuntu 8.04 (via LVM com dm-crypt)
benchmark  criptografia  disco  lvm  performance  review  teste  ubuntu  security 
may 2009 by rtopitt
Hell Labs » Análise: autenticação Linux
Análise do processo de verificação de computador por banco via internet no Linux
banco  criptografia  geek  hardware  java  linux  analysis  security 
may 2009 by rtopitt
Pidgin-Encryption transparently encrypts your instant messages with RSA encryption. Easy-to-use, but very secure.
criptografia  im  pigdin  plugin  rsa  security 
may 2009 by rtopitt
Secure Passwords Keep You Safer
For years, I have said that the easiest way to break a cryptographic product is almost never by breaking the algorithm, that almost invariably there is a programming error that allows you to bypass the mathematics and break the product. A similar thing is
artigo  brute_force  criptoanálise  criptografia  hack  senha  security 
may 2009 by rtopitt
TrueCrypt With GUI On Ubuntu 7.10 | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials
This document describes how to set up TrueCrypt with GUI on Ubuntu 7.10. TrueCrypt is a free open-source encryption software for desktop usage.
criptografia  desktop  how-to  instalação  ubuntu  security 
may 2009 by rtopitt
OpenVPN Pantaneiro -
Tutorial de instalação, configuração e uso de OpenVPN no Ubuntu
criptografia  how-to  openvpn  ubuntu  vpn  network  security 
may 2009 by rtopitt
Alex’s Weblog » Blog Archive » Criptografando dados de forma transparente
Neste Mini-How-To, eu apresento os passos necessários para criptografar uma partição inteira. Isto é feito tendo em mente dois objetivos: a) montar e desmontar a partição da forma mais transparente possível e b) proteger os dados a qualquer custo.
criptografia  dm-crypt  how-to  pam  ubuntu  security 
may 2009 by rtopitt
Slashdot | Time Running Out for Public Key Encryption
Two research teams have independently made quantum computers that run the prime-number-factorising Shor's algorithm — a significant step towards breaking public key cryptography.
chave_pública  computação_quântica  criptografia  física  geek  algorithm  security 
may 2009 by rtopitt
Javascript Password Strength Meter | Geek(Wisdom).com
What makes a strong password? This quick and dirty password strength meter is meant to help users learn how to create stronger passwords. Because it's written in Javascript the password is never sent over the network.
criptografia  ferramenta  geek  javascript  senha  security 
may 2009 by rtopitt
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