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The Hacker's Diet - How to lose weight and hair through stress and poor nutrition
The Hacker's Diet, notwithstanding its silly subtitle, is a serious book about how to lose weight and permanently maintain whatever weight you desire. It treats dieting and weight control from an engineering and management standpoint, and provides the tools and an understanding of why they work and how to use them that permit the reader to gain control of their own weight. The book is intended primarily for busy, successful engineers, programmers, and managers who have struggled unsuccessfully in the past to lose weight and avoid re-gaining it. Computer-based tools and experiments in Microsoft Excel or the Palm Computing Platform are available, as well as an online Web application, but a computer is not necessary to use the techniques described in the book; paper and pencil alternatives are provided.
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september 2017 by rtopitt
My Thoughts on Cycling and Weight Loss | The Radavist
That’s over four years of steady, slow weight loss. Any doctor I’ve talked to has told me that is the key. Weight loss should come from a lifestyle change, from diet, to physical exercise and it should happen over time. If you rush it, you’ll do your body more harm than good.
That said, here are the main changes I made with my lifestyle. Granted, you shouldn’t try to go all in here. Just make small changes. Cutting yourself off from your favorite foods sucks. Instead, treat them as a reward.
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august 2014 by rtopitt
How to Win an Argument With a Nutritionist
Many dietitians are NOT basing their nutrition advice on the latest science.

The general guidelines are completely outdated. They have barely changed in the past few decades, even though nutrition science has advanced greatly.

By far the best way to win an argument about nutrition is to have a link to a good scientific study. Nutrition is science, after all, although it often tends to resemble religion or politics.

If you ever find yourself in an argument with an outdated nutrition professional, vegan or low-fat zealot, then feel free to use the answers and studies listed below.
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january 2014 by rtopitt
Lift's Quantified Diet | Join the Largest Crowdsourced Randomized Trial on Diet
Join the largest randomized trial of popular diet.

Let's challenge the diet industry's fuzzy claims about what diets actually work. You'll get healthier, plus you'll help pioneer a new way to do science research on a large scale that hasn't been possible before. We're designing the study with advice from researchers at UC Berkeley and Stanford.
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january 2014 by rtopitt
Researchers Claim To Discover the Single Most Efficient Exercise Regimen
Participants in the study put in three 20-minute stints on an exercise bike per week for 12 weeks. During the sessions, they would repeatedly sprint for eight seconds, then pedal slowly for 12. The researchers claim that the subjects lost as much weight with this single hour of exercise per week as they would have with five to seven hours of jogging.
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june 2013 by rtopitt
10 Simple Ways To Eat Less Without Noticing | Healthy Eating Tips - Upgrade Your Healthstyle | Summer Tomato
Your brain is easily fooled by shifts in perspective. It’s also more responsive to external cues like an empty plate, than internal cues like a full stomach. Understanding these influences can show you how to tilt them in your favor.
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october 2012 by rtopitt

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