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JavaScript for impatient programmers
This book makes JavaScript less challenging to learn for newcomers, by offering a modern view that is as consistent as possible.


Get started quickly, by initially focusing on modern features.
Test-driven exercises and quizzes available for most chapters.
Covers all essential features of JavaScript, up to and including ES2019.
Optional advanced sections let you dig deeper.
No prior knowledge of JavaScript is required, but you should know how to program.
javascript  es6  es2019  e-book  livro  reference  programming  linguagem 
july 2019 by rtopitt
The Hacker's Diet - How to lose weight and hair through stress and poor nutrition
The Hacker's Diet, notwithstanding its silly subtitle, is a serious book about how to lose weight and permanently maintain whatever weight you desire. It treats dieting and weight control from an engineering and management standpoint, and provides the tools and an understanding of why they work and how to use them that permit the reader to gain control of their own weight. The book is intended primarily for busy, successful engineers, programmers, and managers who have struggled unsuccessfully in the past to lose weight and avoid re-gaining it. Computer-based tools and experiments in Microsoft Excel or the Palm Computing Platform are available, as well as an online Web application, but a computer is not necessary to use the techniques described in the book; paper and pencil alternatives are provided.
e-book  dieta  food  geek  matemática  reference  tracking  health 
september 2017 by rtopitt
thoughtbot playbook
"Livro" com os princípios, práticas e guias de trabalho da Thoughbot, muito interessante.
startup  development  inspiração  reference  e-book  faq  guia  empresa  organização  boa_prática  exemplo 
april 2015 by rtopitt
http2 explained - The HTTP/2 book
http2 explained describes the protocol HTTP/2 at a technical and protocol level. Background, the protocol, the implementations and the future. Written by Daniel Stenberg.
http  web  protocol  e-book  http2  reference  documentação 
april 2015 by rtopitt
Home - The Fictionary
A free look-up capable custom Kindle dictionary of fictitious terms, places,and people in literature. Created by author provided content or community wikis.

Fiction novels can be complex, filled with a lot of characters to keep track of, items that are difficult to visualize, and places that are hard to recall. Fictionaries can help you enjoy these stories without confusion, spoiler free, and you never have to leave your book.
kindle  asoiaf  dicionário  download  grátis  geek  e-reader  e-book 
march 2015 by rtopitt's K2pdfopt
K2pdfopt is a useful online tool that will reformat existing PDFs for smaller e-ink screens.

K2pdfopt optimizes PDF/DJVU files for mobile e-readers (e.g. the Kindle) and smartphones. It works well on multi-column PDF/DJVU files and can re-flow text even on scanned PDF files. It can also be used as a general PDF copying/cropping/re-sizing/OCR-ing manipulation tool. It can generate native or bitmapped PDF output, with an optional OCR layer. There are downloads for MS Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. The MS Windows version has an integrated GUI. K2pdfopt is open source. Here's a quick example (click on the images below to get the PDF files):
kindle  pdf  converter  e-book  ferramenta  webapp 
march 2015 by rtopitt
Pandoc - About pandoc
If you need to convert files from one markup format into another, pandoc is your swiss-army knife.
html  latex  markdown  pdf  livro  e-book  conversor  conversão  software_livre  formato  texto 
march 2014 by rtopitt
Exploring Elasticsearch - Tutorial and Book
This book is the guide to elasticsearch that I wanted to read when I was just getting my feet wet. This book is meant to provide comprehensive elasticsearch tutorials and guides suitable for both beginners and intermediate users. The lessons in this book walk readers through both simple and advanced tasks. There is a massive amount of material to cover when it comes to elasticsearch and Lucene, material I've done my best to make clear and understandable.

You can read this book for free online.
livro  elasticsearch  busca  full-text  e-book  manual  reference  server  configuration 
september 2013 by rtopitt
Dive Into HTML5
Dive Into HTML5 seeks to elaborate on a hand-picked Selection of features from the HTML5 specification and other fine Standards. The final manuscript has been published on paper by O’Reilly, under the Google Press imprint. Buy the printed Work — artfully titled “HTML5: Up & Running” — and be the first in your Community to receive it. Your kind and sincere Feedback is always welcome. The Work shall remain online under the CC-BY-3.0 License.
html5  html  livro  online  e-book  webdesign 
february 2011 by rtopitt
Clever Algorithms
The book "Clever Algorithms: Nature-Inspired Programming Recipes" by Jason Brownlee PhD describes 45 algorithms from the the field of Artificial Intelligence. All algorithm descriptions are complete and consistent to ensure that they are accessible, usable and understandable by a wide audience. 45 algorithms described. Designed specifically for Programmers, Research Scientists and Interested Amateurs. Complete code examples in the Ruby programming language. Standardized algorithm descriptions. Algorithms drawn from the popular fields of Computational Intelligence, Metahuristics, and Biologically Inspired Computation.
ruby  ia  inteligência_artificial  livro  pdf  grátis  download  e-book  algorithm  programming 
january 2011 by rtopitt
Welcome to Open Library! (Open Library)
One web page for every book ever published. It's a lofty but achievable goal. To build Open Library, we need hundreds of millions of book records, a wiki interface, and lots of people who are willing to contribute their time and effort to building the site. To date, we have gathered over 20 million records from a variety of large catalogs as well as single contributions, with more on the way. Open Library is an open project: the software is open, the data are open, the documentation is open, and we welcome your contribution. Whether you fix a typo, add a book, or write a widget--it's all welcome. We have a small team of fantastic programmers who have accomplished a lot, but we can't do it alone!
livro  e-book  download  biblioteca  digital  grátis 
september 2010 by rtopitt
10 Free Online Books for Web Designers | Freebies
There’s a never ending supply of information out there for us web designers. If there’s something we need to learn, we can find it in one form or another. Sometimes it may be on a blog or it could be in a book. While you may have to shell our some money for a good web design book, there are a number of them out that have online versions that are totally free. Here are 10 you should find very useful.
webdesign  livro  e-book  top10  how-to  importante  html  css  html5  tip 
july 2010 by rtopitt
Tips and tricks for your Amazon Kindle
kindle  livro  e-book  reader  blog  how-to  novidade  notícia  tip 
july 2010 by rtopitt
The Rails 3 Upgrade Handbook
If you want an upgrade guide without any hassle, the Rails 3 Upgrade Handbook is a must buy.
3  rails  upgrade  livro  e-book  pdf  download  guia  how-to  tip 
april 2010 by rtopitt
Don't just roll the dice: a usefully short guide to software product pricing
How do you price your software? Is it art, science or magic? This usefully short book will help you get the theory, practical advice and case studies you need to stop you reaching for the dice.
livro  e-book  pdf  software  economia  precificação  tip 
february 2010 by rtopitt
a comprehensive collection of webdesign related books
download  e-book  grátis  livro  webdesign  programming 
may 2009 by rtopitt

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