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The Fuji Monochrom By James Conley | STEVE HUFF PHOTOS
Dicas de configuração da X100 & superiores para fazer fotos em JPG já em preto e branco.
fuji  x100  câmera  photography  tip  how-to  p&b 
september 2014 by rtopitt
40 questions and answers about the Fujifilm X100S (review) - Photography - 25 Days Off
Despite my best efforts at being a lazy blogger I have had countless requests to put together a review of the new camera, but since I’m a bit late to the party I decided to do it a little differently. There are plenty of detailed reviews about the camera’s specs and general performance already out, so this review is less of a conventional review and more of a FAQ session. But fear not! It is a big post, with a lot of pics. Here we go…
fuji  x100s  câmera  review  top10  tip  photography 
september 2013 by rtopitt

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