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octokit/octokit.rb: Ruby toolkit for the GitHub API
Ruby client to the GitHub REST API

Good example and reference of best practice implementation of this kind of API client
api  gem  github  ruby  reference  boa_prática  rest  exemplo  inspiração  http 
11 weeks ago by rtopitt
kleaver/rumbda: Run ruby scripts on aws lambda.
Rumbda does everything necessary to build a zip file for running ruby inside of an AWS Lambda. This includes downloading traveling ruby, creating a bundle of the project's Gemfile dependencies, and creating a consumable .zip file for use with Lambda.
ruby  lambda  aws  gem  github  amazon  serverless 
december 2017 by rtopitt
ankane/the-ultimate-guide-to-ruby-timeouts: :clock4:
An unresponsive service is worse than a down one. It can tie up your entire system if not handled properly. All network requests should have a timeout.

Here’s how to add timeouts for popular Ruby gems. All have been tested. You should avoid Ruby’s Timeout module. The default is no timeout, unless otherwise specified. Enjoy!
ruby  timeout  programming  github  gem  how-to  tip  reference  library  network 
june 2016 by rtopitt
donmelton/video_transcoding: Tools to transcode, inspect and convert videos.
Hi, I'm Don Melton. I created these tools to transcode my collection of Blu-ray Discs and DVDs into a smaller, more portable format while remaining high enough quality to be mistaken for the originals.

What makes these tools unique are the ratecontrol systems which achieve those goals.

This package is based on my original collection of Video Transcoding Scripts written in Bash. While still available online, those scripts are no longer in active development. Users are encouraged to install this Ruby Gem instead.
transcoding  video  conversão  conversor  gem  ruby  shell  console  reference  utilidade  bluray  dvd  software_livre 
june 2016 by rtopitt
Create beautiful Javascript charts with one line of Ruby
javascript  ruby  highcharts  google_charts  gráfico  biblioteca  gem  rails 
june 2016 by rtopitt
Ruby - Hashids
generate short unique ids from integers

Hashids is a small open-source library that generates short, unique, non-sequential ids from numbers.

It converts numbers like 347 into strings like “yr8”, or array of numbers like [27, 986] into “3kTMd”.

You can also decode those ids back. This is useful in bundling several parameters into one or simply using them as short UIDs.
ruby  biblioteca  criptografia  gem  id  hash  software_livre  database 
august 2015 by rtopitt
Create beautiful Javascript charts with one line of Ruby. Also available in Python and pure JavaScript.
ruby  gráfico  estatística  gem  interface  html  javascript 
march 2015 by rtopitt
GreenOnion | UI testing/diffing tool
GreenOnion records 'skins', which are snapshots of the current state of a view (or any page that a browser can navigate to). The first time that it is run on a view, it saves the skin; the second time that it is run, it will compare the first skin to the fresh (new) skin. You can either compare with a diff image that is automatically created, or by an outputted percentage of difference.
ruby  rspec  tdd  bdd  interface  ui  diff  gem  comparação 
march 2015 by rtopitt
Name your gem - RubyGems Guides
Here are some examples of our recommendations for naming gems.
ruby  gem  guia  how-to  convention  guideline  naming  reference 
november 2014 by rtopitt
Ferramentas para avaliação de qualidade de código Ruby - Guilherme Garnier
Ferramentas para avaliar a qualidade do seu código existem aos montes, para qualquer linguagem de programação. Eu já utilizei algumas para Java, mas nunca tinha testado nenhuma para Ruby, apesar de ser a linguagem que mais uso há alguns anos. Por isso, resolvi testar todas as ferramentas que pude encontrar. Separei a avaliação entre serviços e ferramentas.
ruby  gem  ferramenta  código-fonte  review  service  qualidade  programming  top10  how-to 
november 2014 by rtopitt
Http::Exceptions provides an easy way to rescue exceptions that might be thrown by your Http library. If you're using a library such as the excellent HTTParty, you still have to deal with various types of exceptions. In an ideal world, the return code of the HTTP request would be the sole indicator of failures, but HTTP libraries can raise a large number of exceptions (such as SocketError or Net::ReadTimeout) that you need to handle. Http::Exceptions converts any error that might be raised by your HTTP library and wrap it in a Http::Exceptions::HttpException.
ruby  http  httparty  rails  exceção  gem 
september 2014 by rtopitt
Home | kramdown
kramdown (sic, not Kramdown or KramDown, just kramdown) is a free MIT-licensed Ruby library for parsing and converting a superset of Markdown. It is completely written in Ruby, supports standard Markdown (with some minor modifications) and various extensions that have been made popular by the PHP Markdown Extra package and Maruku. It is probably the fastest pure-Ruby Markdown converter available (March 2013), being about 4x faster than Maruku and about 5x faster than BlueFeather.
markdown  ruby  library  gem  syntax  format  text 
july 2014 by rtopitt
Structuring Sinatra Applications
I love Sinatra. I use it for practically everything. For me, Sinatra has the perfect blend of simplicity and abstraction. I can understand the full stack, dip into the source when I need to, and extend the framework how I see fit.

However the bare-bones nature of Sinatra can come at a cost. Sinatra leaves much more of the decision making around your application's structure, layout and libraries up to you. This can be a bit daunting if you're just getting into Ruby web app development, which I think is one of the reasons why Sinatra is mainly the realm of more experienced developers looking for a bloat-free alternative to Rails.

Over the years I've put together a few conventions that I share between all my Sinatra apps, and in this article I'm going to elaborate on those. I've also created a gem called Trevi which, if you want to follow this approach, will go ahead and do all the manual lifting for you by generating a Sinatra scaffold.
webapp  sinatra  ruby  tip  how-to  configuration  gem  estrutura 
july 2014 by rtopitt
Welcome - world.db - Open Mundi - Open World Data
A free open public domain world database ‘n’ schema for use in any (programming) language (e.g. uses plain text fixtures/data sets)
gem  ruby  mundo  país  cidade  local  reference  database 
march 2014 by rtopitt
Fucking Shell Scripts | The easiest, most common sense server configuration management tool
Completely confused by Chef? Blowing your brains out over Ansible? Wanna just use fucking shell scripts to configure a server? Read on! Wraps up the fog gem, so it can be used on any cloud service, including AWS, rackspace, etc. We've intentionally designed this tool to be insanely easy to use.
bash  shell  devops  aws  gem  deploy  software_livre  cloud  server  configuration 
march 2014 by rtopitt
Inch · A documentation measurement tool for Ruby
A documentation tool for the Ruby programming language. Inch is a command-line tool that gives you hints where to improve your docs. One Inch at a time. Inch was created to help people document their code, therefore it may be more important to look at what it does not do than at what it does. Inch takes a more relaxed approach towards documentation measurement and tries to show you places where your codebase could use more documentation.
documentação  ruby  gem  incentivo  programming 
march 2014 by rtopitt
How To Create PDFs in Rails | Viget
Ultimately, I found Wicked PDF to be the best choice due to: ease of setup, ease of using different layouts and assets for PDFs, and excellent documentation and examples. Some of the examples included how to use assets on Heroku, assets from a CDN, using the asset helper methods, and how to generate and download files using send_file.
pdf  rails  ruby  gem  how-to  download  geração  html  tip 
december 2013 by rtopitt
Lita by jimmycuadra
Lita is a chat bot written in Ruby with persistent storage provided by Redis. It can connect to any chat service (given that there is an adapter available for it) and can have new behavior added via handlers. The plugin system is managed with regular RubyGems and Bundler.

Automate your business and have fun with your very own robot companion.
bot  chat  irc  ruby  hipchat  software_livre  gem  server 
december 2013 by rtopitt
UltraHook - Receive webhooks on localhost
UltraHook makes it super easy to connect public webhook endpoints with development environments. UltraHook is the simplest way to receive webhooks behind a firewall. Webhooks are HTTP requests made over the web by services when certain events are triggered within the services. Many popular services (GitHub, Stripe, ActiveCampaign, Papertrail, etc) support updates via webhooks. However, since these webhook requests are made over the public web, it's difficult receive them when testing from behind a firewall. This is where UltraHook comes in - it provides you a public endpoint to give to other services and tunnels requests to a private endpoint on your computer.
http  ruby  gem  webapp  grátis  webhook  api  utilidade  service 
december 2013 by rtopitt
Easy database migration using Taps(-taps) - Blog - Shelly Cloud
Migrating databases from one host to another can be a boring and time consuming task. Usually you need to make a database dump on the host A, compress it, transfer it to the host B, uncompress it and finally load it into the database. Things get even more complicated when we want to transfer database to a different database engine, say from MySQL to PostgreSQL.

Fortunately there is taps. It's a tool for migrating databases. From this post you will learn how to use it, how it works and how to resolve its most common problems.
migração  ruby  sql  mysql  postgresql  exemplo  how-to  gem  conversão  server  tip  database 
november 2013 by rtopitt
APIfy converts data in existing HTML sites and wikipedia pages to JSON APIs.

APIs can be consumed from Ruby , Python , PHP, Node.js, iPhone, Android apps.

Javascript and Phonegap apps can use JSONP to consume API without a backend.

APIfy is built using ScrApify gem.
api  heroku  html  json  scraping  gem  ruby  wikipedia  webservice 
september 2013 by rtopitt
Semantic Versioning 2.0.0
Given a version number MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH, increment the:

MAJOR version when you make incompatible API changes,
MINOR version when you add functionality in a backwards-compatible manner, and
PATCH version when you make backwards-compatible bug fixes.

Additional labels for pre-release and build metadata are available as extensions to the MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH format.
software  guia  boa_prática  release  versionamento  biblioteca  gem  reference  version 
july 2013 by rtopitt
Rails Integration Gems | Heroku Dev Center
Rails 4 requires a gem rails_on_heroku in order to configure your application logs to be visable via heroku logs and to serve static assets.
rails  4  heroku  gem  plugin  integração  webapp  ruby  importante  dependência  tip 
june 2013 by rtopitt
jetrockets/attrio · GitHub
Attributes for plain old Ruby objects. No dependencies, only simplicity and clearness.
gem  model  ruby  atributo  modelo  objeto  importante  inspiração 
june 2013 by rtopitt
intridea/grape · GitHub
Grape is a REST-like API micro-framework for Ruby. It's designed to run on Rack or complement existing web application frameworks such as Rails and Sinatra by providing a simple DSL to easily develop RESTful APIs. It has built-in support for common conventions, including multiple formats, subdomain/prefix restriction, content negotiation, versioning and much more.
api  framework  rails  rest  ruby  json  biblioteca  gem 
june 2013 by rtopitt
maxgillett/s3_multipart · GitHub
The S3 Multipart gem brings direct multipart uploading to S3 to Rails. Data is piped from the client straight to Amazon S3 and a server-side callback is run when the upload is complete.

Multipart uploading allows files to be split into many chunks and uploaded in parallel or succession (or both). This can result in dramatically increased upload speeds for the client and allows for the pausing and resuming of uploads. For a more complete overview of multipart uploading as it applies to S3, see the documentation here. Read more about the philosophy behind the gem on the Bitcast blog.
amazon  aws  rails  s3  gem  upload  cors  direto  importante 
june 2013 by rtopitt
Helios 🚀
Helios is an open-source framework that provides essential backend services for iOS apps, from data synchronization and push notifications to in-app purchases and passbook integration. It allows developers to get a client-server app up-and-running in just a few minutes, and seamlessly incorporate functionality as necessary.
api  framework  mobile  ruby  ios  objective-c  apple  heroku  rack  rails  sinatra  gem 
june 2013 by rtopitt
Recommendable is a gem that allows you to quickly add a recommendation engine for Likes and Dislikes to your Ruby application using my version of Jaccardian similarity and memory-based collaborative filtering.
ruby  gem  plugin  rails  importante  inspiração  machine_learning  similaridade  recomendation 
may 2013 by rtopitt
mdp/rotp - Ruby One Time Password library
A ruby library for generating one time passwords according to RFC 4226 and the HOTP RFC. This is compatible with Google Authenticator apps available for Android and iPhone, and now in use on GMail.
ruby  gem  otp  hotp  rfc_4226  google  gmail  importante  autenticação  two_factor_authentication  security 
august 2012 by rtopitt
Let's Write a Gem: Part 2 - Rake Routes
In this post we’ll finish the gem. Along the way I’ll point out some confusing pitfalls you can run into when testing gems locally.
gem  ruby  rubygem  tutorial  how-to  importante  bundler  biblioteca  reference 
july 2012 by rtopitt
Let's Write a Gem: Part 1 - Rake Routes
If you’re a Ruby developer then you already know that gems are simply fundamental to Ruby programming. Let’s write one. Right now. And not a simplistic Gem that just adds three lines of code to the automatically generated Gem layout from bundle gem. Let’s write a real Gem that includes files and everything.
gem  ruby  rubygem  tutorial  how-to  importante  bundler  biblioteca  reference 
july 2012 by rtopitt
gifme is a simple command line tool to generate animated GIFs.
gif  cli  shell  gem  hahaha  geek  animated 
april 2012 by rtopitt
Meet Yoke - ruby interface for OSX.
Forget about OSX terminal. Forget irb. Use ruby everywhere. Meet Yoke.
ruby  mac_os_x  gem  atalho 
april 2012 by rtopitt
Inspired by Crafting Rails Applications, ModestModel provides an ActiveModel-compliant class that allows you to quickly create simple, table-less models. The intended use is to back interactions with external APIs with Ruby-friendly models rather than raw structured data (such as hashes).
model  active_record  gem  biblioteca  ruby  classe  modelo 
april 2012 by rtopitt
AWS SDK for Ruby
O SDK da AWS para Ruby fornece uma biblioteca, exemplos de código e documentação para que os desenvolvedores criem aplicativos Ruby que correspondam à nuvem econômica, escalável e confiável da AWS.

Com o SDK da AWS para Ruby, os desenvolvedores começam a usar os serviços da infraestrutura da AWS em instantes, incluindo o Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), o Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), o Amazon SimpleDB e muito mais.
aws  amazon  sdk  ruby  gem  cloud  api 
april 2012 by rtopitt
Small daemon framework for ruby, with logging, error handler, scheduling and much more.
daemon  biblioteca  gem  ruby  dsl 
april 2012 by rtopitt
MailCatcher runs a super simple SMTP server which catches any message sent to it to display in a web interface. Run mailcatcher, set your favourite app to deliver to smtp:// instead of your default SMTP server, then check out to see the mail that's arrived so far.
email  rails  ruby  gem  desenvolvimento  teste 
april 2012 by rtopitt
To this end, Steve Webb and I wrote a library called ‘API Smith‘ – a simple tool set combining HTTParty and Hashie in a manner that we found was incredibly fast and powerful to prototype with. By combining several simple concepts together, API Smith aims to fulfill three basic requirements:

Converting API responses into Ruby objects should be a straight forward and simple process.
Extracting parts of a response shouldn’t be complex.
HTTP is your friend and should be simple.
api  cliente  ruby  protótipo  http  rest  gem 
april 2012 by rtopitt
Fixturized is a solution in between fixtures and whatever you want, which means it will generate fixtures out of your FactoryGirl (or whatever you use) calls and refresh them if anything changes.
rails  fixture  teste  factory_girl  gem  performance 
april 2012 by rtopitt
This gem protects against typical web attacks. Should work for all Rack apps, including Rails.
rack  rails  gem  ruby  proteção  security 
april 2012 by rtopitt
MailCatcher runs a super simple SMTP server which catches any message sent to it to display in a web interface. Run mailcatcher, set your favourite app to deliver to smtp:// instead of your default SMTP server, then check out to see the mail that's arrived so far.
email  gem  rails  ruby  smtp  desenvolvimento 
april 2012 by rtopitt
Gem para criar protótipos HTML em apps rails
rails  gem  protótipo  webdesign  html  view 
april 2012 by rtopitt
Ruby Geocoder
Complete Ruby geocoding solution.

easy to use • supports Ruby 1.8, 1.9, and JRuby • compatible with ActiveRecord, Mongoid, MongoMapper • result caching • proxy support • multi-lingual • Google, Yahoo, Bing,,, and FreeGeoIP geocoding services • works with Rails, Sinatra, any Rack framework • command line interface
ruby  gem  rails  geo  georeferenciamento  geotagging  mapa  gps 
april 2012 by rtopitt
Ruby HTTP clients features
Comparação de características de todas as bibliotecas HTTP em Ruby
ruby  http  biblioteca  gem  comparação 
april 2012 by rtopitt
Rails Best Practices | Using bundler and rvm to build a rubygem
Bundler and RVM are two of the most important tools for me to develop ruby/rails projects, especially make it easier to build a rubygem. Here I will describe how I use them to build the rails_best_practices gem.
gem  bundler  how-to  biblioteca  rvm  ruby  rubygem 
april 2012 by rtopitt
Post commit allows you to notify several services with a simple and elegant DSL. Five services are supported for now: Basecamp, Campfire, FriendFeed, LightHouse and Twitter
post_commit  hook  webhook  gem  ruby  post  webservice  http  api 
april 2012 by rtopitt
Vagrant - Welcome
Vagrant is a tool for building and distributing virtualized development environments. By providing automated creation and provisioning of virtual machines using Oracle’s VirtualBox, Vagrant provides the tools to create and configure lightweight, reproducible, and portable virtual environments.
ruby  virtualbox  gem  virtualização  framework 
january 2011 by rtopitt
Hero Scale
Hero Scale is an incredibly easy to use service that allows you to autoscale your Heroku apps. All you have to do is set a minimum and maximum range for your Heroku Dynos and Heroku Workers. We'll then automatically optimize your app so it provides the absolute best response times to your customers, while minimizing your Heroku bill.
heroku  escalabilidade  gem  webservice  conta  rails  ruby  webapp  server  service 
december 2010 by rtopitt
You should already use CoffeeScript in your Rails app! « Slainer68's Blog
Como usar CoffeeScript para escrever o JavaScript de uma aplicação Rails (3) de maneira integrada
javascript  ruby  rails  coffeescript  how-to  importante  gem  integração  deploy  tip 
december 2010 by rtopitt Event Framework for Ruby
Do you like Sinatra? Do you like Node.js? Wish you could write Node.js apps in Ruby as easily as you write Sinatra apps? Let's ask how.
ruby  sinatra  node.js  eventmachine  evento  framework  gem  biblioteca  server  programming 
december 2010 by rtopitt
Typus Core: Admin Panel for Ruby on Rails Applications
Typus is a control panel for Ruby on Rails applications to allow trusted users edit structured content. It’s not a CMS with a full working system but it provides a part of the system: authentication, permissions and basic look and feel for your websites control panel. So using Rails with Typus lets you concentrate on your application instead of the bits to manage the system.
admin  cms  rails  ruby  plugin  gem  engine  software_livre  importante 
november 2010 by rtopitt
Replace Cron with Clockwork
My wishlist for an app-focused cron replacement, described in that post, can be fulfilled by a little hackery with a few available Ruby libraries (rufus-scheduler and resque-scheduler). But both of these libraries have weaknesses; so I decided to write my own, following their example of the lockless, single-process scheduler pattern.
cron  gem  ruby  rails  assíncrono  job  queue  scheduled_task  worker  importante 
november 2010 by rtopitt
Commander - Complete solution for Ruby command-line executables
The complete solution for Ruby command-line executables. Commander bridges the gap between other terminal related libraries you know and love (OptionParser, HighLine), while providing many new features, all packed in one simple, elegant API.
shell  framework  console  gem  ruby  cli  parser 
november 2010 by rtopitt
Developing a RubyGem using Bundler - at master from radar's guides - GitHub
Did you know that you can use Bundler for not only gem dependency management but also for writing our own gems? It's really easy to do this and Bundler provides a couple of things to help you along this path.
gem  bundler  ruby  rubygem  how-to  biblioteca  importante  git  github  programming 
october 2010 by rtopitt
Rails Best Practices | DRY bundler in capistrano
There are a few posts told you how to integrate Bundler into capistrano, the code snippet is as follows. But they are out of date after bundler 1.0 released. You don't need add such codes into your cap file. Now you can add only one line in capistrano to use the bundler. Bundler 1.0 extracts the capistrano tasks, so we don't need repeat it any more. Besides this, it uses --deployment option that avoids the permission issues on server.
bundler  capistrano  gem  deploy  tarefa  importante  rails  tip 
september 2010 by rtopitt
Effigy - Create usable views in Ruby with HTML and CSS selectors.
In Effigy, your view is a Ruby class that performs transformation on an HTML template. The template is passed to a render method, which calls a private #transform method to apply the transformations. The transformed template is then returned as a string of HTML.
ruby  gem  view  template  nokogiri  html  rails  inspiração  webdesign  webdesigner 
august 2010 by rtopitt
FakeWeb 1.3.0 API Documentation
FakeWeb is a helper for faking web requests in Ruby. It works at a global level, without modifying code or writing extensive stubs.
ruby  http  teste  stub  mock  fake  gem  documentação 
august 2010 by rtopitt
Skinny daemons | Head Labs
In Skinny Daemons, Dave Hrycyszyn presents a practical walkthrough of how he builds what he calls "skinny daemons" - small, HTTP based daemons to perform single tasks that are then packaged up into gems for easy installation (across multiple servers, for example). It's a practical demonstration and holds your hand the whole way. Useful stuff. An example of a skinny daemon is enigmamachine, a video processor Web service using ffmpeg to convert videos to profiles of your choice.
importante  ruby  gem  how-to  daemon  http  webservice  sinatra  thin  eventmachine  rest  api  inspiração  tip 
august 2010 by rtopitt
Mongomatic is a Ruby library that lets you easily model your MongoDB documents in your applications. The primary design goals of Mongomatic are simplicity and adherence to MongoDB conventions. Mongomatic is not an ActiveRecord clone and has been designed to fit nicely with the document-oriented nature of MongoDB. Features include cursors, hash access to your document and embedded documents, validations, callbacks and conventions for creating indexes and relationships.
mongodb  mongomatic  ruby  gem  biblioteca  orm  odm  model  database 
august 2010 by rtopitt
bayes_motel – Bayesian classification for Ruby
As you can see, a tweet is just a hash of variables. So which variables are a better indicator of spam? I don’t know and chances are you don’t either. But if we create a corpus of ham tweets and a corpus of spam tweets, we can train a Bayesian classifier with the two datasets and it will figure out which variable values are seen often in spam and which in ham.
twitter  bayes  classificação  spam  detecção  machine_learning  ai  inteligência_artificial  bayesiano  gem  ruby  geek  programming 
august 2010 by rtopitt
Detecting Duplicate Images with Phashion
Recently I was given a ticket to implement a “near-duplicate” image detector. The original image files have different bytesizes and different sizes but they show essentially the same thing. This is what we call a “near-duplicate” and the problem was that when displaying an automatically generated image gallery for a given subject, we were sometimes showing duplicate images due to slight differences in the images. Obviously we can’t use something like an MD5 or SHA1 fingerprint – we have to create a fingerprint based on the content of the image, not the exact bytes. This is what the pHash library does.
ruby  gem  biblioteca  phash  geek  comparação  duplicidade  imagem  similar  hash  programming 
august 2010 by rtopitt
Madeleine - Ruby Object Prevalence
Madeleine is a Ruby implementation of Object Prevalence, that is, transparent persistence of business objects using command logging and complete system snapshots. Madeleine's design is based on Prevayler, the original Java implementation of object prevalence.
ruby  objeto  persistência  gem  biblioteca  programming 
august 2010 by rtopitt
Quick and Easy Logging with LogBuddy
LogBuddy is a little gem that makes good logging easier. It helps even in Rails, which already has good logging support, and it's a bigger help when building gems and standalone Ruby apps, where you have to start from scratch with logging.
log  logger  rails  ruby  gem  utilidade  debug  inspeção  programming 
july 2010 by rtopitt
Alex Kahn | Notes on Redis: Data Modeling, Hashes, and Namespaces
Redis has been receiving a lot of praise lately and is the subject of lot of excitement online. This praise is deserved – it’s an excellent piece of software. I’ve had the pleasure of using Redis recently and here are some of my findings.
redis  ruby  gem  nosql  key_value_store  how-to  orm  rails  importante  tip  database 
july 2010 by rtopitt
Rawr, a packaging and deployment tool, is all you'll ever need for your JRuby projects. With Rawr, a simple, pre-generated configuration file turns your code into an executable jar, a .exe for Windows, and a .app for OS X.
jruby  ruby  java  jar  pacote  gem  deploy 
july 2010 by rtopitt
LESS - Leaner CSS
LESS extends CSS with: variables, mixins, operations and nested rules. Best of all, LESS uses existing CSS syntax. This means you can rename your current .css files to .less and they'll just work.
css  less  ruby  gem  webdesign  framework 
july 2010 by rtopitt
Duck Typo: The New Ruby Ecosystem
Last week I finally caught up with the state of Ruby - the language, the community and the tools in fashion. I'm impressed. These guys seem to be doing a lot of things right. Here are a few examples:
ruby  gem  overview  geek  geral  padrão  analysis  environment  tip  programming 
june 2010 by rtopitt
Protecting your Paperclip downloads – Ruby on Rails, JRuby, AWS, EC2, Exalead
Way back last November when I first blogged about Paperclip I included a brief mention of hiding files behind a controller rather than simply putting them in the public directory for all to see. Since then I’ve noticed that the question of how to actually do this has come up regularly over on Rails Forum and a couple of weeks ago I had to figure out how to update some of our code to protect assets that we had migrated from local file system to Amazon S3 storage. So I figured it’s probably a worthwhile technique to share.
paperclip  download  attachment  upload  arquivo  rails  gem  plugin  apache  amazon  s3  importante  security  tip 
june 2010 by rtopitt
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