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viraptor/reverse-interview: Questions to ask the company during your interview
This is a list of questions which may be interesting to a tech job applicant. The points are not ordered and many may not apply to a given position, or work type. It was started as my personal list of questions, which grew over time to include both things I'd like to see more of and red flags which I'd like to avoid. I've also noticed how few questions were asked by people I interviewed and I think those were missed opportunities.
carreira  emprego  pergunta  top10  lista  reference  entrevista  inspiração 
8 days ago by rtopitt
octokit/octokit.rb: Ruby toolkit for the GitHub API
Ruby client to the GitHub REST API

Good example and reference of best practice implementation of this kind of API client
api  gem  github  ruby  reference  boa_prática  rest  exemplo  inspiração  http 
11 weeks ago by rtopitt
Startup idea checklist | defmacro
I’ve been tinkering with different startup ideas and needed a good checklist to think through them. There are great templates for this already: The YC application, Amazon’s internal press release, and Sequoia’s Writing a Business Plan. I found myself mixing and tweaking these templates because they don’t exactly match my model of the world, so I wrote up my own list.
checklist  startup  business  reference  inspiração 
11 weeks ago by rtopitt
Jessie Frazelle's Blog: Defining a Distinguished Engineer
In this post I will define what it means to me to be a distinguished engineer or technical fellow and maybe others that agree will modify their ladders to incentivize people to resemble these qualities.
learning  leadership  programming  reference  inspiração  trabalho  carreira 
march 2019 by rtopitt
Mountainsides — Postlight — Digital product studio
In every proposal, we share an image that visualizes this more fluid approach to shipping great products. We call it the Mountainside:
It is a diagram that represents how we think about a product or platform effort. The X-axis is time and the Y-axis represents energy and resources. The four “ingredients” represent the various centers of discipline at Postlight. It’s a little messy. And we’re ok with that. It’s sort of like a Gantt chart that was left on the stove too long, leaving all those neat and tidy bars melting into one another.
agile  software  development  projeto  inspiração  reference  gráfico  gantt 
november 2018 by rtopitt
7 Principles of Rich Web Applications
This is a writeup based on a presentation I gave at BrazilJS in August 2014. It builds on some of the ideas I’ve been blogging about recently related mostly to UX and performance.

I want to introduce 7 actionable principles for websites that want to make use of JavaScript to control their UI. They are the result of my experience as a web developer, but also as a long-time user of the WWW.
javascript  webdesign  webapp  html  reference  inspiração  performance  latency  frontend 
october 2018 by rtopitt
Material Design Lite
Material Design Lite lets you add a Material Design look and feel to your websites. It doesn’t rely on any JavaScript frameworks and aims to optimize for cross-device use, gracefully degrade in older browsers, and offer an experience that is immediately accessible.
css  design  webdesign  material_design  html  reference  inspiração  framework 
october 2018 by rtopitt
Mastering Product Experience (in SaaS) – Intrinsic Point (by Aptrinsic)
How to deliver personalized product experiences with a product-led strategy
saas  product  strategy  livro  how-to  reference  inspiração  marketing  venda 
june 2018 by rtopitt
Publishing games - Game development | MDN
HTML5 games have a huge advantage over native in terms of publishing and distribution — you have the freedom of distribution, promotion and monetization of your game on the Web, rather than each version being locked into a single store controlled by one company. You can benefit from the web being truly multiplatform. This series of articles looks at the options you have when you want to publish and distribute your game, and earn something out of it while you wait for it to become famous.
mozilla  javascript  jogo  mercado  distribuição  reference  inspiração 
june 2018 by rtopitt
Awesome Family Bikes | A Cup of Jo
I’ve always loved biking with my boys, but this summer in Brooklyn, I’ve seen some seriously inspiring biking parents. They ride around town with multiple kids of all ages — as well as teddy bears, groceries and the odd puppy. Here, I asked them how it all works…
cycling  family  bicycle  top10  kids  ny  blog  reference  inspiração 
april 2018 by rtopitt
serhii-londar/open-source-mac-os-apps: 🚀 Awesome list of open source applications for macOS.
Awesome macOS open source applications. Awesome

List of awesome open source applications for macOS. This list contains a lot of native and cross-platform apps. The main goal of this repository is to find open source and free apps and start contributing.
github  mac_os_x  software_livre  reference  top10  swift  inspiração 
april 2018 by rtopitt
Palavras NET, no português, a fada das letras
Buscador de palavras em português por começo, fim, similaridade, acentuação, tamanho, sílabas, etc.

"Palavras NET" no português, é a fada das letras que te ajudará a encontrar palavras com a letra que necessites, não importa se pesquisas palavras com sílabas de um tipo, letras especiais, palavras com um número de letras concreto ou ordenadas em forma de listagens ou de outra forma, a fada das letras é mágica e encontrará o que precisas.

Esperemos que te seja útil para encontrar palavras com rima ou palavras com tudo o necessário para solucionar jogos tipo Scrabble, Apalavrados, Montaditos ou Angry Words. Acrescentamos ao nosso buscador a opção de ver as palavras com a pontuação ao lado, com o jogo que elejas.
palavra  português  reference  busca  inspiração  escrita 
january 2018 by rtopitt
Stock and flow / Snarkmarket
But I actually think stock and flow is the master metaphor for media today. Here’s what I mean: Flow is the feed. Stock is the durable stuff.
inspiração  web2.0  economia  social_network  network  concept  reference  strategy  artigo 
january 2018 by rtopitt
nayafia/lemonade-stand: A handy guide to making $$ in open source
"I do open source work, how do I get paid for it?"

Below I've listed every way I know of that people get paid for open source work, roughly ordered from small to large. Each funding category links to several real examples. (Wherever possible, I've tried to link to a useful article or page instead of just a homepage.)

The categories are not mutually exclusive. For example, a project might have a foundation but also use crowdfunding to raise money. Someone else might do consulting and also have a donation button. Etc. The purpose of this guide is to provide an exhaustive list of all the ways you can get paid, so that you can figure out what works best for you.
software_livre  dica  reference  boa_prática  financiamento  how-to  ferramenta  idéia  inspiração 
june 2016 by rtopitt
Uma longa noite aprendendo «
Uma longa noite aprendendo: como Sofia aprendeu a aprender melhor. Uma história em quadrinhos sobre procrastinação e técnicas de aprendizado. Baseada no curso:  Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects em
learning  educação  quadrinhos  tip  how-to  procrastination  self-help  inspiração  pomodoro 
july 2015 by rtopitt
Train with GCN - YouTube
GCN's Training Playlist - the playlist for on the bike training sessions, spin classes or off the bike strength exercises.
playlist  video  youtube  gcn  cycling  workout  plan  training  exercício  inspiração 
june 2015 by rtopitt
The School of Life - Developing Emotional Intelligence
The School of Life is devoted to developing emotional intelligence through the help of culture. We offer a variety of programmes and services concerned with how to live wisely and well.
estudo  filosofia  vida  inspiração  curso  video 
june 2015 by rtopitt
Assista agora: 4 vídeos para você pagar de intelectual e arrasar nas discussões políticas! - pessoas + pixels
O “School of Life” é uma organização dedicada a desenvolver a inteligência emocional das pessoas com ajuda de cultura. Os cursos que eles organizam são caros (já tem em São Paulo e no Rio), mas agora eles estão publicando parte desse conteúdo no YouTube. Fuçando na playlist “The Curriculum“, com vários vídeos de conceitos fundamentais para nos entendermos como seres humanos, me deparei com vídeos fantásticos. Faça um favor para si mesmo, assista tudo com calma.
video  filosofia  playlist  dica  top10  how-to  inspiração  reference  política  artigo 
june 2015 by rtopitt
thoughtbot playbook
"Livro" com os princípios, práticas e guias de trabalho da Thoughbot, muito interessante.
startup  development  inspiração  reference  e-book  faq  guia  empresa  organização  boa_prática  exemplo 
april 2015 by rtopitt
A [web-based] collaborative writing tool…
You style text with Markdown
Every change is saved automatically
Refreshing and changing something creates a new version
Versions can be downloaded or accessed by unique URLs
Versions can be saved to Dropbox
markdown  webapp  colaboração  editor  texto  sincronização  inspiração 
april 2015 by rtopitt
Chloe Hosking’s protein pancakes
One of my favourite breakfast recipes is protein pancakes and not only because by putting the word ‘protein’ in front of ‘pancake’ makes something that is traditionally an indulgence seem not as bad for you. In reality, these are actually great for you and will keep you fueled well into the day.
receita  food  breakfast  cycling  pancake  inspiração 
february 2015 by rtopitt
100 Cycling Climbs Better Than Alpe d’Huez
Excuse my snarky title, but I believe many cyclo-tourists do themselves a huge disservice by prioritising Alpe d’Huez above many far, far more interesting roads. So in an effort to convince people to consider cycling somewhere else —– here is my list of 100 better options.
cycling  viagem  top10  europa  france  italy  switzerland  alps  roads_to_ride  inspiração  reference 
february 2015 by rtopitt
Cyvasse is a fictitious game from George R. R. Martin's series A Song of Ice and Fire, played in Essos and Dorne. The true rules to Cyvasse are not known, save by George R. R. Martin himself, and it may be the case that he has never developed a complete set of rules. The goal of this website is to allow fans to get together and play each other using a set of rules I developed.

Though the rules of Cyvasse are not specified in great detail throughout any of the books, we are given hints on how the game is played. In preparation for creating the rules, I have gone over the entire A Song of Ice and Fire series multiple times, including A World of Ice and Fire and The Hedge Knight diligently, paying special attention to A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons where Cyvasse is referenced. The rules used in this imagining are a combination of the specifics found in the books combined with my views on game design.

This project initially started on August 8th of 2014, as I was attending gSchool, a full stack web development boot camp. gSchool played a crucial role in the development of Cyvasse, as this is where I learned the skills I used to build this site. I started Cyvasse because building games is my passion, and remember the first time I googled Cyvasse, and found nothing that held my interest.

If nothing else, this site as a love letter to my favorite author George R. R. Martin, as well as an attempt to solidify a set of rules that reflect the specifics and spirit we learn about Cyvasse through out A Song of Ice and Fire.
game_of_thrones  asoiaf  cyvasse  jogo  online  geek  tabuleiro  inspiração 
february 2015 by rtopitt
The God Login
How would God build this login dialog? The answer is, of course, God wouldn't bother to build a login dialog at all. Every user would already be logged into GodApp the second they loaded the page because God knows who they are. Authoritatively, even.

This is obviously impossible for us, because God isn't one of our investors.

But.. how close can we get to the perfect godlike login experience in Discourse? That's a noble and worthy goal.
design  ux  login  form  webdesign  fluxo  interface  tip  top10  boa_prática  padrão  inspiração  reference 
january 2015 by rtopitt
Ninguém é a favor de bandidos, é você que não entendeu nada — Opiniões em Português — Medium
Sobre as expressões que atravessam as gerações, passando de pai para filho e o pensamento ignorante que elas geram.
inspiração  direito  direitos_humanos  brasil  economia  segurança  violência  crime  artigo  lógica 
december 2014 by rtopitt
Charted - Beautiful, automatic charts
Charted is a tool for automatically visualizing data, created by the
Product Science team at Medium. Give it the link to a data file and Charted returns a beautiful, shareable chart of the data.
analytics  data  csv  webapp  gráfico  estatística  javascript  inspiração  software_livre  dropbox  google  spreadsheet 
november 2014 by rtopitt
MetricsGraphics.js - a library based on D3.js, optimized for visualizing and laying out time-series data
MetricsGraphics.js is a library built on top of D3 that is optimized for visualizing and laying out time-series data. It provides a simple way to produce common types of graphics in a principled, consistent and responsive way. The library currently supports line charts, scatterplots and histograms as well as features like rug plots and basic linear regression.
javascript  timeline  d3  gráfico  estatística  software_livre  plugin  inspiração 
november 2014 by rtopitt
Why Instagram Worked — Backchannel — Medium
A co-founder looks back at how a stalled project turned into a historic success
instagram  history  startup  inspiração  development 
october 2014 by rtopitt
Writefull | A new way of writing with confidence
Writefull is an application that provides feedback on your writing. You can select a piece of text in any writing tool (from Microsoft Word to Gmail) and a small popover will appear above your selected text. This popover offers five options to assess and improve your selection with the use of the Google Books database.
writing  big_data  inspiração  mac_os_x  shortcut  popup  texto  inglês  google  wikipedia  reference 
october 2014 by rtopitt
A standing desk for $22
I’ve been interested in standing desks for a while. I keep reading things like: he who sits the most dies the soonest. All the options online are expensive. Until now. Ryan Witt from Decisive and I combined our brains to see if we could come up with a better solution.
escritório  mesa  standing  ergonomia  computador  postura  inspiração  barato  ikea  escrivaninha 
october 2014 by rtopitt
The goal of this guide is to present a set of best practices and style prescriptions for Ruby on Rails 4 development. It's a complementary guide to the already existing community-driven Ruby coding style guide.
rails  ruby  style  guide  programming  boa_prática  modelo  inspiração 
october 2014 by rtopitt
Assistants for Everyone - Fancy Hands
Serviço de resolução de problemas, pequenas tarefas, pesquisas, assistente virtual
crowdsourcing  saas  webapp  integração  inspiração  wishlist  startup  eua  assistente  ajuda  tarefa 
october 2014 by rtopitt
Solving the “marketplace” business model by @ASmartBear
Marketplace companies are notoriously difficult to start, so I’m constantly amazed that so many entrepreneurs chose this route. Maybe it’s the “go big or go home” mentality? If there’s a business plan less likely to succeed than a restaurant, this has to be it. But it’s not impossible; here’s some of the pitfalls and how to address them.
marketplace  marketing  startup  tip  reference  inspiração 
october 2014 by rtopitt
Como a boo-box resolveu o problema de oferta e demanda enfrentado por todo marketplace – Marco Gomes
Para ter clientes compradores, o marketplace precisa de vendedores em sua plataforma. Para atrair vendedores, precisa haver demanda de compradores. Um não existe sem o outro.
marketplace  marketing  história  webapp  b2b  inspiração  reference  propaganda  rede 
october 2014 by rtopitt
Postgres full-text search is Good Enough!
In this post we are going to progressively illustrate some of the full-text search features in Postgres.
postgresql  search  full-text  database  sql  how-to  reference  inspiração 
september 2014 by rtopitt
Bash Booster
Bash Booster is a single file library, which provides various features useful during setup environment and preparing servers. It is inspired by Chef and was developed to be used with Vagrant. When Chef is too heavy, use Bash Booster, because it has been written using Bash only and requires nothing.
bash  sysadmin  devops  provisioning  shell  biblioteca  software_livre  console  inspiração 
september 2014 by rtopitt
inrng : roads
Lista de artigos sobre boas / famosas rotas de bicicleta para pedalar (a maioria na Europa)
europa  viagem  cycling  estrada  reference  inspiração  tip 
august 2014 by rtopitt
2013 Feltron Personal Annual Report
Exemplo de cara que quantifica tudo da sua vida e gera relatórios anuais interessantes
quantified_self  geek  reference  bizarre  pessoal  estatística  gráfico  vídeo  entrevista  inspiração 
august 2014 by rtopitt
inrng : roads to ride
Links para reviews de roteiros famosos de ciclismo na Europa
cycling  route  tip  top10  road  europa  inspiração  reference 
july 2014 by rtopitt
How to travel around the world for a year
Dicas de como viajar pelo mundo todo durante um ano com um orçamento baixo
viagem  ano  tip  how-to  orçamento  organização  passagem  mundo  inspiração 
july 2014 by rtopitt
Belle Helmets
bicycle  art  helmet  e-commerce  customização  inspiração 
june 2014 by rtopitt
Field Cycles
Fabricante de bicicletas artesanal, bikes lindas

Field Cycles is a collaboration between a group of friends from various craft, design and engineering disciplines. The unique skillsets of the contributors - a maker, a painter, a graphic designer and an engineer - have come together in a shared passion that treats the fabrication of a bicycle as an exploration of craft, aesthetics and function. The partnership was developed out of a common pursuit for a hand built bicycle frame with a return to artisan craftsmanship, and a shared obsession with the bespoke production process as an antidote to mass-produced manufacturing. At its heart, a shared ethos of beauty manifests itself in the care and attention we pay to even the smallest of details within the process.
bicycle  frame  handmade  inspiração  wishlist  arte 
may 2014 by rtopitt
Não há esporte como o ciclismo | PapodeHomem
Artigo introdutório sobre a história e as peculiaridades do ciclismo de estrada
cycling  history  sport  article  inspiração  reference 
may 2014 by rtopitt
Strava Activity Playback
See who was riding while you were riding. Playback multiple activities together. Find who you passed or "flew by" while out riding.
strava  cycling  mapa  gps  georeferenciamento  javascript  interactive  inspiração  geek  webapp 
may 2014 by rtopitt
7 Patterns to Refactor Fat ActiveRecord Models - Code Climate Blog
When teams use Code Climate to improve the quality of their Rails applications, they learn to break the habit of allowing models to get fat. “Fat models” cause maintenance issues in large apps. Only incrementally better than cluttering controllers with domain logic, they usually represent a failure to apply the Single Responsibility Principle (SRP). “Anything related to what a user does” is not a single responsibility.

Early on, SRP is easier to apply. ActiveRecord classes handle persistence, associations and not much else. But bit-by-bit, they grow. Objects that are inherently responsible for persistence become the de facto owner of all business logic as well. And a year or two later you have a User class with over 500 lines of code, and hundreds of methods in it’s public interface. Callback hell ensues.

As you add more intrinsic complexity (read: features!) to your application, the goal is to spread it across a coordinated set of small, encapsulated objects (and, at a higher level, modules) just as you might spread cake batter across the bottom of a pan. Fat models are like the big clumps you get when you first pour the batter in. Refactor to break them down and spread out the logic evenly. Repeat this process and you’ll end up with a set of simple objects with well defined interfaces working together in a veritable symphony.
design  rails  ruby  how-to  top10  inspiração  modelagem  model  orientação_a_objetos  srp  reference  refactoring  tip  programming 
may 2014 by rtopitt
CSS Vocabulary
Guia visual por exemplos do vocabulário do CSS
css  design  inspiração  visual  exemplo  vocabulário  glossário  reference 
may 2014 by rtopitt
Hemingway makes your writing bold and clear.

Hemingway highlights long, complex sentences and common errors; if you see a yellow highlight, shorten the sentence or split it. If you see a red highlight, your sentence is so dense and complicated that your readers will get lost trying to follow its meandering, splitting logic — try editing this sentence to remove the red.

Adverbs are helpfully shown in blue. Get rid of them and pick verbs with force instead.

You can utilize a shorter word in place of a purple one. Mouse over it for hints.

Phrases in green have been marked to show passive voice.

Paste in something you're working on and edit away. Or, click the Write button to compose something new.
webapp  escrita  gramática  ortografia  inspiração  design  texto  help 
february 2014 by rtopitt – one click video conversations
Create a room and talk together. Video conversations with up to 8 people for free. No login. No installs.
chat  conferência  grátis  chrome  firefox  webapp  utilidade  inspiração  video 
february 2014 by rtopitt
A proposal... | Strava Ride
Pedido de casamento via desenho das coordenadas GPS no mapa via Strava
gps  georeferenciamento  pedido  casamento  geek  nerd  hahaha  bizarrice  inspiração  fofo  mapa  bicycle 
january 2014 by rtopitt
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