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Turbo Boost Switcher for OS X |
Turbo Boost Switcher is a little application for Mac computers that allows to enable and/or disable the Turbo Boost feature.

It installs a precompiled kernel extension (32 or 64 bits depending on your system) that updates the Turbo Boost MSR register, so It will ask for your admin password when using it.

It’s installed on your Mac status bar and allows you to:

Visually know if Turbo Boost is enabled or disabled at any time.
Enable / Disable Turbo Boost manually.
Configure it to disable Turbo Boost automatically at launch.
Enable / Disable Turbo Boost automatically (only on Pro version)
Check your CPU temp and fan speed.
Set it to open at login.
Automatically restore Turbo Boost on exit.
mac_os_x  cpu  performance  bateria  software_livre  grátis  intel  turbo  utilidade 
june 2015 by rtopitt
Retina MacBook Pro: maximizing battery life with gfxCardStatus | Ars Technica
But we've been using the Retina MacBook Pro a little more since our review published a couple of weeks ago, and have discovered that the massive 95Whr battery is actually capable of lasting at least 8 hours or more. To achieve this, we overrode Apple's automatic graphics switching using the donation-ware app gfxCardStatus to force OS X to rely solely on Intel's integrated HD4000 GPU.
apple  mac  mac_os_x  gráfico  placa  integrada  forçado  hardware  bateria  economia  importante  nvidia  intel  geforce  tip  video 
july 2012 by rtopitt
HOWTO: Jaunty Intel Graphics Performance Guide - Ubuntu Forums
Some users are experiencing performance issues with Intel integrated graphics chips in Jaunty (9.04) for several possible reasons. There are three possible configuration that this guide will present.
jaunty  ubuntu  9.04  intel  performance  driver  hardware  bug  xorg  how-to  configuration  video 
july 2009 by rtopitt
A bevy of new desktop processors arrives - The Tech Report - Page 14
Comparação em 2 dimensões de performance x custo entre 26 processadores atuais.
hardware  review  processador  cpu  performance  importante  intel  amd  gráfico 
june 2009 by rtopitt
AnandTech Bench (beta): SYSMark 2007 - Overall
The first incarnation includes CPU performance data in SYSMark 2007 for nearly all current AMD and Intel CPUs. Over the coming weeks we will add results for all of our standard CPU benchmarks.
cpu  processador  comparação  hardware  review  webapp  intel  amd 
may 2009 by rtopitt
PPA for xorg crack pushers
Repositório com o último Xorg empacotado constantemente para Ubuntu, resolve problemas atuais com driver intel, pode ser testado do Live CD.
ubuntu  9.04  intel  driver  xorg  livecd  repositório  ppa  video 
may 2009 by rtopitt - Home
Site de coleta comunitária de idéias para construir os futuros PCs da Asus, em parceria com a Intel
asus  comunidade  concorrência  idéia  intel  sugestão  web2.0  webapp  zest 
may 2009 by rtopitt
Extend Your Battery Life With Powertop : Ubuntu Tutorials : Dapper - Feisty - Gutsy - Hardy
This application will scan your machine for 5 seconds and then tell you which hardware or application is causing the most drain on your machine. The best part about it is that it’ll offer you suggestions along with shortcut keys to disable the feature
bateria  consumo  energia  hardware  how-to  intel  linux  notebook  ubuntu 
may 2009 by rtopitt
Ubuntu 7.10/Issues/ipw3945 Wireless Network Module Issues - DellLinuxWiki
When using the ipw3945 wireless module, the network connection can drop or lockup during heavy transfer rates. Workaround: Use network module iwl3945 instead.
d630  dell  driver  intel  linux  notebook  ubuntu  wiki  wireless  tip 
may 2009 by rtopitt

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