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Compfight / A Flickr Search Tool
Compfight is an image search engine tailored to efficiently locate images for blogs, comps, inspiration, and research. We make good use of the flickr™ API, but aren't affiliated with flickr.
imagem  flickr  busca  pesquisa  stock  contexto  photo 
january 2014 by rtopitt
Masks - PopMask
Site que faz e vende máscaras de papel a partir de fotos da cara de pessoas
máscara  e-commerce  loja  bizarrice  fantasia  photo 
october 2013 by rtopitt
21 Rare Photos From The Final Days Of "Seinfeld"
It’s been 15 years since Seinfeld went off the air. Here is a wonderful behind-the-scenes look at the final days of the show.
seinfeld  tv  top10  final  bastidores  series  photo  photography 
july 2013 by rtopitt
Small | Mostly harmless by Alex MacCaw
As Voyager 1 was approaching the edge of our Solar System, Carl Sagan convinced the team at NASA to rotate the probe and send one last photograph back. A photograph portraying the earth as a tiny blue dot contrasted against the emptiness of space.
espaço  carl_sagan  terra  humildade  astronomia  blog  poster  photo 
june 2013 by rtopitt
inédito, foto original da capa do disco de TomZé… | Blog do Chico Andrade...
História da capa do disco do tom zé com uma bola de gude no cú fingindo que é uma boca
história  capa  disco  tom_zé  censura  brasil  bizarrice  hahaha  photo  photography 
june 2013 by rtopitt
Home |
Webapp para gerar versões 3D da sua cabeça imprimíveis em papel
webapp  3d  cabeça  bizarrice  impressão  recorte  colagem  diy  photo 
january 2013 by rtopitt
Insta Printer
Insta Printer is a web app that allows anyone to setup an Instagram printer for free. Insta Printer uses a combination of Google Chrome and Google Cloud Print to print Instagram photos tagged with specific hashtags in real-time to a printer of your choice. We'll need your help to launch the app because we're running into some Instagram limits. Just take a photo and tag it #freeinstaprinter to show your support.
instagram  impressora  webapp  impressão  grátis  api  limite  inspiração  photo 
october 2012 by rtopitt
Free Instagram Printer | Lee Martin
Tutorial de como imprimir fotos automáticamente do instagram usando Google Cloud Print
instagram  impressão  google  how-to  inspiração  idéia  festa  chrome  tip  photo 
october 2012 by rtopitt
MacTalk - Hacking Together an Instagram Printer
Tutorial de como imprimir fotos do instagram automáticamente no Mac (tipo instaprint)
mac  how-to  impressão  idéia  inspiração  instagram  geek  automação  dropbox  festa  photo 
october 2012 by rtopitt
99 Life Hacks to make your life easier! - I ♠ Everything.
I've never seen so much household organizational porn collected in one place before. Tumblr should get a Nobel Peace Prize for propagating such useful information so far and wide.
top10  casa  how-to  lifehacking  tip  photo 
october 2012 by rtopitt
Pointer Pointer by @StudioMoniker
Mostra fotos apontando para o ponteiro do mouse
hahaha  geek  javascript  webapp  bizarrice  mouse  ponteiro  photo 
august 2012 by rtopitt
Building an iOS Photo-sharing and Geolocation Mobile Client and API | Heroku Dev Center
This article will guide you through the process of developing a photo sharing service with a native iOS client and Rails backend.
rails  ios  tutorial  how-to  importante  json  api  heroku  upload  inspiração  exemplo  photo 
april 2012 by rtopitt
InstaBackup: Backup all your Instagram Pictures - David Smith
So I took a few hours to whip up a simple Mac app to backup your pictures. Login with your Instagram credentials and it will pull down all the images you have taken with Instagram.
instagram  backup  mac_os_x  download  photo 
april 2012 by rtopitt
JPEGmini - Your Photos on a Diet!
JPEGmini is a patent-pending photo recompression technology, which significantly reduces the size of photographs without affecting their perceptual quality. The technology works in the domain of baseline JPEG, resulting in files that are fully compatible with any browser, photo software or device that support the standard JPEG format.
jpg  redução  compressão  utilidade  webapp  imagem  photo 
april 2012 by rtopitt
Use a High Pass Filter to Quickly Improve the Detail in Your Photos Without Adding Noise
Here's a quick and easy image editing tip to improve the detail of your photos without adding a bunch of noise.
photoshop  filtro  edição  tip  photo 
april 2012 by rtopitt
Lula: Intimidade e Bastidores - Zoom - Fotos marcantes do Brasil e do Mundo – iG
Fotógrafo oficial da presidência desde o início do mandato, em 2002, Ricardo Stuckert mostra uma seleção de fotos da intimidade do Presidente Lula.
lula  presidente  bastidores  brasil  photo  gallery 
december 2010 by rtopitt
LPCover Lover | The World’s Greatest LP Album Covers, 45’s too
Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of record covers from the golden age of LPs
blog  tumblr  disco  bizarrice  música  lp  capa  arte  vintage  retrô  hahaha  album  photo 
november 2010 by rtopitt
How to Use Your Zoom Lens as a Compositional Aid
You can see this principle illustrated really nicely in the images above. While the model takes up much the same amount of space in each of the shots – the five different focal lengths product quite different compositions. None are particularly ‘bad’ photos – but each produces very different results.
zoom  comparação  importante  inspiração  composição  tip  photo  photography 
november 2010 by rtopitt
Amazing Banksy "Flower Thrower" Costume : Daily source of DIY craft projects and inspiration, patterns, how-tos |
MAKE contributing illustrator Tim Lillis sent me pics of his friend George Schnakenberg's Banksy painting costume, and I'm totally having costume envy over here. Hands down my favorite getup from this Halloween. Here's a comparison pic of George's costume versus the original Banksy "Flower Thrower" painting:
banksy  fantasia  graffiti  stencil  inspiração  halloween  diy  photo 
november 2010 by rtopitt
Banksy Costume - a set on Flickr
Making of e uso de fantasia de stencil do Banksy (o atirador de flores)
fantasia  banksy  graffiti  stencil  flickr  inspiração  geek  halloween  arte  album  photo  gallery 
november 2010 by rtopitt
Once there was a boy... | Art and design | The Guardian
Zed Nelson set out to capture the ageing process of a baby and his family, photographing them on the same day for 20 years
geek  idade  família  p&b  photo  photography  gallery 
october 2010 by rtopitt
Strictly No Photography - home
Photo-sharing for pictures taken where you are not allowed to take them.
hahaha  proibição  geek  busca  photo  photography  gallery 
october 2010 by rtopitt
On Set: Empire Strikes Back | Vanity Fair presents an excerpt from the book: rarely seen photographs from the Empire Strikes Back set, annotated with behind-the-scenes details.
star_wars  cinema  making-of  photo  gallery 
october 2010 by rtopitt
The 5 Most Commonly Used Digital Image File Formats, Explained - The Photoletariat
One of the most confusing aspects of digital photography for some people is how to choose among all the different file types. I mean, c’mon, can’t an image just be an image? Why do we need so many formats? Size, my friend. That’s why.
arquivo  formato  imagem  geek  raw  dng  tiff  png  jpg  explicação  top10  tip  photo 
september 2010 by rtopitt
DropMocks is the easiest way to create and share beautiful image galleries online. Just drag your image files onto this page, and we’ll do the rest.
arrastar_e_soltar  drag_and_drop  webapp  inspiração  geek  imagem  web2.0  grátis  html5  sharing  photo  gallery 
september 2010 by rtopitt
Flickriver - A new way to view Flickr photos and more...
Flickriver is a web-based Flickr viewer that allows viewing hundreds of awesome photos quickly and easily, in one seamless 'river of photos' view - never needing to hit 'next' to load the next page.
flickr  mashup  explore  visualização  api  javascript  inspiração  photo  photography  gallery 
september 2010 by rtopitt
The Fish House by Guz Architects | Designerscouch
The Fish House designed by Guz Architects is a work of beauty and true genius. It was designed to blend with nature. This luxurious home features natural ventilation for Singapore’s hot and humid climate, a green roof with thin bendable photovoltaic panels that supply energy to the whole house, and large windows. The undulation of the curved roof mimics the ocean waves.
casa  piscina  architecture  photo  gallery 
august 2010 by rtopitt
Magnificent Specimens (9 Photos) | PDN Photo of the Day
Dave Mead’s Magnificent Specimens exhibit recently came to a close in New York City. Specimens is a collection of some of the World’s most elegant, most bizarre and most elaborate beards and mustaches. To see more work, click here.
retrato  barba  bizarrice  bigode  photo  photography  gallery 
august 2010 by rtopitt
Kindle and iPad Displays: Up close and personal. | BIT-101
Telas do iPad e do Kindle vistas em um microscópio eletrônico
ipad  kindle  tela  microscópio  geek  usb  imagem  pixel  eink  science  photo 
august 2010 by rtopitt
Persona - a set on Flickr
In Persona, his deliciously voyeuristic, fashion forward portraits, Jason Travis ( snaps hipster Atlantans along with the contents of their messenger bags, backpacks and clutches to determine "what they deem important in their lives." You are what you schlep.
retrato  flickr  bolsa  geek  hipster  arte  album  photo  photography  gallery 
august 2010 by rtopitt
girl quits job on dry erase board exposes farmville boss called her hopa theCHIVE
Yesterday morning, Jenny quit her job with a (flash)bang by emailing these photos to the entire office, about 20 employees we're told. Awesome doesn't begin to describe this office heroine.
hahaha  demissão  escritório  bizarrice  photo  gallery 
august 2010 by rtopitt
Surreal Skate Park After Dark | Skateboarding Magazine
Have you ever wondered what would happen if you painted a skatepark with light at night? Me either, but ben matthews actually did it and took pictures, really damn cool ones, just look!
light_painting  noite  skate  parque  luz  photo  photography  gallery 
august 2010 by rtopitt
Pwn with your Phone - Document Scanner
Document Scanner allows you to scan documents with your phone camera, convert them into PDF, and email the PDF document to anyone, all from your mobile phone.
android  pdf  app  celular  google  scanner  câmera  application  photo 
august 2010 by rtopitt
Mila's Daydreams
This is my maternity leave hobby. While my baby is taking her nap, I try to imagine her dream and capture it.
blog  bebê  cuti-cuti  sonho  inspiração  photo  gallery 
july 2010 by rtopitt
Scratching the Surface - Alexandre Farto aka Vhils Selected Works
Arte urbana em paredes usando a própria parede (tinta, tijolos, argamassa) como tela e ferramentas.
arte  urbano  graffiti  parede  photo  gallery 
july 2010 by rtopitt
Portrait Projecting Ring | Luke Jerram
In a darkened room, light from a candle or LED passes through the ring to project a series of portraits. A selection of miniature slides were made of different family portraits and inserted into the edge of the ring for projection. The ring was inspired by 19th Century Standhopes.
anel  idéia  projetor  geek  casamento  photo 
july 2010 by rtopitt
Hugin - Panorama photo stitcher
Goal: an easy to use cross-platform panoramic imaging toolchain based on Panorama Tools. With Hugin you can assemble a mosaic of photographs into a complete immersive panorama, stitch any series of overlapping pictures and much more.
panorama  software_livre  criação  photo  photography 
july 2010 by rtopitt
Edward Horsford Creates Amazing Bursting Balloons Photographs (Interview and Tutorial) |
London based photographer Edward Horsford photographs balloons in a very unique way. He freezes them as the leave his hands to explode. The pictures are taken with a "high tech" DIYed sound trigger, Strobes, and one rusty stick.
entrevista  how-to  balão  flash  arte  tip  water  photo  photography  gallery 
july 2010 by rtopitt
Pick&Zip - Photo downloader
Pick&Zip is a simple web application that lets you easily download Facebook photographs with a few clicks. You can download photos tagged with your name, your own albums, photos tagged with friends’ names, or your friends’ albums. After selecting the photographs you’d like, you can download them as a ZIP or PDF file.
facebook  webapp  grátis  download  tag  mashup  album  photo 
june 2010 by rtopitt
A Rubber Ducky Takes Flight(s) - Lens Blog -
A decade ago, my young niece Tasha Kim made a two-inch rubber ducky applique for me. I began taking it along on assignments around the world. It joined other essentials in my field pouch like extra camera batteries, flash cards, Swiss Army knife, toilet paper, notebook, granola bar, bottled water and luck.
coleção  pato  album  photo  photography 
june 2010 by rtopitt
Dean Dorat’s Beautiful Game | A Photography Blog
These photographs were taken during the 2006 World Cup, when I divided my time between London and Paris, going from pubs to bars, trying to catch the essence of each football match through people’s expressions. Each spectator was so intensely absorbed in the matches that they forget about the camera pointing at them. These photographs draw us into the emotions of the moment, may it be the overwhelming euphoria of victory or the emptiness of defeat.
futebol  2006  copa_do_mundo  p&b  album  photo  photography  gallery 
june 2010 by rtopitt
Locals and Tourists - a set on Flickr
Locals and Tourists is a set of maps showing where people take photos in various cities around the world. The results are broken down into tourist photos and photos taken by locals.
turismo  viagem  mapa  heatmap  geek  cidade  flickr  projeto  bizarrice  local  album  photo  photography 
june 2010 by rtopitt
Historypin | Home
Historypin is a like a digital time machine that allows people to view and share their personal history in a totally new way. It uses Google Maps and Street View technology and hopes to become the largest user-generated archive of the world's historical images and stories.
história  google  mapa  street_view  mashup  georeferenciamento  antigo  photo 
june 2010 by rtopitt
The Geotaggers' World Atlas - a set on Flickr
The Geotaggers’ World Atlas is an interesting series of images by Eric Fischer that shows city maps overlaid with points indicating that a photograph was taken there. The location data was obtained from Flickr and Picasa, and the resulting images are heat maps of popular photography locations.
flickr  mapa  cidade  georeferenciamento  geo  mashup  geek  heatmap  album  photo 
may 2010 by rtopitt
Find exif data - Online exif/metadata photo viewer
Extract exif data from any jpg online image, just paste the URL of the image, no need to upload photos to our server!
exif  ferramenta  webapp  imagem  jpg  jpeg  online  utilidade  url  informação  photo 
may 2010 by rtopitt
TinEye Reverse Image Search
TinEye is a reverse image search engine. It finds out where an image came from, how it is being used, if modified versions of the image exist, or if there is a higher resolution version.
imagem  busca  reverso  utilidade  photo 
may 2010 by rtopitt
Free Images - Free Stock Photos
Not just another clipart graphic site!.... more than 3000 original stock photos all for FREE
grátis  photo  photography  gallery 
may 2010 by rtopitt
10 Days in a Carry-On - Slide Show -
Heather Poole, a flight attendant from Los Angeles, demonstrated how to pack enough for a 10-day trip into a single standard carry-on.
mala  how-to  viagem  bagagem  avião  tip  photo  gallery 
may 2010 by rtopitt
500 Photographers
500 photographers is a weblog that posts 5 active photographers a week for 100 weeks. The photographers can be from any discipline within the photographic range, but they have to be worth looking at and have a certain level of quality. When we get to number 500, we will have a deep database of great photographers.
blog  500  fotógrafo  top10  arte  seleção  photo  photography  gallery 
april 2010 by rtopitt
Nachofoto Real Time Image Search
Find relevant images of Trending Topics in realtime
busca  imagem  tempo_real  beta  photo 
april 2010 by rtopitt
LIFE photo archive hosted by Google
Search millions of photographs from the LIFE photo archive, stretching from the 1750s to today. Most were never published and are now available for the first time through the joint work of LIFE and Google.
life  google  busca  história  capa  revista  coleção  photo  photography  gallery 
april 2010 by rtopitt
Stormtroopers 365 - One year of Stormtrooping action
Stormtroopers 365 is a photo project starring TK455 and TK479, Stormtroopers in the Galactic Empire Army. The project spanned from April 2009 to April 2010. Each day during this year, a new picture was added to the series. The pictures are posted to Flickr. This is where you need to go. You can also go to the Gallery page here but honestly that’s the same, you’ll eventually end up on Flickr. Face it, there’s no escape.
365  projeto  star_wars  geek  flickr  boneco  stormtrooper  photo  photography  gallery 
april 2010 by rtopitt
16 Indispensable Tools to Optimize Photos for the Web | Web Developer Juice
If you want to compress the size of your image files without affecting image quality, you’re going to need a decent image optimizing tool. Photoshop lets you choose the quality of your images and offers a “Save for Web” function, but that’s not enough. The great tools explored below let you squeeze vital extra kB out of your images, keeping you and your website visitors happy.
imagem  png  gif  jpg  jpeg  ferramenta  compressão  tamanho  top10  webdesign  tip  photo 
march 2010 by rtopitt
How To Download All Facebook Photos With Your Tag
In this guide, I’ll show you how to download all of the Facebook tag photos that you and your friends are in with a great application called PhotoGrabber.
facebook  how-to  download  tag  web2.0  social_network  photo 
march 2010 by rtopitt
George Lois Tells the Stories Behind His Twelve Favorite Classic Esquire Covers -- Vulture
George Lois, the legendary Mad Man, art director, and magazine consultant, is probably best known for his 1962–72 tenure at Esquire, during which he created some of the most celebrated covers ever to appear in print. Their prolific collaboration at Esquire is featured in a new book, George Lois: The Esquire Covers, and we spoke to Lois to get his thoughts and memories about his twelve favorites.
revista  capa  história  eua  arte  design  polêmica  política  cult  photo 
march 2010 by rtopitt
Lisztomania - a set on Flickr
Fotos do making of do clipe-tributo de Lisztomania no Brooklin - NY
flickr  making-of  nova_york  brooklyn  phoenix  lisztomania  album  video  photo  gallery 
march 2010 by rtopitt
O fundo da folia - Global Garbage
Só que ao invés de estarem pulando, dançando e se beijando ao som frenético e ensurdecedor dos trios elétricos, os foliões do fundo do mar estavam rolando de um lado para o outro numa mórbida coreografia, empurrados silenciosamente pelo balanço do mar, sem dança, sem alegria, sem vida e sem poesia.
carnaval  lata  salvador  praia  lixo  ecologia  sujeira  mar  cerveja  photo  gallery 
march 2010 by rtopitt
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