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Ruby in Production: Lessons Learned — Medium
Having deployed a variety of Ruby apps (Rails and non-Rails) over the course of many years, here are some lessons I’ve learned to keep things afloat. Tools like Mina and Capistrano already do most of these (more on that further down), but its good to have a first-hand understanding of what needs to happen.
rails  ruby  devops  sysadmin  server  boa_prática  tip  top10  deploy  reference  linux  unix  produção 
march 2015 by rtopitt
Making life easier with GIT SHAs in your HTTP Headers - Andrew Cholakian's Blog
Do you know what code is running on your servers? Perhaps someone deployed something in a weird way and circumvented your normal deploy-logging process. Maybe you suspect an application server didn't actually restart. Maybe you just want to know quickly because you're lazy.

My answer to this question has been adding the Git SHA of the currently running code to the HTTP headers of my app. By doing this, figuring out what's actually running is simple.
git  rails  http  header  how-to  sha  produção  deploy  tip  version 
april 2012 by rtopitt
Git Pusshuten (プッシュ点ー) - About Git Pusshuten (プッシュ点ー)
A Git-based application deployment tool that allows you to define your environment by utilizing modules and provision your server with basic deployment needs.
git  deploy  rails  ruby  passenger  produção  automação  hook  importante  futuro  ferramenta  server 
november 2010 by rtopitt
RVM and cron in production
Como usar cron com RVM em produção, e dicas de uso de RVM em produção
importante  ruby  produção  deploy  how-to  cron  instalação  server  configuration  tip 
september 2010 by rtopitt
Notes from a production MongoDB deployment « Boxed Ice Blog
We have been running MongoDB in production for our server monitoring service, Server Density, since then – 8 months – and have learnt quite a few things about it. These are the kind of things that you only experience once you reach a certain level of usage and it is surprising how few issues we’ve had.
mongodb  produção  deploy  experiência  nosql  tip  document_database  database 
august 2010 by rtopitt
memcached with passenger, ree, and the memcache-client gem - Arthur Chang
Bugs, gotchas, detalhes e workarounds sobre o uso do passenger (modrails) juntamente com memcached e memcache-client gem.
importante  rails  ruby  ree  passenger  modrails  how-to  produção  memcached  server  tip 
july 2009 by rtopitt
Last 100 meters: Skinny Request, Fat Backend - Scaling Rails
Artigo sobre porque e como remover tarefas longas do ciclo de requisição de webapps Rails, passando para maneiras de processamento assíncrono, permitindo maior escabilidade da aplicação em produção, dada a natureza single-threaded dos processos mon
artigo  assíncrono  how-to  mongrel  performance  produção  queue  rack  rails  thin  tip 
may 2009 by rtopitt
AirBlog — Backing Up Your Rails Apps' Databases
here's a Ruby script that backs up all of your applications' production databases, here are scripts for rolling over log files, clearing out sessions and dumping your Subversion repositories
backup  deploy  produção  rails  ruby  script  server 
may 2009 by rtopitt

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