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JavaScript for impatient programmers
This book makes JavaScript less challenging to learn for newcomers, by offering a modern view that is as consistent as possible.


Get started quickly, by initially focusing on modern features.
Test-driven exercises and quizzes available for most chapters.
Covers all essential features of JavaScript, up to and including ES2019.
Optional advanced sections let you dig deeper.
No prior knowledge of JavaScript is required, but you should know how to program.
javascript  es6  es2019  e-book  livro  reference  programming  linguagem 
10 weeks ago by rtopitt
Michael Tsai - Blog - User Account Best Practices
Let’s say, hypothetically, that I wanted to create a “user account” feature for an app.

Where should I go to read up on best practices for safely storing the user’s password on the backend?
programming  security  hash  senha  boa_prática  reference  dica 
march 2019 by rtopitt
Jessie Frazelle's Blog: Defining a Distinguished Engineer
In this post I will define what it means to me to be a distinguished engineer or technical fellow and maybe others that agree will modify their ladders to incentivize people to resemble these qualities.
learning  leadership  programming  reference  inspiração  trabalho  carreira 
march 2019 by rtopitt
HTML5 Game Engines - Find Which is Right For You
Listed are the cream of the crop of HTML5 / JavaScript game engines - frameworks that are respected and maintained. Click "More Details" for a full description, reviews, important links, and sample games.
jogo  game_engine  engine  html5  javascript  programming  development  game_development  top10  lista  reference 
june 2018 by rtopitt
Best Ruby & Ruby on Rails Resources | Leigh Halliday
I wanted to compile an ultimate list of Ruby resources, books, courses, people to follow, etc... This list contains resources I have used over the years while learning and writing Ruby (on Rails) professionally. My goal is to keep this list up to date as I discover (or am recommended) new resources. So many lists were great in 2015, but fall behind. That won't be the case with this one. Feel free to recommend any useful resources to me on Twitter @leighchalliday.
ruby  learning  programming  top10  lista  reference  rails 
march 2018 by rtopitt
What every software engineer should know about search
Want to build or improve a search experience? Start here.

Ask a software engineer: “How would you add search functionality to your product?” or “How do I build a search engine?” You’ll probably immediately hear back something like: “Oh, we’d just launch an ElasticSearch cluster. Search is easy these days.”

But is it? Numerous current products still have suboptimal search experiences. Any true search expert will tell you that few engineers have a very deep understanding of how search engines work, knowledge that’s often needed to improve search quality.

Even though many open source software packages exist, and the research is vast, the knowledge around building solid search experiences is limited to a select few. Ironically, searching online for search-related expertise doesn’t yield any recent, thoughtful overviews.
search  architecture  programming  computer_science  how-to  top10  tip  reference  development  ux 
september 2017 by rtopitt
Ruby on Rails implementation of a (proper) Ranking/Popularity system |
Cálculo de popularidade / qualidade de um objeto baseado em votos positivos e negativos levando em conta a quantidade de votos e razão entre tipos de votos
programming  matemática  estatística  ruby  tip  how-to  reference  ranking 
november 2016 by rtopitt
Keep a Changelog
Don’t let your friends dump git logs into CHANGELOGs™

Version 0.3.0

What’s a change log?
A change log is a file which contains a curated, chronologically ordered list of notable changes for each version of a project.
geek  reference  changelog  convention  development  software_livre  programming 
september 2016 by rtopitt
ankane/shorts: Short, random tutorials and posts
Short, random tutorials and posts about Ruby and Rails
ruby  rails  programming  how-to  tip  tutorial  reference  top10  github 
june 2016 by rtopitt
ankane/the-ultimate-guide-to-ruby-timeouts: :clock4:
An unresponsive service is worse than a down one. It can tie up your entire system if not handled properly. All network requests should have a timeout.

Here’s how to add timeouts for popular Ruby gems. All have been tested. You should avoid Ruby’s Timeout module. The default is no timeout, unless otherwise specified. Enjoy!
ruby  timeout  programming  github  gem  how-to  tip  reference  library  network 
june 2016 by rtopitt
Humans TXT: We Are People, Not Machines.
It's an initiative for knowing the people behind a website. It's a TXT file that contains information about the different people who have contributed to building the website.
design  html  web  programming  padrão  txt  geek  reference 
august 2015 by rtopitt
You’re a product and your job application is a user interface by Jason Z. of Basecamp
Dicas de bom currículo em tecnologia, quando aplicando para empresas menores e startups
emprego  currículo  tip  mercado  programming  ti  tecnologia 
august 2015 by rtopitt
Trabalhando para Fora
Praticamente toda semana eu e o Caffo recebemos emails com dúvidas de pessoas que estão planejando ou começando a trabalhar com empresas no exterior. Normalmente eu tento responder rapidamente porém com a correria do trabalho e da vida pessoal nem sempre isso é possível.
Normalmente as perguntas são bem parecidas, mas mesmo fazendo um "copy and paste" acabo demorando para responder. Sei que isso é bem ruim para quem manda o email, mas até então era o melhor que eu podia fazer. Outro dia o Caffo me deu a ideia de escrever um FAQ/post sobre isso e resolvi que esse seria o meu presente de Natal para a comunidade de desenvolvedores.
trabalho  exterior  dica  how-to  dinheiro  imposto  eua  programming  carreira 
july 2015 by rtopitt
Sorting Algorithm Animations
These pages show 8 different sorting algorithms on 4 different initial conditions. These visualizations are intended to:

Show how each algorithm operates.
Show that there is no best sorting algorithm.
Show the advantages and disadvantages of each algorithm.
Show that worse-case asymptotic behavior is not always the deciding factor in choosing an algorithm.
Show that the initial condition (input order and key distribution) affects performance as much as the algorithm choice.
algorithm  programming  gif  animated  geek  reference  sorting 
july 2015 by rtopitt
Top 10 data mining algorithms in plain English |
Today, I’m going to explain in plain English the top 10 most influential data mining algorithms as voted on by 3 separate panels in this survey paper.

Once you know what they are, how they work, what they do and where you can find them, my hope is you’ll have this blog post as a springboard to learn even more about data mining.
ai  algorithm  data  data_mining  top10  geek  programming  reference  machine_learning 
june 2015 by rtopitt
Five programming problems every Software Engineer should be able to solve in less than 1 hour
Whenever I post a job request for a Software Engineer position, applications start trickling in really quick. What bothers me is that several applicants will invariably have no idea of what "programming" means. Here is the deal: if you can't solve the following 5 problems in less than 1 hour, you may want to revisit your resume.
programming  development  teste  top10  reference  entrevista  emprego 
may 2015 by rtopitt
Guides for getting things done, programming well, and programming in style.
github  ruby  reference  programming  guia  how-to  estilo  linguagem  git  ios  rails  boa_prática 
april 2015 by rtopitt
Ferramentas para avaliação de qualidade de código Ruby - Guilherme Garnier
Ferramentas para avaliar a qualidade do seu código existem aos montes, para qualquer linguagem de programação. Eu já utilizei algumas para Java, mas nunca tinha testado nenhuma para Ruby, apesar de ser a linguagem que mais uso há alguns anos. Por isso, resolvi testar todas as ferramentas que pude encontrar. Separei a avaliação entre serviços e ferramentas.
ruby  gem  ferramenta  código-fonte  review  service  qualidade  programming  top10  how-to 
november 2014 by rtopitt
Opal: Ruby to Javascript Compiler
It is source-to-source, making it fast as a runtime. Opal includes a compiler (which can be run in any browser), a corelib and runtime implementation. The corelib/runtime is also very small.
javascript  ruby  programming  compiler  webapp  browser  software_livre 
november 2014 by rtopitt
The goal of this guide is to present a set of best practices and style prescriptions for Ruby on Rails 4 development. It's a complementary guide to the already existing community-driven Ruby coding style guide.
rails  ruby  style  guide  programming  boa_prática  modelo  inspiração 
october 2014 by rtopitt
The R Project for Statistical Computing
R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. It compiles and runs on a wide variety of UNIX platforms, Windows and MacOS.
software_livre  linguagem  programming  estatística  gráfico  analysis 
october 2014 by rtopitt
Observer Pattern in RUBY — Medium
In this quick article we’re going to go over the Observer Pattern. The observer pattern is used when you are building a system where the state of one object effects the state of other objects.
design_patterns  boa_prática  ruby  programming  how-to  reference  oop  ood 
october 2014 by rtopitt
Don’t Daemonize your Daemons! | Mike Perham
Modern best practices to create a long-lived daemon process on Unix-based systems.
ruby  devops  programming  melhores_práticas  daemon  how-to  tip  unix  linux 
september 2014 by rtopitt
VisuAlgo - visualising data structures and algorithms through animation
VisuAlgo was conceptualised in 2011 by Dr Steven Halim as a tool to help his students better understand data structures and algorithms, by allowing them to learn the basics on their own and at their own pace.
interactive  algorithm  programming  gráfico  visualização  geek 
september 2014 by rtopitt
A curated list of amazingly awesome awesomeness
github  programming  top10  language  reference 
july 2014 by rtopitt
Underscore is a JavaScript library that provides a whole mess of useful functional programming helpers without extending any built-in objects. It’s the answer to the question: “If I sit down in front of a blank HTML page, and want to start being productive immediately, what do I need?” … and the tie to go along with jQuery's tux and Backbone's suspenders.

Underscore provides 80-odd functions that support both the usual functional suspects: map, select, invoke — as well as more specialized helpers: function binding, javascript templating, deep equality testing, and so on. It delegates to built-in functions, if present, so modern browsers will use the native implementations of forEach, map, reduce, filter, every, some and indexOf.
javascript  programming  library 
july 2014 by rtopitt
This is a curated collection of essential Ruby and Ruby on Rails resources. The project aims to maintain a well-structured reference equally useful both for beginners and advanced web developers. ★ stands here for Editors' Choice.
ruby  rails  learning  resources  livro  link  top10  programming  linguagem 
july 2014 by rtopitt
Ruby Refactoring Cheatsheet
An outline the refactoring book by Jay Fields, et al. This is my aide-mémoire for the Hogwarts-style names of the Spells and Smells and is unlikely to be of much use to anyone who hasn't read the book.
ruby  refactoring  programming  tip  cheat_sheet  book  guide 
june 2014 by rtopitt
Página inicial — Dominando o Sublime Text
Screencasts sobre editor de textos Sublime Text, pelo Nando Vieira
screencast  sublime  editor  video  programming  tip 
may 2014 by rtopitt
WakaTime · Fully automatic time tracking for programmers.
Main Features:
Fully automatic... never worry about time tracking again.
Detects project name from revision control software. (ex: git, subversion, mercurial)
Language breakdown showing your most-used programming languages.
Monthly, weekly, or daily email summaries.
See logged time per project or branch.
Open-source text editor plugins available on GitHub.
time_tracking  tempo  hora  tracking  plugin  editor  programming  reporting  freelance 
may 2014 by rtopitt
7 Patterns to Refactor Fat ActiveRecord Models - Code Climate Blog
When teams use Code Climate to improve the quality of their Rails applications, they learn to break the habit of allowing models to get fat. “Fat models” cause maintenance issues in large apps. Only incrementally better than cluttering controllers with domain logic, they usually represent a failure to apply the Single Responsibility Principle (SRP). “Anything related to what a user does” is not a single responsibility.

Early on, SRP is easier to apply. ActiveRecord classes handle persistence, associations and not much else. But bit-by-bit, they grow. Objects that are inherently responsible for persistence become the de facto owner of all business logic as well. And a year or two later you have a User class with over 500 lines of code, and hundreds of methods in it’s public interface. Callback hell ensues.

As you add more intrinsic complexity (read: features!) to your application, the goal is to spread it across a coordinated set of small, encapsulated objects (and, at a higher level, modules) just as you might spread cake batter across the bottom of a pan. Fat models are like the big clumps you get when you first pour the batter in. Refactor to break them down and spread out the logic evenly. Repeat this process and you’ll end up with a set of simple objects with well defined interfaces working together in a veritable symphony.
design  rails  ruby  how-to  top10  inspiração  modelagem  model  orientação_a_objetos  srp  reference  refactoring  tip  programming 
may 2014 by rtopitt
Back to Basics: Regular Expressions
Regular expressions have been around since the early days of computer science. They gained widespread adoption with the introduction of Unix. A regular expression is a notation for describing sets of character strings. They are used to identify patterns within strings. There are many useful applications of this functionality, most notably string validations, find and replace, and pulling information out of strings.

Regular expressions are just strings themselves. Each character in a regular expression can either be part of a code that makes up a pattern to search for, or it can represent a letter, character or word itself. Let’s take a look at some examples.
ruby  regex  string  reference  tip  programming 
may 2014 by rtopitt
Guarding with arrays
This week I applied a pattern I've been using for years to two separate pull requests from our devs. In both cases I was able to help them refactor their code to use an enumerator as code guards instead of conditional statements.
ruby  boa_prática  array  refactoring  tip  programming 
may 2014 by rtopitt
Falsehoods programmers believe about geography | Thias の blog
Here are some falsehoods about geography I found in software, the list is, by far, not exhaustive.
boa_prática  erro  top10  modelagem  mito  geografica  mapa  georeferenciamento  reference  tip  programming 
may 2014 by rtopitt
Falsehoods programmers believe about time: @noahsussman: Infinite Undo
I have repeatedly been confounded to discover just how many mistakes in both test and application code stem from misunderstandings or misconceptions about time. By this I mean both the interesting way in which computers handle time, and the fundamental gotchas inherent in how we humans have constructed our calendar — daylight savings being just the tip of the iceberg.

In fact I have seen so many of these misconceptions crop up in other people’s (and my own) programs that I thought it would be worthwhile to collect a list of the more common problems here.
boa_prática  erro  top10  modelagem  mito  tempo  data  hora  reference  tip  programming 
may 2014 by rtopitt
Falsehoods programmers believe about addresses
Addressing is a fertile ground for incorrect assumptions, because everyone's used to dealing with addresses and 99% of the time they seem so simple. Below are some incorrect assumptions I've seen made, or made myself.
boa_prática  erro  top10  modelagem  mito  endereço  reference  tip  programming 
may 2014 by rtopitt
JavaScript’s this: how it works, where it can trip you up
In JavaScript, the special variable this is relatively complicated, because it is available everywhere, not just in object-oriented settings. This blog post explains how this works and where it can cause problems, concluding with best practices.
javascript  boa_prática  dúvida  this  reference  tip  programming 
may 2014 by rtopitt
Inch · A documentation measurement tool for Ruby
A documentation tool for the Ruby programming language. Inch is a command-line tool that gives you hints where to improve your docs. One Inch at a time. Inch was created to help people document their code, therefore it may be more important to look at what it does not do than at what it does. Inch takes a more relaxed approach towards documentation measurement and tries to show you places where your codebase could use more documentation.
documentação  ruby  gem  incentivo  programming 
march 2014 by rtopitt
Persisting data in Ruby with PStore — The blog of Rob Miller, Ruby developer
Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a hash or hash-like data structure that persisted itself to disk for us, without us having to worry about serialising data or writing files?
ruby  serialização  standard_lib  biblioteca  how-to  datastore  tip  programming 
january 2014 by rtopitt
VCR e dados sensíveis como email e senha | Groselhas - O blog do Mauro George (@maurogeorge)
Quando estamos utilizando o VCR em nossas specs podemos nos deparar com o seguinte problema: como passar dados sensíveis ao VCR, como senhas e emails, mais não salvar isto em nosso cassete?
vcr  rspec  ruby  privacidade  teste  software_livre  tip  programming 
january 2014 by rtopitt
Start Developing Mac Apps Today: Introduction
Do you want to create a great Mac app but don’t know where to begin? This road map provides the perfect starting point for Mac app development, even if you’re an expert iOS developer. Apple makes it easy to create apps and distribute them through the Mac App Store. Follow this road map to learn how to get the tools you need, understand the major concepts and best practices, and see where to find more information.
mac_os_x  how-to  roadmap  desenvolvimento  objective_c  app_store  tip  programming 
january 2014 by rtopitt
O Manifesto Bermudista | Buzeto Log
Pessoas e Competências sobre impressões e pre-conceitos.
manifesto  processo  trabalho  ti  mercado  hahaha  bizarrice  bermuda  reference  agile  programming 
january 2014 by rtopitt
Work From Home? Do it Better. — Startup Lessons Learned — Medium
Here are 10 of the the most useful tactics that help me structure my days (and stick to it)
lifehack  trabalho  remoto  top10  casa  foco  tip  programming 
january 2014 by rtopitt
Shell Scripting - Best Practices | Java Code Geeks
Most programming languages have a set of “best practices” that should be followed when writing code in that language. However, I have not been able to find a comprehensive one for shell scripting so have decided to write my own based on my experience writing shell scripts over the years.
shell  bash  boa_prática  top10  script  reference  compilation  tip  programming 
november 2013 by rtopitt
Everything you need to know about web development. Neatly packaged.

Beginners, start by clicking the html box and the next lessons you should learn will get highlighted.
html  ensino  web  top10  link  linguagem  padrão  desenvolvimento  help  compilation  learning  programming 
september 2013 by rtopitt
Thinkful | Javascript Best Practices Part 1
This guide, the first in a two part series, was adapted from a popular slideshow by Christian Heilmann, a Web Evangelist at Mozilla. Though JavaScript has a few notoriously tricky features, it's more important than ever in software development. This list of best practices uses code samples and side-by-side examples to help you write more readable, efficient code.
javascript  boa_prática  exemplo  código-fonte  tip  programming 
august 2013 by rtopitt
Technical Machine
Tessel is an Internet-connected microcontroller for software developers.

Embedded development is as easy as coding a web or mobile app. Or prototype a physical product, and refine the experience with telemetry and updates over Wifi. Create new ways to connect your life beyond a screen.

Tessel runs JavaScript right on the device—no server necessary. Use your own IDE and libraries to program it, just like web development. Uploading new firmware is as easy as tessel push!

Tessel supports packages from NPM to leverage the growing Node.js community and capabilities. That's HTTP, Twitter, web server, color, and async support right out of the box.
arduino  hardware  javascript  diy  node  npm  geek  wi-fi  programming 
august 2013 by rtopitt
Go by Example
Go by Example is a hands-on introduction to Go using annotated example programs. Check out the first example or browse the full list below.
golang  tutorial  linguagem  exemplo  programming 
july 2013 by rtopitt
Getting Started with Go on Heroku
This quickstart will show you how to run Go apps and deploy them to the Heroku cloud platform.
heroku  tutorial  golang  how-to  webapp  buildpack  iaas  programming 
july 2013 by rtopitt
Watchface Generator for Pebble - by Paul Rode
Webapp geradora de interfaces (caras de relógio) para Pebble
pebble  relógio  gerador  webapp  interface  hora  geek  utilidade  programming 
july 2013 by rtopitt
Resources for Mac and iOS Developers… | Dave Mark's Blog
a reasonably recently updated list of dev resources for Mac and iOS Developers
apple  ios  objective_c  lista  top10  desenvolvimento  documentação  mobile  mac_os_x  compilation  tip  programming 
june 2013 by rtopitt
How do I benchmark Ruby code?
Ruby’s standard library comes with a benchmarking library fit for measuring the execution time of your Ruby code. The Benchmark module offers several different ways for you to benchmark your code. I’ll take you through the different options and their use cases.
ruby  benchmark  teste  performance  artigo  how-to  biblioteca  analysis  tip  programming 
june 2013 by rtopitt
Go for Rubyists :: A Ruby-Tinted Introduction to Programming Go
Go for Rubyists is the first book for the Go-curious who see programming through Ruby-colored glasses. Go and Ruby share a surprising amount of similarity, given their distinct aims and origins, so Go is more approachable than most languages of its kind to the inquisitive Ruby programmer.
ruby  go  golang  livro  beta  linguagem  learning  programming 
june 2013 by rtopitt
Tough times on the road to Starcraft - Code Of Honor
I’ve been writing about the early development of Warcraft, but a recent blog post I read prompted me to start scribbling furiously, and the result is this three-part, twenty-plus page article about the development of StarCraft, along with my thoughts about writing more reliable game code. I’ll be posting the latter parts over the next several days.
starcraft  videogame  história  blog  desenvolvimento  c  c++  programming 
june 2013 by rtopitt
Online Technical Interviews and Recruitment Software | Interview Zen
Don't waste time interviewing developers who aren't suitable for the job. Find out quickly how well someone can code. With Interview Zen, you set your own programming challenges and watch how candidates solve them online.
entrevista  teste  online  webapp  ferramenta  utilidade  emprego  importante  programming 
may 2013 by rtopitt
Design Patterns in the Wild: Null Object
In one of my commits, I used the Null Object pattern to simplify some conditional logic that was spread across a class. The Null Object pattern describes the use of an object to define the concept of “null” behavior. Typically, a null object will implement a similar interface to a similar object but not actually do anything.
padrão  ruby  null  orientação_a_objetos  blog  tip  programming 
may 2013 by rtopitt
Ryan Singer: Designing from start to finish on Vimeo
UI design involves more than wireframes, Photoshop and HTML. Ryan will demonstrate how UI design runs through an entire project from initial concept and modeling to sketches, HTML mockups, and final running code.
Rather than teaching ideas in the abstract, Ryan will share his design process live in real time by building an actual project. Attendees to this session will get a hands-on feeling for how design happens at 37signals.
palestra  design  37signals  exemplo  produto  criação  video  programming 
may 2013 by rtopitt
Weaving Design and Development by Ryan Singer on Vimeo
How can designers and developers work together to produce the best software? At which stage should designers and developers be involved? Who holds the domain knowledge? How can a software project accommodate new insights on the UI and code as it evolves? Ryan will share his experiences working on both the design and code ends of projects at 37signals and discuss strategies for connecting the two sides. He’ll also open the microphones up to the audience to hear your thoughts and experiences.
palestra  design  37signals  video  programming 
may 2013 by rtopitt
Effective Go - The Go Programming Language
This document gives tips for writing clear, idiomatic Go code. It augments the language specification, the Tour of Go, and How to Write Go Code, all of which you should read first.
go  linguagem  idiomático  tutorial  reference  programming 
may 2013 by rtopitt
Sublime Text (2) - Drew Barontini
The usefuless of this setup guide will vary based on your personal preferences for how your text editor should function, but it should help with the initial setup of Sublime Text. Let's get started.
editor  texto  how-to  personalização  sublime  configuration  tip  programming 
may 2013 by rtopitt
Big-O Algorithm Complexity Cheat Sheet
This webpage covers the space and time Big-O complexities of common algorithms used in Computer Science.
cs  complexidade  cheat_sheet  tabela  comparação  reference  algorithm  programming 
may 2013 by rtopitt
Code Climate. Hosted static analysis for Ruby source code.
Hosted software metrics for Ruby apps. Get control of your technical debt today.
ruby  saas  código-fonte  métrica  qualidade  desenvolvimento  webapp  service  programming 
march 2013 by rtopitt
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