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Bicycle Rolling Resistance | Rolling Resistance Tests
Welcome to Bicycle Rolling Resistance. Bicycle Rolling Resistance is a website dedicated to giving insight into the rolling resistance characteristics of road bike, mountain bike, touring bike, and fat bike tires. We built our own bicycle tire rolling resistance test machine that will be used to test all sorts of bicycle tires and components.
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january 2018 by rtopitt
BEST ROAD BIKE TIRES | In The Know Cycling
What tires should I get? It seems like a pretty easy question. Actually, it’s not.

If you don’t want to get into the details, here’s my bottom line. For the best combination of minimum rolling resistance, maximum aerodynamic performance and confident handling, order a pair of Continental Grand Prix 4000S II clincher tires online in the 23C/23mm size and pump them up to between 95psi/6.5bar (lighter riders, softer ride) and 115psi/8bar (heavier riders, firmer ride) and use a light butyl inner tube.
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may 2015 by rtopitt

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