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mmCalc is a 35mm lens equivalent and crop factor calculator. Simply input your lenses focal length, the size of your sensor, and what the maximum aperture of your lens is and we will give you what the lens would be in terms of 35mm. mmCalc also provides a crop factor calculator that allows you to input the dimensions of your sensor and find out what the exact crop factor is. If you're unable to calculate for your lens with the pre-defined values, we also provide a completely customizable calculator that allows you to input your own crop factor, aperture, focal length, and even sensor dimensions.
crop  calculator  photography  camera  lente  utilidade  f_stop  aperture  comparação 
6 weeks ago by rtopitt
Dont login, just use a URL
Dont save, text is auto-saved
Dont juggle attached files, edit online with your friends
Dont lose your content, download with
Dont forget, you can use yourURL/yourFolder/yourSubfolder
editor  texto  webapp  concorrência  utilidade  sharing  colaboração  simple 
march 2018 by rtopitt
Thread Reader
“Thread Reader” helps you unroll a full Twitter thread on a dedicated beautifully designed page to allow an easy read of the whole story.
twitter  thread  webapp  utilidade 
september 2017 by rtopitt
PutsReq lets you record HTTP requests and fake responses like no other tool available.

Record requests

Change your target URL to a PutsReq URL to start recording your requests.

Fake responses

PutsReq is the easiest way to fake HTTP responses. You can define the response status, headers and body you want using JavaScript.

Forward requests

You can easily forward requests to another URL, including localhost.
api  curl  http  rest  utilidade  webapp  development  webhook  localhost  tunnel 
april 2017 by rtopitt
The web’s most useful tools and sites
These are the most useful tools and sites on the web, as nominated by the readers of
reference  top10  utilidade  website  web  tip 
april 2017 by rtopitt
ShareDrop is a free app that allows you to easily and securely share files directly between devices without having to upload them to any server first.
p2p  filesharing  security  senha  sharing  webapp  utilidade  network  criptografia 
september 2016 by rtopitt
donmelton/video_transcoding: Tools to transcode, inspect and convert videos.
Hi, I'm Don Melton. I created these tools to transcode my collection of Blu-ray Discs and DVDs into a smaller, more portable format while remaining high enough quality to be mistaken for the originals.

What makes these tools unique are the ratecontrol systems which achieve those goals.

This package is based on my original collection of Video Transcoding Scripts written in Bash. While still available online, those scripts are no longer in active development. Users are encouraged to install this Ruby Gem instead.
transcoding  video  conversão  conversor  gem  ruby  shell  console  reference  utilidade  bluray  dvd  software_livre 
june 2016 by rtopitt - my traceroute, globally
mtr combines the functionality of the traceroute and ping programs in a single network diagnostic tool. enables you to run mtr from 7 remote locations distributed around the globe.
network  utilidade  ping  mtr  traceroute  webapp 
may 2016 by rtopitt
Fakespot | Analyze and identify fake reviews
Fakespot allows you to paste the link to any Amazon product and receive a score regarding the likelihood of fake reviews.
amazon  fake  review  utilidade  reference  e-commerce  compra 
may 2016 by rtopitt
My External IP address
Página que retorna seu endereço IP externo em vários formatos / várias maneiras.
ip  network  utilidade  geek  external  public  address  api  grátis 
march 2016 by rtopitt
It's showtime in a terminal near you! Put on your best colours, resize to 80 columns, and let your fingers fly!

Termshows are purely text based. This makes them ideal for demoing instructions (as the user can copy-paste), making fail-safe "live-coding" sessions (plain text is very scalable), and sharing all your l33t terminal hacks.
cli  demo  screencast  terminal  utilidade  video  geek 
february 2016 by rtopitt
Turbo Boost Switcher for OS X |
Turbo Boost Switcher is a little application for Mac computers that allows to enable and/or disable the Turbo Boost feature.

It installs a precompiled kernel extension (32 or 64 bits depending on your system) that updates the Turbo Boost MSR register, so It will ask for your admin password when using it.

It’s installed on your Mac status bar and allows you to:

Visually know if Turbo Boost is enabled or disabled at any time.
Enable / Disable Turbo Boost manually.
Configure it to disable Turbo Boost automatically at launch.
Enable / Disable Turbo Boost automatically (only on Pro version)
Check your CPU temp and fan speed.
Set it to open at login.
Automatically restore Turbo Boost on exit.
mac_os_x  cpu  performance  bateria  software_livre  grátis  intel  turbo  utilidade 
june 2015 by rtopitt
| TripMode | Your Mac's mobile data savior.
When TripMode is ON, it prevents all your Mac apps from accessing the Internet but those that have been whitelisted by yourself. It typically stops automatic updates, online backups, Photos syncs, and various obscure apps from consuming precious data. Both uploads and downloads are blocked.
apple  mac_os_x  app  software  utilidade  mobile  thetering  bandwidth  menubar 
may 2015 by rtopitt
Check Username Availability at Multiple Social Networking Sites
Check to see if your desired username or vanity url is still available at dozens of popular Social Networking and Social Bookmarking websites. Promote your brand consistently by registering a username that is still available on the majority of the most popular sites. Find the best username with namechk.
webapp  utilidade  login  username  nome  verificação  social_network 
march 2015 by rtopitt
Unicode Text Converter
Convert plain text (letters, sometimes numbers, sometimes punctuation) to obscure characters from Unicode. The output is fully cut-n-pastible text.
text  converter  unicode  utf8  utilidade  webapp 
october 2014 by rtopitt
Disco de cores | Esquemas de cores - Adobe Kuler
Color picker de cores complementares, cria paletas de cores
cor  paleta  complementar  webapp  utilidade  design 
september 2014 by rtopitt
Date Duration Calculator: Days between two dates
This service calculates the duration, counting the day count and the number of days, months and years between two dates. Among other things, it can be used find how many days old you are and the weekday you were born. Also see the advanced duration calculator which supports time as well.
calendar  time  calculator  date  utilidade  webapp 
september 2014 by rtopitt
Age in Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds Calculator
How many days old are you? How many minutes old are you? How many seconds old are you? When is your 1,000 day birthday? When will you be one billion seconds old? Use this birthday calculator to find out all of these things and more.
calculadora  idade  ano  mês  dia  segundo  minuto  hora  tempo  hahaha  geek  utilidade  webapp 
july 2014 by rtopitt
Mapa de Chuvas : Alerta Rio
Onde está chovendo (ou não) e quanto no Rio de Janeiro
chuva  rio_de_janeiro  mapa  gráfico  utilidade  informação  reference 
july 2014 by rtopitt
Font Awesome to PNG online generator
Hey, I'm the Font Awesome to PNG (fa2png) online generator. I'm a small web app returning Font Awesome icons as png. You can define the color and size of the Font Awesome icons and download them directly from my SSD.
icon  fonte  webapp  utilidade  design  png  webdesign 
june 2014 by rtopitt
Portal Carioca Digital
O CARIOCA DIGITAL é um portal único onde você pode acessar todos os serviços online oferecidos pela prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro. Basta fazer o seu cadastro para contar com inúmeras facilidades, sem filas, nem burocracia. Saiba mais sobre a agenda em espaços culturais da Prefeitura. Acesse o boletim de seu filho, se ele estuda na rede municipal. Verifique seu prontuário eletrônico no SUS. Solicite qualquer serviço da Central de Atendimento do Cidadão. Consulte o status de seu automóvel. Confira seus créditos no programa Nota Carioca.
rio_de_janeiro  prefeitura  governo  e-gov  portal  cidade  webapp  utilidade 
april 2014 by rtopitt
Textos de lorem ipsum já em elementos HTML
html  webdesign  lorem_ipsum  utilidade  cópia  ctrl-c 
april 2014 by rtopitt
Spoke Length Calculator
Our online spoke length calculator will give accurate results based on accurate input measurements. For additional information on how to measure components click the ? button next to each field, or the Tutorial link.
calculadora  aro  raio  roda  utilidade  bicycle 
february 2014 by rtopitt – one click video conversations
Create a room and talk together. Video conversations with up to 8 people for free. No login. No installs.
chat  conferência  grátis  chrome  firefox  webapp  utilidade  inspiração  video 
february 2014 by rtopitt
ngrok - secure introspectable tunnels to localhost
“I want to securely expose a local web server to the internet and capture all traffic for detailed inspection and replay.”

ngrok creates a tunnel from the public internet ( to a port on your local machine. You can give this URL to anyone to allow them to try out a web site you're developing without doing any deployment.

ngrok captures all traffic through the tunnel. It displays information about the HTTP traffic for your inspection. Raw request/response bytes, parsed headers and form data, JSON/XML syntax checking and more are included.

Developing services which consume webhooks can be challenging if the hooks are labor-intensive to generate. Use ngrok's replay request feature to iterate quickly on a new feature without switching contexts to generate new requests.
proxy  firewall  http  replay  ssh  túnel  ferramenta  geek  utilidade  webhook  network  service 
january 2014 by rtopitt
UltraHook - Receive webhooks on localhost
UltraHook makes it super easy to connect public webhook endpoints with development environments. UltraHook is the simplest way to receive webhooks behind a firewall. Webhooks are HTTP requests made over the web by services when certain events are triggered within the services. Many popular services (GitHub, Stripe, ActiveCampaign, Papertrail, etc) support updates via webhooks. However, since these webhook requests are made over the public web, it's difficult receive them when testing from behind a firewall. This is where UltraHook comes in - it provides you a public endpoint to give to other services and tunnels requests to a private endpoint on your computer.
http  ruby  gem  webapp  grátis  webhook  api  utilidade  service 
december 2013 by rtopitt
Domainr: fast, free, domain name search, short URLs, international domain registration
When you want a short URL or something big, Domainr will find it, fast. Domainr helps you explore the entire domain name space beyond the ubiquitous—and crowded—.com, .net and .org.
domínio  busca  pesquisa  internet  hipster  nome  utilidade 
october 2013 by rtopitt
GTmetrix | Website Speed and Performance Optimization
Everybody deserves a fast web experience.

GTmetrix can help you develop a faster, more efficient, and all-around improved website experience for your users.

Your users will love you for it.
performance  web  otimização  teste  verificador  webapp  utilidade  http  importante  velocidade  service 
october 2013 by rtopitt
Just Delete Me | A directory of direct links to delete your account from web services.
Links para páginas de exclusão de conta em diversos websites / serviços / redes sociais / etc
delete  account  utilidade  webapp  privacidade 
august 2013 by rtopitt
Cockos Incorporated | LICEcap
LICEcap is a screen recording app that captures a portion of the Mac OS X (or Windows) desktop and saves it directly as an animated GIF. Incredibly simple to use, the apps functionality should be familiar enough to anyone who has used screen recording with QuickTime before, except that rather than a movie being exported, you wind up with a GIF.
gif  screencast  mac_os_x  captura  tela  utilidade  geek  animated  video 
august 2013 by rtopitt
Bike Fit Calculator | Find Your Bike Size | Competitive Cyclist
We need 8 core pieces of information in order to calculate your optimum frame size and initial position. You'll need help from a friend to make the most accurate measurements possible.

Take your time and don't be afraid to take each measurement 2 or 3 times and average the measurements together - the accuracy of the calculator is dependent on the accuracy of your measurements!
fit  calculadora  webapp  utilidade  bicycle 
august 2013 by rtopitt
Watchface Generator for Pebble - by Paul Rode
Webapp geradora de interfaces (caras de relógio) para Pebble
pebble  relógio  gerador  webapp  interface  hora  geek  utilidade  programming 
july 2013 by rtopitt
Lion DiskMaker
Lion Disk Maker is an application programmed with AppleScript that you can use with Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 and OS X 10.8 to burn a DVD or build a bootable drive from Mac OS X Lion or OS X Mountain Lion Installation program. As soon as you launch the application, it tries to find the OS X Install program with Spotlight. Then, it proposes to build a DVD or create a bootable install disk. It’s the easiest way to build an OS X Installer in a few clicks !
apple  mac_os_x  boot  pendrive  usb  utilidade  grátis  10.8  10.6  10.7  lion  mountain_lion  snow_leopard  instalação  dvd  drive  disco 
june 2013 by rtopitt
The Toolbox: a directory of the best time-saving apps and tools
A collection of the best time-saving apps, tools, and widgets from around the web.
design  json  ferramenta  coleção  top10  webapp  utilidade  desenvolvimento  web  compilation 
june 2013 by rtopitt
YAMLlint - The YAML Validator
Paste in your YAML and click "Go" - we'll tell you if it's valid or not, and give you a nice clean UTF-8 version of it. Optimized for Ruby.
yaml  ruby  webapp  ferramenta  utilidade  lint  sintaxe  verificação  formatação  formato 
june 2013 by rtopitt
Online Technical Interviews and Recruitment Software | Interview Zen
Don't waste time interviewing developers who aren't suitable for the job. Find out quickly how well someone can code. With Interview Zen, you set your own programming challenges and watch how candidates solve them online.
entrevista  teste  online  webapp  ferramenta  utilidade  emprego  importante  programming 
may 2013 by rtopitt
Mr. Data Converter
I will convert your Excel data into one of several web-friendly formats, including HTML, JSON and XML.
json  xml  excel  csv  conversor  webapp  utilidade  software_livre  service 
may 2013 by rtopitt wildcard DNS for everyone is a magic domain name that provides wildcard DNS
for any IP address. Say your LAN IP address is
Using, resolves to resolves to resolves to resolves to

...and so on. You can use these domains to access virtual
hosts on your development web server from devices on your
local network, like iPads, iPhones, and other computers.
No configuration required!
dns  webapp  webservice  local  desenvolvimento  utilidade  wildcard  network 
april 2013 by rtopitt
httpbin(1): HTTP Client Testing Service
Testing an HTTP Library can become difficult sometimes. is fantastic for testing POST requests, but not much else. This exists to cover all kinds of HTTP scenarios. Additional endpoints are being considered (e.g. /deflate).

All endpoint responses are JSON-encoded.

Retorna como resposta os dados da requisição que você enviou.
http  https  rest  api  teste  resposta  requisição  utilidade  webapp  webservice  curl  ferramenta 
april 2013 by rtopitt [talk·eeo] is a web chat that is open to anyone and channels are owner-free. To create a new chat channel, just enter a name in the channel field above. Then, after joining, you can share the URL to invite more people.

Here's a live example:

Hint: If you would like a somewhat more private chat, generate a random channel. Note: This will NOT be 100% private, just harder to guess the URL.
chat  grátis  webapp  im  inspiração  simplicidade  utilidade 
march 2013 by rtopitt
TJ-HD Software - Language Switcher
Use your apps in different languages at the same time. Troca a língua de apps no Mac OS X.
mac_os_x  língua  app  grátis  utilidade  application  translation 
november 2012 by rtopitt
PX CALC: DPI Calculator with Dot Pitch, Size, Aspect Ratio, Pixels, and Megapixels
When you zoom to 100% in programs like Photoshop or Illustrator you're not actually seeing true print size, but if you know your monitor's DPI (dots per inch), also known as PPI (pixels per inch), you can work around this.
dpi  ppi  monitor  calculadora  tela  tamanho  pixel  utilidade  webapp  geek 
november 2012 by rtopitt
Monitor externo no Mac: apps para quem usa 2 monitores |
O Mac.AppStorm preparou uma lista de mais de 30 aplicativos que ajudam a usar melhor o seu monitor adicional no Mac. Não vou traduzi-la nem reproduzir a lista completa, mas aqui vai uma seleção de algumas funcionalidades interessantes que podem estar à sua disposição na lista deles.
lista  top10  mac_os_x  monitor  múltiplo  dual  app  software  utilidade  produtividade  application  tip 
september 2012 by rtopitt
cputhrottle is a small OS X command-line utility designed to limit the CPU usage of a process to which it attaches.
cpu  mac_os_x  shell  processador  controle  limite  processamento  velocidade  utilidade 
august 2012 by rtopitt
Serial Serveur » Lion DiskMaker (US)
Lion Disk Maker is an application programmed with AppleScript that you can use with Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 and OS X 10.8 to burn a DVD or build a bootable drive from Mac OS X Lion or OS X Mountain Lion Installation program. As soon as you launch the application, it tries to find the OS X Install program with Spotlight. Then, it proposes to build a DVD or create a bootable install disk.
mac_os_x  instalação  disco  usb  dvd  criação  boot  lion  mountain_lion  utilidade  download 
august 2012 by rtopitt
Time Zones
Mostra a hora em todas as time zones ao mesmo tempo, com gráfico interativo
timeline  time_zone  fuso  fuso_horário  gmt  utc  webapp  utilidade  reference 
july 2012 by rtopitt
How to Remove Screws with Stripped Heads
Como remover parafusos com a cabeça comida
utilidade  parafuso  how-to  diy  philips  fenda  tip 
april 2012 by rtopitt
Samuel L Ipsum | Lorem Ipsum Generator
Gerador de Lorem Ipsum com frases do Samuel L Jackson
hahaha  utilidade  webapp  lorem_ipsum  gerador  geek  cinema 
april 2012 by rtopitt
otimizador de imagens jpg e png do yahoo
webapp  otimização  tamanho  compressão  imagem  jpg  png  gif  utilidade  webdesign 
april 2012 by rtopitt
JPEGmini - Your Photos on a Diet!
JPEGmini is a patent-pending photo recompression technology, which significantly reduces the size of photographs without affecting their perceptual quality. The technology works in the domain of baseline JPEG, resulting in files that are fully compatible with any browser, photo software or device that support the standard JPEG format.
jpg  redução  compressão  utilidade  webapp  imagem  photo 
april 2012 by rtopitt
CommandQ - Never accidentally quit a Mac app again
Have you ever accidentally hit ⌘Q and quit an app when you really meant to press ⌘W to close a window? CommandQ stops apps from quitting unless you hold down ⌘Q for a short delay. This gives you time to catch your mistake and let go before the app quits. Simple. Effective. Awesome.
mac_os_x  utilidade  software  sair 
april 2012 by rtopitt
ferramentinha pra gerar aqueles boxes com uma seta em um dos lados
css  css3  webdesign  seta  caixa  utilidade 
april 2012 by rtopitt - Generate long, easy-to-remember passwords
The button below will generate a random phrase consisting of four common words. According to yesterday’s xkcd strip, such phrases are hard to guess (even by brute force), but easy to remember, making them interesting password choices.
xkcd  gerador  criptografia  senha  utilidade  security 
april 2012 by rtopitt
✿ Our favorite set —
Site para pesquisar e copiar caracteres de "desenhos" utf8
webapp  utilidade  caracter  utf8  desenho  geek  cópia 
april 2012 by rtopitt
Propagated Yet? - DNS Propagation Notifier
Has my website's DNS at FOO propagated to BAR yet?

Verifica propagação de DNS
dns  domínio  teste  webapp  utilidade  propagação  internet  ip  network  service 
april 2012 by rtopitt | Down Or Just Me | Is It Down
Verifica se um site está fora do ar de verdade ou apenas para você.
uptime  webapp  utilidade  internet  down 
april 2012 by rtopitt
Project Name Generator
Project Name Generator makes random, innovative and creative project and code names for your projects.

The Project Name Generator is an online and free web service. The goal of the project generator is to make cool ideas for project names.
gerador  nome  projeto  hahaha  utilidade 
april 2012 by rtopitt
Page Speed Online — Google Developers
Page Speed Online analyzes the content of a web page, then generates suggestions to make that page faster. Reducing page load times can reduce bounce rates and increase conversion rates.
google  utilidade  velocidade  performance  webapp  html  download  webservice 
april 2012 by rtopitt
Hurl makes HTTP requests. Enter a URL, set some headers, view the response, then share it with others. Perfect for demoing and debugging APIs.
api  webapp  utilidade  ferramenta  http  get  post  json  curl  debug  teste  webservice 
november 2010 by rtopitt
The Ultimate Dropbox Toolkit & Guide
We’ve posted several roundups of tips and tricks for Dropbox and now we present our ultimate toolkit and guide. We’ve pulled all our tips and tricks together and added quite a few more.
dropbox  how-to  top10  importante  geek  utilidade  download  upload  arquivo  tip 
november 2010 by rtopitt
MX Lookup Tool - Check your DNS MX Records online - MxToolbox
This test will list MX records for a domain in priority order. The MX lookup is done directly against the domain's authoritative name server, so changes to MX Records should show up instantly. You can click Diagnostics , which will connect to the mail server, verify reverse DNS records, perform a simple Open Relay check and measure response time performance. You may also check each MX record (IP Address) against 147 DNS based blacklists . (Commonly called RBLs, DNSBLs)
email  dns  spam  black_list  internet  mx  utilidade  webapp  consulta  security  configuration 
august 2010 by rtopitt
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