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johnnielawson - YouTube
Nature Sounds for Relaxation and Meditation. The calming sounds of nature help insomnia suffers as a sleep aid, they help concentration for study and relaxing.


I search out tranquil, quiet places in nature where we like to go when we want peace and calm, away from the stresses of modern day life. I capture the sense of beauty and tranquility of each location in sound and vision. It is my pleasure to bring these healing videos to you, free for you to relax with at any time of the day or night, anywhere in the world.
If you find these videos relaxing why not share them with your friends, especially those you feel lead stressful lives. They will thank you for gifting them a few moments of calm.

Kind regards Johnnie Lawson
youtube  canal  video  som  natureza  relax  meditation  download  ambient 
2 days ago by rtopitt
Yarn | Find video clips by quote |
Find And Share Video Clips In Your Favorite Movies, TV, & Music

Yarn does one thing very well: return a brief video clip (or subtitled GIF) of a movie or TV series, based on the dialog you type in
video  gif  search  dialog  tool  meme  sharing  script  cinema  tv  series 
12 days ago by rtopitt
Moving to iPad Pro? SIX gestures you should know! - YouTube
If you're trying to use the new iPad Pro as your full-time computer, you need to learn these gestures to move quickly and efficiently.

Plus, I cover how I use them alongside the Shortcuts app.
ipad  apple  how-to  tip  shortcut  gesture  youtube  video 
november 2018 by rtopitt
kyle8998/Vynchronize: Watch videos with friends online with the new real time video synchronization platform
Vynchronize is a online video synchronization platform where you can watch videos online with friends in real time!

Vynchronize currently supports YouTube, Daily Motion, and Vimeo!
video  javascript  webapp  software_livre  sincronização 
june 2018 by rtopitt
donmelton/video_transcoding: Tools to transcode, inspect and convert videos.
Hi, I'm Don Melton. I created these tools to transcode my collection of Blu-ray Discs and DVDs into a smaller, more portable format while remaining high enough quality to be mistaken for the originals.

What makes these tools unique are the ratecontrol systems which achieve those goals.

This package is based on my original collection of Video Transcoding Scripts written in Bash. While still available online, those scripts are no longer in active development. Users are encouraged to install this Ruby Gem instead.
transcoding  video  conversão  conversor  gem  ruby  shell  console  reference  utilidade  bluray  dvd  software_livre 
june 2016 by rtopitt
Le grandi salite del ciclismo - YouTube
Cassani è stato protagonista insieme all'ex ciclista professionista Massimo Boglia di una pubblicazione editoriale, completa di DVD e fascicoli, intitolata Le Grandi Salite del Ciclismo, nella quale i due ciclisti percorrono le salite più famose affrontate durante il Giro d'Italia e il Tour de France.
youtube  playlist  video  cycling  top10  europa  roads_to_ride  reference 
may 2016 by rtopitt
It's showtime in a terminal near you! Put on your best colours, resize to 80 columns, and let your fingers fly!

Termshows are purely text based. This makes them ideal for demoing instructions (as the user can copy-paste), making fail-safe "live-coding" sessions (plain text is very scalable), and sharing all your l33t terminal hacks.
cli  demo  screencast  terminal  utilidade  video  geek 
february 2016 by rtopitt
Train with GCN - YouTube
GCN's Training Playlist - the playlist for on the bike training sessions, spin classes or off the bike strength exercises.
playlist  video  youtube  gcn  cycling  workout  plan  training  exercício  inspiração 
june 2015 by rtopitt
Great full length concerts from YouTube
youtube  video  show  concert  search  música 
june 2015 by rtopitt
The School of Life - Developing Emotional Intelligence
The School of Life is devoted to developing emotional intelligence through the help of culture. We offer a variety of programmes and services concerned with how to live wisely and well.
estudo  filosofia  vida  inspiração  curso  video 
june 2015 by rtopitt
Assista agora: 4 vídeos para você pagar de intelectual e arrasar nas discussões políticas! - pessoas + pixels
O “School of Life” é uma organização dedicada a desenvolver a inteligência emocional das pessoas com ajuda de cultura. Os cursos que eles organizam são caros (já tem em São Paulo e no Rio), mas agora eles estão publicando parte desse conteúdo no YouTube. Fuçando na playlist “The Curriculum“, com vários vídeos de conceitos fundamentais para nos entendermos como seres humanos, me deparei com vídeos fantásticos. Faça um favor para si mesmo, assista tudo com calma.
video  filosofia  playlist  dica  top10  how-to  inspiração  reference  política  artigo 
june 2015 by rtopitt
Rio ao Vivo
Transmitir, em tempo real, vídeos de alta qualidade dos principais lugares do Rio de Janeiro, auxiliando as pessoas na tomada de decisão para o esporte, turismo e lazer.
rio_de_janeiro  video  streaming  cidade  webapp  mobile  ios  android  stalking  beach 
december 2014 by rtopitt
Página inicial — Dominando o Sublime Text
Screencasts sobre editor de textos Sublime Text, pelo Nando Vieira
screencast  sublime  editor  video  programming  tip 
may 2014 by rtopitt
Falha de Cobertura - YouTube
Playlist do Youtube dos vídeos do "programa" Falha de Cobertura, da TV Quase, um mesa redonda de futebol zoeiro.
mesa_redonda  futebol  sport  video  youtube  playlist  hahaha  sacanagem  bizarre 
may 2014 by rtopitt
The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth
Vídeo em HD ao vivo streaming da estação espacial internacional
iss  nasa  espaço  ao_vivo  streaming  estação  geek  mapa  planeta  terra  orbit  video 
may 2014 by rtopitt bike travelogue and procycling live coverage
Vídeos, fotos, feeds ao vivo e etc de competições de ciclismo de estrada
streaming  ao_vivo  competição  tv  reference  cycling  video 
may 2014 by rtopitt
Cycling LIVE stream - Cycling Live Video Streaming, Videos, Streams, Photos, Results - Watch Cycling TV Online |
Site com links para coberturas ao vivo (piratas) de corridas de bicicleta

Cycling Live Stream, Live Streaming Video - Guide to Pro Cycling Live Race Coverage - Watch Cycling TV Online - Photos, results, wallpaper, news, commentary
streaming  ao_vivo  competição  reference  cycling  video 
may 2014 by rtopitt
BikeRadar - YouTube
Canal de vídeos sobre bicicleta & ciclismo no Youtube.

Bike reviews, bike gear, parts and accessories, over 30,000 cycling routes, news and race results. from the Cycling Plus, MBUK, Pro Cycling and What Mountain Bike network.
youtube  canal  bicycle  cycling  video 
march 2014 by rtopitt
Popcorn Time
Desktop app to stream bittorrent movies for free
desktop  mac_os_x  software_livre  torrent  download  cinema  p2p  beta  filme  streaming  video 
march 2014 by rtopitt
Guia rápido para entender as provas de velódromo | PraQuemPedala
As provas de velódromo são impressionantemente emocionantes! Mas sem entender a lógica fica meio estranho. Nas olimpíadas serão disputadas alguns tipos de prova, quatro para ser mais exato: Omnium, Sprint, Keirin e Perseguição em equipe.
velódromo  regra  explicação  exemplo  pista  tip  bicycle  cycling  video 
march 2014 by rtopitt – one click video conversations
Create a room and talk together. Video conversations with up to 8 people for free. No login. No installs.
chat  conferência  grátis  chrome  firefox  webapp  utilidade  inspiração  video 
february 2014 by rtopitt
Amara - Caption, translate, subtitle and transcribe video.
Amara gives individuals, communities, and larger organizations the power to overcome accessibility and language barriers for online video. The tools are free and open source and make the work of subtitling and translating video simpler, more appealing, and, most of all, more collaborative.
legenda  software_livre  grátis  ferramenta  i18n  sistema  língua  webapp  video 
january 2014 by rtopitt
Global Cycling Network - YouTube
Canal de vídeos sobre bicicleta e ciclismo no Youtube.

The Global Cycling Network (GCN) puts you in the centre of the action: from the iconic summit of the Stelvio to the epic trails of Fort William, Scotland, everywhere there is pavé or dirt, world-class racing, and pro cyclists.
GCN is a new global cycling channel dedicated to bringing you all the action, essential analysis and unparalleled access from the worlds of road and mountain biking every week, every month, and every year.
Fronted by riders who've more than earned their stripes the team behind GCN offer a uniquely qualified insight into the dynamic and dramatic world of cycling.
With regular news and round-up shows, daily spots throughout the duration of the Grand Tours that delve deeper than anyone else can; monthly Google+ Hangout live debates that tear open the biggest topics affecting the sport with the movers and shakers themselves; bi-daily essential know-how and master-classes, and more, you can be sure that GCN will fuel your passion and knowledge.
youtube  canal  how-to  tip  bicycle  cycling  video 
january 2014 by rtopitt
Call Recorder for Skype - The Skype Audio/Video Call Recording Solution for Mac - Ecamm Network
Call Recorder is an add-on for Skype to automatically transform your audio or video calls into movies.
mac_os_x  skype  software  gravação  gravador  ligação  audio  video 
november 2013 by rtopitt
Queimando Filme | A super lista de documentários e séries sobre fotografia
Trata-se de uma super-duper lista de documentários, séries e afins sobre fotografia que, (segundo o autor da lista) você pode encontrar por aí (eu não conferi todos os links, e du-vi-do que o PetaPixel ou o Bruno Massao tenham conferido ;-)

Seja como for, segue a lista. Prende a respiração que a coisa é profunda. Preparado?
lista  top10  documentário  link  filme  tv  arte  compilation  series  video  photography 
august 2013 by rtopitt
Cockos Incorporated | LICEcap
LICEcap is a screen recording app that captures a portion of the Mac OS X (or Windows) desktop and saves it directly as an animated GIF. Incredibly simple to use, the apps functionality should be familiar enough to anyone who has used screen recording with QuickTime before, except that rather than a movie being exported, you wind up with a GIF.
gif  screencast  mac_os_x  captura  tela  utilidade  geek  animated  video 
august 2013 by rtopitt
MAKE | Internet Kill Switch
We’ll show you how to build an unobtrusive basic Internet Kill Switch, and then an over-the-top “dramatic version” that’s a bit more fun to make and use.
interessante  how-to  diy  hardware  hahaha  geek  network  video 
august 2013 by rtopitt
Chili Gum Videos | Explanatory videos
Empresa que faz vídeos sob encomenda para explicar software e etc (tipo in plain english)
encomenda  empresa  e-commerce  startup  saas  web2.0  explicação  inspiração  help  video 
august 2013 by rtopitt
24x7 Seinfeld
Site que mostra episódios de seinfeld via streaming sem parar, 24 horas por dia
seinfeld  streaming  24x7  loop  infinito  tv  hahaha  bizarrice  series  video 
june 2013 by rtopitt
Man in the Arena TV - YouTube
O Man in the Arena é um videocast sobre empreendedorismo e cultura digital apresentado por Leo Kuba e Miguel Cavalcanti.
videocast  youtube  canal  entrevista  empreendedorismo  tecnologia  startup  video 
june 2013 by rtopitt combines a pleasant and great-looking user interface with all the functionality needed to find and collect the best films out there.
busca  filme  cinema  pesquisa  biblioteca  catálogo  torrent  download  p2p  video 
june 2013 by rtopitt
Evento - RubyConf Brasil 2011
Vídeos das palestras do RubyConf Brasil 2011 em São Paulo
ruby  2011  palestra  conferência  video 
may 2013 by rtopitt
Ryan Singer: Designing from start to finish on Vimeo
UI design involves more than wireframes, Photoshop and HTML. Ryan will demonstrate how UI design runs through an entire project from initial concept and modeling to sketches, HTML mockups, and final running code.
Rather than teaching ideas in the abstract, Ryan will share his design process live in real time by building an actual project. Attendees to this session will get a hands-on feeling for how design happens at 37signals.
palestra  design  37signals  exemplo  produto  criação  video  programming 
may 2013 by rtopitt
Weaving Design and Development by Ryan Singer on Vimeo
How can designers and developers work together to produce the best software? At which stage should designers and developers be involved? Who holds the domain knowledge? How can a software project accommodate new insights on the UI and code as it evolves? Ryan will share his experiences working on both the design and code ends of projects at 37signals and discuss strategies for connecting the two sides. He’ll also open the microphones up to the audience to hear your thoughts and experiences.
palestra  design  37signals  video  programming 
may 2013 by rtopitt
Movgrab - Colum's Code
My first project to get a release, movgrab is a downloader for all those pesky sites that insist you use a big fat browser that runs flash in order to see their content. It's a command-line app written in straight C, and so doesn't require you to install perl. Nor ruby. Nor python. Nor guile, scheme, glib, gtk, qt, gnome, kde, X-windows, m4, firefox or windows. No! Not any of that! It *should* compile on all posix unix systems, I think (although I'm a bit worried about the whole little-endian/big-endian thing).
cli  download  youtube  c  grátis  shell  video 
november 2012 by rtopitt
Chili Gum Videos | Videos for businesses and startups.
Empresa recomendade de vídeos sobre softwares, startups, etc
empresa  startup  demo  video  recomendation 
october 2012 by rtopitt
B&H Photo Video Pro Audio - YouTube
Vídeos com aulas e dicas de uso do Adobe Lightroom, feitos ou encomendados pela B&H
youtube  adobe  lightroom  aula  how-to  edição  imagem  photoshop  busca  playlist  tip  video  photography 
september 2012 by rtopitt
Share Your Terminal With No Fuss -
ASCII.IO is the simplest way to record your terminal and share the recordings with your fellow geeks. Simply record and upload your terminal session with single command, and ASCII.IO will play it back in your browser.
screencast  shell  terminal  ascii  bash  playback  asciicasts  sharing  video 
august 2012 by rtopitt
Retina MacBook Pro: maximizing battery life with gfxCardStatus | Ars Technica
But we've been using the Retina MacBook Pro a little more since our review published a couple of weeks ago, and have discovered that the massive 95Whr battery is actually capable of lasting at least 8 hours or more. To achieve this, we overrode Apple's automatic graphics switching using the donation-ware app gfxCardStatus to force OS X to rely solely on Intel's integrated HD4000 GPU.
apple  mac  mac_os_x  gráfico  placa  integrada  forçado  hardware  bateria  economia  importante  nvidia  intel  geforce  tip  video 
july 2012 by rtopitt
What are the best TED talks?: AskReddit
Seleção das melhores palestras no TED, segundo o pessoal do Reddit
reddit  ted  palestra  top10  importante  todo  reference  video 
april 2012 by rtopitt
Oktoberfest - YouTube
lista de músicas da oktoberfest (algumas)
oktoberfest  música  lista  video 
april 2012 by rtopitt
Perian - The swiss-army knife of QuickTime® components
Perian is a free, open source QuickTime component that adds native support for many popular video formats.
mac_os_x  plugin  video 
april 2012 by rtopitt
Real World Moderation: Lessons from 11 Years of Community at SXSW Interactive 2011 | Lanyrd
After 11 years of running, I (and the other moderators) have been through just about everything, and we've built dozens of custom tools to weed out garbage, spammers, and scammers from the site.

I'll cover how to identify and solve problems including identity, trolling, sockpuppets, and other nefarious community issues, show off custom tools we've developed for MetaFilter, and show you how to incorporate them into your own community sites.
moderação  comunidade  internet  web2.0  social_network  presentation  talk  video 
april 2012 by rtopitt
Android In Spaaaace! - Official Google Mobile Blog
Recently, we travelled to Ione, CA and sent seven payloads up, up, and away into near space, each equipped with a Nexus S. We took some cues from others who have sent homemade weather balloon rigs far up, and we wanted an opportunity to collect some interesting data about the sensors in Nexus S – GPS, gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer.
android  geek  celular  espaço  how-to  balão  google  nexus_s  video 
december 2010 by rtopitt
youtube-dl - Download videos from (and mores sites...)
youtube-dl is a small command-line program to download videos from and a few more sites. It requires the Python interpreter, version 2.x (x being at least 4), and it is not platform specific. It should work in your Unix box, in Windows or in Mac OS X. It is released to the public domain, which means you can modify it, redistribute it or use it however you like.
youtube  download  python  script  software_livre  linux  mac_os_x  windows  video 
december 2010 by rtopitt
Dangerous Minds | Deconstructing ‘Helter Skelter’: Hear the individual tracks of the Beatles in the studio, 1968
A track by track breakdown of “Helter Skelter” by the Beatles. This is probably as close as it is possible to be in the recording studio with the Beatles during the White Album sessions in 1968. 
beatles  música  gravação  youtube  faixa  video 
december 2010 by rtopitt
The Economics of Seinfeld
Seinfeld ran for nine seasons on NBC and became famous as a “show about nothing.” Basically, the show allows viewers to follow the antics of Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer as they move through their daily lives, often encountering interesting people or dealing with special circumstances.

It is the simplicity of Seinfeld that makes it so appropriate for use in economics courses. Using these clips (as well as clips from other television shows or movies) makes economic concepts come alive, making them more real for students. Ultimately, students will start seeing economics everywhere – in other TV shows, in popular music, and most importantly, in their own lives.

We hope that you find these clips valuable and would appreciate your feedback.
seinfeld  tv  economia  geek  mashup  series  video 
november 2010 by rtopitt
Clube dos Cinco + Lisztomania à carioca - Trabalho Sujo - OESQUEMA
Lembra do mashup do filme do John Hughes com a música do Phoenix, que rendeu variações em San Francisco, Nova York, Paris e Amsterdã? Pois os cariocas fizeram antes dos paulistas - e ficou bonzão. E o de São Paulo segue sem ser feito. Que coisa.
eu  youtube  phoenix  lisztomania  blog  indicação  indie  mashup  hipster  trabalhosujo  música  videoclipe  video 
september 2010 by rtopitt
YouTube - Canal de Rangefindergeneral
In 1983 the BBC aired a series called “Master Photographers” in which they interviewed some of the biggest names in photography at the time, including Ansel Adams, Diane Arbus, and Henri Cartier-Bresson. The series can’t be found anywhere on DVD, but luckily many of the episodes have been uploaded to YouTube. If you’re at all interested in learning how historical greats worked and thought, this is a video series you have to bookmark and chew through.
youtube  bbc  documentário  lista  playlist  história  fotógrafo  video  photography 
september 2010 by rtopitt
The Story of Stuff
The Story of Stuff Project was created by Annie Leonard to leverage and extend the film’s impact. We amplify public discourse on a series of environmental, social and economic concerns and facilitate the growing Story of Stuff community’s involvement in strategic efforts to build a more sustainable and just world. Our on-line community includes over 150,000 activists and we partner with hundreds of environmental and social justice organizations worldwide to create and distribute our films, curricula and other content.
social  ecologia  economia  animação  consumo  meio-ambiente  ativismo  video 
august 2010 by rtopitt | Movies BitTorrent downloads directory
Welcome to, your best choice to browse, download and share movies with BitTorrent. While most popular torrent sites are trackers with a more minimalistic search engine, newcomer takes a different approach, focusing on the searching, browsing, and community aspect of BitTorrent.
torrent  bittorrent  cinema  filme  download  grátis  p2p  busca  comunidade  video 
august 2010 by rtopitt
API Anti-Patterns (how NOT to write a RESTful API) « Mike Pearce – blog
The talk was on API Anti-Patterns. I’d originally thought about doing a talk on How To Write a RESTful API, but the topic is enormous and sprawling and I only had 30 mins. So, I flipped the idea on it’s head and wrote about the things which we find with supposedly RESTful APIs which really aren’t RESTful. It’s shorter and, more importantly, funnier. So, below you’ll find the video and the slides from the night.
http  rest  api  webapp  boa_prática  anti_pattern  presentation  talk  video 
august 2010 by rtopitt
RACER is an analogue recreation of a coputer racing game in the style of the classic WipeOut. It consists of a modified vintage arcade machine, a RC model car with a wireless camera, an a self-constructed racetrack/game level made entirely from cardboard. The actions of the arcade player are directly reflected by the remote controlled model car in the level. Live video image from the car’s perspective is sent back to the arcade.
corrida  wipeout  videogame  arcade  geek  arte  projeto  video 
august 2010 by rtopitt Home of pHash, the open source perceptual hash library
A perceptual hash is a fingerprint of a multimedia file derived from various features from its content. Unlike cryptographic hash functions which rely on the avalanche effect of small changes in input leading to drastic changes in the output, perceptual hashes are "close" to one another if the features are similar.
phash  hash  comparação  imagem  multimedia  biblioteca  software_livre  geek  video  programming 
august 2010 by rtopitt
Veja o acústico MTV do Phoenix inteirinho! | MTV Brasil
O disco "Wolfgang Amadeus", do Phoenix, considerado um dos melhores álbuns de 2009 pela crítica especializada, ganhou formato acústico da MTV norte-americana. O lançamento oficial das músicas desplugadas foi hoje. Confira o especial na íntegra
phoenix  acústico  música  mtv  compilation  video 
august 2010 by rtopitt
Pulse of the Nation: U.S. Mood Throughout the Day inferred from Twitter
A number of interesting trends can be observed in the data. First, overall daily variations can be seen (first graph), with the early morning and late evening having the highest level of happy tweets. Second, geographic variations can be observed (second graph), with the west coast showing happier tweets in a pattern that is consistently three hours behind the east coast.
twitter  pesquisa  humor  eua  gráfico  geek  science  video 
july 2010 by rtopitt
Giles Bowkett: Programmers: What To Do If You Get Fired
If you've been fired, take heart. It could be worse. The worst time I got fired, a cop took me out of the building in handcuffs. Soon after, I started a new job, for twice the hourly rate. In 2008 I got fired another time, for throwing cream soda in another programmer's face during an argument about whether or not we were really doing Scrum. That was pretty awful behavior. But soon after, I started a new job, for twice the hourly rate, working with a member of Rails core and some of the best programmers in Ruby.
hahaha  carreira  screencast  how-to  importante  geek  tip  video  programming 
july 2010 by rtopitt
The 20 Best Seinfeld Moments :: Blogs :: List of the Day :: Paste
Happy Anniversary, Jerry, Elaine, Kramer and George. We’re celebrating with the 20 Best Seinfeld Moments ever. We didn’t rank them (that would be like picking a favorite child), but instead submit them for your YouTubing pleasure.
seinfeld  top10  hahaha  tv  sitcom  aniversário  series  video 
june 2010 by rtopitt
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