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Thinking of buying a MacBook Pro?

I wouldn't recommend the models with a touch bar using the T2 chip.…
6 days ago
Dime Glory Challenge 2018

6 days ago
thanks! The Spore is in that growl/lead sound. Gutted I didn't get to the mix down stage to really le…
6 days ago
The furthest I've got with a track.
Was going ok until my brand new MacBook completely died before bouncing the ste…
6 days ago
If I didn't have a load of audio software that won't pay with Linux, I'd be ThinkPad x-series all the way…
7 days ago
September Audio
Saturday afternoon jam...
(unmixed, barely edited, going for raw vibes, something to build on)
11 days ago
A Man in Full - / current issue
Henry James: “In art, the emotions are the meaning.”
art  knausgaard 
15 days ago
Hadest drums so far (kick is made mostly from sounds recorded in my kitchen)
19 days ago
A Guy Called Gerald Talks Us Through the Evolution of Dance Music - Thump
That's why things made in the past will have value attached to them—they took time. Time was spent on it.
creativity  aGuyCalledGerald 
20 days ago
's Interstellar so good, so many great tunes it's easy to forget it's only 3 months old. I hope it's still sm…
6 weeks ago
July Audio
Latest audio sketches: one , one .
9 weeks ago
Would love to read a reprocessing of the world of football rap: (and listen to…
9 weeks ago
A YouTube Journey Through Rap Tributes to Soccer Stars | The New Yorker
Would love to read a reprocessing of the world of football rap: (and listen to…
9 weeks ago
RT : I told kids yesterday that most authors earn less than £11,000 a year & there was an audible gasp. This isn’t a sma…
11 weeks ago
June Audio
Audio progress: 1/3 to 1/2 finished tracks:
12 weeks ago
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I can't believe this report hasn't been brought to my attention:
june 2018
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