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Offline-by-default would prefer data that can be "at rest" indefinitely, as opposed to the continual re-computation…
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The trend for cloud-computing isn't dying down. Seems to me that a counter trend is needed for offline-by-default,…
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The Future of Computing Is Analog – Member Feature Stories – Medium
There are three laws of artificial intelligence. The first, known as Ashby’s law, after cybernetician W. Ross Ashby, author of Design for a Brain, states that any effective control system must be as complex as the system it controls.

The second law, articulated by John von Neumann, states that the defining characteristic of a complex system is that it constitutes its own simplest behavioral description. The simplest complete model of an organism is the organism itself. Trying to reduce the system’s behavior to any formal description makes things more complicated, not less.

The third law states that any system simple enough to be understandable will not be complicated enough to behave intelligently, while any system complicated enough to behave intelligently will be too complicated to understand.
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A track started in January, completed in Feb, over 3 sessions. No mix-down, yet. All custom sound design: Pulse 2,…
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Repl Electric - Live Coding
Uk, Bristol, (Red Lion) - 1st March 2019
13 days ago
Drum & bass scene condemns deportation of Mad Rush MC |
RT : The Windrush scandal enters a new phase . Pls retweet this
13 days ago
Higher res audio (with bonus bus stop video).
24 days ago
Jerry Saltz: My Life As a Failed Artist
Wilde ideas apply here. He wrote that art that’s too obvious, that we “know too quickly,” that is “too intelligible,” fails. “The one thing not worth looking at is the obvious.” This sort of art tells you everything in an instant and can only tell you the same thing forever. My work had the opposite problem. It was vague, arcane, and therefore obsolete. Only I could decipher it.
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5 weeks ago
It's wipe the computers day.
6 weeks ago
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