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NY DMV: How More than One Person Can Own or Register a Vehicle
and when selling, only ONE owner needs to sign the title.
dmv  ny  selling  legal 
october 2013 by scale
Document Driver® | Founder's Workbench
Document Driver® — our free online legal document generation solution — will allow you to produce the following suite of documents to form your start-up as a Delaware corporation:

Certificate of Incorporation
Consent of Sole Incorporator
Subscription Letters
Founder Stock Restriction Agreement
Contribution and Assignment Agreement
Confidentiality and Intellectual Property
Assignment Agreement
Consent of Board of Directors
Common Stock Certificates
83(b) Election Form
Founders Agreement
legal  documentation  paper  business  startup 
december 2012 by scale
How To Handle Lawyers Threatening You | Hustle Bear - A Blog for Achievers - by Judd Weiss
A threatening attorney must be made to realize that his life is much better returned to intimidating average people. He should want nothing to do with you. You are the pig who enjoys getting dirty. When your name is mentioned to him, it should trigger a recurring nightmare and sudden stomach pain.
legal  business  startup 
december 2010 by scale
Hodgson Russ LLP - Home
via Spencer Fry's blog (of Carbonmade)
lawyer  legal 
october 2009 by scale
Al-Marri and the power to imprison U.S. citizens without charges - Glenn Greenwald -
the President has the power to arrest US citizens and legal residents inside the US, and imprison them indefinitely in a military prison, without charging them with any crime, based on his assertion that the imprisoned individual is an "enemy combatant
government  legal 
july 2008 by scale
Blue Jeans Cable Strikes Back - Response to Monster Cable — Audioholics Home Theater Reviews and News
And example of how to respond to a cease and desist letter claiming you have infringed on trademark and/or trade dress
howto  example  legal  paper 
april 2008 by scale
Neil Gaiman - Neil Gaiman's Journal: Important. And pass it on...
You MUST have a will if you care at all about what happens to your stuff after you're gone.
writing  will  copyright  legal 
february 2007 by scale
Secret "must show ID law": Gilmore v. Gonzales
On the 7/4/02, John Gilmore decided to take a trip withing the USA. At the airport he was told he had to show his ID to travel. He was told the law was secret and no, he wouldn't be allowed to read it. He hasn't flown in his own country since.
legal  privacy 
march 2006 by scale

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