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is one of the most overlooked, and most important, ingredients for business models. I spoke to the…
digital  Trust 
6 weeks ago by sdp
Had the opportunity to discuss and in a world with 24 young professionals from 20 E…
misinformation  digital  media 
november 2019 by sdp
"Nearly 70% of Indians consider local language content more reliable than English content. But there’s a l…
january 2018 by sdp
RT : Do you have an idea that uses solutions to solve challenges? Learn about Open Call.…
urban  digital 
july 2017 by sdp
8 lessons from - from 's Oyster Card to & the
megaprojects  digital  Olympics 
june 2016 by sdp
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Tumblr  newspapers  media  print  digital  news 
november 2014 by sdp
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Tumblr  mobile  internet  digital  divide  research 
october 2014 by sdp
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Tumblr  india  digital  switchover  set  top  boxes 
july 2014 by sdp
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Tumblr  research  engagement  digital  media 
march 2014 by sdp
Internet as Playground and Factory :: Participants
List of highly diverse and productive folks working in web + labor/productivity/gaming, etc.
conference  internet  work  labour  digital  play 
november 2009 by sdp
UKOLN Home Page
UKOLN is a research organization that aims to inform practice and influence policy in the areas of: digital libraries, information systems, bibliographic management, and web technologies. It provides network information services, including the Ariadne magazine, and runs workshops and conferences.
digital  informationmanagement  internet 
may 2009 by sdp
The D Conference | AllThingsD
The Wall Street Journal’s D: All Things Digital conference has brought to life the energy and excitement of the digital revolution in an unscripted, upfront and unparalleled way.
conference  content  digital 
may 2008 by sdp
Digital Urban
blog on urban and mobile technologies
digital  GoogleEarth  Photography  software  Technology  Urban  urbanism  London 
april 2007 by sdp A Field Guide to the New Digital Landscape -- Publications -- Center for Social Media at American University
This report surveys the burgeoning new media culture directed at—and in some cases created by—teens. Field Guide to the New Digital Landscape examines the uniquely interactive nature of the new media, and explores the ways in which tee
Research  Report  Internet  Digital  Culture  Youth  Media  Self-Expression  Art  Creativity  Interactivity 
january 2007 by sdp

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