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whitecolor/yalc: Work with yarn/npm packages locally like a boss.
Better workflow than npm | yarn link for package authors.
yarn  npm  pacakge  repo  local  link  nodejs 
27 days ago by segfault
raviqqe/muffet: Fast website link checker in Go
Muffet is a website link checker which scrapes and inspects all pages in a website recursively.
web  link  checker 
april 2018 by segfault
Custom URL Shortener for Sharing Branded Links - Rebrandly
The easiest way to create and share short links with your custom domain name
domain  link  short  URL  service 
april 2017 by segfault
Bumpr is a Mac app that lets you choose where to open links.
mac  link  app 
april 2017 by segfault
Unsavory by citizen428
unsavory is a little Ruby script which checks your Pinboard bookmarks for dead links (HTTP status code 404) and removes them. Additionally it will also inform you about links which return a status code other than 200 (OK).
bookmark  link  checker  cleaner  pinboard  ruby  script 
january 2014 by segfault
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You can clone with HTTPS, SSH, or Subversion.

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From the mind of Mark Boulton - "I’m defining a Sparkicon as a small, inline icon with additional link meta data to describe either the content and/or the behaviour when the user clicks the link."
link  icon  metadata  css  library 
december 2013 by segfault
Creative Link Effects
Creative Link Effects
Subtle and modern effects for links or menu items
Please note that not every browser supports transitions on pseudo elements.
css  animation  link  effects 
august 2013 by segfault
TimeJump – Deep linking for Podcasts
TimeJump adds deep linking capabilities to HTML5 audio and video podcasts. It works behind-the-scenes to create a standardized API for seeking, based off the YouTube deep-linking syntax.
html5  audio  video  podcast  time  link 
april 2013 by segfault
Stale identifies (and optionally deletes) stale Delicious and Pinboard links.
bookmark  link  checker  cleaner  pinboard  delicious  python  script 
october 2012 by segfault
Choosy - A smarter default browser for Mac OS X
Forget the default browser, Choosy opens links in the right browser. When you click on a link Choosy will do the right thing, whether that's something simple (like using whatever browser is already running) or something complex (like prompting you to pick a browser, but only when you hold down the shift key and click on a link to
link  url  browser  launcher  mac 
october 2012 by segfault
Is It Old?
Before you make a complete fool of yourself when you send a link to your friends,
colleagues or twitter followers, enter it here to make sure it's fresh enough.
meme  social  twitter  database  internet  link  checker 
november 2011 by segfault
Convert non-clickable links to clickable links - Mac OS X Hints
This bookmarklet will convert "cold-links" (i.e. URLs which do not link) into clickable hotlinks.
browser  javascript  link  bookmarklet 
january 2010 by segfault

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