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whitecolor/yalc: Work with yarn/npm packages locally like a boss.
Better workflow than npm | yarn link for package authors.
yarn  npm  pacakge  repo  local  link  nodejs 
29 days ago by segfault
unpkg is a fast, global content delivery network for everything on npm. Use it to quickly and easily load any file from any package using a URL like:
javascript  npm  cdn  hosting 
april 2018 by segfault
pahen/madge: Create graphs from your CommonJS, AMD or ES6 module dependencies
Madge is a developer tool for generating a visual graph of your module dependencies, finding circular dependencies, and give you other useful info. Joel Kemp's awesome dependency-tree is used for extracting the dependency tree.
javascript  npm  dependency  graph  visualization 
october 2017 by segfault
npm-check-updates is a command-line tool that allows you to upgrade your package.json or bower.json dependencies to the latest versions, regardless of existing version constraints.
npm  javascript  update 
august 2017 by segfault
classy node.js badges, that's all
nodejs  badge  npm 
january 2014 by segfault
BundleScout - Get Notified!
Daily emails keep you on top of the latest updates from your favorite libraries.
update  package  library  python  pip  ruby  gem  nodejs  npm  tracking 
march 2013 by segfault
Tiny command line options parser for node.js in CoffeeScript.
npm  javascript  coffeescript  nodejs  cli  options  arguments  parser 
december 2012 by segfault
Quickly find the latest version of a package in npm.
nodejs  npm  latest 
august 2012 by segfault

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