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The Internet Archive Chooses Readers - The Scholarly Kitchen
To isolate readers from the systems of which they are one part is to ignore this interdependence. To elevate the needs of the reader above all others is to dismiss the compensated labor of archivists, authors, compositors, designers, editors, librarians, marketers, metadata creators, and all the other myriad people involved in bringing knowledge into being and into the marketplace. We can be consumers for free, but not compensated producers.

The Internet Archive is not breaking the glass to save anyone but rather seems to be just… breaking glass. It is not meeting the moment of crisis; it is missing the moment to learn and to teach the interdependent production of humanity’s greatest work:  collaborative knowledge.
ìnternet  Archive  National  Emergency  Library  Scholarly  Kitchen  critique  Coronavirus 
16 hours ago
New online store offers help to shuttered indie booksellers
``My storefront has been closed as of March 15, and, since then, I have been putting most of my energy into creating curated lists on our page and trying to convince folks (via social media) to order their books (plus games and puzzles) from us to prepare for what looks to be a long stretch of staying at home ahead,” she wrote in a recent email.

“Our customers have shown up for us in such a big way that it honestly makes my heart ache with appreciation — for them and for the folks who created what has essentially turned out to be a lifeline during this terrible time.”  librairie-numérique  service  ebooks  vente  solution 
Update on COVID-19 Stimulus Funding - National Humanities Alliance
The supplemental funding bill that the Senate passed late last night provides $75 million to the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and $50 million to the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). It also extends forgivable Small Business Administration (SBA) loans to nonprofit organizations, such as museums, historic sites, independent libraries, and scholarly societies, with fewer than 500 employees to cover operational expenses.

The funding for the NEH is intended “to help local, state, and regional communities provide continued access to cultural organizations and institutions of learning,” as per the Senate Appropriations Committee’s summary of the bill. Sixty percent of the funds will be awarded as direct grants while the remaining 40 percent will be awarded to state humanities councils to grant to organizations in their states. According to the legislation, these grants can be used for general operating expenses and the agency’s general matching funds requirements may be waived.

The House is expected to pass the Senate package and the president is expected to sign the bill.
NHA  USA  aide  covid-19  funds 
The Irish Times view on literature in a time of crisis: If we winter this one out...
As cinemas, music venues and theatres nationwide have closed their doors, more books than ever are being opened, even though libraries and bookshops too have been forced to shut. Adult fiction sales surged by 66 per cent last week as readers replenish their stocks. The Government too has moved to secure vital supply lines, increasing library budgets by €200,000 to meet the rising demand to borrow ebooks online.

At a time of constant bombardment by bad news, books offer both respite and a more profound perspective. Just as the rise of Trumpism saw a surge in sales of George Orwell’s 1984 and Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, so Covid-19 has boosted interest in Albert Camus’s The Plague and Gabriel García Márquez’s Love in the Time of Cholera.
Irlande  lecture  coronavirus  ebooks  prêt  numérique  aide  gouvernement 
Book Publishing During France's Coronavirus Lockdown
According to Claire Peloux, technical project manager for Dilicom, a centralized electronic data interchange (EDI) platform that supplies ebooks to booksellers and libraries, digital loans from libraries have doubled since March 16.

“Publishers, distributors, and platforms are thinking about technical solutions to facilitate access to books,” Peloux says. She’s busier than ever, she says, and last week was working with the Madrigall group, which modified its licenses so that 25 people (rather than 10) can borrow a single ebook at one time; 15 people can borrow one audiobook.
Coronavirus  France  Publishing  Perspective  prêt  numérique  initiatives  Editis  Madrigall  Hachette  Actes  Sud 
2 days ago
Authors Push Back Against "National Emergency Library"
The Authors Guild, along with hundreds of authors, agents, and publishers, have alleged that this site is infringing on their copyright. While the site does have many titles that are either in the public domain or they have permission to distribute, there are still many current, in-copyright titles that the site has not acquired any license to distribute. 
Internet  Archive  Authors  Guild  Coronavirus  Emergency  Library  auteurs  copyright  USA 
3 days ago
Le prêt de livres numériques explose | Le Devoir
Ainsi, du 14 mars 2019 au 24 mars 2019, on a comptabilisé une moyenne de 5418 prêts par jour. Or, durant la même période cette année, soit du 14 au 24 mars 2020, la moyenne de prêts quotidiens est passée à 9956 : presque le double.

Il est aussi intéressant de comparer le nombre de prêts enregistrés à deux semaines d’écart, c’est-à-dire avant et après le confinement. Selon les données recueillies, le samedi 7 mars, 5803 prêts ont été effectués, tandis que le samedi 21 mars, la demande a bondi à 10 803 prêts : là encore, il s’agit quasiment du double. Le lien de causalité avec les mesures d’isolement social mises en place par le gouvernement ne saurait être plus évident.
Coronavirus  prêt  numérique  Québec  prêts 
3 days ago
Books.Files: Preservation of Digital Assets in the Contemporary Publishing Industry
The book industry is an important social, cultural, and economic institution whose records deserve to be preserved for the public good. Books.Files was an exploratory project funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation aimed at assessing the archival value of digital assets in the contemporary publishing industry for stakeholders in the cultural heritage sector (libraries, archives, and academia) as well as in the industry itself. The report addresses the changing technological and organizational circumstances in the creation and collecting of publishers' archives, with an emphasis on the enumeration of the types and variety of digital assets that may form the primary basis for such archives in the future. It emphasizes the extent to which every book published (not just ebooks as such) is in fact "born-digital," and the implications of this shift for future historical and bibliographical scholarship. It concludes with a set of recommendations.
préservation  archives  édition  numérique  process  ebooks 
5 days ago
Le confinement accélère la mue numérique des bibliothèques - Sortir Grand Paris - Télé
« Depuis le début du confinement, les emprunts numériques ont doublé, voire triplé, précise Nicolas Georges, directeur du service du Livre et de la Lecture au ministère de la Culture. On note également une nette augmentation des autres ressources électroniques, comme les méthodes de langues, le Code de la route, la vidéo à la demande et la presse en ligne. » À Grenoble, Isabelle Westeel constate, elle aussi, un boom des inscriptions en ligne, procédure qui a permis de toucher les habitants de huit communes ne comptant auparavant aucun usager : « À présent, sur les quarante-neuf localités de l’agglomération, un seul village n’a aucun inscrit à la bibliothèque. »

La pandémie va-t-elle convertir de nouveaux lecteurs ? Nicolas Georges garde la tête froide : « Cette période de crise est une épreuve pour notre société. Elle ne durera peut-être pas longtemps, mais des comportements peuvent changer, et, à notre modeste niveau, nous ferons avec intérêt le bilan des modifications d'usages. »
bibliothèques  confinement  prêt  ebooks  PNB  Nicolas  Georges 
5 days ago
Ouverture élargie des publications sur OpenEdition Books et OpenEdition Journals – L’Édition électronique ouverte
95 % des contenus d’OpenEdition Journals et 80% des livres sur OpenEdition Books sont habituellement en accès ouvert. En réponse à des demandes de lecteur·ices et à l’appel lancé par de nombreuses institutions universitaires (voir notre précédent billet), OpenEdition a contacté les éditeur·ices de revues et de livres de ces deux plateformes pour leur demander l’autorisation d’ouvrir ou d’élargir les accès à leurs contenus durant la période de confinement liée à la pandémie. Plusieurs ont rapidement répondu pour donner leur accord et nous les en remercions chaleureusement ! Les accès seront progressivement ouverts sur les sites. Vous en trouverez la liste sur cette page, régulièrement mise à jour (dernière MAJ le 26 mars).
OpenEdition  édition  universitaire  ouverture  accès  confinement  coronavirus 
7 days ago
What Publishers Are Doing To Help During Covid-19
You are here: Home / Bookselling News / What Publishers Are Doing To Help During Covid-19
What Publishers Are Doing To Help During Covid-19
March 24, 2020 By Michael Kozlowski 1 Comment

The pandemic of Covid-19 is disrupting the entire bookselling industry. Major publishers are doing their part in offering a ton of programs and initiatives to help readers, bookstores, schools and libraries. Here is a huge list of all of publishers doing their part.
Covid-19  USA  Publishers  actions  initiatives 
8 days ago
Firm Behind Apple E-books Case Now Suing Amazon for Price Fixing
The Seattle law firm that in 2011 was first to file suit against Apple and five major publishers for fixing e-book prices has a new target: Amazon.

On March 19, lawyers from Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro filed a massive class action lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in Seattle, accusing Amazon of using a form of most favored nation clause (which Amazon calls its “fair pricing” provision) to effect a massive horizontal price fixing scheme involving the platform's two million third-party sellers.

“Amazon has obtained monopoly power in the U.S. retail e-commerce market, as demonstrated by its power to set the prevailing prices of the vast majority of consumer goods offered for sale on the internet and that it exercises extraordinary control over millions of its online retail competitors,” reads the complaint, which alleges that the company “willfully acquired" its monopoly power in the U.S. retail e-commerce market through “anticompetitive conduct.”
Amazon  class-action  Hagens  Berman  Sobol  Shapiro  ebooks  price  USA 
9 days ago
Announcing a National Emergency Library to Provide Digitized Books to Students and the Public | Internet Archive Blogs
To address our unprecedented global and immediate need for access to reading and research materials, as of today, March 24, 2020, the Internet Archive will suspend waitlists for the 1.4 million (and growing) books in our lending library by creating a National Emergency Library to serve the nation’s displaced learners. This suspension will run through June 30, 2020, or the end of the US national emergency, whichever is later.

(...)We recognize that authors and publishers are going to be impacted by this global pandemic as well. We encourage all readers who are in a position to buy books to do so, ideally while also supporting your local bookstore. If they don’t have the book you need, then Amazon or Better World Books may have copies in print or digital formats. We hope that authors will support our effort to ensure temporary access to their work in this time of crisis. We are empowering authors to explicitly opt in and donate books to the National Emergency Library if we don’t have a copy. We are also making it easy for authors to contact us to take a book out of the library.
Internet  Archive  prêt  numérique  ebooks  USA  coronavirus  Emergency  Library 
9 days ago
Contre l’ennui des enfants, L’École des loisirs sort les albums (...) - ActuaBD
CONFINEMENT. Après le Journal de Spirou et la Webtoon Factory, c’est au tour de L’École des loisirs de s’adapter au confinement général. Au programme : activités quotidiennes et surtout albums filmés.

Chaque matin à 9h00, vous retrouverez de nouvelles activités pour amuser les enfants : des lectures pour s’évader, des jeux, des coloriages, des recettes, le tout mettant en scène les plus illustres héros et auteurs de la maison d’édition. Parmi les innovations proposées : l’album filmé.

Ce concept ne manquera pas de plaire aux bambins et à leurs parents qui verront là un bon moyen de les occuper pendant le télétravail. Les pages se tournent toutes seules et laissent le spectateur apprécier les illustrations, pendant qu’une voix off lit l’histoire sur fond de petite musique douce : une expérience très intéressante.

On pourrait d’ailleurs imaginer le concept être repris pour d’autres types de publications : après le livre audio, et l’album audio-vidéo, pourquoi pas la bande dessinée filmée ?

Ecole  des  loisirs  albums  filmés  confinement 
14 days ago
You can now download over 300,000 books from the NYPL for free
There's good news for all the New York City-based e-bookworms out there. The New York Public Library has an app that allows anyone with a library card (and an iOS or Android phone) to "borrow" any of the 300,000 e-books in the collection.

It's called SimplyE and will allow you to read books on your phone, but beware, there might be a wait list for some popular titles, including the Game of Thrones series. (Check out the Harry Potter books, quick!) 
NYPL  SimplyE  bibliothèque  NYC  ebooks  téléchargement 
14 days ago
New EPUB Creation Tool - The DAISY Consortium
Our new WordToEPUB tool, which was developed with support from Microsoft, is a simple and straightforward method of converting Word documents to valid and accessible EPUB files in one of three ways:

By selecting one or more multiple files in the application
Using the Context Menu (right click) on a Word file
Directly from Word using the WordToEPUB Add-in on the Toolbar Ribbon
We’re delighted to launch this tool with English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch language support in the interface, and the tool itself can detect and encode content in many more languages.


As we continue to develop the tool we look forward to hearing your feedback and stories of how you’ve found it useful.

Our WordToEPUB tool is available now to download for free!
Daisy  Consortium  WordToEPUB  tool  A11Y  Word  outil  EPUB 
15 days ago
Penguin Random House Announces Interim Discounted Digital-Book Library Program For Online Patrons, Educators, and Students | LJ infoDOCKET
To further encourage book reading, especially among students, and to support school and public libraries that are closed with the escalating CV-19 outbreak, Penguin Random House will discount the prices of the e-book and audio book  titles sold through wholesalers to these institutions. This discounting begins immediately and will be in effect for a 90-day period.

“In this time of unprecedented disruption, Penguin Random House wants to continue and to expand our unwavering commitment to public and school libraries the best way we know how: by making our books more accessible for educators and students, especially those engaged in remote learning, and to library patrons everywhere,” said Skip Dye, Senior Vice President, Library Sales & Digital Strategy, Penguin Random House.

Penguin Random House sells its books to libraries through wholesalers, who have been provided with a 90-day temporary-pricing model for its accounts.

All Penguin Random House and DK adult and children’s fiction and nonfiction e-book and digital audio titles are eligible for this program.
PRH  bibliothèques  pricing  baisse  prix  coronavirus 
15 days ago
Women Authors Lead Literary Fiction Books Sales in the U.S. According to New Data From The NPD Group | LJ infoDOCKET
According to global information company The NPD Group, 67 percent of unit sales in the top 100 literary fiction books in 2019 came from books written by female authors. The top fiction title of the year was “Where the Crawdad’s Sing,” by Delia Owens, selling more than 1.2 million print copies.

“March is Women’s History Month, which makes it the perfect time to review the many contributions of women authors to the U.S. publishing industry,” said Kristen McLean, books industry analyst for NPD. “Women have increased their share of bestsellers in the last decade, particularly when it comes to fiction.”
autrices  USA  fiction  littérature  influence  femmes 
16 days ago
Some Good News! Macmillan is Returning to the Ebook Pricing Model That Was In Effect on October 31, 2019 & Lowering Some E-Book Prices on a Short Term Basis | LJ infoDOCKET
Some Good News! Macmillan is Returning to the Ebook Pricing Model That Was In Effect on October 31, 2019 & Lowering Some E-Book Prices on a Short Term Basis
Filed by Gary Price on March 17, 2020
Below, is a letter that we just received from John Sargent, CEO of Macmillan Publishers. Some good news for many libraries during this challenging time. More info as soon as it becomes available.
Macmillan  bibliothèques  pricing  baisse  USA 
16 days ago
How Do We Read? Let’s Count The Ways: Comparing Digital, Audio, and Print-Only Readers; New Report from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) | LJ infoDOCKET
(Avec un lien vers l'étude complète en PDF)

More than half of all U.S. adults (55 percent, or 132 million) engage in some form of book-reading, whether via print or digital media, or listening to audiobooks.

- Digital/audio readers now represent a larger share of adults than do print-only readers.
Previous research has shown a decline in the percentage of adults who read books. However, when the 2017 percentage is adjusted to include adults who listen to audio-books, the overall rate of book-reading is somewhat closer to those in previous years.

- Younger readers, especially 18-24-year-olds, are more likely than older adults to be digital/audio readers who also may be reading print books.

Digital/audio readers consume more books per year than do other types of readers.
Adults aged 65 and older are more likely than other age groups to be print-only readers.
NEA  étude  lecture  USA 
21 days ago
Elsevier acquires Authess, creator of advanced performance-based competency assessments
Elsevier, a global leader in information analytics specializing in science and health, and part of RELX, has acquired Authess, the Boston-based developer of an advanced performance-based competency assessment platform that evaluates how students solve complex, open-ended problems they would encounter on the job.
elsevier  RELX  acquisition  Authess  IA  assessment  platform 
22 days ago
Coronavirus: Canada's Kobo Joins Mondadori in Providing Free Ebooks to Italians in Lockdown
In coronavirus-wracked Italy–which since Monday night (March 9) has been entirely locked down in the Conte government’s efforts to slow Europe’s largest and most acute COVID-19 outbreak–Kobo Italy and Gruppo Mondadori have worked together to provide anyone caught in a quarantined area a free ebook to read.
And Kobo CEO Michael Tamblyn is praising his company’s Stefano Tura and Lorena Landini–working from home, themselves, in Italy–for spearheading the arrangement with Mondadori in cooperation with the Italian ministry for technological innovation and digitization.
coronavirus  Italie  Kobo  Mondadori  free  ebook  Conte 
22 days ago
Six ways publishers can develop successful digital products | What’s New in Publishing | Digital Publishing News
Digital Publishing
6 mins read
Six ways publishers can develop successful digital products
By Esther Kezia Thorpe2 hours ago

Digital product development is an increasingly important part of a publisher’s everyday processes, especially as the emphasis grows on creating value for readers over and above the competition. But it can be a challenging area, especially for businesses who may not be au fait with development methodologies outside of the publishing world.

At Making Publishing Pay, Immediate Media’s Product Director Laura Jenner explored what publishers need to do to successfully develop digital products. From focusing on the customer to defining the right success metrics, here are her tips.
Immediate  media  conseils  développement  produits  numériques 
23 days ago
StatShot: Publishing Sales Rose 1.8% in 2019
Sales of adult books fell 2.7% in 2019 compared to 2018, while sales in the children/young adult segment rose 6.8%, according to AAP's StatShot program. Overall, for the 1,361 publishers who supplied data to AAP, sales rose 1.8% in the year to $14.7 billion.
USA  ventes  livres 
23 days ago
Une recherche sur 40 millions d’objets du patrimoine | CNRS + BNF
Le Data Lab
Le travail sur les collections elles-mêmes, et notamment la question des collections numériques est un sujet incontournable. En effet, l’augmentation de ces collections (numérisation, archives de l’internet, documents numériques natifs, catalogues enrichis grâce au web sémantique8…) soulève des problématiques nouvelles d’exploitation par les chercheurs et fait émerger de nouveaux usages. « Il nous faut trouver de nouvelles manières de conserver, traiter et mettre toutes ces données aux services des autres,» note Laurence Engel. L’intelligence artificielle et la science des données sont désormais essentielles pour aborder des corpus documentaires numériques de masse. « Il s’agit à la fois de développer des outils permettant de mieux travailler sur les collections numériques ou numérisées ; et d’exploiter, comme des collections, les données associées aux documents. »
C’est pour répondre à ces enjeux que la BnF doit créer un nouveau service de fourniture et d’exploration des données à destination de la recherche : le « BnF Data Lab ». Ce dernier fait suite à un programme de recherche de quatre ans (2016-2019) et ouvrira ses portes au sein de la BnF à l’automne 2020.
BNF  CNRS  Data  Lab 
23 days ago
L'ABF, l'ADBGV, l'ABD et Bibliopat interpellent le ministre de la Culture - Association des Bibliothécaires de France
Un Plan de transformation ministériel est actuellement en cours au sein du ministère de la Culture. La perspective de création d’une nouvelle direction incluant les bibliothèques peut être une perspective intéressante, si elle permet de valoriser et d’étendre des politiques de lecture publique ambitieuses dans notre pays, dans la continuité du plan bibliothèques que vous conduisez. 

Comme nous l'avions fait dans notre courrier du 22 janvier, nous souhaitons attirer votre attention sur les risques et dangers d’une éventuelle séparation entre le champ du patrimoine écrit d’une part, et les autres missions  des bibliothèques d’autre part. Nous sommes très inquiets d’une telle hypothèse et considérons qu’il est indispensable de maintenir le domaine des bibliothèques au sein d’une même direction incluant lecture publique et patrimoine écrit. Nous y voyons une condition pour maintenir et amplifier des politiques publiques cohérentes pour les bibliothèques. 
bibliothèques  patrimoine  MCC  SLL  transformation  ministère  Riester  ABF 
24 days ago
Abonnements en ligne : 7 illusions qui entravent l’acquisition | Meta-media | La révolution de l'information
La presse en ligne française peine globalement à faire payer les lecteurs. Qu’est-ce qui empêche des marques médias fortes de décoller, hormis le contexte économique morose, l’emprise encore forte de la culture du gratuit et une concurrence pléthorique sur les contenus ? Voici quelques  fausses idées qui expliquent en partie les difficultés de certains éditeurs à conquérir davantage de lecteurs payants.

Mind a fait le point le 25 février 2020 sur le nombre d’abonnés purs numériques des principaux acteurs de la presse française. Les chiffres montrent une belle progression des quatre leaders L’Equipe, Le Monde, Mediapart et Le Figaro. Et un énorme écart avec les suivants, y compris pour des marques médias puissantes et connues sur le web (Le Parisien, Libération, L’Express). Une difficulté qui tranche avec le succès relatif de qui, avec une petite équipe, est parvenu à convaincre 8500 abonnés en quelques années.
Presse  abonnements  acquisition  abonnés 
24 days ago
Edelweiss E-mail Hacked
Digital publisher marketing platform Edelweiss was exposed to a phishing scam on March 4 that compromised the company’s Edelweiss+ email list. Subscribers received an email which appeared to be an invoice but was actually the result of a hack to the company’s Constant Contact e-mail database.

John Rubin, CEO for Above the Treeline, which owns Edelweiss, told PW, "We did have an unauthorized email go out from our Constant Contact account yesterday that we dealt with right away. We notified Constant Contact, added security and communicated with all of the customers that received the phishing email as soon as we were made aware of it."
Edelweiss  hacking  phishing  Rubin 
25 days ago
L’inquiétante trajectoire de la consommation énergétique du numérique | Meta-media | La révolution de l'information
Strubell, Ganesh & McCallum ont montré, à partir d’un réseau de neurones courant utilisé pour traiter le langage naturel, qu’un entraînement consommait 350 tonnes de CO₂, soit 300 allers-retours New York – San Francisco. En 2016, Intel annonçait que la voiture autonome consommerait 4 petaoctets… par jour, sachant qu’en 2020 une personne génère ou fait transiter 2 GB/jour : 2 millions de fois plus. Le chiffre annoncé en 2020 est plutôt de 1 à 2 TB/heure, soit 5000 fois plus que le trafic individuel.

Une caméra de surveillance enregistre 8 à 15 images/seconde. Si l’image est de 4 Mo, on arrive à 60Mo/s, sans compression, soit 200 Go/heure : c’est tout sauf un détail dans l’écosystème énergétique du numérique. Le rapport EDNA de l’IEA pointe ce risque. La « vidéo volumétrique », à base de caméras 5K, génère un flux de 1 To… toutes les 10 secondes. Intel estime que ce format est « le futur d’Hollywood » !

Le jeu en ligne consomme déjà plus, en Californie, que la puissance appelée par les chauffe-eau électriques, les machines à laver, les machines à laver la vaisselle, les sèche-linge ou les cuisinières électriques.
consommation  énergie  numérique 
28 days ago
The UK's 2020 World Book Day: 'Reading in Sharp Decline'
Research from the National Literacy Trust, published today, shows levels of daily reading among children and young people in sharp decline: just 25.8 percent of children said they read daily in their free time in 2019, the lowest level the National Literacy Trust recorded since it surveyed children in 2005.

“Levels of enjoyment are also down. More than half (53 percent) of children and young people said they enjoyed reading either ‘very much’ or ‘quite a lot’—the lowest level evidenced by the National Literacy Trust since 2013.

“The report, published on the National Literacy Trust website today, is entitled National Literacy Trust (2020) Children and Young People’s Reading in 2019. Findings from the National Literacy Trust’s ninth Annual Literacy Survey of 56,906 children and young people aged 9 to 18 in the UK in 2019.

“Frequency and enjoyment are two of the three key elements that make good readers, as defined by the National Literacy Trust’s Read on. Get On. (ROGO) Index, the third being cognitive reading skills.”
reading  UK  Royaume  Uni  lecture  jeunes  enfants 
28 days ago
Simon & Schuster Is Up For Sale, ViacomCBS CEO Says | Hollywood Reporter
Simon & Schuster is not a core asset. It's not video based," Bob Bakish told an investor conference about seeking strategic alternatives for the book publisher.
ViacomCBS CEO Bob Bakish on Wednesday signaled book publisher Simon & Schuster is up for sale.

"We've made the determination that Simon & Schuster is not a core asset of the company. It is not video based; it doesn't have significant connectivity to our broader business. At the same time, there's no question it's a marquee asset that's highly valuable. I've had multiple, unsolicited inbound calls about that asset," Bakish told the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference in San Francisco, in a session that was live-streamed.

"So as this market stabilizes, we'll engage in a process and look at strategic alternatives for Simon & Schuster," he added.

Carolyn Reidy, president and CEO of the book publisher, in an internal memo Wednesday to staff, confirmed that its parent had begun "the process by which ViacomCBS will potentially sell Simon & Schuster."

"Whatever the outcome, this process does not change what we know to be true of Simon & Schuster: we are a great publishing house and one of the world’s best known publishing brands, with an incredible legacy and bright future. We have a tremendous track record of producing best sellers in every category and format, and for readers of every age. We have a history of strong and long lasting relationships with our authors, and we will continue to bring important voices to readers around the world, both with our current publishing and our rich backlist of perennially favorite titles," Reidy added in the memo obtained by The Hollywood Reporter.
Simon&Schuster  vente  ViacomCBS  USA 
28 days ago
How Innovations in Voice Technology Are Reshaping Education | EdSurge News
Voice is the most accessible form you can think of when you think about any interface. In education, it's already started to take off.
Alexander Sanchez
It all comes back to innovation. When you think about voice, are we just talking about the voice interface? That's one aspect, but there's also the AI component. We want to make these smarter. Everything we're doing right now in terms of interacting with Alexa could populate an assistant.

There's really this whole spectrum that voice covers. We also want to make sure that we're being socially responsible with whatever we create. We’re trying to solve one of the world's most critical problems, which is providing better access to high-quality education, but you still need to be responsible.
Coursera  voix  éducation  Alexa  skill  interactivité  voice 
4 weeks ago
The importance of creating born-accessible ebooks — BookNet Canada
Back in 2013 in Italy, LIA created an accessible ecosystem in which publishers produce born-accessible ebooks. The cata­logue of all the commercial accessible titles is available on a fully accessible website — now featuring more than 24,000 ebooks. ONIX metadata on accessibility are produced, distributed, and presented to end users, thanks to the collab­oration of the various stakeholders: publish­ers, the Books in Print catalogue, and digital sales and lending platforms.

Starting from the commitment of publishers, LIA took advantage of digital innovation’s potential by applying the born-accessible principle, creating digital publishing products that are accessible from their very first publication, with the collaboration of more than 70 Italian publishing imprints.

To fulfill this new paradigm, the production of born-accessible publications is crucial, but it's just the first step. Providing print-impaired people with the same reading opportunities of any other reader requires that the whole pub­lishing ecosystem is accessible. Consequently, not only publishers, but all the different actors in the value chain should consider accessibility as a pivotal and strategic aspect
A11Y  accessibilité  LIA  ebooks 
4 weeks ago
HarperCollins and Hachette pull from London Book Fair as exodus grows - The New Publishing Standard
As HarperCollins and Hachette pull out of the London Book Fair, joining Penguin, Macmillan, Ingram, Simon & Schuster, Amazon and many others, the LBF organisers seems determined to sit this out until the UK government makes the decision for them.

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock said over the weekend that plans will be published this week, included banning big events.

A similar decision by the French government saw the Paris Book Fair cancelled yesterday.
LBF  London  Book  Fair  Coronavirus 
4 weeks ago
How to turn first-time writers into professionals when you’re working with a community of four million — BookNet Canada
As the team on the front lines of identifying and making contact with the millions of writers on Wattpad, Dani and Wattpad’s Content and Creator Development Team sit at the crux of publishing, entertainment, and technology. They are the first point in a writer’s journey from uploading to the platform to making it big with a book, TV, or film deal. While Wattpad’s technology has allowed the company to find incredible diverse storytellers faster than ever, Dani’s team develops the programs that ensure Wattpad remains a deeply human community, a place where writers come to develop their craft, build a network of other writers, and are supported by a development team that understands their needs throughout the writing journey.

Dani Zacarias will join us at Tech Forum 2020 on March 25 for a session called The art and science of working with emerging writers.
Wattpad  Dani  Zacarias  BookNet  TechForum 
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Lonely Planet Exposes 8K City Guides via API | ProgrammableWeb
Lonely Planet, a publisher of travel guides and eBooks, has announced plans to provide access to over 8,000 city guides via API. The Australia based travel company hopes that providing API access to their catalog of content will help grow a thriving partner program.

This latest announcement is part of a growing content licensing program that offers access to not only 8,000 city guides, but also information on 200,000 points of interest, curated imagery, and various destination collections. Lonely Planet CEO Luis Cabrera, understands the value that all this data presents to the travel economy:

“Research suggests that travelers are more inclined to book a trip if valuable destination information is provided throughout the funnel. We sit on top of the largest expert-curated travel data repository on earth, so enabling our partners with that content as a service makes perfect sense.”

As the API is part of Lonely Planet’s content licensing program, interested developers will need to reach out to the company for access. 
API  Lonely  Planet  Programmable  Web 
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Au labo de l'édition - l13 et 14 mars 2020
Cette année, les Jeunes Universitaires Spécialisés en Propriété Intellectuelle (JUSPI), l’Institut des Sciences Sociales du Travail de l’Ouest (ISSTO), la Guilde française des scénaristes, la Ligue des auteurs professionnels, la Charte des auteurs et illustrateurs jeunesse et les Etats-Généraux de la BD co-organisent un Hackathon, qui aura lieu les 13 et 14 mars 2020 au Labo de l’édition à Paris.

L’objectif sera, pendant 24 heures consécutives, de renforcer la protection des auteurs et autrices du livre et de l’audiovisuel, en travaillant directement avec eux pour trouver des pistes, sécuriser leurs trajectoires professionnelles et défendre leur statut social.

Pour y parvenir, l’événement rassemblera des auteurs et des universitaires qui travailleront ensemble afin que les outils qui naissent de ces instants de réflexion collective soient à la fois pratiques et créatifs. Plusieurs créateurs seront présents tout au long du Hackathon, pour illustrer les raisonnements développés et les solutions définies par l’équipe menant à bien ces réflexions collectives.
auteurs  hackathon  labo  de  l'édition 
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The Political Pundits of the Future Are on TikTok - The New York Times
As Twitter and Facebook continue to dominate conversations about social media and the 2020 presidential election, TikTok is quietly becoming a political force.

Teenagers in America — many of them too young to vote — are forming political coalitions on TikTok to campaign for their chosen candidates, post news updates and fact check opponents. They are sharing real-time commentary for an audience that is far more likely to watch YouTube videos than turn on a cable news channel.

In a sense, these TikTok users are building short-form TV networks, each with a cast of talking heads. On TikTok they’re called hype houses, named after the high-powered influencer collab house in Los Angeles. These political houses are not physical homes, but virtual, ideological ones represented by group accounts.
TikTok  usages  jeunesse  USA  réseaux-sociaux 
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HarperCollins Rolls Out Early Chapter Book Program
There’s a new kid on the block at HarperCollins: HarperChapters, a line for readers ages five through eight, debuts today. Designed for newly independent readers who have graduated from the house’s I Can Read! offerings but aren’t quite ready to tackle standard chapter books, HarperChapters books feature short blocks of text, copious illustrations, and interactive elements aimed at boosting kids’ reading confidence and sense of accomplishment. All materials are vetted and leveled by an educational expert, and each release in the line will publish simultaneously in hardcover and paperback.
HarperCollins  HarperChapters  Jeunesse 
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Publishers must change the story around neurodiversity | The Bookseller
“Those people don’t read books, let alone write them.”

These words were said to me as I sat in a meeting with some respected publishers. I had just explained that my work and research revolved around better representation for disabled and neurodivergent children. 

Neurodivergent refers to someone who is autistic, dyspraxic, dyslexic or has ADHD or Tourette’s Syndrome, to name some examples. These conditions are all classified as disabilities.

“Those people." They spoke very freely. Not realising that I am one of “those people”.

I am a neurodivergent writer. And an avid reader. I can count on one hand the number of times I have been recommended a book about someone like me, that has been written by an author like me.

So I wrote my own.
auteurs  neurodivergence  inclusion  Own  Voices 
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Storytel Brazil partners with Bookwire to expand Storytel’s ebook catalogue as 2020 shapes up to be the year of digital subscription - The New Publishing Standard
Sweden-based Storytel launched in Brazil at end 2019 with an impressive catalogue of audiobooks, but not much in the way of ebooks to supplement its unlimited offering.

That’s about to change as Storytel Brazil, partners with Bookwire Brazil, the Latin American arm of Germany’s Bookwire, to supply ebooks to the Storytel Brazil catalogue.

PublishNewsBR has the story, as well as a list of example ebooks that will be on offer, but as yet no details on volume. But we are told the existing price for the service will not change. The Storytel Brazil monthly fee is R$ 27.90 ($6.45).

The monthly fee is worth dwelling on here. At $6.45 the Brazil monthly charge is just a third of what is being asked for in Sweden, while in India the monthly fee is just $4.20.

And therein lies a key reason for Storytel’s rapid engagement across its twenty markets.

While other services have a one-price-anywhere policy, which deters take-up in lower-income countries, Jonas Tellander actively pursues localised pricing for localised markets.
storytel  Brésil  Bookwire  abonnement 
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Knight Foundation invests in Digital Public Library of America to help nation’s public libraries serve communities with technology – Knight Foundation
The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation today announced a $750,000 investment in the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) to create a national cohort of public library leaders and technologists. The group will work together to help advance  libraries’ use of digital technologies.

With Knight support, DPLA will work with libraries to identify uses of technology that meet and anticipate the evolving digital needs of American library patrons. DPLA will build and convene a group of libraries that will serve as a collaborative platform for library leaders, allowing them to discuss and develop scalable solutions to common challenges.

“This support from Knight Foundation will enable DPLA to continue to help advance the work of the nation’s public libraries at a time when they are more important than ever before,” DPLA Executive Director John S. Bracken said. “We are thankful to Knight Foundation for enabling the expansion of our efforts to ensure access to information for all. Because of this support, libraries will be better able to leverage technology to serve their patrons.”
bibliothèques  USA  DPLA  digital 
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Self-Published authors are poor and can't sell their books
Self-publishing income is growing rapidly, but still remains very small compared to traditional publishing. While the median income of self-published authors increased by 85% over the past four years, led largely by the success of romance ebooks, self-published authors still earn 80% less than traditionally published authors. Part of the problem is that supply far outstrips demand; Bowker reports more than 1.68 million self-published book titles in 2018, up 40% from the year before.

Andrew Franklin, founder and managing director of Profile Books, blasted authors who self-publish. “The overwhelming majority of self-published books are terrible—unutterable rubbish, they don’t enhance anything in the world.” He ranted on by saying, “These books come out and are met with a deathly silence, so the principle experience of self-publishing is one of disappointment. I was very shocked to learn you can buy Facebook friends and likes on social media. That is what passes for affirmation in what I think is the deeply corrupt world of self-publishing.”
auto-édition  USA  self-publishing 
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Shaping Europe's digital future
Today, the Commission unveils its ideas and actions for a digital transformation that works for all, reflecting the best of Europe: open, fair, diverse, democratic and confident. It presents a European society powered by digital solutions that put people first, opens up new opportunities for businesses, and boosts the development of trustworthy technology to foster an open and democratic society and a vibrant and sustainable economy. Digital is a key enabler to fighting climate change and achieving the green transition. The European data strategy and the policy options to ensure the human-centric development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) presented today are the first steps towards achieving these goals.
Digital  Future  Europe  von  der  Leyden  stratégie  data  IA 
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Bertelsmann and Penguin Random House: Climate Neutral by 2030
In a message issued this morning (February 18) to the worldwide workforce of Penguin Random House, global CEO Markus Dohle has amplified for the PRH staff the Monday statement from Gütersloh of Thomas Rabe, chairman and CEO of Bertelsmann. On Monday, Rabe laid out an aggressive and potentially industry-leading goal for the multinational corporation to be climate-neutral by 2030.
Bertelsmann, which includes in its holdings Penguin Random House, of course—the largest of the world’s Big Five publishers—is a fast conglomerate. It spans media, services, and education units with operations in some 50 nations and approximately 117,000 employees. From the music giant BMG to the broadcaster RTL and the always impactful PRH, Bertelsmann’s endorsement of this demanding schedule of environment-friendly goals will be turning heads in many parts of the world industry.

Specific goals of the program include:

- A 50-percent reduction in greenhouse gases
- Elimination of more than 500,000 tons of CO2 by comparison to 2018 figures
- A switch to 100-percent green electricity
- An offset of remaining emissions
Bertelsmann  PRH  Climat  neutralité  annonce  objectifs 
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On Niche Audiences, Immersive Media, and Publishers' Myopia — @glecharles — As in guillotine...
How a publisher defines, segments, and prioritizes its audience impacts every decision it makes about every book it acquires, publishes, and markets. As I noted in the new annual report for the Panorama Project, despite the growth in ebooks and audiobooks over the past decade, there are reportedly fewer people reading books today, and fierce competition for their attention and discretionary spending. In the absence of any major consumer research focusing on how book consumption and purchasing behavior has changed over the past five years, there are many unsupported theories attempting to explain why consumer ebook sales plateaued, and then began a gradual decline.

Consumer pricing, library lending, and self-publishing are believed to be among the primary factors, while little consideration has been given to the impact of other forms of digital media that have experienced exponential growth—including film, TV, and gaming.
niche  lecteurs  audience  segmentation  attention  USA  Guy  Lecharles  Gonzales  loudpoet 
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Two pretty easy ways to add revenue that most publishers are missing | The Idea Logical Company
Although it is true that delivering a POD book is a great sacrifice of margin for a publisher compared to one from their own warehouse, it is both not as great a sacrifice as they think and, really, no sacrifice at all if a sale that would otherwise be lost is captured. Lower print unit costs for pressruns can be misleading if the publisher doesn’t consider the costs of multiple handlings, delivery, returns, and books printed but never used.

Open Road started its life as an ebook publisher with a list built on the industry’s failure to see ebooks coming. Former Harper CEO Jane Friedman saw the ubiquitous contractual ambiguity around ebook rights as an opportunity and corralled a large number of titles before the publishers plugged the holes in their contracts.
So they started working on doing ebook marketing in a more focused and determined way than other publishers with big backlists.
So Open Road developed tools to move titles from virtually zero sales to really measurable ones, building mailing lists of identified customers through use of verticals (subject-specific targeting) and bargains (price-shopping consumers can really boost a title.) Doing this not only required cash and focused effort, it also required time. They’ve been at this for a few years and anybody starting now will not be able to do it much faster. In fact, there are almost certainly early mover advantages that benefited Open Road and will no longer apply.
POD  ebook  verticals  Ingram  Open  Road  Shatzkin 
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Dohle: PRH ‘well on its way’ to reducing carbon emissions 20% by 2025 | The Bookseller
Markus Dohle, Penguin Random House c.e.o., has said Penguin Random House is "well on its way" to reducing its carbon emissions by 20% by 2025, after Thomas Rabe of parent company Bertelsmann declared its goal to be "climate neutral" by 2030 earlier this week.
Bilan  carbone  PRH  Dohle 
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Digital subscriptions help Sweden market rise as physical sales sink | The Bookseller
Physical book sales in Sweden are falling but the take-up of digital subscription services is on the rise, leading to a boost in revenue during 2019, new figures show.

Statistics published by trade magazine Svensk Bokhandel showed sales nudged up 1.1% by value and 4.9% by volume in 2019 compared to the previous year.

Digital subscription services increased 36.2% by value but online stores saw a 5.2% dip. Physical bookstores had a 4.4% decline while other retailers had a plunge by value of 9.9%.

By volume, digital subscription services had a 22.9% increase, with declines of 5.5% in physical bookstores, 8.7% online and 9.1% for other retailers.
Suède  abonnement  digital  audio  chiffres 
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If My AI Wrote this Post, Could I Own the Copyright? - The Scholarly Kitchen
In the most novel of cases, machine learning algorithms do not simply regurgitate the best compilation of the input, but instead generate a new outcome based on the training. Some have argued that by exposing the AI to the world of content to derive new approaches is most like how humans are exposed to art, reading, and cultural styles in developing their own voices. Some are concerned that machine reading is simply a way to ingest and utilize authors’ works without due compensation, particularly as the machine is generating new works based on original works.

In the Copyright Office’s Compendium of U.S. Copyright Office Practices, released on 22 December, 2014, the Office stated that, “only works created by a human can be copyrighted under United States law, which excludes photographs and artwork created by animals or by machines without human intervention” and furthermore, “Because copyright law is limited to ‘original intellectual conceptions of the author,’ the [copyright] office will refuse to register a claim if it determines that a human being did not create the work. The Office will not register works produced by nature, animals, or plants.”  What is left open to wide interpretation is the role of human intervention. In the case of AI, so the argument goes, there is human intervention in the design of the algorithms, in their training, and in their post-algorithm curation.
IA  AI  copyright  propriété  intellectuelle  IP  droit  d'auteur  Todd  A  Carpenter 
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CONTEC Mexico 2020: Focus on Storytelling, AI, and Transmedia
What Santa-Olalla says may at times limit book publishing in efforts to develop similar transmedial interpretations of content is that publishers often “won’t have the same kind of resources” that the visually-led screened media have. “And they don’t believe in the power of this as much as the television and film industry.”

In earlier work with the romance imprint Mills & Boon, Santa-Olalla says, she became convinced that, “There’s a lot of room for exploration” of the world publishing’s potential in transmedial development.

“The book publishing industry has a lot of content there. It’s capable of creating very rich transmedia story worlds and engaging with more active target audiences, more interactive.

“Right now, this exploration is happening mainly in unique situations, but I think that even small publishers and new authors can work and explore their story worlds from a transmedia perspective.”
transmedia  IA  Contec  Mexico  Santa-Olalla 
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Following an "incredible" 2019, Sweden's Bookbeat preps fifth market with Denmark launch planned - The New Publishing Standard
There’s a widespread belief in the US publishing industry that micro-markets – that is to say countries with populations smaller than some American cities – simply aren’t worth chasing.

We see it equally with retailers and services as with publishers, and the logic is not without its merits. A country like Finland, Norway or Denmark – each with a population around 5 million and a language not widely spoken beyond its borders – is of course not the obvious first choice for overseas expansion.

But as the Nordic subscription services are showing us time and time again, small but digitally engaged populations can deliver high returns on low investments.
Bookbeat  Bonnier  Abonnement 
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Mission du CSPLA sur les enjeux juridiques et économiques de l’intelligence artificielle dans les secteurs de la création culturelle
Mission du CSPLA sur les enjeux juridiques et économiques de l’intelligence artificielle dans les secteurs de la création culturelle.
Mission conduite par les professeures Alexandra Bensamoun et Joëlle Farchy, présidentes, assistées de Monsieur Paul-François Schira, rapporteur.

IA  création  culturelle  rapport  CSPLA 
7 weeks ago
Meet the booksellers who are fighting back against the algorithm | Books | The Guardian
From chocolate to coffee to beer to grooming products, subscription boxes are big business, and books are no exception. There are countless online companies that ship out a monthly read, some adding artisan teas, hot chocolate, or an adaptation on DVD of the book. But Heywood Hill’s subscription is as bespoke as possible: each package is individually tailored to the reader’s tastes following a conversation between the subscriber and a bookseller. Camille Van de Velde, one of Heywood Hill’s five subscription booksellers, takes me down a rickety staircase into the basement from where the scheme is run. Staff are at work in a series of pokey interlocking rooms, stacking titles on shelves, ready to be wrapped, packed and shipped. They won’t be specific about numbers, but each has hundreds of people to choose for each month, and it has, by all accounts, transformed the business.
libraires  abonnement  box  livres  envoi  domicile 
7 weeks ago
Frugalité Numérique : première partie - Louis Naugès
Une entreprise peut, en 2020, répondre à toute demande de nouveaux usages numériques en s’appuyant sur la puissance des outils existants. Raison de plus pour s’interroger, pour bien réfléchir avant de formuler une demande de nouveaux usages numériques.

Deux des principaux enjeux du numérique pour la planète sont l’énergie et l’utilisation de métaux rares. Toutes les solutions numériques ne se valent pas dans leurs impacts sur l’environnement et les différences entre elles sont très importantes. Les prochains billets que je vais publier sur ce thème auront pour objectif prioritaire d’aider les entreprises à faire les choix numériques qui sont les plus positifs pour la planète.

La bonne nouvelle : il est possible de concilier innovation numérique et défense de la planète.

La mauvaise nouvelle : la majorité des solutions informatiques existantes sont… mauvaises pour la planète.

Prendre en compte la dimension Frugalité Numérique dans leur démarche de Transformation Numérique devient un impératif pour toutes les entreprises.
frugalité  numérique  Naugès  entreprise  transformation 
7 weeks ago
Missteps lead publishing industry to review diversity effort
As debate rages around “American Dirt,” the bestselling novel criticized for its portrait of Mexican life and culture, publishers are pledging to change a historically white industry as critics question whether it can truly transform.

Diversity has been an issue in publishing for years, but perhaps never so urgently as in the past few weeks, when Mexican American authors and others have cited “American Dirt” as evidence of a publishing culture where white voices are valued above others. Critics say flaws in Jeanine Cummins’ narrative about a Mexican mother and son fleeing to the U.S. were overlooked by the book’s editorial and promotional team and the many writers and booksellers who were early advocates.
American  Dirt  diversité  USA  big  5  minorités  édition 
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Concurrence: Washington passe au crible les acquisitions des GAFAM -
L’étau se resserre sur les géants de la Tech Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon et Microsoft, soupçonnées de ne pas respecter les règles de la concurrence: les autorités vont passer au crible leurs acquisitions des dix dernières années. Ces entreprises, rassemblées sous l’acronyme GAFAM, ont été formellement sommées par la FTC, l’agence américaine chargée de la protection des consommateurs et de la concurrence, de fournir des informations et des documents relatifs à leurs transactions effectuées entre le 1er janvier 2010 et le 31 décembre 2019, selon un communiqué de la FTC.

L’agence n’a pas cité d’opérations en particulier. Elle invoque en revanche le fait que ces entreprises ne se seraient pas conformées à la réglementation qui exige de déposer des documents auprès des autorités veillant à la non concurrence. La FTC entend donc déterminer si celles-ci ont pu nuire à la concurrence et aux consommateurs. « Les entreprises de technologies numériques représentent une part importante de l’économie et de nos vies quotidiennes », a justifié le président de la FTC, Joe Simons, cité dans le communiqué. « Cette initiative permettra à la Commission d’examiner de plus près les acquisitions dans ce secteur important et d’évaluer également si les agences fédérales » ont bien été prévenues « des transactions susceptibles de nuire à la concurrence », a-t-il ajouté. Aux Etats-Unis, la FTC partage avec le ministère de la justice le rôle d’autorité de la concurrence.
GAFAM  FTC  enquête  USA 
7 weeks ago
In Captions Settlement, Audible Will Not Use AAP Member Content Without Permission
In a filing this week in federal court, Audible has agreed not to include the copyrighted works of seven plaintiff publishers in its “Captions” program without express permission. The draft order comes nearly three weeks after Judge Valerie Caproni, on January 14, dismissed the contentious, months-long copyright infringement lawsuit between publishers and the Amazon-owned audiobook provider, after being informed by the parties that they’d reached a settlement.

At press time, a final settlement document was not available (Audible attorneys have filed a motion to have the settlement agreement sealed). But in the brief proposed “Stipulated Consent Permanent Injunction” filed with the court and made public, Audible is “permanently restrained, enjoined, and prohibited" from generating text "derived from audiobook versions of Publishers’ Works for any product or service created or offered by Audible." The prohibition does not apply to any text in the public domain.
USA  Audible  Caption  accord  Settlement 
7 weeks ago
Nouvelle percée en traduction IA
Aujourd'hui, nos chercheurs en IA ont réalisé une nouvelle percée en matière de qualité de traduction. Tous les critères permettant d'obtenir une bonne traduction ont été améliorés par notre nouveau système. Les nouveaux réseaux de neurones sont capables d’exprimer le sens des phrases traduites de manière beaucoup plus précise et parviennent souvent à trouver des formulations plus professionnelles.

Cela nous a incités à effectuer de nouveaux blind-tests. Nous avons traduit 119 longs passages traitant d'une grande variété de sujets en utilisant DeepL Traducteur et les systèmes de nos concurrents. Nous avons ensuite demandé à des traducteurs professionnels d'évaluer ces traductions et de choisir la meilleure - sans être informés du système ayant produit telle ou telle traduction. Les traducteurs ont accordé leur préférence à DeepL quatre fois plus souvent qu'aux autres systèmes :
IA  traduction  DeepL 
7 weeks ago
La fouille de textes aujourd’hui…et demain? résultats de l’enquête – Visa TM
La fouille de textes est pratiquée aussi bien par des non spécialistes utilisant la fouille de textes de façon ponctuelle (et dont le nombre est légèrement prépondérant)  que par des experts dont c’est le métier. L’extraction d’information, la classification/catégorisation de documents et l’aide à la découverte scientifique en sont les utilisations essentielles, sans exclure des activités comme l’analyse de sentiments. Elle se pratique à 42 % à l’aide de logiciels libres et le recours aux solutions commerciales est très minoritaire (2 %). Les solutions les plus utilisées sont RStudio, Iramuteq et des développements Python. Peu de répondants développent leurs propres outils. La pratique de la fouille de textes s’applique essentiellement sur les types de documents qui sont les sources d’informations habituelles des participants à savoir les articles scientifiques (35 %), mais aussi des pages web, les réseaux sociaux, la presse. Les prétraitements de la fouille de textes, particulièrement les traitements linguistiques restent l’apanage des experts.  On notera qu’à côté des corpus de textes, annotés ou non, il y a un recours important aux lexiques, thésaurus, taxonomies soulignant l’importance des ressources sémantiques dans les processus de fouille de textes.
TDM  fouille  de  texte  enquête 
7 weeks ago
The State of AI Adoption - High Performers Show the Way
Overall, 63% report revenue increases in the business unit where the AI use case is deployed.  Revenue growth is highest in marketing and sales, - pricing, prediction of likelihood to buy, and customer-service analytics; in product and service development, - creating new AI-based products and enhancements; and in supply-chain management, - sales and demand forecasting, and spend analytics.  At the same time, 44% report cost savings in the business units where the AI use case is deployed.  Cost decreases are highest in manufacturing, - yield, energy and throughput optimization; and in supply-chain management, - spend analytics, and logistics-network optimization.

AI high performers had significantly higher revenue increases and cost reductions, - being nearly three times likelier than other companies to report revenue gains of more than 10%, and more than four times likelier to report cost reductions of at least 10%.
AI  IA  intelligence-artificielle 
7 weeks ago
Literature online: research into reading habits almost in real time | University of Basel
“For the first time, we’re able to analyze reading behavior almost in real time,” says study leader Professor Gerhard Lauer, from the Digital Humanities Lab at the University of Basel. “Social media is ushering in a revolution in our understanding of culture. Platforms such as Wattpad, Spotify and Netflix enable culture to be understood in a density and accuracy that goes way beyond previous approaches in the humanities and social sciences.”
wattpad  étude  UGC  platefiorme  lecture  écriture 
7 weeks ago
Wattpad as a resource for literary studies. Quantitative and qualitative examples of the importance of digital social reading and readers’ comments in the margins
We present several analyses of how fiction is transmitted through the social reading platform Wattpad, one of the largest platforms for user-generated stories, including novels, fanfiction, humour, classics, and poetry. By mixed quantitative and qualitative methods and scalable reading we scrutinise texts and comments on Wattpad, what themes are preferred in 13 languages, what role does genre play for readers behaviour, and what kind of emotional engagement is prevalent when young readers share stories
wattpad  étude  UGC  lecture  social  reading  FanFiction 
7 weeks ago
Open Road Integrated Media Reports 23.3 Percent Growth in 2019
“The publishing industry was reeling from the revenue vacuum left by not having Michelle Obama’s Becoming last November,” McAveney says in her note. “Open Road Integrated Media delivered double-digit year-over-year growth driven in large part by books and authors that were published decades ago.

“Open Road was founded on and continues to operate under the premise that readers want great books and are less interested in whether they’re current.”
OpenRoad  backlist  fonds 
8 weeks ago
AAP’s StatShot for November: Year-to-Date, a Modest Rise
As headlines go, the Association of American Publishers (AAP) has chosen the upbeat option for its November 2019 StatShot report, reflecting that the industry as a whole was up “across all categories for January to November” by 0.9 percent compared to 2018 performance, with US$13.5 billion in revenue.
In K-12 instructional materials, the AAP points to ” sustained growth year-to-date, coming in at $3.1 billion, a 24.7-percent increase as compared to the first 11 months of 2018.”
chiffres  AAP  USA  Y2Y  figures 
8 weeks ago
Lancement d’une résidence d’écriture cinéma pour les auteurs de bande dessinée | CNC
Le Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée (CNC) et la Cité internationale de la bande dessinée et de l’image s'associent afin de proposer un projet original de résidences d'écritures cinématographiques et audiovisuelles destinées aux auteurs de BD (dessinateurs, scénaristes).
Cette résidence, qui s’inscrit dans le cadre de l’opération BD 2020 lancée par le ministre de la culture, Franck Riester, a pour but d’accompagner des auteurs de bande dessinée dans la conception d’un projet artistique (série, court ou long-métrage en animation ou prise de vues réelles) qui sera présenté aux professionnels du cinéma et de l’audiovisuel.
La résidence accueillera cinq auteurs qui bénéficieront, à cette occasion, de l’accompagnement de cinéastes, scénaristes, producteurs et distributeurs. Elle débutera en mai 2020 et se conclura en août 2020, avec une présentation des projets au Festival du Film Francophone d'Angoulême.
CNC  FIBD  Angoulême  résidence  BD  auteurs  annonce 
8 weeks ago
International Bestsellers, January 2020 - Publishing Trends
Every month, Publishing Trends runs fiction international bestsellers lists from four territories–France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. This month, our four regular territories are joined by two more: Israel and Russia. Those books that have been published in English are listed with their official English-language title. All others are translated as literally as possible from the original. Where applicable, the US publisher is listed after the local publisher, separated by a “/”. The lists are taken from major newspapers or national retailers, which are noted at the bottom of each list.
Best-sellers  international 
8 weeks ago
« Il y a certes une paupérisation des auteurs, mais aussi des éditeurs et des libraires », dit Vincent Montagne | Les Echos
Dans un entretien aux « Echos », Vincent Montagne, le président du Syndicat national de l'édition (SNE) livre ses réflexions sur le rapport Racine commandé il y a un an par le ministère de la Culture et rendu public le 23 janvier. Préconisant un vrai statut pour les artistes auteurs et une meilleure rémunération, alors que leur situation économique et sociale s'est dégradée, ce texte a déclenché une véritable onde de choc dans le milieu de l'édition. Vincent Montagne en pointe les limites et appelle à revaloriser tous les maillons de la chaîne de l'édition. 
Rapport  Racine  Vincent  Montagne  interview  Les  Echos 
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Five ways book publishers can take advantage of artificial intelligence — BookNet Canada
Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming an essential part of modern business and can assist publishers on many levels from enhancing discoverability through precise keywords to helping optimize marketing and sales plans. AI can also automate complicated processes, such as finding comps, simplifying the task to take just a matter of minutes.

Here are five easy ways book publishers can integrate (and are already integrating) AI into their everyday decision-making.
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8 weeks ago
EvidenceB lève 2 millions pour corriger les lacunes de chaque élève avec l'IA | Les Echos
Avec le concours d'enseignants et de chercheurs reconnus comme le mathématicien et philosophe Daniel Andler, le docteur en neurosciences cognitives André Knops ou le professeur de psychologie Emmanuel Sander, « nous avons conçu 50 modules digitaux pour les apprentissages fondamentaux, contenant chacun 300 exercices, explique Thierry de Vulpillières, son président. Grâce au moteur d'IA que nous avons codéveloppé avec l'Inria, on réalise des tests de profilage en 15 questions par problème et des tableaux de bord pour vérifier les acquis de chaque élève. »

Pour enrichir son moteur d'IA et se développer à l'international, EvidenceB, incubé par EuraTechnologies à Lille, Willa et Wilco à Paris et Educate à Londres, boucle sa première levée de fonds à 2 millions d'euros avec  Finorpa , IRD Gestion, Nord France Amorçage, le fonds d'impact sociétal et bpifrance. Sa technologie d'« adaptative learning » a déjà séduit des éditeurs français comme Nathan, Bordas ou Editis, Marshall Cavendish à Singapour, ainsi que des ministères en Egypte ou au Sénégal. En France, EvidenceB a vu son projet Adaptiv'Math retenu par le ministère de l'Education nationale pour le primaire (CP, CE1 et CE2).
EvidenceB  de  Vulpillères  IA  éducation  Nathan  Bordas 
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DiViNa, le futur de la bande dessinée numérique présenté à Angoulême
Ainsi commence l'histoire de DiViNa, pour Digital Visual Narratives, racontée par Laurent Le Meur, directeur technique d'EDRLab, et Ludivine Gouhier, directrice artistique des éditions H2T, filiale du groupe Pika. « Le lecteur de bandes dessinées s'attend à quelque chose de simple, intuitif à la lecture, avec des possibilités nouvelles, sans tomber dans l'animation. Le lecteur doit rester actif et garder le contrôle sur le rythme de sa lecture », explique Ludivine Gouhier.

Développer un format standard simple, accessible, interopérable, durable, économique pour les éditeurs et facile à prendre en main par les auteurs du monde entier : tel était le défi à relever pour l'EDRLab. En lien avec le W3C, qui supervise les standards du web et de l'édition numérique, le laboratoire européen a mis au point le format DiViNa, qui encapsule une structure JSON pour décrire les métadonnées, le sens de lecture, l'orientation, le ratio image/écran, la navigation guidée, les effets de transition, les sons, etc. — pour faire simple, comment la bande dessinée apparaitra et évoluera sur l'écran —, et les images de la BD dans une archive ZIP.
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Audiobook and Ebook Subscription Nextory Looks for New Markets
In the Swedish market, Nextory offers a free 14-day subscription to new users, after which they’re encouraged to continue subscriptions that start at 139 kroner (US$14.50) monthly for a “silver” package, 169 kroner (US$17.55) for gold, and a family subscription for two to four accounts for between 199 and 279 kroner (between US$20.66 and US$29).

A key differentiator of subscriptions has to do with when a subscriber gets access to new releases. In the least expensive package, you wait six months to read new releases. In the gold offer, new titles are available to you on release, as they are in the family subscription.
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EDRLab promoting DiViNa at the FIBD (Angoulême) – EDRLab
FIBD is not a heaven for digital geeks: it’s where rights are traded and fans come to meet authors and get “dédicaces”, i.e. personalized drawings on the books they just bought. But still this is where authors and publishers are; so we do. This is the opportunity to present this work to professionals, with different events:
– A conference held by Pika Edition and EDRLab on the DiViNa format and the presentation of the Bravery manga.
– A presentation of the process of creation of Bravery by its author Yoann Le Scoul, and the process of development of the DiViNa Creator authoring tool by Florian Dupas, creator of Kwalia.
– A workshop where authors can test DiViNa Creator and give feedback to its developer.

Bravery is now freely accessible from the Pika Website. For Pika Edition, this digital manga is used as a teaser for a print manga which will be published in 2020.
EDRLab  FIBD  Angoulême  DiViNa  BD  Kwalia  Pika 
8 weeks ago
Ubisoft annonce un partenariat d'édition autour de la bande dessinée avec Glénat
La maison d'édition Glénat va publier et accompagner le développement des licences de l'éditeur français Ubisoft en bande dessinée.
La société des frères Guillemot, principalement spécialisée dans le jeu vidéo, a un pied dans la bande dessinée depuis maintenant plus de dix ans avec Les Deux Royaumes (Assassin’s Creed, Les Lapins Crétins, Might & Magic Heroes, Watch Dogs). En créant cette maison d’édition où le nom est une référence directe à un épisode de Prince of Persia, Ubisoft n’a jamais caché que son ambition était de devenir un acteur dynamique du marché de la BD. Celui-ci s’était d’ailleurs entouré de Média-Diffusion (Dargaud-Dupuis-Lombard) pour distribuer ses créations chez de nombreux partenaires.
partenariat  Ubisoft  Glénat 
8 weeks ago
Luciole : une typographie qui facilite la lecture des personnes malvoyantes | Lettres Numériques
Deux ans de collaboration entre le Centre Technique Régional pour la Déficience Visuelle (CTRDV) et le studio auront été nécessaires pour concevoir Luciole, une police de caractère spécifiquement pensée en fonction des besoins de personnes malvoyantes. (…)

Le fruit de cette collaboration plurielle a permis la définition d’une dizaine de critères graphiques essentiels au projet : structure des lettres, encombrement des mots, espacement, empattements, chasses de caractères, boucles, déliés, etc. Un soin particulier a également été porté au dessin des chiffres, des signes mathématiques et de la ponctuation.
police  de  caractère  accessibilité  A11Y  Luciole  typographie 
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Towards a Human-like Open-Domain Chatbot - Google Research, Brain Team
We present Meena, a multi-turn open-domain chatbot trained end-to-end on data mined and filtered from public domain social media conversations. This 2.6B parameter neural network is trained to minimize perplexity, an automatic metric that we compare against human judgement of multi-turn conversation quality. To capture this judgement, we propose a human evaluation metric called Sensibleness and Specificity Average (SSA), which captures key elements of good conversation. Interestingly, our experiments show strong correlation between perplexity and SSA. The fact that the best perplexity end-to-end trained Meena scores high on SSA (72% on multi-turn evaluation) suggests that a human-level SSA of 86% is potentially within reach if we can better optimize perplexity. Additionally, the full version of Meena (with a filtering mechanism and tuned decoding) scores 79% SSA, 23% higher than the next highest scoring chatbot that we evaluated.
Meena  chatbot  Google  machine  learning 
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Review of the Year 2019: digital dawdles for the Big Five | The Bookseller (UK)
Certainly at the very top of the Kindle charts, there is consistently a significant share for the digital-first sector: for example, of the Bookstat top 25 e-books for the month of January 2020—which “scrapes” Kindle top 100 sales positions—16 are either indie-authored, or published by Amazon or Pottermore, while the other nine are from traditional houses HC, Penguin Random House and Hachette. 

With the caveat that the PA estimate may be a tad conservative, let’s assume a broadly flat market for 2019, and keep that £251m figure. That would mean retail revenues of around £409m (using as a blunt tool a 60% margin). An estimate of a £3.75 digital a.s.p. would mean 109.1 million e-books sold in 2019, of which the top five publishers would have a 42% share—ballpark, given those groups’ 47% share of the print market. That would give an “e” plus BookScan “p” value of £2.1bn and volume of 300.7 million units, with digital accounting for 19% and 36% respectively. 
UK  ebooks  sales  2018  figures  chiffres  auto-édition  digital  first  PA 
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Amazon comble Wall Street en gagnant le pari de la livraison rapide
En investissant massivement dans la logistique et les centres de stockage, Amazon a sacrifié ses marges et ses profits au cours des derniers trimestres. La stratégie a clairement porté ses fruits au cours du dernier trimestre 2019, période cruciale des achats de fin d’année. Le géant du commerce en ligne rend compte d’un bond de 21% de son chiffre d’affaires, à plus de 87 milliards de dollars d’octobre à décembre 2019. Dans le même temps, il dégage des bénéfices nets de 3,3 milliards de dollars, en hausse de 10%.
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Audiobooks are booming in the United Kingdom
In the United Kingdom audiobooks are on the rise. New Research by Harris Interactive found that in 2019 15% of Brits listened to an audiobook, while print remains the most dominant force with 77% of the population have read one in the past year. In 2019 audiobook sales increased by 43% and generated £69 million.
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The future of 24Symbols in question as parent company BestSharer goes into administration - The New Publishing Standard
Styling itself as the “Spotify of books” (back then Netflix wasn’t the cultural headline grabber it is today) Hildago had a vision of a global operation with the English-language markets in his sights, but of course US and UK publishers had other ideas.
(...) Fast-forward to 2020 and the site offers Portuguese, Italian and French language support, but with nine successful years under its belt it may be the end for 24Symbols.
The subscription naysayers will jump on this as evidence the model is unsustainable, but in fact it is nothing of the sort, but rather evidence of an inevitable market shake-down as competition in the subscription books space grows ever more fierce.
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