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Richard M. Nixon on Twitter: "This is one of the better examples of how he actually spoke. You get the language of the pulpit but also the coolness of the pastor in the front room, the teacher and politician. It is what used to be called rhetoric. https:/
Amazing quote, on how at the time of the Emancipation Proclamation, white settlers were getting huge land giveaways but newly freed black folks got nothing: "It's a cruel jest to say to a bootless man that he ought to lift himself by his own bootstraps."
mlk  history  racism  civilrights 
11 weeks ago by shadowspar
Indigenous grandfather and 12-year-old handcuffed in front of Vancouver bank after trying to open an account | CBC News
wtf bank person, you would think that if FINTRAC didn't have a problem with the $30k in the dudes account, neither should you
bmo  banks  fnmi  policing  racism  finance 
12 weeks ago by shadowspar
The Meaning of Allahu Akbar | Hazlitt
This may be one of the best things I've ever read

When my father thinks he looks great in his three-piece suit with a dash of discounted Kouros on, he grins in the mirror and says “Allahu Akbar” to himself, popping his collar. Indeed, God is great, for God made it possible for papa to own an Yves Saint Laurent fragrance for $54.49.
islam  islamophobia  language  racism 
12 weeks ago by shadowspar
After his comments on Coach's Corner, should Don Cherry be taken off the air? -
Awww that's great, the Sault showing that it's not racist or prejudiced, as ever.

Yes 438 votes 34.98 %
No 814 votes 65.02 %
sault  racism  wtf 
november 2019 by shadowspar
Winnipeggers react after Trudeau apologizes for brownface photo | CBC News
omg this hit me right in the feels

Shahina Siddiqui, executive director of Winnipeg's Islamic Social Services Association, said there are more pressing things to focus on — especially in the midst of a federal election.

"There are many more important issues facing our country right now," Siddiqui said, adding that First Nations left without access to clean drinking water in northern Manitoba, or women banned from wearing hijabs to work under Bill 21 in Quebec, don't get nearly as much attention.
canpoli  racism 
september 2019 by shadowspar
RNLI donations surge after Tory criticism of its work overseas | Society | The Guardian
daaaamn. it says a lot about the atmophere in the UK, that Tories are ripping on the RNLI for spending 2% of its budget for saving non-British ppl from drowning =/
rnli  ukpoli  tories  racism  islamophobia 
september 2019 by shadowspar
Scheer will stand by candidates with racist, homophobic past comments as long as they apologize | CBC News
So I hear Cheryl Gallant is running in Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke again, where is the long list of apologies from her, lol
conservatives  racism  homophobia  canpoli 
september 2019 by shadowspar
This is hate speech from an elected official.
"Ontario Social Services Minister Todd Smith says #Refugee children are over-flooding the school system increasing costs by over 64 Million, which is double from previous years"
ontpoli  hatespeech  racism  refugees 
august 2019 by shadowspar
Johnson rules out Farage alliance in final Tory hustings | Politics News | Sky News
oh wow two vastly different choices facing the UK here

Boris Johnson says Donald Trump used "unacceptable" language when he told four US congresswomen to "go back" to the "broken and crime infested places from which they came". But he again declined to condemn the remarks as racist.

Jeremy Hunt reiterates his stance that Donald Trump used "unacceptable" language when he told four US congresswomen to "go back" to the "broken and crime infested places from which they came". He also explains why he will not brand them as racist. "The words I use need to be calibrated in a way that doesn't do lasting damage to that relationship (between the US and UK)," he says.

Dude you could be waiting a long damn time

Jeremy Hunt says he will not call a general election until more young people back the Conservative Party.

Funny that's not what your demographic figures say, they say the UK has a 99% literacy rate

Jeremy Hunt wants to make education another of his priorities, notably increasing the number of children who leave school able to read and write. He says 25% of children still leave school unable to read and write.

Also: loooool oh yeah dude that'll happen

Jeremy Hunt is listing his priorities should he become prime minister, starting with ensuring Britain has the most "pro-business economy in Europe" by becoming "the next Silicon Valley". "When it comes to those trade negotiations I want Europe to need us every bit as much as we need them," he says.
ukpoli  tories  racism  privilege  whitesupremacy 
july 2019 by shadowspar
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