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Forget privacy: you're terrible at targeting anyway - apenwarr
I don't mind letting your programs see my private data as long as I get
something useful in exchange. But that's not what happens.

A forme...
marketing  advertisments  targeting 
8 days ago
Inside the larps that let human players experience AI life - The Verge
Game designers are using artificial intelligence to explore everything from racial discrimination to cathartic emotion. But all these games touch on different forms of helplessness and frustration for the AI players. The games have radically different inspirations and goals, but they all end up asking the same question: what does it feel like to be someone else’s software?
larp  role-playing  ai 
8 days ago
Bank kata in Haskell - dealing with state | Codurance | Craft at Heart | London | Barcelona
Our team of dedicated software craftspeople provide consultancy, software development, and training services to clients seeking high quality development processes and software solutions.
functional-programming  state-management  monad  haskell 
8 days ago
Weekly 1 - 2019/02/10 :: Marmota — Marmota's Development Blog
package main import "fmt" func main() { fmt.Println("Hello, World! This is the first blog entry of Marmota's blog!") } In this first blog entry I’m going to talk about what Marmota is, the design behind it, the reasons why I’m starting it, and many more!
What is Marmota? As the description in the GitLab page states:
Marmota is a distributed and Free Software alternative to Spotify (and by extension the majority of the music streaming services)</block...
music  software  design  foss 
10 days ago
A Flavorful Guide to the Guilds of Ravnica Allegiance | MAGIC: THE GATHERING
There's a lot going on inside the guilds of Ravnica Allegiance, and Chas runs through everything you need to know.
mtg  guilds  ravnica  flavour 
10 days ago
It's Nice That | David Rothenberg discusses his unique portraits of the passengers of planes
Although born and raised in southern California, photographer David Rothenberg has called New York City home for the last 18 years. More specifically, Jackson Heights, Queens, and it’s an area which has become the focus of many of his projects. The most recent of these titled _Landing Lights Park_ saw David photographing those who live under the flight paths of LaGuardia airport as both a documentation of this experience, but also an exploration into the formal qualities of compositi...
photography  portrait  aeroplane  art 
10 days ago
How to Do 1,000 Push-ups in a Single Day – Better Humans
When I started posting a number as my Facebook status, friends and acquaintances began asking questions. By the time I posted 1,000, they all understood what I was doing: achieving an endurance…
exercise  goal-setting 
10 days ago
256 Kilobytes | Biography of Terry A. Davis: The Greatest Programmer to Ever Live
The most comprehensive source and biography of information you will find on the TempleOS creator, Terry A. Davis.
terry-a-davis  templeos 
10 days ago
Foundation early access review | Rock Paper Shotgun
Foundation is a delightfully indulgent new city-builder on Steam Early Access - like a warm bath, but with windmills.
games  city-builder  foundation 
11 days ago
Coda. A doc for makers.
Coda is a new doc that grows with your ideas. We built it so the next generation of makers can build docs as powerful as apps. What will you Coda?
tools  document  spreadsheet 
14 days ago
Versus: Find alternatives
Enter a product or service, find relevant alternatives to compare
alternative  tools 
14 days ago
Codemods: Effective, Automated Refactoring - Blog | SitePen
Maintaining software is challenging. Stagnant software quickly becomes obsolete and this couldn’t be truer than in the JavaScript ecosystem. JavaScript firmly holds the reigns as the language of the web and with that comes a unique opportunity for the language and ecosystem to learn and adopt best...
code-mod  refactoring  tools  javascript 
14 days ago
Cooking For Engineers - Step by Step Recipes and Food for the Analytically Minded
Detailed instructions on food and cooking for those who like to ask not just How? but also Why?
recipes  cooking  reference 
16 days ago
Why Are Young People Pretending to Love Work? - The New York Times
I saw the greatest minds of my generation log 18-hour days — and then boast about #hustle on Instagram. When did performative workaholism become a lifestyle?
work  business  overwork  burn-out  workaholism  mental-health 
16 days ago
You should’ve asked | Emma
Here is the english version of my now famous "Fallait demander" ; now available as a book with other stories : Orders available here or here or here ^_^ Thanks Una from for the translation :)
comic  relationships 
16 days ago
Hexatope | Design your own unique jewellery
Hexatope is a system that allows you to design your own unique jewellery using intuitive interaction with a hexagonal grid. Designs are fabricated using cutting-edge 3D-printing technology and cast into Sterling Silver and 18ct Gold.
gifts  jewelry  tech  rowan 
16 days ago
A resource for magnetic finger implants, created by Charlotte Dann. What is a magnetic implant? Why would you want such a thing? Are you going to die? Yes. We will all die.
bodymod  implants  biohacking  magnet 
16 days ago
Readable Code without Prescription Glasses | Ocasta
Ever wondered how you can make code more readable to make your job as a developer a LOT easier. Find out more here.
readability  software  sourcecode 
16 days ago
Papers With Code : the latest in machine learning
Papers With Code highlights trending ML research and the code to implement it.
papers  computing 
17 days ago
What is Property Based Testing? - Hypothesis
What is Property Based Testing? I get asked this a lot, and I write property based testing tools for a living, so you’d think
I have a good answer to this, but historically I haven’t. This is my attempt to fix that.

Historically the definition of property based testing has been “The thing that
QuickCheck does”. As
a working definition this has served pretty well, but the problem is that it makes us unable
to distinguish what the essential features of property-based testing are and w...
property-based-testing  testing 
19 days ago
Learn Math
Repo to collect links for good (free) online math tutorials so I/we can fill in any gaps in our math knowledge/thinking. - nelsonic/learn-math
maths  learning 
20 days ago
AirBuddy brings the same AirPods experience you have on iOS to the Mac. With AirBuddy, you can open up your AirPods case next to your Mac and see the status right away, just like it is on your iPhone or iPad
tools  bluetooth  headphones  airpods 
20 days ago
Benefits of a daily diary and topic journals | Derek Sivers
Derek Sivers: You know those people whose lives are transformed by meditation or yoga or something like that?
22 days ago
Meet Guix at FOSDEM — 2019 — Blog — GuixSD
Blog posts about GuixSD and the GNU Guix package manager.
fosdem-2019  guix  os  scheme  talks 
22 days ago
First Word | Programming Praxis
We have a simple exercise today, inspired a co-worker. Where I work, we have a reporting tool that permits a "hook" to the underlying SQL in some places. My co-worker asked me how to write an SQL statement that extracts the first word (a maximal sequence of non-spaces) from the beginning of a string (assume…
kata  software-development  programming 
22 days ago
Lunar Arithmetic | Programming Praxis
Over at Numberphile, Neil Sloane (yes, that Neil Sloane), talks about lunar arithmetic, an "other-worldly" way of doing simple math: Lunar addition and multiplication work digit by digit, the same as terrestrial addition and multiplication, except that the plus and times tables are unusual. Addition is done by taking the larger of the two digits,…
kata  software-development 
22 days ago
Gamasutra - In-depth: Functional programming in C++
In this reprinted #altdevblogaday in-depth piece, id Software co-founder and technical director John Carmack looks at the value in programming in a fu
c++  john-carmack  functional-programming 
22 days ago
Apple is indeed patenting Swift features - Evolution / Discussion - Swift Forums
Here is the patent that includes optionals chaining:
This is very disturbing. It&#39;s like Apple has gone insane. Computer languages are not supposed to be owned by any company. We learned this mistake with Java&hellip;
24 days ago
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