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Mindful Makers
A community of makers and creators trying to find their way in life. -- Seems dumb to have to pay $10/mo for a Telegram community only. Maybe worth it when side projects are a heavier focus
makers  IDoneThis_esque  accountability  telegram  communities  paid  trial  wipchat_copycat 
25 days ago by skinnymuch
Interesting concept. Seems like it is pretty minimal and it's mostly you creating custom fields and forms. I don't know if this can top Monica though. Minimal integrations.
unique_spin  CRMs  personal_CRMs  SaaS  freemium  trial 
september 2018 by skinnymuch
Timing: the best automatic Mac time tracker for productive professionals and freelancers
Another local Rescuetime-esque app. This is in between with RescueTime and Toggl. Leaning towards RescueTime. I did run it before, but it seems pointless to run multiple apps.
rescuetime_esque  trial  %setapp  tracking  local_databases  mac_apps  paid  K  productivity  quantified_self  toggl_esque 
august 2018 by skinnymuch

Found an app, movie or other iTunes content that you want to save for later? Simply lookmark it with the Lookmark share extension.

SMART NOTIFICATIONS Want to download  when WiFi is available?  Lookmark will notify you.


Want to download when WiFi is available? Lookmark will notify you.

BROWSE, SHARE AND WATCH All your lookmarks are neatly collected in the app. With Lookmark Plus you can watch updates and price changes for your content . Try Plus one month for free!


All your lookmarks are neatly collected in the app.

With Lookmark Plus you can watch updates and price changes for your content . Try Plus one month for free!"
iOS_apps  freemium  wishlists  pricey  iOS  trial  %product_hunt 
august 2018 by skinnymuch
Software Development Tools For Diagnosing App Performance Issues
Another app that does too much. Stick to a few strong points. It's .Net and Java only though so doesn't matter for me. Unless that means JVM overall, then it could be possible in future.
$AFMA_umbrella  SaaS  analytics  app_monitoring  charts  data_analytics  data_collection  data_driven  dev  trial  pricey_ish  performance_monitoring  does_too_much 
june 2018 by skinnymuch
Free Cross Browser Testing Tool on Cloud - LambdaTest
Finally another freemium product. It's good if ever entering this field that most aren't freemium
$kippt_bookmark_lists  SaaS  browser_automation  copy_future_maybe  dev  freemium  ideas  selenium  trial  web_automation 
may 2018 by skinnymuch
Easy Budget Templates and Financial Spreadsheets
I'd never use this. I don't like spreadsheets that much in the first place, but now doing all finances in Google Sheets too? Ahh!
SaaS  trial  paid  spreadsheets  google_sheets 
may 2018 by skinnymuch
Newton Mail - Email app for iOS, Android, Mac & Windows
Was CloudMagic. I don't know how they survive with charging so much. It's insane.
email  SaaS  pricey  trial  iOS_apps  android_apps  mac_apps  windows_apps  price:$50  yearly 
april 2018 by skinnymuch
Premium Dedicated Proxies. Designed For High-Scope Data Mining
Starts at 100 proxies for $178 per month. 7 day trial available by contact.
paid  proxies  $AFMA_umbrella  scraping  trial 
april 2018 by skinnymuch
Managed Cloud Hosting Platform - Cloudways
You use them and they use Digital Ocean, Vultr, Amazon AWS among two or three others in the background. You can pick and choose. They have features it seems. Interesting.
unique_features_slightly  PaaS  SaaS  trial  paid  integrations  central_hubs  dev  sysadmin  devops  pricey  SSVentures  Rizmedia 
october 2017 by skinnymuch
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