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Taskwarrior - Priority
Custom Configuration
If you believe that a priority level of L should be the lowest value, lower even than no value, you can do this:

$ task config -- uda.priority.values H,M,,L
Those two commas indicate that the blank value lies between M and L.
If you would like priorities that represent severity, then you can do something like this:

$ task config -- uda.priority.values Critical,Important,
There is no practical limit on what values, or how many values you use. This example suggests you might want to rename priority to be severity instead.
If you sync tasks between different clients, you will need to configure those clients in the same way, otherwise you'll find that Taskwarrior will enforce the default configuration.
taskwarrior  production  configuration 
Bootstrap Slider Component Carousel/Slideshow/Gallery/Banner
It's extremely easy to use Jssor Slider as a component of Bootstrap. Given a slider you worked out, to integrate it with Bootstrap, you can just copy javascript and html code and paste it into your page. This page is a simple demo, please view source of this page or download Bootstrap Carousel Slider Example.
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Mimic Relative Positioning Inside an SVG with Nested SVGs — Sara Soueidan – Freelance-Front-End UI/UX Developer
the takeaway is how to mimic relative positioning using nested svgs. Whether you use one level, two levels, or more, the concepts are the same.
SVG  web  design  tutorial 
Extract audio from mov file
You could use the "-dumpaudio" option also.
mplayer -dumpaudio -dumpfile audio.mp3
MPlayer will also tell you the audio codec used in the video, so you know what extension to use for the dumped audio file.
mplayer 2>/dev/null | grep "DECAUDIO"
DECAUDIO: Opening audio decoder: [mp3lib] MPEG layer-2, layer-3
DECAUDIO: AUDIO: 48000 Hz, 2 ch, s16le, 128.0 kbit/8.33% (ratio: 16000->192000)
DECAUDIO: Selected audio codec: [mp3] afm: mp3lib (mp3lib MPEG layer-2, layer-3)
music  production  tutorial 
Autoresponder - Google Groups
If you use dovecot already e.g. for IMAP, then you can switch local
delivery to dovecot and the vacation filter of dovecot-sieve can take over
the auto-response. As far as I have read the docs the auto-responder of
dovecot/sieve minimizes the negative effects of auto-responders (sending
single mail only, ignoring mailinglists and bulk email, ...).

e-mail  configuration 
8 days ago
[How-To] MicroG in SFOS 3.1 -
you have to add this repository in fdroid, to install microg and fakestore:

with fingerprint: 9BD06727E62796C0130EB6DAB39B73157451582CBD138E86C468ACC395D14165

mettska (Jul 18 '19)
phone  Jolla 
8 days ago
Sailfish OS Hossa is now available | Jolla Blog
If you need to reach community:

If you need to reach official Jolla Devs (and have the paying license with support included):
Jolla  configuration 
8 days ago
How To Set Up A Postfix Autoresponder With Autoresponse
One small point: 

you must add each user account to the autoresponse group, e.g. as follows for the system user falko:

usermod -G autoresponse falko 

Using usermod -G without -a will replace the groups. Please also use -a if you want to append groups.

You can edit the auto responders and their subjects in /var/spool/autoresponse/responses .. Makes things a LOT easier knowing this!
e-mail  configuration  select 
8 days ago
LPG - OpenOffice Writer, LibreOffice: Creating a 3 Panel Brochure using Frames
Linking Frames
Although individual Frames are independent of each other they can still be "Linked" together to allow text to flow from one independent Frame to another. Once two frames are linked text will flow from the original Frame to the linked Frame. The linking of frames is useful if you need text to continue in a column on the other side of the brochure. The difference between a linked Frame and Page columns flowing their text over onto the second page is a linked Frame can be placed anywhere on the page. A frame that is Linked to another frame can also be Unlinked to that frame, which means that the linked frame's content will flow back into the original frame. Linked Frames do not have to be on the same page.
Desktop  production  learning 
11 days ago
Linux merge command help and examples
The merge process analyzes three files: a base version, and two conflicting modified versions. It attempts to automatically combine both sets of modifications, based on the shared base version, into a single merged file. If automatic merge is not possible, it facilitates manual merging.
Desktop  programming  learning 
14 days ago
Unison: A File Synchronization Tool | Dr Dobb's
How to Set Up SSH

The single most timesaving step is to set up SSH so that you will not need to enter your password every time you synchronize your data. The procedure is easy and involves the following two steps:

1. In your local server, run ssh-keygen -t dsa -f ~/.ssh/id_dsa -C "username@remote_machine". You will have to enter a passphrase twice (please do remember the passphrase!). Two files are going to be created: ~/.ssh/id_dsa and ~/.ssh/

2. Copy the contents of file ~/.ssh/ from your local server inside file ~/.ssh/authorized_keys in the remote server.
synchronization  backup  configuration  select 
14 days ago
Unison: Backup & synchronize files | Scott Granneman
times = true

If you use Unison for any length of time, you're going to notice that a lot of files need their "props" synchronized. Complaining about "props" is just Unison's way of telling you that the date and time stamps for your files—which indicate when the files were modified—are not exact. By setting times to true, you are copying over not just the contents of the files, but their modification dates and times as well, which will vastly reduce any "props" complaints that you'll see.
Desktop  synchronization  backup  select 
14 days ago
Overview & the Systematic Review Team - Systematic Reviews - LibGuides at University of Toledo Libraries
The systematic review team typically consists of the following members (at minimum):

Content experts
2 reviewers
1 tie breaker
1 statistician (meta-analysis)
1 or more information professional (librarian trained in systematic reviews)

At each step of the process, multiple team members may have a role, though some may play a more prominent role at certain portions of the review. For example, the statistician may be most active during the statistical synthesis phase if a meta analysis is being performed. All team members should typically be co-authors and review the final manuscript before submission.

Librarian co-authors correlated with higher quality reported search strategies in general internal medicine systematic reviews
UT Users Only
"SRs with librarian or information specialist co-authors are correlated with significantly higher quality reported search strategies. To minimize bias in SRs, authors and editors could encourage librarian engagement in SRs including authorship as a potential way to help improve documentation of the search strategy."
phd  Research  review  learning 
18 days ago
Resolving Audio Interface Issues on Mac | Sweetwater
To save power, Macs will sleep their hard drive(s) when not in use. When this happens, the operating system un-mounts audio and MIDI drivers. It’s sort of like the OS kicks everyone out before it puts the drive(s) to bed. Unfortunately, when it wakes up, the drivers are gone, and you have to restart your Mac to reconnect them. That’s why we recommend disabling the features below in System Preferences > Energy Saver.
osx  Desktop  music  configuration 
22 days ago
What To Do If Your Mac Sound Is Not Working - Macworld UK
Restart the sound controller: Open Activity Monitor locate 'coreaudiod' in the list of processes, select it and click on the X to quit that process. The process will restart straight away and in doing so may fix your problem.
osx  Desktop  music  configuration 
22 days ago
Audio & Sound Not Working in Mac OS X? It’s an Easy Fix
You can do this at the command line as well. See

If you have homebrew installed:

brew install switchaudio-osx

For me to get my headphone jack selected again, I run:

SwitchAudioSource -s “Built-in Output”

In the Sound Effects tab of the Sound control panel (in Sys Prefs, of course), click on “Play feedback when volume is changed.” I have had this audio problem twice on two different machines on which I foolishly installed Yosemite, and this is how I have solved it.

Called to Apple support: they recommended to turn off Mac and turn it on while pressing option+command+r+p keys.

Miraculously sound is back :)

After trying just about everything I came across a tip to apply high pressure air-duster to the port. That solved the issue!

Another possibility is to hold the option key and click on the speaker icon in the top right corner: it will show a list of all input and output devices, with a checkmark indicating the current default.
osx  Desktop  music  configuration 
22 days ago
Simultaneously Pushing Audio to External Speakers and Bluetooth from a Mac – Press Any Key
the solution is to open the Audio Midi Setup application located in the Utilities folder and then simply create a Multi-Output Device that has both speaker types selected. Note that in order for this to work the Bluetooth speaker needs to already be connected to the Mac.
If you go to the AUDIO MIDI Setup-> Sow Audio Devices. Click on Built-in output and/or your bluetooth output. It will show two bars, numbered 1 and 2, for changing volume 1.
the tip is as follows: If you are in whatever app your music or sound is coming from, try holding Shift and hitting the up or down keys. So far I’ve tried it in Amazon Music, as well as watching Netflix in Safari. Worked brilliantly both times.
After much experimenting I realised I had 3 other devices running in the bluetooth menu – keyboard, mouse and trackpad. Turning ONE off (trackpad in this instance) resulted in mush improved sound!
osx  Desktop  music  configuration 
22 days ago
Karl Popper (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
His mother inculcated in him such a passion for music that for a time he seriously contemplated taking it up as a career, and indeed he initially chose the history of music as a second subject for his Ph.D. examination. Subsequently, his love for music became one of the inspirational forces in the development of his thought, and manifested itself in his highly original interpretation of the relationship between dogmatic and critical thinking, in his account of the distinction between objectivity and subjectivity, and, most importantly, in the growth of his hostility towards all forms of historicism, including historicist ideas about the nature of the ‘progressive’ in music. He also discovered the psychoanalytic theories of Freud and Adler (he served briefly as a voluntary social worker with deprived children in one of the latter’s clinics in the 1920s), and listened entranced to a lecture which Einstein gave in Vienna on relativity theory. The dominance of the critical spirit in Einstein, and its total absence in Marx, Freud and Adler, struck Popper as being of fundamental importance: the pioneers of psychoanalysis, he came to think, couched their theories in terms which made them amenable only to confirmation, while Einstein’s theory, crucially, had testable implications which, if false, would have falsified the theory itself.
Popper switched his topic to the methodological problem of cognitive psychology and received his doctorate in 1928 for his dissertation “Die Methodenfrage der Denkpsychologie”. In extending Bühler’s Kantian approach to the crisis in the dissertation, Popper critiqued Moritz Schlick’s physicalist programme for a scientific psychology based ultimately upon the transformation of psychology into a science of brain processes. This latter ideal, Popper argued, was misconceived, but the issues raised by it ultimately had the effect of refocusing his attention from Bühler’s question of the unity of psychology to that of its scientificity, and this philosophical focus on questions of method, objectivity and claims to scientific status was to become a principal life-long concern for him. This also brought the orientation of his thought into line with that of such contemporary ‘analytic’ philosophers as Frege and Russell as well as that of many members of the Vienna Circle and led him to effectively abandon psychology for philosophy of science.
Popper stresses in particular that there is no unique way, no single method such as induction, which functions as the route to scientific theory, a view which Einstein personally endorsed with his affirmation that ‘There is no logical path leading to [the highly universal laws of science]. They can only be reached by intuition, based upon something like an intellectual love of the objects of experience’. Science, in Popper’s view, starts with problems rather than with observations—it is, indeed, precisely in the context of grappling with a problem that the scientist makes observations in the first instance: his observations are selectively designed to test the extent to which a given theory functions as a satisfactory solution to a given problem.
politics  learning  select 
24 days ago
Karl Popper: Political Philosophy | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Popper says, the aim of science is “the elimination of false theories … rather than the attainment of established truths” (Ibid.). Similarly, ethical public policy may benefit by aiming at “the elimination of suffering rather than the promotion of happiness” (Ibid.). Popper thought that reducing suffering provides a clearer target for public policy than chasing after the will-o’-the-wisp, never-ending goal of increasing happiness. In addition, he argued, it easier to reach political agreement to combat suffering than to increase happiness, thus making effective public policy more likely. “For new ways of happiness are theoretical, unreal things, about which it may be difficult to form an opinion. But misery is with us, here and now, and it will be with us for a long time to come. We all know it from experience” (Conjectures and Refutations, 346). Popper thus calls for a public policy that aims at reducing and, hopefully, eliminating such readily identifiable and universally agreed upon sources of suffering as “poverty, unemployment, national oppression, war, and disease” (Conjectures and Refutations, 361).

“the injustice and inhumanity of the unrestrained ‘capitalist system’ described by Marx cannot be questioned” (Ibid.). The state therefore must serve as a counteracting force against the predations of concentrated economic power: “We must construct social institutions, enforced by the power of the state, for the protection of the economically weak from the economically strong” (Open Society Vol 11., 125). This meant that the “principle of non-intervention, of an unrestrained economic system, has to be given up” and replaced by “economic interventionism” (Ibid.) Such interventionism, which he also called “protectionism,” would be implemented via the piecemeal social engineering described above. This top-down and technocratic vision of politics is hard to reconcile with libertarianism, whose adherents, following Hayek, tend to believe that such social engineering is generally counterproductive, enlarges the power and thus the danger of the state, and violates individual freedom.
It seems then that his politics put into practice would produce a society more closely resembling the so-called social democracies of northern Europe, with their more generous social welfare programs and greater regulation of industry, than the United States, with its more laissez-faire capitalism and comparatively paltry social welfare programs. That said, it should be noted that in later editions of The Open Society, Popper grew somewhat more leery of direct state intervention to tackle social problems, preferring tinkering with the state’s legal framework, if possible, to address them. He reasoned that direct intervention by the state always empowers the state, which endangers freedom.
politics  analysis  learning  select 
25 days ago
Hvis Karl Popper var i live, ville han tordne mod VLAK-regeringens frihedsbegrænsende regler mod muslimer | Information
»Hvis socialisme kunne kombineres med frihed, ville jeg stadig være socialist. For intet ville være bedre end at leve et beskedent, simpelt og frit liv i et lige samfund. Det tog noget tid, før jeg forstod, at dette ikke er andet end en smuk drøm; at frihed er vigtigere end lighed, at forsøget på at opnå lighed truer vores frihed; og at, hvis friheden er tabt, vil der ikke engang være lighed imellem de ufrie.«
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25 days ago
Cuticle Cream: DIY Recipe with Lavender & Myrrh - Dr. Axe
DIY Cuticle Cream with Lavender & Myrrh
Total Time: 5 minutes
1 tablespoon organic beeswax
1 ½ tablespoons organic raw shea butter
½ teaspoon organic coconut oil
2 drops vitamin E oil
2 drops lemon essential oil
8 drops lavender essential oil
2 drops of myrrh essential oil
2 drops tea tree essential oil (optional)
27 days ago
How to Manage 'Systemd' Services and Units Using 'Systemctl' in Linux
How to Manage ‘Systemd’ Services and Units Using ‘Systemctl’ in Linux
Manjaro  Linux  server  Desktop  configuration 
4 weeks ago
[archlinux] yaourt skip validity checks · GitHub
[archlinux] yaourt skip validity checks
yaourt --m-arg "--skippgpcheck" -S {{ package }}
Manjaro  Linux  configuration 
4 weeks ago
How to Remove a Package and Its Dependencies with Pacman on Arch Linux – Linux Hint
You can remove all the dependencies of filezilla as well with the following Pacman command:

$ sudo pacman -Rcns filezilla
Manjaro  Linux  configuration 
4 weeks ago
Quick-R: User-Defined Functions
User-written Functions
One of the great strengths of R is the user's ability to add functions. In fact, many of the functions in R are actually functions of functions. The structure of a function is given below.
R  statistics  learning 
4 weeks ago
The R Graph Gallery – Inspiration and Help with R Graphics
hundreds of distinctive graphics made with the R programming language, always with the reproducible code snippet
statistics  R  graphic  learning 
4 weeks ago
Openbox - ArchWiki
Issues regarding commands in ~/.config/openbox/autostart being executed out of order (or skipped altogether) are often resolved by the addition of small delays. For instance:

xset -b
(sleep 3s && nm-applet) &
(sleep 3s && conky) &
Manjaro  Linux  Openbox  Desktop  configuration 
4 weeks ago
pacserve - easily share Pacman packages between computers (Page 9) / Community Contributions / Arch Linux Forums
Python aur packages need to be rebuilt since Arch Linux updated Python to version 3.7.
In case of pacserve run:

aurman -S python3-threaded_servers pacserve
to rebuild and reinstall the necessary python packages.

Then restart the pacserve server:

sudo systemctl start pacserve.service
Linux  Desktop  server  configuration  error 
4 weeks ago
SSH Tunnel - Local and Remote Port Forwarding Explained With Examples - Trackets Blog
Imagine you’re on a private network which doesn’t allow connections to a specific server. Let’s say you’re at work and is being blocked. To get around this we can create a tunnel through a server which isn’t on our network and thus can access Imgur.
ssh  network  production 
6 weeks ago
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