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Mitogen for Ansible — Mitogen 0.2.7 documentation
Mitogen for Ansible is a completely redesigned UNIX connection layer and module runtime for Ansible. Requiring minimal configuration changes, it updates Ansible’s slow and wasteful shell-centic implementation with pure-Python equivalents, invoked via highly efficient remote procedure calls to persistent interpreters tunnelled over SSH. No changes are required to target hosts.
mitogen  ansible  connection  layer 
9 weeks ago by slmingol
Viewing Encrypted Strings with Ansible ·
ansible localhost -m debug -a var='variable_to_decrypt' -e "@file_containing_variable" --ask-vault-pass
ansible  vault  decrypt  string  example  adhoc 
july 2019 by slmingol
YAML Multiline Strings
There are two types of formats that YAML supports for strings: block scalar and flow scalar formats. (Scalars are what YAML calls basic values like numbers or strings, as opposed to complex types like arrays or objects.) Block scalars have more control over how they are interpreted, whereas flow scalars have more limited escaping support.
yaml  multiline  strings  ansible 
july 2019 by slmingol
Automation Broker · The Automation Broker home
APBs are a method of modeling applications as a collection of Ansible Playbooks built into a portable container with an Ansible runtime. They’re designed to guide provisioning, binding (connecting multiple services together into a larger application), and updating of simple to complex services running both on- or off-platform.
automationbroker  ansible  apb  automation  kubernetes  k8s  openshift 
november 2018 by slmingol
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