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Microsoft will charge new fees to customers using AWS and other clouds - Business Insider
SA is sort of like Microsoft's extended warranty. It gives enterprise customers a package of extra features. But it's pricey, usually adding an additional 25 to 30% to the cost of licensing, depending on the products.

If customers don't buy Software Assurance and "mobility rights," then they can't get an unlimited-usage license for Microsoft's software. They will revert to "pay as you go" fees, which will almost certainly cost them more every year.

Microsoft names the following cloud providers as being disqualified from being labeled an outsourcer: Microsoft Azure, Alibaba, Amazon (including VMware Cloud on AWS), and Google.

But, again, although Microsoft has lumped itself in there, it offers another licensing program that allows its customers to move their Microsoft apps onto Microsoft's cloud.

"The end result is that the costs in Azure will basically stay the same when running on dedicated hardware (like VMware in Azure or the new dedicated hosts for Azure VMs), but will go up dramatically for other clouds," Miller said.
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august 2019 by slmingol
PragDave: Annotate Models Plugin
Enter annotate models, a really trivial Rails plugin I hacked up in the plane back from the first No Fluff of the year. The plugin adds a comment block to the top of each model file, documenting the schema. If you update the schema, run it again and it up
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may 2008 by slmingol

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