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This Japanese news app quietly pushes traffic to millions
Written for publishers, overview of the pros and cons of partnering with SmartNews. Agree with the pros, beg to differ on the cons :-)
smartnews  axios 
23 days ago by smartnews
Here’s where your new readers are going to come from in 2019
re-write of "SmartNews is the most reliably growing external referrer."
smartnews  nieman 
5 weeks ago by smartnews
Predicting sources of traffic to content in 2019
"up 145% YoY, and growing at an average of 9% MoM, with a steady trajectory upward"
5 weeks ago by smartnews
Here are 5 great apps for C-Suite dwellers
Dwight Silverman, "Maybe SmartNews “inspired” Apple News... it’s a great way to drill down into breaking news and detailed stories about topics you care about from trusted sources."
smartnews  review 
6 weeks ago by smartnews gone as a referring URL in latest referral traffic trends
At number 10, fell off the list and was replaced by Smartnews which had been hovering at the 11th spot.
9 weeks ago by smartnews
SmartNews for Android video review
Jason Howell shows off SmartNews for Android, an app that gives you news from all different sources on a variety of topics. (3/30/2016 review)
smartnews  review 
10 weeks ago by smartnews
Are mobile news aggregators on the rise as referral traffic sources?
SmartNews is an app that aggregates and serves “impartial, trending and trustworthy” news through machine learning algorithms. And for the story I was looking at, about the FDA and e-cigarettes, SmartNews was the second highest external traffic referrer, right after Google Search.
october 2018 by smartnews
Tired of Filter Bubbles? This Free News App Can Help You Find Stories You Just Might Love
Which means occasionally you'll see a story you love, one that no algorithm could have ever predicted you would find interesting.
smartnews  Inc 
october 2018 by smartnews
Google News app bug burns through gigabytes of user mobile data
"I deleted the news app that day and am now enjoying SmartNews. Very poor handling of this situation, Google."
smartnews  googlenews  zdnet 
october 2018 by smartnews
It’s Her Job to Get More People to Act Like You Right Now
SmartNews used by NYT Global Growth Editor to keep up with news in Japan
smartnews  nyt 
october 2018 by smartnews
6 takeaways from ‘An evening with Dan Rather’
Broadcast legend Dan Rather spoke to a room full of journalists and journalism students Thursday night about how important journalism is to a just and fair society. Many attendees left the longtime news anchor’s emotional speech inspired and moved.
smartnews  danrather  journalism  ona 
september 2018 by smartnews
Publishers are taking a second look at news apps like SmartNews
During breaking news situations, when a local news outlet is most likely to have the best on-the-ground information, the app will often link to it. “After the Pulse nightclub shooting, the best coverage, and the coverage that surfaced on our channel, was from a local news source,” said Jaroslovsky. “The publisher saw a huge spike in traffic from us.”
smartnews  localnews 
july 2018 by smartnews
What’s in your [growth] stack? Fabien Nicolas, SmartNews
Every mobile marketer uses a range of technologies and services to help them market their apps. We catch up with our Mobile Heroes to learn what’s in their mobile marketing growth stack.
july 2018 by smartnews
SmartNews app reaches 10 million monthly users as it counters fake news
SmartNews said it has reached more than 10 million monthly active users in the U.S. and Japan...The news app curates news from more than 3,000 trusted sources, and it has seen 200 percent growth year-over-year in the U.S.
smartnews  venturebeat 
july 2018 by smartnews
How SmartNews Helps 300+ Publishers Reach New Audiences
In a post-Facebook world, how are some publishers adapting and finding new audiences.
smartnews  pressrelease 
may 2018 by smartnews
Carl Bernstein Returns to Watergate Hotel
Photos and commentary on SmartNews party at ONA 17
smartnews  ona 
october 2017 by smartnews
How SmartNews (almost) doubled app store conversion in 30 days
Use Facebook Audience Analytics, use larger fonts for older users, use Google Experiments to improve App Store Rankings
SmartNews  ASO 
august 2017 by smartnews
Japanese news apps prepare to take on the world
SmartNews and NewsPicks are two platforms with international growth firmly in their sights. We ask what it will take for them to succeed.
smartnews  marketing 
august 2016 by smartnews
Introducing in-house PaaS in SmartNews
Site reliability and SmartNews' Platform as a Service
smartnews  techtalk 
august 2016 by smartnews
Japanese app SmartNews raises $38m Series D round led by DBJ
Unlike other news apps, SmartNews employs no human editors, and rather than attempt to over-personalize the news, its algorithms are optimized for discovery and diversity in order to expose users to a wider variety of higher-quality stories and topics.
smartnews  funding 
july 2016 by smartnews
How SmartNews Built a Lambda Architecture on AWS to Analyze Customer Behavior and Recommend Content
Amazon S3 and Amazon Kinesis Streams let us run multiple compute layers without complex negotiations. After data is stored, everyone can consume it in their own way. For example, if a team wants to try a new version of Spark, they can launch a new cluster and start to evaluate it immediately. That means every engineer in SmartNews can craft any solutions using whatever tools they feel are best suited to the task.
aws  smartnews  engineering 
july 2016 by smartnews
Could SmartNews Prove To Be The Media's Unlikely Sidekick?
"At the end of the day Facebook is about connecting friends; at the end of the day Apple is about selling iPhones. At the end of the day, SmartNews is about news," says Rich Jaroslovsky, SmartNews resident journalist and content advisor. Jaroslovsky started up the Wall Street Journal’s online edition as managing editor in 1994 and worked at the paper for 27 years.
funding  smartnews  fastcompany 
july 2016 by smartnews
News discovery app SmartNews nabs another $38M, now valued at $500M-$600M
SmartNews is somewhat distinctive in that sea of competition, in that the company has built all of its algorithms for sorting news from the bottom up. As such it lets those algorithms do all the legwork to surface, suggest, and curate. This is not the case, for example, at Facebook or Apple News, where humans are very much involved in the selection process, sometimes to controversial ends.
funding  smartnews  techcrunch 
july 2016 by smartnews
PipelineDB case study: SmartNews
Overview of how SmartNews engineering uses PipelineDB to manage real-time data streams.
pipelinedb  smartnews  engineering 
may 2016 by smartnews
News Goes Mobile: How People Use Smartphones to Access Information
Extensive 2-year study commissioned by the Knight Foundation looks at news consumption on mobile. SmartNews is called out in one of the charts (Figure 7.) showing the longest monthly time spent for all news apps.
smartnews  metrics  knightfoundation  nielsen 
may 2016 by smartnews
The Google Play Awards coming to Google I/O
SmartNews nominated to the Most Innovative category.
smartnews  awards 
april 2016 by smartnews
Rich Jaroslovsky on the Future of News
My greatest hope is the the flip side of that coin—that as journalism evolves, as new forms of journalism evolve, as new delivery mechanisms evolve, that the end product is a more informed person and a more informed populace.
smartnews  interview  richjaroslovsky 
april 2016 by smartnews
Paris Review on Steph Curry
SmartNews discovers new content for it’s readers who may not know what the Paris Review thinks of basketball. And in turn, SmartNews brings a new audience of readers to the Paris Review magazine, an audience beyond their usual core audience. Discovery on both ends, that’s what makes SmartNews an engine for the curious.
smartnews  hiddengems  everwas 
april 2016 by smartnews
SmartNews Hidden Gems from 2015
My somewhat unscientific methodology looked for stories from sources that would not normally appear in the category but were picked up and featured based on a topic analysis, hopefully introducing a source to a new audience that would not normally be exposed to that publication.
smartnews  hiddengems  everwas 
april 2016 by smartnews
Recommended from SmartNews
How do we do it? That sophisticated de-dupe filter we built to reduce articles that are too much alike? Turn it around and it makes a fantastic related articles algorithm!
smartnews  machinelearning  feature  everwas 
april 2016 by smartnews
Benzinga Partners With SmartNews, Will Deliver Actionable Content To Millions Of App's Users
The product has millions of monthly viewers and is creating disruptive ripples in the news aggregation space.
smartnews  partnerships 
april 2016 by smartnews
Ghost in the Machine
There are at least two sides to every story. The Planned Parenthood videos were a polarizing topic that monopolized the news cycle several weeks ago. How do you teach an algorithm a point of view?
smartnews  machinelearning  hiddengems  everwas 
april 2016 by smartnews
SmartNews Pro Tip: Save it for Later
When you share from the article page on SmartNews (another pro tip, a long press on any headline will go directly to the save menu), you have the option to Save to Pocket.
smartnews  feature  everwas 
april 2016 by smartnews
SlashGear is now on SmartNews for super-fast reading
With more and more people reaching for their phone to get the latest news, we're excited to announce that you can now find a SlashGear channel in SmartNews. We've been big fans of the app for some time now: not only is it clean and east to read, it's fast too, something that's important when you're on the move.
smartnews  partnerships  slashgear 
april 2016 by smartnews
Read Ubergizmo With Smartnews
We’re launching the Ubergizmo smartnews channel in partnership with App Reader Smartnews.
smartnews  partnerships 
april 2016 by smartnews
SmartNews – elegant app aggregates top news for you
SmartNews has the intelligence to aggregate trending news from a variety of sources for you. When working well, Smartview feature allows for faster and easier reading experience of the story, plus you can read articles offline.
smartnews  review 
april 2016 by smartnews
SmartNews Review
It’s tough to be a news utility of repute in Google’s world, and SmartNews has managed that. It’s a great app that is easy to use, and in today’s world, that is gold.
smartnews  review 
april 2016 by smartnews
Why and how SmartNews uses SaaS
Slides from a tech talk given about SmartNews infrastructure
smartnews  presentation  techtalk  infrastructure  engineering 
april 2016 by smartnews
What does the end of Circa mean for mobile news apps?
Chang explained SmartNews works out official partnerships with its publishers, with first clicks going directly to a publisher’s site so the outlet can keep their traffic. SmartNews makes money by placing ads in a part of the app called the discovery feed. There aren’t ads in the U.S. version of the app yet.
smartnews  circa 
april 2016 by smartnews
SmartNews Named a TiE50 2015 Top Startup Winner
Out of 2,176 nominees and 153 semi-finalists, SmartNews was chosen as one of the Top 50 startups in the world.
smartnews  awards  pressrelease 
april 2016 by smartnews
SmartNews app read trending News and stories
The interface is beautiful, the stories load quickly both on and offline, there are a ton of great sources to choose from (I found several of my personal favorites available), and it’s free. What’s not to love?
smartnews  review 
april 2016 by smartnews
Japanese news app SmartNews nabs $10M bridge round, at pre-money valuation of $320M
The United States is where SmartNews is focusing most intently. It has a local team in San Francisco of about ten and is expecting to add more employees. Worldwide, the team is is over 40 people, a number that is expected to double or triple this year, according to Kaisei Hamamoto, co-founder of the company.
smartnews  techinasia  funding 
april 2016 by smartnews
Japan’s SmartNews Raises Another $10M At A $320M Valuation To Expand In The U.S.
SmartNews’ move into the U.S. and the new funding come on the back of a strong year for the startup. In addition to its 1 million MAUs in the U.S. since launching a U.S. edition in October 2014, it has around 4 million MAUs in Japan, where it launched first.
smartnews  techcrunch  ingridlunden  funding 
april 2016 by smartnews
News reader app SmartNews raises $10M to open up shop in San Francisco
Japan-based news aggregating application SmartNews just snagged $10 million to open up an office in San Francisco and attract top machine-learning engineers.
smartnews  venturebeat  funding 
april 2016 by smartnews
Popping filter bubbles at SmartNews
So how do you crawl 10 million URLs daily and figure out which stories are important enough for everyone to know? Enter Machine Learning.
smartnews  machinelearning  everwas 
april 2016 by smartnews
SmartNews app launches World Soccer Talk channel
If you’re a news junkie like me, you’ll want to check out SmartNews, which is honestly the best app I’ve ever seen for aggregating news.
smartnews  partnerships  worldsoccertalk 
april 2016 by smartnews
SmartNews App launches new GameSpot Channel
The SmartNews App recently launched a new GameSpot Channel. It's a great place to find all of our new content.
smartnews  partnerships 
april 2016 by smartnews
SmartNews launches in over 150 countries to battle Flipboard
SmartNews might be headquartered in Tokyo, but the news curation service is quickly distancing itself from its Japan-only beginnings. From today, the app can be accessed in over 150 countries worldwide.
smartnews  internationallaunch  techinasia 
april 2016 by smartnews
Hot News App SmartNews Crosses 10 Million Downloads And Launches Globally
SmartNews was designed by a group of PhD mathematicians and data scientists. Its machine learning algorithms evaluate tens of millions of articles and use social signals and other factors to determine which stories are worth reading at any given time in any given location.
smartnews  forbes  miguelhelft 
april 2016 by smartnews
SmartNews Joins Google App's Now Third-Party Platform to Deliver Trending News at the Right Moment on Android Devices
Google app users on Android who have installed the latest version of SmartNews will be able to automatically receive trending news articles at a convenient moment – for example, when they start their commute. Users of SmartNews's Japanese-language edition will also have access to additional features, such as location-based news and daily trivia.
smartnews  pressrelease  feature 
april 2016 by smartnews
News Aggregator SmartNews Shows Rapid Growth, Adds Local Channels
SmartNews has come almost out of nowhere to become a leading news aggregation app in the US market. It’s also probably the most effective news aggregator I’ve seen to date (and quite a bit better than Google News).
smartnews  searchengineland 
april 2016 by smartnews
Japan’s SmartNews booming in US with 1M monthly active users
Just three months after debuting in the US, Tokyo-headquartered news app SmartNews has achieved a major milestone: one million Americans are already monthly active users. It has also reached the number-one spot in the news category for apps on the US versions of the App Store and Google Play.
smartnews  techinasia 
april 2016 by smartnews
SmartNews Launches Popular News App with Pocket Built-In
Best of all – though it’s safe to say we’re a bit biased – you can quickly save any story you find in SmartNews to Pocket.
smartnews  pocket  partnerships  feature 
april 2016 by smartnews
Get Smart
out of about 1,000 stories of millions analyzed
smartnews  editorandpublisher 
april 2016 by smartnews
SmartNews, The Minimalist News App That's A Hit In Japan, Sets Its Sights On The U.S.
SmartNews, on the other hand, decidedly isn't flashy, which is what might set it apart. It seems to believe that by stripping out the bells and whistles, it can deliver a consistently good reading experience that doesn't totally bulldoze over publishers while giving everyday non-news junkies the stories they need to know.
smartnews  fastcompany 
april 2016 by smartnews
SmartNews is a news curation app that allows for offline reading on iOS and Android devices
One of the features of SmartNews that sets it apart from other news apps is that it allows readers to continuing reading articles in low bandwidth areas like subways and airplanes.
smartnews  review 
april 2016 by smartnews
SmartNews is a Quick and Beautiful Way to Read News on the Go
Another great feature is SmartView, which give you an easy to read format on your mobile device. Also, you can read articles even if you have poor or no cellular service.
smartnews  review  pastemagazine 
april 2016 by smartnews
App Profile: SmartNews
SmartNews can be best described as a modern day newspaper that is delivered to you three times a day. It aggregates content from major news sources and categorizes them into familiar sections such as Entertainment, Sports, U.S., World and Science. There is even a Social category where users can log in with their social media accounts and get an aggregated feed of that as well.
smartnews  review 
april 2016 by smartnews
If Japan’s SmartNews is just another news app, why is it valued over $100M?
“What I found most interesting is that [SmartNews] is not designed to appeal to an audience of one, it is designed to appeal to a broad audience. One of the hardest things to do in digital media is to provide serendipity – the user experience of “I didn’t know i would be interested in [this thing] but I am,” Jaroslovsky notes.
smartnews  techinasia 
april 2016 by smartnews
SmartNews — Trending News Stories for iPhone & Android
SmartNews is a really good looking app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices that lets you browse and read news & stories while on the go.
smartnews  review 
april 2016 by smartnews
NBC News, Associated Press seek SmartNews for aggregated mobile content
“Our business model is extraordinarily publisher-friendly,” said Rich Jaroslovsky, vice president for content at SmartNews, San Francisco. “The first click on a headline always goes to the publisher’s Web site, so it’s a pure traffic driver, and publishers who partner with us can place advertising on the second click, SmartView version, from which we aren’t taking a cut.
april 2016 by smartnews
SmartNews review
With an interface that lets you browse headlines quickly, customize your channels and read the news offline, SmartNews is an excellent free alternative to other popular news apps.
smartnews  review  cnet 
april 2016 by smartnews
Social News Reading App SmartNews Makes US Debut
The company makes its U.S. debut with several partnerships with publishers already in place, including leading sources like NBC News, The Los Angeles Times, The Associated Press, CNET, The Verge, The Huffington Post, Quartz, SB Nation, Re/Code, Mashable, The Atlantic,, Bleacher Report, TechCrunch, Engadget, and ProPublica.
smartnews  uslaunch  partnerships 
april 2016 by smartnews
SmartNews Launches in the US on iOS, Android
SmartNewsPopular Japanese news app SmartNews has announced its official rollout in the US
smartnews  uslaunch  adweek 
april 2016 by smartnews
Digital reader Flipboard to see fresh competition from Japan's SmartNews
Social news reader Flipboard will face more competition as Japan-based SmartNews plans a North American expansion with its own mobile news app.
april 2016 by smartnews
Flipboard is about to get some competition on its home turf from Japan-based SmartNews
former Wall Street Journal editor and former Bloomberg tech columnist Rich Jaroslovsky is heading up the U.S. expansion, and an American version of the app is expected to launch this fall
smartnews  mathewingram  gigaom 
april 2016 by smartnews
Exclusive: Twitter-Mining News App SmartNews Raises $36 Million from Atomico and Gree
Japanese newsreading app SmartNews has raised $36 million in new funding, in a round led by growth-stage investment firm Atomico and mobile-social gaming company Gree.
smartnews  funding  recode 
april 2016 by smartnews
SmartNews app challenges Flipboard in Japan with over 2 million active users
This week the app signed a deal with the huge Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper to add a Yomiuri Sochi Olympic News section to SmartNews during the upcoming Winter Games.
smartnews  partnerships  techinasia 
april 2016 by smartnews
Japanese news curation startup raises $4.2 million
To date the startup has partnered with 43 news services and 25 companies for content syndication
smartnews  funding  thebridge 
april 2016 by smartnews

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