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Ruby Mixins & ActiveSupport::Concern — Appfolio Engineering
ActiveSupport::Concern? My answer: it encapsulates a few common patterns for building modules intended for mixins.
1m  software 
21 days ago
The Deployment Age | Reaction Wheel
The process is driven by the nature of change in three spheres. I‘ve talked about two, the technological and the economic. But the third is just as important, the institutional. At the beginning of a technological revolution social and institutional ideas reinforce the previous paradigm and resist the new one. But as the cycle progresses, first social norms and then political and institutional norms coalesce into a new framework that reinforces the dominance of the new paradigm. The technology changes the world in a way that entrenches the technology, the old paradigm loses all power. While some older people argue whether we would be better off without some of these technologies, the vast majority of the younger generations consider only how to make them better.
business  economics  history  technology 
9 weeks ago
Should I use past or present tense in git commit messages? - Stack Overflow
This argument works if you are dealing with a truly distributed project. If you are dealing with a distributed project, you are probably working on an open source project. And it is probably a very large project if it is really distributed. In fact, it's probably either the Linux kernel or Git. Since Linux is likely what caused Git to spread and gain in popularity, it's easy to understand why people would consider its style the authority. Yes, the style makes sense with those two projects. Or, in general, it works with large, open source, distributed projects.
git  commit_messages 
9 weeks ago
Meet The Woman Working To Change Low-Income Workers’ Prospects
Thus the goal of The Workers Lab to vet ideas, services, and products from a wide range of individuals came into focus. It would attract over 200 applications, the majority of which were nonprofits seeking recoverable grants and 40% of which were startups looking for equity investments to build out ideas like a digital gaming app to retrain fast food workers to get better-paying jobs.
workers_lab  vc  funding  democracy  politics  socialism  technology 
november 2019
How to symmetrically encrypt 32-bit auto increment IDs to avoid using 64-bit UUIDs to conceal the size and order of a database table - Quora
reverse engineer the ID's as they did with EC2[1]. Encrypted auto-increment ID's become a disaster when a customer has to deal with them. Imagine a customer reading out an encrypted auto-increment id over a noisy telephone line or him typing that number into a form(on an iphone where he can't copy and paste). In some sense, this not only increases your customer support costs but also leads to bad customer
october 2019
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