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I'd Like It If Someone Stayed - coldfiredragon - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The first lecture of his Hungarian descriptive grammar class started with the chair still empty, and the pile of syllabi was being passed around when the door swung open again. The guy that slipped in was handsome and tall, with dark wavy hair that was neatly styled and a presence that seemed to command the whole room's attention. The smile he gave their professor was easy and apologetic as he walked past her desk to take the empty seat beside him.

A Hedge witch AU where Quentin meets Eliot on the first day of a shared class at Columbia university.
TheMagicians  Quentin/Eliot  first.time  coldfiredragon  au  au:mirror  date 
27 days ago by southerly
Somewhere in Time - bluefray - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“Q, don’t start getting weird ideas in your head. You know me. I wouldn’t do anything to betray your trust, at least not intentionally.”

This story is an exploration of the time loops in The Magicians world. Imagine a universe where Quentin’s a hedge-witch and how his life would be like before joining Brakebills, with a little help from someone we all love.
TheMagicians  Quentin/Eliot  first.time  bluefray  season1  au  au:mirror  date 
4 weeks ago by southerly
Holiday Spending - tisfan - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
anonymous asked:

Winteriron collage au w/fake relationship; Tony asks Bucky to be his fake boyfriend, either to shake off some matchmaking friends or to piss off Howard. Turns out Bucky is all Tony ever wanted in a boyfriend. Too bad it's not real (extra angst if Tony paid for Bucky to act as his boyfriend, now Tony wonders if it was all for the money). Happy ending?

Note: This fic gets dark after some fluff; happy ending promised, but that's not what you're getting right now.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Tony/Bucky  first.time  tisfan  au  au:mundane  modern  academic!au  college  pretending  date  holiday  hurt/comfort  break.up-make.up 
7 weeks ago by southerly
this could be heaven for everyone - Annie D (scaramouche) - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Love's Such an Old-Fashioned Word:
Steve gets the very brilliant idea that he and Tony should date, but Tony needs some convincing.

With Every Single Beat of My Heart:
A coda to Love’s Such an Old-Fashioned Word.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony  first.time  AnnieD  AoU  post-movie  pining  date 
8 weeks ago by southerly
sullyandlulu’s Timeline 12 ‘verse - sullyandlulu - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Saliva Makes for Shitty Lube:
After returning from Brakebills South to a mostly empty Physical Cottage, Quentin fails to adjust to a new relationship until he gets a little help from his friends.

See You Next Tuesday:
Sequel to Saliva Makes For Shitty Lube
After finding out he was not successful in getting Margo off during the threesome with Eliot, Quentin starts to spiral.
All it takes is a little push and Quentin gets his first real lesson in how to please a woman.

I Wanna Get Carried Away:
Set about a week and a half after Saliva Makes For Shitty Lube and a few days after See You Next Tuesday
Confused about where he stands with Eliot and Margo, Quentin consults his best friend for advice. Her answer, a double date at a Bleachers concert in NYC.
TheMagicians  Quentin/Eliot/Margo  first.time  sullyandlulu  Quentin/Eliot  Quentin/Margo  Eliot/Margo  polyamory  date  highestkingbambi 
november 2018 by southerly
Jerk Punk Genius - swtalmnd - Captain America (Movies), Iron Man (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Unboxed - Amy Crook [Archive of Our Own]
Three Days, One Week, and a Lifetime:
Bucky and Steve work at a coffee shop. Tony meets them when they actually make his insanely caffeinated order. Sparks fly and pants drop. 50% Actual Porn, 40% Schmoop, 10% clothes & coffee porn.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony/Bucky  first.time  swtalmnd  au  au:mundane  coffeeshop!au  Steve/Bucky  established  soulmate!au  hurt/comfort  ptsd  date  polyamory 
october 2018 by southerly
Three's Company - Kellyscams - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
When Bucky Barnes comes back to Steve Rogers healthy and going through his recovery nicely, he never expected to find Steve in a relationship with Tony Stark. But he's not going to be the one to ever get between Steve and whoever makes him happy, and if that person is Tony Stark, then so be it.

If there isn't a place for Bucky between Steve and Tony, there's nothing he can do.

Although... maybe there is a place for him after all.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony/Bucky  first.time  Kellyscams  Steve/Tony  Steve/Bucky  established  Tony/Bucky  polyamory  date  kink  bdsm  d/s  bondage  spanking 
august 2018 by southerly
Sweeter than chocolate - NovaNara - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
John attempts to be his knight-in-shining armour self after noticing an apparently forlorn Sherlock. Too bad Sherlock was trying to manipulate the situation. Or too good? The result is, after all, delightful...
Sherlock  Sherlock/John  first.time  NovaNara  au  au:mirror  academic!au  college  pretending  date 
august 2018 by southerly
Lean On Me - Shi_Toyu - The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Pretty much everything had gone to hell after the accident, really. Life had been good beforehand. His dad had been distant, sure, but his mother had been a warm light to wipe that all away. At least Howard had been supportive, in his own way. He hadn’t liked that Tony wanted to be a dancer, but he’d made damn sure Tony would be the absolute best once he figured out there was no persuading the young genius otherwise. He’d even been at that performance; the last one Tony had ever done. It was hard to keep dancing after a spinal injury, after all. Not to mention how all that metal in his chest really limited his lung capacity.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Tony/Bucky  first.time  Shi_Toyu  au  au:total  au:mundane  academic!au  dancing  hurt/comfort  pining  date  break.up-make.up 
may 2018 by southerly
6 Simple Rules For Dating John Watson - prettysailorsoldier - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
John Watson's love life may have had its ups and downs, but at least it had some structure. That is, until Sherlock Holmes showed up on his doorstep.
Sherlock  Sherlock/John  first.time  prettysailorsoldier  au  au:mirror  academic!au  college  teenlock  John/other  Sherlock/other  roommates  jealousy  pining  pining.for.years  date  holiday 
may 2018 by southerly
How Charged With Punishments the Scroll - SilverSlashes - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
“I just, I’m not always great with words, but I saw how Tony talked about you and then I saw how you talked about Tony and I just, well, I couldn’t unsee it. But then we came back here and now I see the way I look at Tony and I can’t unsee him the way you do… the way he’s meant to be seen.”

Steve scrubbed a hand over his face and through his hair before speaking, “Even if we can get Tony on board, it’s not gonna be easy Buck.”

Bucky gave a familiar, relaxed shrug, “defending your aggressive, skinny ass in every back alley in Brooklyn wasn’t easy either, but it was worth it.”

*AKA the Civil War fix-it story that ends in Stuckony bliss.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony/Bucky  first.time  SilverSlashes  CACW  post-movie  Steve/Bucky  established  Steve/Tony  pining  Tony/Bucky  date  polyamory  matchmaking 
april 2018 by southerly
Closer then you think - Crimson1, Notsalony - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
Len finally notices that the boy across the street who has a clear view into his apartment has been watching him. However will he handle himself with this new wrinkle in his normal life? While in the other apartment, Barry is being driven to distraction by the man across the way...
DC  CWDCverse  TheFlash  Barry/Len  first.time  Crimson1  au  au:total  au:mundane  kink  voyeurism  exhibitionism  date 
march 2018 by southerly
One Date Wonder - Arukou - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Every week, the same guy comes into Steve and Bucky's diner and every week, he's got a new date on his arm. Guy just can't seem to catch a break, and after a particularly bad date, Steve and Bucky start taking matters into their own hands to help him out.
marvel  avengers  Steve/Tony/Bucky  first.time  Arukou  au  au:total  au:mundane  modern  diner!au  Steve/Bucky  established  date  hurt/comfort  Tony/other 
january 2018 by southerly
Hollowness - amobisan - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
It feels like a hollowness, when Tony first realizes. First sees. And the first thought, the first thought his useless, traitorous, genius brain can come up with was "At least this time when he leaves, it wasn't your fault."

(Or, threesome porn seasoned with a hearty dash of Tony angst and finished with a happy ending).
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony/Bucky  first.time  amobisan  Steve/Tony  Steve/Bucky  established  break.up-make.up  pining  polyamory  Tony/Bucky  kink  bondage  date  angst 
december 2017 by southerly
A-maze-ing Mixup - 27dragons - Avengers Academy (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
Jan's Christmas Party is sure to be the event of the season at Avengers Academy. Bucky wants to ask Tony to be his date, but he's sure the genius will just turn him down. Loki offers to act as a go-between, which can't possibly go wrong.
marvel  avengers  AvengersAcademy  Tony/Bucky  first.time  27dragons  pining  matchmaking  holiday  date  academic!au 
december 2017 by southerly
The thing is - castlesbuiltintheair - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Falling in love can be hard enough to deal with on its own. Falling in love when you are a recently-reintegrated superhero, who spent the past 70 years as a brainwashed HYDRA assassin, is a bit tricky. It gets trickier when the person you're in love with is a genius, billionaire, philanthropist, superhero. It's just messy when said person is Captain America's boyfriend.

But Bucky's handling things fine. He's fine.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony/Bucky  first.time  castlesbuiltintheair  Steve/Tony  established  Tony/Bucky  pining  date  matchmaking 
december 2017 by southerly
Love of Ours - emeraldine087 - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Tony Stark REALLY hates magic with a passion. He knows it's got something to do with how his memories aren't quite as he remembers them. He knows Steve screwed him over and sent him that shitty apology with an even shittier phone. And he is pissed supposedly with no end in sight and no resolution to be had. And yet, he also has this other set of memories - One where he is madly in love with Steve...

Steve Rogers REALLY feels like things with Tony could've gone a lot better. So he stubbornly stays in the Avengers compound to try to set things to rights, vowing to repair his Avengers family and his friendship with Tony. And yet, his endgame is still to help Bucky get rid of the Winter Soldier programming - Help his first and the one true love of his life to find himself again...

Bucky Barnes REALLY loathes having to rely on others to tell him about his life. Steve is a big help, but sometimes, Bucky feels like Steve's after helping him for the benefit of the person he used to be rather than the person he is. Unlike Steve, Tony doesn't give a shit about him. And yet, it's with Tony that he feels like he can be or do anything - Like fall in love with the man he had orphaned all those years ago...

SHORT SUMMARY OF THE STORY: Tony Loves Steve. Steve Loves Bucky. Bucky Loves Tony. It's a shitty situation all around. And there's fluff (of course, there's gonna be fluff, I mean, look who you're talking to!!!) But the endgame is a three-way polyamory relationship. Because these three need each other, really.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony/Bucky  first.time  emeraldine087  CACW  post-movie  Steve/Bucky  pining  pining.for.years  Steve/Tony  au  au:mirror  through.the.mirror  Tony/Bucky  date  hurt/comfort  polyamory  favorite  ★★★★★ 
november 2017 by southerly
Blind Date Identity Porn AU - sabrecmc - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
This Thank You Fic request was for a blind date AU where Pepper and Natasha set them up. I went with the premise that Tony never revealed himself as Iron Man and no one knows Captain America's true identity, so double identity porn, whee!!!
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony  first.time  sabrecmc  au  au:mirror  secret.identities.are.secret  pining  matchmaking  date 
november 2017 by southerly
Three's Company (Or Is It?) - StonyAvengerGirl16 (CharmedBritannia) - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Tony Stark is not popular.

He was eccentric and a nerd and he liked it that way. He could invent and cause explosions and rock out to ACDC in peace. He had two awesome best friends for whenever he got lonely, anyway. But all of the aforementioned peace gets shot to hell when two of, if not the most popular guys in school start...fighting for his attention?

Maybe they can reach a compromise...

Cue madness, Tony thinking it's all a joke, Bucky and Steve being ridiculous, everyone else being done with their shit, and smut.
marvel  avengers  Steve/Tony/Bucky  first.time  StonyAvengerGirl16  au  au:total  au:mundane  modern  academic!au  pining  jealousy  date  threesome  polyamory 
october 2017 by southerly
i wanna know what love is - jibberjabber599 - Stranger Things (TV 2016) [Archive of Our Own]
“Oh my God,” Nancy exclaims, softly enough so they won’t attract any nosy people. “You like Jonathan.”

She knows Steve understands her implications, watches as he squirms across from her in his seat. “So? You like him, too,” he shoots back, and it’s less of an accusation than a statement.

“It’s not like that,” she denies instantly, her default response that Steve waves off just as quickly.

“No, it’s totally ‘like that,’” he says, pointing his spoon at her and smirking now.
StrangerThings  Jonathan/Nancy/Steve  first.time  jibberjabber599  season1  missing.scene  post-season  threesome  holiday  date  polyamory 
october 2017 by southerly
50 Ways to Woo Your Lover - tisfan - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Bucky has no idea how romance works in the modern era, but he does know one thing; he'll do anything to win the heart of one Tony Stark...
marvel  avengers  mcu  Tony/Bucky  first.time  tisfan  date  humor 
october 2017 by southerly
all each riddles, when unknown - susiecarter - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice [Archive of Our Own]
Post-MoS AU: Clark, struggling to deal with the events of Black Zero Day, is assigned a straightforward human-interest piece—on Wayne Enterprises. Then Batman catches Superman's attention, Clark Kent starts investigating Batman, Bruce Wayne spends a lot of time arguing with hitting on Clark Kent, and Bruce's best efforts to find a way to hurt Superman start to bear fruit.

And then things get complicated.
DC  DCEU  MoS  bruce/clark  first.time  susiecarter  post-movie  date 
october 2017 by southerly
Murderers and Thieves - 27dragons - Marvel (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies), The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
For a man capable of disappearing so utterly that even the international intelligence community thought he was a myth, it didn't take them long to find the Winter Soldier.

For a man who supposedly wanted to be found, the Winter Soldier fought like a wildcat when Steve and Sam finally cornered him.


(Post-CA:TWS) Steve and Sam have found Bucky, but they're going to need some help to bring him back to himself. A story about friendship, love, and the family you choose. (One-sided Bucky/Steve in the past, eventual Bucky/Tony. Some other pairings if you squint really hard.)
marvel  avengers  mcu  Tony/Bucky  first.time  27dragons  CATWS  post-movie  date  hurt/comfort  kidnapped  captured  jealousy  dancing  Steve/Clint 
august 2017 by southerly
An Incredibly Platonic Evening (Plus One Remix) - kdm103020 - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
After years of pining for Steve, Tony invites him to a charity gala strictly as friends. It’s not date. Sure, he might want something more, but it’s totally manageable so long as Steve stays in the dark. Right?
marvel  avengers  616  Steve/Tony  first.time  kdm103020  date  pretending  pining  pining.for.years 
june 2017 by southerly
What Lies Behind - kdm103020, xinsomniac1101x (xCapsiclexShellheadx) - The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Four months after the Battle of New York, Steve Rogers still hasn't managed to find his footing. The new century is strange and upsetting, and he appears to have no purpose in it. But when SHIELD sends him to liaise with the director of Stark Industries, his life starts to change in ways he could never imagine.

Or, the MCU-rooted AU, in which Steve and Tony both still maintain their secret identities.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony  kdm103020  xinsomniac1101x  post-movie  pining  date  humor  favorite  ★★★★ 
june 2017 by southerly
tell all the truth (but tell it slant) - susiecarter - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice [Archive of Our Own]
It takes a while for Batman and Superman to work things out, once Clark comes back from the dead. Pretending to date each other in order to explain why Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent are in the same place so often? Doesn't help as much as you might think.

Written as a fill for the dceu_kinkmeme prompt, summarized: Bruce/Clark, fake dating. (Full prompt in author's notes.)
DC  DCEU  BvS  Bruce/Clark  first.time  susiecarter  post-movie  pretending  date  pining  favorite  rec:fancake  ★★★★ 
june 2017 by southerly
One more question - needmesomepie - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
Barry Allen. Everyone knew him, or knew of him, whether they were aware of it or not. To the world he was The Flash, to Central City, he was a CSI for the CCPD. And he was good at his job, no matter how much a certain lab partner would try to convince you otherwise. Julian Albert, who, through no fault of his own, didn't quite see Barry the same way. They tolerated each other, to a certain degree, and they managed to solve cases without each others murder actually becoming one. It was a win win situation really, apart from the whole having to spend the day sharing a lab with a guy you hate thing. But they were good at their jobs. They solved the cases. They kept Central City safe. But as good a CSI as Barry was, there was one case he just couldn't solve.

Why did Julian Albert hate Barry Allen so much?

Or in other words, the story of how one innocent question changed both of their lives for good.
DC  CWDCverse  TheFlash  Barry/Julian  first.time  needmesomepie  season3  date  unfinished 
june 2017 by southerly
Written on the Heart - who_la_hoop - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Harry doesn’t mind that so many Slytherins from his year have returned to finish their NEWTs, really he doesn’t. It’s just – do they have to be so friendly? He’s not prejudiced, really he’s not. It’s just – they’ve got to be up to something, right? Unnerved by the attention he’s attracting from everyone – the Slytherins are the least of it, to be fair – and struggling with a raft of changes to Hogwarts itself, Harry wishes he could be happy that one constant remains: Draco Malfoy really fucking hates him.

When he’s hit by an illegal love-spell though, Harry finds he has more to worry about than whether or not Blaise Zabini actually wants to be his friend. For if everyone affected has been blessed – or cursed, by the look on Malfoy’s face – with a magical tattoo revealing the name of their soulmate, what does it mean that Harry’s skin remains completely bare?
harrypotter  Harry/Draco  first.time  who_la_hoop  post-canon  what.epilogue?  HogwartsEighthYear  pining  date 
april 2017 by southerly
fooled around and fell in love - lucymonster - Guardians of the Galaxy (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Intergalactic flirting for dummies.

Or: five times Peter tries to charm Drax, plus one time it actually sort of works.
marvel  Guardians  mcu  Drax/Peter  first.time  lucymonster  #things  date  humor 
april 2017 by southerly
Winter Wooer - fakesheep-luna (octavaluna) - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Winter may not be the most pleasant guy to live or share your body with, but he isn't nearly as destructive as everybody expected him to be either. He likes to brood in the corners, watch British TV, and freak people out. And Tony. He really, really likes Tony Stark.
There's just one problem – Bucky's pretty sure he doesn't feel the same way about the guy.

The only thing you need to know about this story is that no matter how much you like winteriron, you'll never ship them as much as Steve ships them here.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Tony/Bucky  first.time  fakesheep-luna  Tony/WinterSoldier  D.I.D  pining  matchmaking  date  Steve/Sam 
march 2017 by southerly
Falling Fast - Thundersnow (pieprincess_andthe_fallenangel) - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
“There are some rules, of course. Lisa will fill you in on those while I’m gone. If you’re willing to agree to them, then hang around for a while. Get to know the crew. And come back tomorrow with your answer, 10pm sharp. If you’re not on time, then I’ll take it as a no.” Leonard had been moving towards the door and when he got there he turned to look back at Barry, his eyes roamed up and down Barry’s body for a moment which made the younger man blush and his heart quicken. “And that would be a shame,” Leonard drawled. Barry nodded and swallowed thickly as his mouth became suddenly dry from the fire in Leonard’s eyes. “I hope to see you tomorrow, Barry,”
When Barry wakes up from his coma with superspeed he is asked to go undercover in the Rogues, an elite team of metahuman criminals who are hell-bent on the destruction of the new metahuman laws. He agrees and everything is going well at first… except Barry hadn’t planned on being so attracted to Captain Cold.
DC  CWDCverse  TheFlash  Barry/Len  first.time  Thundersnow  au  au:mirror  undercover  break.up-make.up  pining  date  pieprincess_andthe_fallenangel 
december 2016 by southerly
Break the ice Between Us - Thundersnow (pieprincess_andthe_fallenangel) - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
Falling in love with the cute new barista at Jitters was surprisingly easy for Barry. But Len has a dark past catching up to him and Barry struggles to keep him and their friends safe.

Lightning Hot (Your Coffee, That Is):
"So... what's your name?" Barry asked, indicating to the yellow ID badge on the guy's dark grey shirt, decorated with a smiling coffee cup and the words 'I'm new, ask me my name'. The guy looked down at said badge as if it was the bane of his existence. There was a tense second where Barry considered just backing up and taking his seat again to drown himself in his coffee before the guy looked back up and responded.
"Len," he said simply and Barry's grin turned a little less nervous.
Barry had given up trying to get over his feelings for Iris when he walked into Jitters one morning and was stunned silent by the cute new barista. Maybe this guy could finally be the one to help Barry move on.
DC  CWDCverse  TheFlash  Barry/Len  first.time  Thundersnow  au  au:mirror  coffeeshop!au  season2  date  wip  pieprincess_andthe_fallenangel 
december 2016 by southerly
The Perks of Working Third Shift - Vixen13 - Spider-Man - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
An AU in which Wade is wandering the globe and ends up in NYC where he meets the absolute most perfect man he's ever seen who's working third shift at a quick mart. Even better, the man seems happy to flirt back. Wade makes it his mission to score a date.

Peter stopped dating a long time ago, but Wade's flirtations, energetic attitude, and hilarious comments make it hard for Peter not to enjoy the attention. But will all of that be ruined if Wade finds out his secret?
marvel  Spider-Man  Deadpool  Wade/Peter  first.time  Vixen13  au  au:mirror  pining  date  matchmaking  intersex.character 
november 2016 by southerly
finding a place to feel like home - theworldisabrokenbone - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
Julian doesn't really remember what it's like to be home since he left England. Home is supposed to be where his heart is, but he's not sure where his heart even is.

Until Barry Allen intervenes.
DC  CWDCverse  TheFlash  Barry/Julian  first.time  theworldisabrokenbone  season3  post-episode  date  matchmaking 
november 2016 by southerly
pretending - theworldisabrokenbone - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
Barry walking in and asking him to be his friend for five minutes is such a common thing for him; he has ready a sigh and a ‘Yes, Allen,’ even before Barry asks him.

“Can you pretend to be my boyfriend?” asks Barry.

“Yes, Allen.”

Julian looks up quicker than he’s ever done in his entire life. “What did you just ask me?”

Barry looks embarrassed to ask it again. “Can you. Pretend. To be my boyfriend?”

“Why would I ever want to do that?”
DC  CWDCverse  TheFlash  Barry/Julian  first.time  theworldisabrokenbone  season3  pretending  date  pining 
november 2016 by southerly
Road To War - JayEz - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV), Avengers: Age of Ultron - Fandom, captain america: civil war - Fandom, Daredevil (TV), Marvel, Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies), The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types, X-Men - All
The Path I Started:
Tony rebuilds, modifies. Takes fragments and gives them new order. He does not create. He can’t, not anymore. Not after this.
Or: After the events of Ultron, Tony rebuilds the tower by himself and shuts everything out to the point that Pepper takes desperate measures and asks Steve to come and help.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony  first.time  JayEz  AoU  post-movie  ptsd  hurt/comfort  pining  date  unfinished.series 
september 2016 by southerly
Never Meet Your Heroes (but Make Sure to Get Their Number If You Do) - Potrix - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Only someone with Tony as a best friend, Rhodey thinks, fondly resigned, would find themselves unexpectedly appreciating the shirtlessness of one of the world’s most skilled and feared former assassins.
The one where Rhodey meets his crush, Tony fails at being subtle, and Steve is a little shit, but things turn out all right anyway.

Failure to Catch on (and Other Tests of Patience):
Rhodey doesn’t expect anything to come out of his, frankly, absolutely spectacular night with Bucky. He’s no stranger to the concept of one-night stands, has—due to his demanding career—prefered casual relationships with no strings attached himself for most of his adult life, so he’s admittedly surprised when Bucky texts him a couple of days after their encounter. Surprised, but not averse to an eventual repeat performance.
Or; five times Rhodey is completely oblivious to how serious Bucky is about them, and the one time the second most emotionally stunted person in Avengers Tower talks some sense into him.
marvel  avengers  Bucky/Rhodey  first.time  Potrix  matchmaking  pining  date  clueless  #things 
september 2016 by southerly
Twentieth Century Boy - rainbowdracula - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Peter was never too interested in mating and courtship, but the ever so polite Matt Murdock may change his mind.

Matt, meanwhile, knew Peter was Spider-Man immediately, and it made him want Peter even more. Only problem was trying to explain how he knows.
marvel  Spider-Man  Daredevil  Matt/Peter  first.time  rainbowdracula  au  au:mirror  omegaverse  date 
august 2016 by southerly
Emanata (The Comics Will Break Your Heart Remix) - teaberryblue - Marvel (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve Rogers has the opportunity to fulfill his childhood dreams of becoming a comic artist when eccentric billionaire, superhero patron, and obsessive comic enthusiast Tony Stark offers him a job drawing Iron Man.

But Tony Stark has no idea that Steve Rogers is really Captain America, the newest member of the Avengers.

And Iron Man has no idea that Captain America is really Steve Rogers, up-and-coming comic book artist.

And Steve doesn't know what to do about the fact that he's falling head over heels for them both.
marvel  avengers  616  Steve/Tony  first.time  teaberryblue  au  au:mirror  pining  pining.for.years  date 
july 2016 by southerly
Closer to flying - Odsbodkins - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
"Sam Wilson had thought he had excellent gaydar. The sort of neighborhood he grew up in, then the military, a near-flawless gaydar was a survival essential.

He was going to have to revise it to “has excellent gaydar in person”. Because he had never had the slightest inkling that Captain America might be gay."

A quick fic to help increase the amount of Steve/Sam fic there is here.

**Winter Soldier Spoilers from beginning to end**
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Sam  first.time  Odsbodkins  date  missing.scene 
july 2016 by southerly
WANTED - faeryn - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]

‘Boyfriend’ to take home for Thanksgiving break. Pleasant, religious family want to know I'm socializing at college. No obligation to continue association upon return. Must be same-sex relationship positive as I am male.

Please call xxx-xxxx-xxxx and ask for Castiel.
supernatural  dean/castiel  first.time  faeryn  au  au:total  au:mundane  academic!au  college  pretending  date  holiday  kink  lingerie 
june 2016 by southerly
Any Other Way of Loving - brandnewfashion - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
In which Steve is bad at dating, Tony isn’t, and neither of them are as subtle as they think.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony  first.time  brandnewfashion  pretending  pining  break.up-make.up  matchmaking  date 
june 2016 by southerly
Plus One - Sineala - Marvel (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Tony wants Steve to accompany him to a gala. They're not together. Tony doesn't seem to think this is a problem, but he doesn't know about Steve's feelings for him. And Steve's certainly not going to tell him.
marvel  avengers  616  Steve/Tony  first.time  sineala  pretending  date  pining  pining.for.years 
june 2016 by southerly
another kind of hunger - dragdragdragon - The Flash (TV 2014), DC's Legends of Tomorrow (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Barry's favorite food truck never comes around more than once a week. Until one day, it's taken over by another chef.

Cue obliviousness and hilarity.

or the one time Chef Leonard Snart takes over Chef Rory's food truck for a week and worms his way into Barry's heart.
DC  CWDCverse  TheFlash  Barry/Len  first.time  dragdragdragon  au  au:mirror  date  au:mundane 
march 2016 by southerly
Show Me - imafriendlydalek - Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Show Me How To Live:
The world has moved on since Captain America went into the ice, Steve had been told by his handler at SHIELD, an agent he knows only as Sitwell. Genetic modification of humans is very much forbidden by international law, and with the country already embroiled in war, Captain America has to remain hidden.
It’s 2005 and Steve is back at art school, this time in Boston. At an event that involves melting metal, he sees a pair of familiar eyes. As they get to know each other, Steve and Tony also learn the truth behind the lies they have been told.

Show Me How To Live - One-Shots:
A series of scenes that fall within the Show Me How To Live 'verse but aren't directly part of the story. These may make sense if you haven't read the rest, which you should anyway. You know you want to.

To Sacrifice (But Knowing to Survive):
Planning a wedding is hard work, especially if you are busy hunting down the guy who killed your fiancé’s parents, an assassin known as the Winter Soldier, and also your fiancé might be dying.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony  first.time  imafriendlydalek  au  au:mirror  academic!au  college  date  hurt/comfort  secret.identities.are.secret  favorite  unfinished.series  ★★★★ 
march 2016 by southerly
What Comforts We Should Find - punk_rock_yuppie - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
Barry Allen has been dating Leonard Snart for nearly six months. Barry Allen knows Leonard Snart is also renowned thief, Captain Cold. Leonard Snart does not know his own Barry Allen is The Flash. It’s complicated.
DC  CWDCverse  TheFlash  Barry/Len  established  punk_rock_yuppie  date 
february 2016 by southerly
Pink Drinks and Pick-Up Lines - Frea_O - Arrow (TV 2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Reeling from being stood up on a blind date, Felicity sort of accidentally hits on the brooding guy on the barstool next to hers and adventures ensue.
date  CWDCverse  Arrow  Oliver/Felicity  first.time  Frea_O  au  au:mirror  humor 
february 2016 by southerly
Any Possible Similarity - lady_ragnell - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
When Foggy gets a call from his college friend Sam, he can't say he's expecting to bond with the Avengers. It's a little awkward, when he can't tell them that he knows Daredevil, or Matt that he knows them, but he likes them.

It gets complicated when Natasha decides that Foggy and Daredevil should go on a date.
marvel  Daredevil  mcu  Matt/Foggy  first.time  lady_ragnell  pining  pining.for.years  matchmaking  date  avengers  secret.identities.are.secret  favorite  ★★★★ 
january 2016 by southerly
one hell of a mess - noelia_g - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015), Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
based on stormpiloting's headcanon: "okay so i love poe stressing finn out with how unbearably cool and suave he is but honestly i live for finn turning poe into an awkwardly nervous wreck"

Finn cannot deal with this. Poe hasn't even began dealing with this.
StarWars  EpisodeVII  Finn/Poe  first.time  noelia_g  post-canon  date  matchmaking 
january 2016 by southerly
The Beginning of Always - hafital - Highlander: The Series [Archive of Our Own]
you woke up tomorrow in a strange place and an unfamiliar Immortal was there claiming to be your friend, someone you've never seen before in your life, who you have no reason to trust, would you believe him?
highlander  Duncan/Methos  first.time  hafital  post-canon  future  date  amnesia 
january 2016 by southerly
Talking Loud, Talking Crazy - languageismymistress - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
Raider Did What?
Stopping Colds heist was something Barry was use to, being hit in the middle of the heist by Raider was not

First Date Promises:
Len was serious about taking Barry out on that first date
DC  CWDCverse  TheFlash  Barry/Len  first.time  languageismymistress  season2  mind.control  date  unfinished.series 
november 2015 by southerly
On the House - relucant - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
"In a past life," the guy at the end of the bar began, "I lived in Kansas. Was a hunter. Hunted things. Hunted things." He stared into his glass, swirling the liquid.

Castiel sighed inwardly. The morose drunks were always the hardest to gauge. Some wanted sympathy; some wanted to get angry; some wanted to be cheered up. Some just wanted to talk.

This guy wasn't sloppy-drunk, at least. Didn't seem particularly drunk at all, really, though in general hitting the whiskey at 6:30 on a Tuesday afternoon wasn't a good sign.

And anyway, Cas was perfectly willing to admit, if he had to play bartender-therapist, it's nice when his patron-patient's disgustingly attractive.
supernatural  dean/castiel  first.time  relucant  au  au:total  au:mundane  date  kink  spanking 
november 2015 by southerly
5 Times Derek Surprised Stiles and 1 Time He Didn't - heartsdesire456 - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Stiles expected after that first, dramatic, ‘thank God we’re all alive’ kiss that Derek might genuinely care about him. However, he never expected for what he hoped to be a potential ‘I like you, you like me, let’s have hot, steamy celebration sex when we don’t die!’ relationship to somehow turn into a ‘Derek Hale is a secret romantic, who knew?’ real-life relationship.


Basically 5 times Derek is secretly a romantic and 1 time Stiles totally expected what was coming.
TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  first.time  heartsdesire456  date  #things 
october 2015 by southerly
I Am The Flash - FlashFan (lolsy) - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
Whilst running laps around Central City to let off steam, Barry accidently travels back in time to live through a day he has already lived through two times before. Only this time when he changes the course of events, it isn't a bad obstacle that has been thrown his way.
DC  CWDCverse  TheFlash  Barry/Len  first.time  lolsy  au  au:branching  timetravel  date 
september 2015 by southerly
Diner Dash - writerdragonfly - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
Len wishes he was more surprised that his date doesn't show up.
Barry doesn't really have a plan when he walks in.
DC  CWDCverse  TheFlash  Barry/Len  UST  writerdragonfly  date  pretending 
september 2015 by southerly
The (Terrible) Seduction of Tony Stark - cvsossong - The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Tony thinks Steve is an innocent virgin and tries to take it slow with him. Steve is having none of that. Unfortunately, Tony doesn't take hints well.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony  first.time  cvsossong  date  pwp  kink 
september 2015 by southerly
After Dark - ann2who, morphia - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve and Tony meet after dark and everything changes.

Evening Comfort:
A night out to try and forget the fight with Ultron leads both Steve and Tony to a random gay bar in Brooklyn. Talking to a stranger is always easier than addressing what had happened, so the two men decide to pretend they don’t know each other. Their rocky friendship turns into something else entirely… and this one conversation might just change everything.

Late Night Surprises:
It had seemed fairly simple, at first. Or so Steve and Tony thought. Meet up at a gay bar, hook up out of sheer shock, and then agree to see where it would go, later. A real date would've been a good start, if setting one up hadn't turned out to be an impossible task. Fed up with waiting, Tony decides to take a more direct approach to let Steve know exactly how much he missed him...

Small Hours Blues:
Steve and Tony finally get to their date, and immediately find themselves in a curious predicament. Who’s to blame? Steve? Tony? Who cares? Revelations are reached. Confessions are made. And at the end of the night, the small hours darkness might’ve just been the best thing that’d ever happened to them.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony  first.time  ann2who  morphia  kink  pining  date  trapped 
september 2015 by southerly
7 Tinder Dates - reillyblack - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
“My brother’s got cute kids. He and his wife are so--” Dean shrugged. “Maybe I always wanted that, just didn’t think I could find someone who wanted it with me.”
Supernatural  reillyblack  dean/castiel  first.time  au  au:total  au:mundane  date  jealousy 
september 2015 by southerly
Love is...You Know The Rest - RainyForecast - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Wherein Erica sets Stiles up on a blind date, things go awry, and Derek just meant to treat himself to a nice, quiet dinner out.

For Fatal_mystique, because she ask for a ficlet from this Tumblr prompt:

"you’re supposed to be on a blind date with someone but you sat down at the wrong table and i haven’t been able to get a word in edgewise to tell you that and it’s been thirty minutes” au
TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  first.time  RainyForecast  au  avengers  au:mundane  date  humor 
july 2015 by southerly
Falling Into You - sabrecmc - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Tony and Steve end up as fuck buddies after the events of The Winter Soldier until Steve calls it off. When Loki's spell wipes all of Steve's memories since the last time Loki was in town, Tony decides it will be so much easier to just not tell Steve they had something of a relationship. Spoiler: It isn't.

Or, how Steve fell in love with Tony and forgot about it, and how Tony fell in love with Steve and realized it.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony  first.time  sabrecmc  amnesia  break.up-make.up  date  pining  devirginized 
may 2015 by southerly
Everything Changes - DeMarcos - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
What if Barry was the one Eddie found himself interested in, the night they first met? There's a connection between the two of them and they hit it off, but before Eddie can get Barry's number, he goes and gets struck by lightning. When Barry wakes up, he discovers just how much everything in his world has changed, and what has stayed the same. Namely, a certain detective's feelings for him.

This series will follow along each episode, focusing on the altered, in-between moments as Barry balances honing his new ability and becoming a hero with trying his hand at being in a serious relationship, all while keeping a massive secret.
TheFlash  Barry/Eddie  first.time  DeMarcos  au  au:branching  pining  hurt/comfort  date  DC  CWDCverse 
may 2015 by southerly
Say When - ann2who - Captain America (Movies), Iron Man (Movies), Marvel (Comics), Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Say When:
** Iron Man 2 AU ⎪Undercover AU **
What if Steve was unfrozen early? What if instead of Natasha, Steve got assigned to help Tony while the genius was slowly dying of palladium poisoning? What if he never revealed his identity to him until the very moment the Avengers first came together, forming a team?

Say the Word:
** Post-Avengers⎪Natasha POV **
The idea of the Avengers as a long-term thing still felt strange to her. Natasha was sure that none of them had ever entertained the illusion of making friends on the way. And now here she was, in Stark Tower of all places, because Steve wanted her here. Because Stark—however that had happened—wanted her here. She kept waiting to find a catch in all of this, and somehow, it never happened.

And I will Be Your Man:
** Iron Man 3 AU **
After completing his undercover mission and earning Tony’s forgiveness, Steve’s life has become wonderfully peaceful. The Avengers had officially taken up their residence in New York, and—Tony’s nightmares, and occasional precarious missions aside—life was good. He was in love, and he’d never been happier. That was, until some terrorist decided to go ahead and destroy everything he’d ever fought for.

Hold My Hand:
** Cap 2 AU **
Book 3 of the Say When series. An alternate version of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. In the months following the defeat of the Mandarin, Steve decides to temporarily move back to Washington in order to help SHIELD train the new STRIKE teams. A long-distance relationship is harder than Steve ever thought it would be, and so he resumes life the only way he knows how: fighting the bad guys, following orders. It’s only a matter of time before his past catches up with him, and brings about a man he thought he'd lost forever…

Keep On Wanting:
After unleashing Ultron onto the world, Tony is haunted by the terrible vision of his future: The Avengers. Steve. Dead. All because of him. And when things just can’t get any worse, Tony has to make a decision: How much is he willing to sacrifice for his friends? For Steve? How much is he willing to give up? As the end of the world is coming nearer, Tony and Steve have to embark on a path less traveled together. Can their love be saved, or will all those secrets slowly rip the two apart?

Take It All Away:
Steve and Tony love each other—that would undoubtedly always be true. However, there might just be things that don’t care for love, that don’t care what it means for the two to take different sides. Things that none of them could’ve foreseen. Things that might just rip everything apart.
When the United Nations attempt to put restrictions on the Avengers, Tony has to admit that the pawns had been in place for a long time, he just hadn’t dared to admit it to himself. And now, it is simply a matter of who will move first—and more importantly: in which direction.
marvel  avengers  Steve/Tony  first.time  ann2who  au  au:branching  undercover  pining  angst  date  break.up-make.up  domestic  favorite  married  hurt/comfort  kid-fic  ★★★★ 
april 2015 by southerly
Honeyed Lies and Bedroom Eyes - ToriCeratops - Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
Eggsy has been looking at Harry like he's dying of thirst pretty much since the day they met. And Harry is anything but oblivious.
It's been almost two years, a world rescuing feat or two, and far too many wasted opportunities and Harry is tired of waiting for the perfect moment.
So he creates it.
Kingsman  Harry/Eggsy  first.time  ToriCeratops  pining  date 
april 2015 by southerly
Monarch (butterfly) - evil_brainmate - Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
And When You Came Home:
“She has nothin' else to go on. I disappeared last year and come back a fucking well-dressed murder machine that runs off at your every beck and call and gets home bruised and bloody."
Michelle Unwin has her suspicions about how her 'tailor' son ends up with so many injuries.

Perhaps A Little More Conversation:
Five times people thought Roxy and Eggsy were dating + One time someone knew better.
Notes: Genderqueer!Eggsy (who is still figuring things out), Roxy/OCs (briefly), Eggsy/Roxy (faked for a mission)

“How is this my life? I just want a nice dinner and maybe some cute couple-y cuddling stuff, but no. Some nut job fucks up and decides to take the entirety of international espionage down with him.”
In which a date does not happen, but sort of does.
Kingsman  Harry/Eggsy  UST  evil_brainmate  pining  date  unfinished 
april 2015 by southerly
All's Fair in Orgasms and War - bleep0bleep - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"We haven't seen much of our favorite rock hard stud from Hale House ever since that indie twink dethroned him as champion in Orgasm Wars, but it's just been confirmed that Diamond will no longer be working for the legendary studio famous for producing some of our favorite werewolf-on-human works. Don't fret, Diamond fans, it looks like he's been spotted cozying up to True Alpha Studios! Apparently he couldn't get enough of that one human and then followed him home. Could it be true love? Keep your eye on this studio-- us at AVN think we're about to get a lot more of Diamond in a very new way!"
The one in which (almost) everyone is a porn star, and Derek just wants to curl up with his fluffy blanket and watch the Hallmark channel, but work and falling in love gets in the way.
TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  first.time  bleep0bleep  au  pornstar  pining  date  voyeurism  kink  asexual.spectrum 
february 2015 by southerly
All Night All Right - MoreThanSlightly (cadignan) - Young Avengers, Hawkeye (Comics), Marvel 616 [Archive of Our Own]
Okay. This looks bad.

Despite being young and rich and hot and awesome, Olympic gold medalist archer Kate Bishop finds herself in a bar acting like the world’s saddest, dullest cliché: Area Twentysomething Drinks Alone Because Her Ex Is Getting Married Next Weekend. But then, from across the room, she catches the eye of a girl with a wicked smile and an even better right hook. Things start to look up after that.

Now if only she could get Clint to stop humming “She wants the young American, young American, young American.”
marvel  YoungAvengers  616  Kate/America  first.time  MoreThanSlightly  au  au:total  au:mundane  pretending  pining  date  Clint/Natasha  Teddy/Billy  established 
february 2015 by southerly
Snowstorm Juno - angry_angel - Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Life didn't always work out for Nico di Angelo; so naturally, Nico figured being stuck at the airport on his birthday because of some huge snowstorm was going to be another one of those time.

But what if it isn't.
Heroes.of.Olympus  Nico/Jason  first.time  angry_angel  au  au:total  au:mundane  date 
february 2015 by southerly
Alpha, Beta, Gamma Radiation - Lumelle - Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types, Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (2012), The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types, Young Avengers [Archive of Our Own]
It's a new world and a new century, and Steve's still not entirely used to being an alpha. Throw in a developing relationship with Tony (who seems to have replaced the sun at some point, because Steve's world is busy revolving around him), the murky world of alpha dynamics, beta Bruce's problems with alpha Hulk, and Clint's inability to stay out of trouble no matter what his dear mate tries, and he won't have time to worry much about his beta past.

(Natasha seems awfully amused at the whole mess. Steve is not going to tell her she can't laugh. His anatomy has been rearranged often enough)

[Background Clint/Coulson. Teddy/Billy in the later parts.]
marvel  mcu  616  Steve/Tony  first.time  Lumelle  au  au:mirror  omegaverse  heat  Teddy/Billy  date  Clint/Coulson  established  unfinished.series  avengers  YoungAvengers 
february 2015 by southerly
Sterek Tumblr Prompts - KuriKuri - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
French Silk Pie, Baby
Never Accept Gifts From An Arsonist
Fever of 103
Almost Cinderella
Arguing's Kind of the Point
Blame the Pierogi
Dinner and a Movie
Way Better Than Flowers
TeenWolf  Derek/Stiles  first.time  KuriKuri  au  au:total  au:mundane  pining  date  matchmaking  au:mirror  pretending  asexual 
january 2015 by southerly
Worlds Away and Quite at Home - infiniteeight - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Phil's soulmate mark never came in, leaving him blank. Once he gave up hope that it would, he convinced himself that soulmates being a matter of destiny was just a romantic idea with no roots in reality. Then portals to an alternate universe open all over the world, and it turns out Phil is one of the few people who is able to cross through. The world on the other side is almost identical to his own...

...but only almost.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Clint/Coulson  first.time  infiniteeight  au  au:mirror  through.the.mirror  bonded  date 
january 2015 by southerly
Scenes From A Teen Life - Etharei - Young Avengers [Archive of Our Own]
He's never been in this space before: broad daylight, his cheek throbbing, clothing dirty from the street, and at the same time floating, skin thrumming like he's using magic; hopelessly, helplessly happy. In which Billy Kaplan, against all expectations and documented statistics, has a boyfriend.
marvel  616  YoungAvengers  Teddy/Billy  first.time  Etharei  date  favorite  ★★★★ 
december 2014 by southerly
Teenage Wasteland - Khirsah - Young Avengers [Archive of Our Own]
Billy leaned forward a little, watching as Teddy found a felt-tipped pen and began searching for a slip of paper. The napkins were all balled up and messy; the placemats were splattered with gravy. "Erm," Billy said, half afraid Teddy would change his mind.

"Here," Teddy finally said, turning toward him. He caught Billy's hand between his own and turned it over, palm-up, his fingers calloused and warm against Billy's smooth skin. He smelled like…like something amazing.

Oh, oh, wow, Billy thought dazedly, squeezing his knees together against the liquid rush of heat low in his belly; the glide of the pen against his palm was the most arousing thing he'd ever felt. The sight of Teddy's golden hair falling into his face made him want to do something incredibly stupid, like lean forward and kiss him, or throw his arms around his neck, or… Or something. Anything.
marvel  616  Teddy/Billy  first.time  Khirsah  YoungAvengers  pre-canon  pining  date  break.up  wip  favorite  ★★★★ 
december 2014 by southerly
New Metropolis - Amuly - Marvel 616, The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
The City is perfect. That's what Tony grew up knowing, and that's the truth Tony continues to perpetuate as his life's work. Tony is the civil engineer of the greatest City in the world, and keeping the City perfect is his job. Tony takes care of the City, and the City takes care of everyone else, so they are free to pursue their own life's work, whatever it may be.

This all changes one morning when something goes wrong. A flood in one of the gardens, which leads Tony to meet the handsome gardener, Steve Rogers. Is the flood a malfunction of the City, or something more calculated, more sinister? As head civil engineer, it's up to Tony to find out. He only hopes he will be able to before the City falls past the point of repair.
marvel  avengers  616  Steve/Tony  first.time  amuly  au  au:total  au:sci-fi  au:mundane  date  break.up-make.up  other.ships 
december 2014 by southerly
Feelings That Are Real - heartsdesire456 - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Mack was getting really tired of certain aspects of the team.
“You’re good for him.”
“He seems better with you around.”
“I just wanted to thank you. For helping Fitz. Well, for being his friend.”
It was seriously getting old. He got that everybody else seemed to seriously think Fitz was broken or something, but it had gone from people thinking he had anything to do with Fitz getting better to people thanking him for being his friend.

Coming Home:
Fitz and Mack have a good thing together, something that works for them both, but being part of SHIELD, real life really can - and does - get in the way.
marvel  AoS  mcu  Fitz/Mack  first.time  heartsdesire456  season2  date 
november 2014 by southerly
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