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Corporate Innovation Trends
The life of an S&P 500 company is rapidly declining and increasingly, the risks to these companies comes from an armada of startups and not a giant incumbent competitor. We dig into how corporations can use startups to innovate faster and how to make the important build, buy or partner decision.
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5 days ago
The Strength of Vulnerable Leaders
Leaders do not have to be perfect in order to be successful. Quite the opposite. Admitting mistakes, being open and honest, and accepting foibles and flaws yields far more effective results than projecting an untouchable facade. Tough leaders may inspire through fear or intimidation. Vulnerable leaders inspire with authenticity and humanity. And it’s the latter that is more likely to yield better results.
vulnerable  leader  leadership  brene  brown 
6 days ago
KBS Albion’s transformation – Albionites
Help you understand who your customers are, how their needs are changing, and the new commercial opportunities that creates.
Explore ‘possible futures’ for your business, and use insight, data and coaching to help your leaders make their decision.
Help you design new products, services, brands or ventures that take your business in that new direction.
Work alongside your teams so they can absorb new ways of working, and to enable them to operate and develop the new offers we create together.
agency  albion  business  model  disruption 
13 days ago
Three lessons from Doteveryone’s digital leadership programme
Think “nurture”, not “roll out”: there is power in harnessing change from within
Especially in the public sector, there’s a sense that innovative ideas come from outsiders (consultants, new hires, etc.) rather than from existing staff. But often, teams within organisations are already experimenting and road-testing solutions to the challenges leaders are expected to address.

We need to foster a mindset of continuous improvement and experimentation amongst our leaders, and then encourage them to do the same in their organisations — creating the space and support for their teams to try new ways of thinking and working.

All things in moderation: healthy exploration isn’t the Wild West
Some of the most passionate discussions we’ve seen are around how to get people to use the ‘right’ technology or the right “tools” in an environment that is otherwise encouraging exploration and experiments. (“Right” in this case means the technology that has been selected by the organisation.) “Experimentation” isn’t the same thing as “download and use whatever products and services you want”, but sometimes things get lost in translation.

We need to help our leaders understand why their organisations use the technology they use, and then better communicate those choices. By balancing the space for experimentation alongside the need to deliver against a common purpose, we’ll help teams better understand why one app needs to be picked over another or why a less exciting service is the best one for now.
leaders  digital  leadership  transformation 
13 days ago
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