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The best Chromebooks 2019: the top 10 Chrome OS laptops | TechRadar
10. HP Chromebook 13

Flashy and functional, this Chromebook means business

CPU: Intel Pentium 4405Y – Core m7 | Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 515 | RAM: 4GB – 16GB | Screen: 13.3-inch, FHD (1920 x 1080) – QHD (3,200 x 1,800) | Storage: 32GB eMMC
8 weeks ago
Compare Travel Sites
Compares deals on accommodation/hotels from different sources
accommodation  hotels  Edinburgh  apartments 
9 weeks ago Search Results
Looking for Thomas Sharp's Oxford Replanned
books  Oxford  planning  urban-design 
10 weeks ago
The history and architecture of the Gdansk Old Town in photos
Some great photos of the city - see especially terraced housing of the highest quality and the way they create a brilliant street.
urban-design  streets  quality 
10 weeks ago
Bike Life: Public support for protected bike lanes | Sustrans
To make a comparison, in Copenhagen there is approximately 230 miles of cycle lanes physically separated from traffic and pedestrians along roads. This sounds like a lot, however, in reality, it only takes up 7% of Copenhagen’s total street space. This has led to 41% of journeys in the city to work or education being made by bike. And if you just count Copenhagener’s journeys within the city – 62% to work and education are now made by bicycle [2].

When research suggests bicycles are up to five times more efficient than cars [3], reallocating 7% of our urban road space to bicycles makes sense.
> And if you add in the benefits for our health, air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, and the local economy from more people on bikes, people in the future will wonder what took us so long to transform our cities.
cycling  safety  participation  risk 
11 weeks ago
Safety and security on cycle tracks in Copenhagen - Cycle_Tracks_Copenhagen.pdf
Taken in combination, the cycle tracks and lanes which have been constructed have had positive results as far as traffic volumes and feelings of security go. They have however, had negative effects on road safety. The radical effects on traffic volumes
resulting from the construction of cycle tracks will undoubtedly result in gains in health from increased physical activity. These gains are much, much greater than the losses in health resulting from a slight decline in road safety.
See also:
cycling  tracks  lane  safety  perceived  risk  participation 
11 weeks ago
Influence of road markings, lane widths and driver behaviour on proximity and speed of vehicles overtaking cyclists - Research Repository
In mixed traffic conditions, cyclists will be better accommodated by wider cross-sections, lower speed limits and the removal of the centre-line marking.
Report: Shackel, S. C. and Parkin, J. (2014) Influence of road markings, lane widths and driver behaviour on proximity and speed of vehicles overtaking cyclists. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 73. pp. 100-108. ISSN 0001-4575 Available from:
cycling  safety  cycle  lanes  risk  passing  distance 
11 weeks ago
Mondaq Registration - Free to use our site
Mondaq specialises in legal matters, but has a section 'Real Estate and Construction' covering construction law, and also deals with dispute avoidance and dispute resolution (including mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution - ADR).
construction  newsletter 
12 weeks ago
Go to the bottom of the homepage to sign-up for free newsletters
construction  newsletter 
12 weeks ago
Home page | The world's leading construction website
Maybe look at 'communities' instead. Building used to provide newsletters by subject.
construction  newsletter 
12 weeks ago
NEC4: A Dispute Resolution Perspective
NEC4: A Dispute Resolution Perspective
The NEC form of contract was first published nearly 24 years ago and prides itself on “helping the industry do things differently and better.” It is now used on a wide range of projects not just domestically but also internationally. For example, the Crossrail project uses a range of contracts from the NEC3 Suite including the Project Services Contract and the Engineering and Construction Contract Option C.1

Despite its aim of encouraging best practice, the number of disputes arising out of NEC contracts does appear to be increasing.2 We are certainly seeing an increased number of adjudications arising out of NEC contracts. The case law on the NEC forms, although still sparse compared to other standard forms, is also becoming more abundant than it was.

The next generation of the NEC form of contracts (NEC4) was launched in June 2017 and states that it has taken into account “user feedback”.3 This Insight reviews the NEC4 from the perspective of those involved in resolving the disputes arising out of NEC contracts. We examine whether the changes made are likely to make disputes less likely or, at the very least, cut down on the types of arguments now commonly seen between the parties to NEC contracts particularly where “good project management” hasn’t happened quite as it should.
NEC  ECC  case  law  disputes  contract  cases  construction 
may 2019
"As a market leading construction team with extensive experience in the NEC suite, Hogan Lovells has prepared a summary of principles from recent case law on NEC that may impact upon the construction industry.We hope that you will find it useful."
12 cases reviewed from 2010 to 2018
NEC  ECC  contract  cases 
may 2019
Opinion | People Can Savage Social Norms, but Also Revive Them - The New York Times
In his new book, “How Change Happens,” Sunstein uses this story to make a few points. First, sometimes people’s private reactions differ from how society tells them they’re supposed to react to a given situation. Second, if you give people permission to express how they really feel, they will sometimes take you up on it. Third, if there is mass dissonance between how people feel they’re supposed to act and their actual feelings, then you’ve got a situation ripe for radical and sudden social change.
Sunstein  opinion  norms  social  nudge  culture 
may 2019
Pointing at the Wrong Villain: Cass Sunstein and Echo Chambers - Los Angeles Review of Books
HARVARD LAW professor, member of President Obama’s White House, and the most-cited constitutional law professor in the country, Cass Sunstein first addressed the internet’s role in the polarization of our culture 15 years ago. His argument has become an accepted part of any discussion about the net’s failings. Yet, he has now written the same book about this issue for the third time. To be sure, his persistence is laudable, but the problems with his assumptions are only becoming more obvious.
Sunstein  opinion  politics  review  social  conformity  groups 
may 2019
E-PROCUREMENT PERSPECTIVES IN CONSTRUCTION SECTOR SMEs Elena Vitkauskaitė1, Rimantas Gatautis2Electronic Business Research Centre, Kaunas University of Technology, Laisvės al. 55, LT-44309 Kaunas, Lithuania. E-mail:, 2rgataut@ktu.ltReceived 2 Sept 2008, accepted 17 Oct 2008
e-procurement  construction  procurement 
may 2019
Electronic Procurement in the Construction Industry: Government & Law Book Chapter | IGI Global
Book chapter
Electronic Procurement in the Construction Industry
Robert Eadie (University of Ulster, UK), Srinath Perera (Northumbria University, UK) and George Heaney (University of Ulster, UK)
Source Title: Public Sector Transformation Processes and Internet Public Procurement: Decision Support Systems
Copyright: © 2013 |Pages: 44
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-2665-2.ch007
e-procurement  construction 
may 2019
The benefits of e-procurement in construction - Designing Buildings Wiki
The term 'E-procurement' refers to tendering processes carried out online and through information and networking systems, and may include; E-tendering, E-auctioning, E-invoicing, E-payment and so on.
>_The effectiveness of a contractual relationship is typically dictated by how well the initial procurement process has been completed and whether the written agreement fully reflects the intentions of the contracting parties. E-procurement can be an effective way of managing this process, particularly where there are complex, multi-tier supply chains.
> E-procurement automates procurement procedures, reducing the need for paper-based and human processes. E-procurement platforms can be customised according to the needs of the user, often with accessibility through mobile devices. This frees up procurement teams from low-value tasks, allowing them to focus on higher-value activities such as contract negotiation.
e-procurement  procurement  electronic 
may 2019
Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission - GOV.UK
The commission is an independent body that will advise government on how to promote and increase the use of high-quality design for new build homes and neighbourhoods.
> It will be responsible for developing practical measures that will help ensure new housing developments meet the needs and expectations of communities, making them more likely to be welcomed, rather than resisted, by existing communities.
uk  government  policy  housing 
may 2019
Please Press 1 | Customer Service Call Centre Menus FREE Directory
Save time, money and frustration!
> How? You don't need to listen to the full Call Centre menu options.
If you know what options to press, you can simply PRESS AHEAD.

Here's how it works in 3 simple steps...
phone  utility  shortcuts 
april 2019
11 Best Free Email Accounts for 2019
Google of course, but others including Yahoo (some big benefits) and spandex (a Russian provider) also with some good features.
email  providers 
april 2019
New study reveals the social benefits of cycling and walking in the EU | Eltis
Redesigning the urban environment is essential to increase levels of cycling and walking in cities. Apart from the difficulty of gaining political support in favour of sustainable transport modes, the study notes, the greatest barrier to urban redesign that local authorities face is the issue of estimating costs (and benefits). For this reason, cost-benefit analyses (CBAs) guide key decisions on investments related to major transport construction projects.
However, the design of CBAs - and the value of the parameters that they use - is important. In order to explore this further, the study developed a comparative framework to assess the costs and benefits related to car driving, cycling and walking.
externalities  driving  cities  cycling  walking 
april 2019
5 Reasons You Should Add More Fermented Foods to Your Diet (Infographic) – Health Essentials from Cleveland Clinic
...fermented foods can help. Here, Dr. Cresci explains why bringing back traditional fermented foods, such as fermented sauerkraut or pickles, in to your diet is good for optimal health.
Don’t worry. This doesn’t mean you have to eat lacto-fermented pickles for breakfast, lunch and dinner for gut health! The byproducts of fermentation (and thus the benefits) vary depending on the type of food that is being fermented — whether it’s cabbage or cheese.
fermented  health  food  gut 
april 2019
Only economic study showing benefits of Brexit debunked as 'doubly misleading' | The Independent
Another debunking of the models used by the only group which think that Brexit would benefit the economy.
Professor Alan Winters, Professor of Economics at the University of Sussex and Director of the UK Trade Policy Observatory, on Wednesday pointed out that the modelling assumptions that produced the Economists for Brexit headline figure were suspect.
Minford  economics  Brexit  trade  economists-for-free-trade 
april 2019
Shades of grey in academic citation practice - Etikkom
Interesting discussion but one fascinating example about an urban fallacy(check?), that spinach is a rich source of iron in the diet.
referencing  writing  spinach  iron 
march 2019
Louise Vogel Kielgast on Public Space Public Life Surveys - Gehl
Lots of interesting stuff on the blog, by Gehl and others
cities  city-space  gehl  blog  p33507 
march 2019
Amsterdam Says Newly Built Homes Aren't for Renting Out - CityLab
n an effort to make housing more affordable, the Dutch capital is crafting a law that says anyone who buys a newly built home must live in it themselves.
cities  housing  Amsterdam  Netherlands 
march 2019
Winston Churchill, speech delivered at the University of Zurich, 19 September 1946 - 16806981f3
The structure of the United States of Europe will be such as to make the material strength of a single State less important. Small nations will count as much as large ones and gain their honour by a contribution to the common cause.
EU  Europe  Churchill 
march 2019
To build the cities of the future, we must get out of our cars
To build the cities of the future, we must get out of our cars
Remaking healthy urban areas means repairing damage done to communities once blown apart to serve the automobile.
pollution  cars  cities  p33507 
march 2019
The happiness movement: How cities around the world are pursuing joy by fostering social change | National Post
‏ @Penalosa_G
Mar 23
Happiness depends on positive social relationships. Happiness used to be seen as a personal pursuit. But scientists are realizing that the environments and systems that surround us have a huge impact. The cities we live in are particularly important.
p33507  cities  happiness  environment  people 
march 2019
Stop trying to solve traffic and start building great places
Finally, we also need to get a better handle on transportation demand. LOS (Level of Service) pushes us to measure traffic through the lens of transportation supply, including where we build roads, bus lines, and bike lanes. Yet the introduction of new transportation technologies and the explosion of new transportation demand data allow us to know how people are getting to key destinations.
> Using actual and synthetic measures of travel activity, we can better understand how decades of roadway growth influenced people’s travel demands today—and then test how other place-based designs could lead to more efficient, equitable, and sustainable behavior.
> For the busiest metro areas in the country—and their peers around the world—there’s no easy solution to bumper-to-bumper traffic. But if we start to measure our cities and suburbs differently, we can design solutions that ultimately create better places for people, not just their cars.
cycling  places  transport  urban-design  p33507  urbanism 
march 2019
Looks like what is needed - evaluation of real propositions
Brexit  politics  economics  policy 
march 2019
Twenty times more English children could cycle to school with better transport planning
Department for Transport-funded Propensity to Cycle Tool (PCT). The analysis is based on the National School Census within which data on travel to school was last collected in 2011 for all state primary and secondary schools in England.
cycling  children  school  Netherlands  modelling 
march 2019
Stora Enso (Finland) - Our business idea
"Addressing global warming, growing populations, urbanisation, eco-awareness and changing consumer tastes and demands, Stora Enso is in a unique position to drive a transition to a greener world.
>With renewable materials at the foundation, our solutions for paper, packaging, wooden construction and biomaterials are today found across continents and industries. We are active in sectors such as building, retail, food and beverages, manufacturing, publishing, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, confectionary, hygiene and textiles."
plastic  timber  wood  technology 
march 2019
SulapacProducts - Sulapac
"Choose from our ready-made Sulapac® portfolio
>Sulapac® packaging uses a biodegradable and microplastic-free material that has plastic like properties, yet it biodegrades completely and leaves no microplastics behind. Made of FSC-certified wood and natural binders, Sulapac® solutions are also water, oil and oxygen resistant."
plastic  timber  wood  technology 
march 2019
Replacing Paper and Plastics - Paptic
"Endless plastic free possibilities with paptic®
>Forging a category of its own, PAPTIC® combines the best features of existing materials, for instance high print quality like paper, durability like non-wovens and versatility of textiles.
>Easy shift to sustainable and reusable products for retailers and brand owners.
>Switching to PAPTIC® is a sustainability action that consumers truly notice and appreciate."
wood  timber  plastic  technology  climatechange 
march 2019 Free Online Proofreader: Grammar Check, Plagiarism Detection, and more
Seems to do a good job -includes grammar checking, style checking, makes suggestions; covers -
> Vocabulary usage
> Sentence length and variability
> Phrases to avoid
> Passive voice detection
> Readability statistics
> Analysis of sentence beginnings
writing  grammar  plagiarism 
march 2019
Planning for cycling in the dispersed city: establishing a hierarchy of effectiveness of municipal cycling policies | SpringerLink
Used Delphi technique; It was found that providing cycling infrastructure is perceived to be a prerequisite for inducing utility cycling mode share. External factors such as urban form, the relative attractiveness of cycling to travel by car and wider governmental policy were perceived to have a strong influence. The generation and maintenance of political and public support is also suggested to be critical success factor.
cycling  policy  cities  dispersed  delphi 
march 2019
Renewable Energy Supplier | Renewable Energy UK | Good Energy
Founded by Juliet Davenport: "This week we said goodbye to Wallace Smith Broecker, the scientist credited with popularising the term 'global warming' Posted by: Juliet Davenport | Posted on: 21.02.2019
green  energy  electricity  renewable 
march 2019
The secrets of the world's happiest cities | Society | The Guardian
(re. Happy City by Charles Montgomery):
> As much as we complain about other people, there is nothing worse for mental health than a social desert. The more connected we are to family and community, the less likely we are to experience heart attacks, strokes, cancer and depression. Connected people sleep better at night. They live longer. They consistently report being happier.
> There is a clear connection between social deficit and the shape of cities. A Swedish study found that people who endure more than a 45-minute commute were 40% more likely to divorce. People who live in monofunctional, car‑dependent neighbourhoods outside urban centres are much less trusting of other people than people who live in walkable neighbourhoods where housing is mixed with shops, services and places to work.
> A couple of University of Zurich economists, Bruno Frey and Alois Stutzer, compared German commuters' estimation of the time it took them to get to work with their answers to the standard wellbeing question, "How satisfied are you with your life, all things considered?"
cities  happiness  well-being  p33507  Montgomery 
march 2019
Closing Central Madrid To Cars Resulted In 9.5% Boost To Retail Spending, Finds Bank Analysis
Cities which want to boost takings in shops and restaurants should restrict access for motorists, a new study suggests. Madrid closed its central business district to cars for the first time during the 2018 Christmas period and an analysis informed by Spain’s second largest bank has found that, year-on-year, till transactions were significantly boosted by the measure.
> Twenty million anonymized transactions were analyzed by the bank and Madrid city council, and it was discovered that the decision to limit road access to the city center by motorists led to a 9.5% increase in retail takings on Madrid’s main shopping street, the Gran Vía.
cities  car  exclusion  Madrid  business  trade  p33507 
march 2019
Opinion | The A.I. Diet - The New York Times
>More than a hundred factors were found to be involved in glycemic response, but notably food wasn’t the key determinant. Instead it was the gut bacteria. Here were two simultaneous firsts in nutritional science: one, the discovery that our gut microbiome plays such a big role in our unique response to food intake, and the other that this discovery was made possible by A.I. The journal ran an accompanying editorial titled “Siri, What Should I Eat?”
>Several subsequent studies by these researchers and others have confirmed not only our microbiome’s importance but also that a substantial proportion of healthy people have high glucose levels after eating. My curiosity about this led me to approach Dr. Segal and Dr. Elinav to ask if they would test me.
diet  biome  gut  Spector  health 
march 2019
Redesigning One of Mumbai’s Most Dangerous Intersections in 3 Simple Steps —TheCityFix
Video of junction and changes:
See also:
>While India accounts for only 2 percent of global motor vehicles, it contributes over 12 percent of global road traffic deaths. Around 150,000 people lose their lives on India’s roads every year, making them some of the most dangerous in the world.
>To increase safety – especially at intersections, where pedestrians and cyclists are most vulnerable – WRI India partnered with the Mumbai Traffic Police and the Mumbai Municipal Corporation in 2017 to audit and improve high-risk intersections across the city. The aim of the project, part of Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety, supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies, is to reduce the nearly 500 road fatalities every year in the city, more than 30 percent of which occur at intersections.
India  roads  deaths  KSI  cities  junctions  urban-design  mobility  transport  p33507 
march 2019
As Cities Grapple With Mobility Revolution, 10 Principles Emerge to Guide Them —TheCityFix
Mobility is undergoing a huge shift – from the emergence of shared cars and bicycles to the impending self-driving cars – and we’re just starting to understand the full effect on cities. The revolution has implications for equity, accessibility and sustainability, and has caught many cities unawares, leading to court battles, unexpected impacts on congestion and lots of uncertainty
cities  transport  mobility  movement  technology  data  p33507 
march 2019
How to Teach in an Age of Distraction - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Instead of thinking about addiction, it makes more sense to explore how we are vulnerable to certain things that technology offers. The path forward is to learn more about our vulnerabilities and design around them. To do that, we have to clarify our purpose. In education, learning is the focus, and we know that multitasking is not helpful. So it’s up to us to actively choose unitasking.
learning  teaching  technology  distraction 
march 2019
Plain English Campaign's free, short, guide "How to Write in Plain English"
Excellent: This is a document that everybody should use, regularly, to make their written English simpler, more direct and more powerful. It's a short document and easy to read - of course.
writing  English  presentation  communication 
march 2019
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