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Strava Global Heatmap – DERESTRICTED
Note: Strava is an app used for recording cycling and running trips using sat-nav, either on a smartphone or a specialist device, mounted on the handlebar. Can also be used for planning routes.
cycling  heat-map  Europe 
6 weeks ago by spencertree
European Cities SDG Index (prototype version 2019)
The data displayed in this dashboard is sourced from the SDG Index and Dashboards Report for European cities. The report was prepared by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network and the Brabant Center for Sustainable Development.
Europe  cities  index  sustainable  development  goals 
10 weeks ago by spencertree
Winston Churchill, speech delivered at the University of Zurich, 19 September 1946 - 16806981f3
The structure of the United States of Europe will be such as to make the material strength of a single State less important. Small nations will count as much as large ones and gain their honour by a contribution to the common cause.
EU  Europe  Churchill 
march 2019 by spencertree
Why European cities are pioneers in transport automation
EUROCITIES, the network of major European cities, views transport automation as an enabler, rather than an end goal, in the quest towards greater sustainable mobility. Of course, this comes with its own set of opportunities and challenges. On the positive side, transport automation could help significantly reduce traffic, energy consumption, emissions and accidents, and the need for on- and off-street parking, which can be reclaimed for public use. On the other hand, the widespread introduction of cheap-to-use automated vehicles could encourage a shift away from other forms of sustainable transport such as public transport and cycling, stimulating unnecessary travel.
cities  Europe  transport  sustainability  automation  p33507  city-movement 
november 2018 by spencertree
Nijmegen wins award for Europe’s greenest city (2017?)- Climate Action
European Green Capital of the Year - Nijmegen (Netherlands): Nijmegen impressed the judges through a variety of sustainable initiatives the city has implemented in recent years. These include recycling 67% of its waste; creating 80km of special cycle routes; running the entire bus fleet on biogas, and ensuring all citizens live within 300m of green space.
* The award was created in 2008 by the European Commission to encourage cities to make urban environments cleaner and more sustainable. Previous winners include Stockholm, Nantes and Bristol.

The Mayor, Hubert Bruls, commented: “For years now, we have been working hard to make the municipality of Nijmegen more sustainable. Our goal is to have a climate-neutral city by 2045. This requires many long-term measures and the collaboration of various partners, including business and residents.”

He added: “There are rewards every time we take another step and accomplish something that results in a cleaner, healthier, safer and greener city. We have achieved something that really matters, both now and in the future”
*The city had already been voted Cycling City of the Netherlands in 2016, an impressive feat for a country well known for its strong bicycling culture.
Netherlands  green-capital  Europe  cities  p33507  city-movement 
october 2018 by spencertree
Both the Tories and Labour are trying to sell us Brexit unicorns | The Independent
This will not just damage Labour’s hopes of grabbing the levers of power, or a future Conservative leader’s hope of holding on to them. It will damage our politics
brexit  Europe  politics 
june 2018 by spencertree

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