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Home EPHM Lab, Monash University, Australia
Welcome to the webpage of the Environmental and Public Health Microbiology Laboratory, located in the Civil Engineering Department at Monash University, Clayton, Australia. The laboratory was officially opened in 2009 by Professor Edwina Cornish, and has grown from just two researchers to more than 20 in the past 8 years.
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january 2019 by ssorc
Probiotics for bipolar disorder mania - Harvard Health Blog
Yet, this research still has the potential to change practice after patients with bipolar disorder get discharged from the hospital for mania. Adding probiotics to the regular medication regimen is simple, cheap, has no side effects, and appears to be highly effective.
health  medicine  microbiology  research 
june 2018 by ssorc
The Microsetta Initiative
The mission of The Microsetta Initiative (TMI) is to collect microbiome samples and rich phenotypic data spanning the world's populations, and to couple these collections with educational outreach about microbiome science. As TMI is part of the Earth Microbiome Project, these data will be open access. This effort will assist researchers in understanding how to translate microbiome results between populations.
microbiology  medicine  health  science  research 
may 2018 by ssorc
Far-UVC light: A new tool to control the spread of airborne-mediated microbial diseases | Scientific Reports
We show for the first time that far-UVC efficiently inactivates airborne aerosolized viruses, with a very low dose of 2 mJ/cm2 of 222-nm light inactivating >95% of aerosolized H1N1 influenza virus. Continuous very low dose-rate far-UVC light in indoor public locations is a promising, safe and inexpensive tool to reduce the spread of airborne-mediated microbial diseases.
microbiology  health  medicine  research 
february 2018 by ssorc
🦠 Microbe Emoji
Microbe was approved as part of Unicode 11.0 in 2018 and added to Emoji 11.0 in 2018.
microbiology  science  emoji  unicode 
february 2018 by ssorc
Could the Answer to the Antibiotic-Resistance Crisis Be Found on a Toilet Seat? - The Atlantic
Hunting for Antibiotics in the World’s Dirtiest Places
“Compost bin. Pig trough. Dog-food bowl. Laptop keyboard.”
microbiology  health  medicine  science 
june 2017 by ssorc
Qwerty Tummy - Schott's Vocab Blog -
Qwerty Tummy
Stomach upsets caused by bacteria from dirty computer keyboards.
microbiology  computer  medicine 
june 2010 by ssorc
Indiana Pathology Images™ (iPimages™) was formed to develop affordable, high quality multimedia products for educators, students, and practitioners.

The authors and editors have considerable experience with photomicroscopy and have been recognized for their high resolution and high quality images. All of the images, with few exceptions, included in these products were taken by the authors.
microbiology  microscopy  photography  science  education  reference  work 
july 2009 by ssorc
qPCR Machines and Real-time PCR Platforms
The following PCR machines are compared for various features to help you decide which instrument is most suitable for your needs. Please scroll down the page to see the various platforms.
science  biotech  microbiology 
april 2009 by ssorc
Home - Public Health Image Library (PHIL)
Much of the information critical to the communication of public health messages is pictorial rather than text-based. Created by a Working Group at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the PHIL offers an organized, universal electronic gateway to CDC's pictures. We welcome public health professionals, the media, laboratory scientists, educators, students, and the worldwide public to use this material for reference, teaching, presentation, and public health messages. The content is organized into hierarchical categories of people, places, and science, and is presented as single images, image sets, and multimedia files.
medicine  microbiology  biotech  science  photography  video  database  library  reference 
february 2009 by ssorc
Microbiology Conference
This page lists current microbiology conferences, meetings, symposia, workshops and advanced courses.
microbiology  conferences  science 
december 2008 by ssorc

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