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In Praise of Limbo
There is a library that's on the border of Canada and the United States — literally on the border, with part of the library in each country. Producer Zoe Chace interviews journalist Yeganeh Torbati about how lately, it's become a critical space for a surprising set of visitors. (7 minutes)
podcast  borders  thisamericanlife  canada  usa  audio  library 
15 days ago by sspela
Sounds of Mars: NASA’s InSight Senses Martian Wind - YouTube
Listen to Martian wind blow across NASA’s InSight lander. The spacecraft’s seismometer and air pressure sensor picked up vibrations from 10-15 mph (16-24 kph) winds as they blew across Mars’ Elysium Planitia on Dec. 1, 2018. The seismometer readings are in the range of human hearing, but are nearly all bass and difficult to hear on laptop speakers and mobile devices. We provide the original audio and a version pitched up by two octaves to make them audible on mobile devices. Playback is suggested on a sound system with a subwoofer or through headphones. Readings from the air pressure sensor have been sped up by a factor of 100 times to make them audible.
mars  sound  wind  audio 
6 weeks ago by sspela
CTS - conserve the sound
Conserve the sound« is an online museum for vanishing and endangered sounds. The sound of a dial telephone, a walkman, a analog typewriter, a pay phone, a 56k modem, a nuclear power plant or even a cell phone keypad are partially already gone or are about to disappear from our daily life.
sound  history  phone  modem  walkman  typewriter  audio 
september 2018 by sspela
Great Leap Years - Official site of Stephen Fry
The podcast explores topics ranging from the rise of humankind as the inventor, to the astonishing combination of persistence, investment and inspiration it took to create the Gutenberg Press and the communication technologies that created our world. It tells the story of how our lives have been transformed by a fascinating and compelling mixture of human decision and vision, greed and need.
stephenfry  audio  podcast  inventions  history 
september 2018 by sspela
The Turnaround: Ira Glass | Maximum Fun
On the premiere episode of The Turnaround, Jesse talks to Ira Glass, the host and creator of This American Life from WBEZ. This American Life has been on the air since 1995. For more than twenty years, Ira and his fellow producers have helped pioneer a distinctive narrative-driven brand of audio journalism that's become so influential that it's now heard pretty much everywhere.

audio  iraglass  interview 
july 2017 by sspela
ML: Macaulay Library
We invite you to explore the world's largest archive of wildlife sounds and videos.
nature  audio  sound 
october 2015 by sspela
Listen to harry potter sounds
These atmospheres recreate all kinds of Harry Potter sounds. Feel like a Hogwarts student and listen to ambient hogwarts sounds. Listen to a virtual dinner at Hogwarts Great Hall, enter the sounds of Harry Potter's common room, listen to the crackling fire at the Gryffindor common room, feel the cozyness of the Hufflepuff common room, the concentrated ambiance of Ravenclaw and the conspirative studies at Slitherin.Listen to the hogwarts ambient noise, the atmosphere under the hogwarts lake and take an audio trip to the classrooms or the chamber of secrets.
harrypotter  sound  audio  gryffindor  hufflepuff  ravenclaw  slytherin  hogwarts 
september 2015 by sspela
Ni dovolj, da zgolj upaš. Šteje, da si upaš nekaj narediti – Val 202
"Včasih sem mislil, da je neumnost deviacija. Zdaj vidim, da je pamet izredno redka dobrina, ki je konstanta. Prebivalstvo pa se kar veča."
audio  iztokmlakar 
june 2015 by sspela
When Women Stopped Coding : Planet Money : NPR
Modern computer science is dominated by men. But it hasn't always been this way.
coding  computers  technology  women  stevehenn  gender  audio  npr 
october 2014 by sspela
Why Audio Never Goes Viral
“Audio never goes viral,” writes radio and podcast producer Nate DiMeo. “If you posted the most incredible story — literally, the most incredible story that has ever been told since people have had the ability to tell stories, it will never, ever get as many hits as a video of a cat with a moustache.”
audio  radio 
january 2014 by sspela
E.O. Wilson's Advice for Future Scientists : NPR
"You need a lot of time," says Dr. Wilson. "It's a good idea to be alone a lot and talk to yourself. I don't know if—how many other scientists talk to themselves. I do so all the time silently. And I guess I risk my reputation for complete sanity by admitting that. And I've now wondered how many creative scientists, people who are constantly in search of new ideas, new ways of looking at things, new enterprises, talk to themselves in a way as though they were speaking to another person, and trying to open up new subjects, new ways to get into old subjects. And this is a very good mental process for doing original science."
talking  story  time  audio  thinking  edwardwilson  silence  science 
august 2013 by sspela
How to play sound from a web page - UCL
"Why it should be so difficult to replay a sound from a web page remains a mystery. These pages demonstrate some of the many ways that have been tried over the years, from the use of a simple link to the use of the latest HTML 5 tag. I'll focus on the replay of simple uncompressed (aka PCM) WAV files, since that's what we use for perceptual experiments. Many of these techniques will work with MP3 or OGG compressed files, too."
javascript  html  web  audio  sound 
january 2012 by sspela
BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Italian eyewitness
A woman speaks to the BBC via phone, she feels an aftershock in the middle and is really scared.
italy  earthquake  audio  bbc  2009  naturaldisasters  geography 
april 2009 by sspela
for converting videos from one format to another
video  opensource  audio  converter 
march 2009 by sspela

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