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How to track your Instagram followers over time with Google Sheets Scripts
As Instagram becomes an increasingly important channel for the King & McGaw marketing team, we wanted to track our engagement KPIs more closely.
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27 days ago by stacker
These 7 Digital Residencies Prove That the Hottest New Exhibition Space May Be on Instagram | artnet News
Artists from around the globe are flocking to Instagram—and it's leading to some very real-life opportunities.
8 weeks ago by stacker
Instagrammer in Residence | Barbican
Following the successful run of our first cycle of Instagrammer in Residence project, we’re excited to launch the second edition, inviting emerging Instagrammers from around London to experience life at the Barbican and share their photography on our social channels and also in a digital exhibition throughout the Centre.
barbican  instagram 
8 weeks ago by stacker
How Instagram Is Changing the Way We Design Cultural Spaces | Innovation | Smithsonian
As neighborhoods, restaurants and museums become more photogenic, are we experiencing an “Instagramization” of the world?
9 weeks ago by stacker
Selfie Factories: The Rise of the Made-for-Instagram Museum | WIRED
The Rain Room wasn't designed for social media, but its raving success online demonstrated a hunger for these types of exhibits. In some cities, people waited in line for as long as eight hours for their chance to get a photo inside. To some, it proved there was a market waiting to be served.
instagram  exhibition  wired 
october 2017 by stacker
Brands and the Museumification of Everything – theprojects – Medium
The popularity of large-scale, shareable installations on social media has inspired a number brands to move past product-focused marketing and offer consumers new immersive experiences with their brand, taking inspiration from the museum and gallery format. Here at the projects* we expect brands to capitalize on this emerging trend as a powerful opportunity to reach new audiences, create engaging content and offer unique touch-points for consumers.
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october 2017 by stacker
How a stranger 700 miles away is showing me the world's greatest art
The timing has been strangely ideal. Almost a month back, I was in hospital for a short but exhausting multiple sclerosis treatment, which has left me languid and occasionally confused upon waking. With a few weeks off work, I have been stirring late with nothing to do but lie tangled in the duvet and gawp at my phone. Dawdling on Instagram one morning, I saw that @MuseoPrado, the Spanish gallery's official account, was filming a live video. I tapped on the icon and found I was staring at a vast, intricate arrangement of humanity, arms and legs and bodies clustered together, some terrified, some placid, some monstrous. In the distance, rounded hills gave way to the perfect edge of an electric blue sea. It was arresting, this scene: it seemed so medieval and also so modern.
prado  instagram  live  streaming 
september 2017 by stacker
Museum objects and Instagram: agency and communication in digital engagement: Continuum: Vol 0, No 0
In recent years, museums have focused on engaging the public in their collections, exhibitions and programming as they reimagine themselves in the light of changes in technology and visitor expectations. This article spotlights public engagement with museum objects from the perspective of museum visitors, specifically how they engage with objects through the visual social media platform of Instagram. It draws on a case study of Instagram users who visited one popular, urban, Australian museum of contemporary art. We argue that visitor engagement with museum objects on Instagram is informed by agency and authority on the part of the user, and a primary motivation to communicate shared experiences using photography. Findings include a significant focus on objects despite public concerns that social media use in museum spaces is leading to a decreased public engagement in this area. Implications stemming from the research include specific insights for museum practice and understandings that have a potential to impact communication, engagement, and contemporary cultural practices generally.
instagram  research  audience_research 
september 2017 by stacker
7 Effective Ways to Get Your Visitors to Share More Photos - CrowdRiff
When your visitors share the photos they’ve taken, they’re putting the authentic experiences they’ve had with your brand out into the world. You gain social proof, engagement with your brand, and more sources of inspiration to entice new potential visitors.
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march 2017 by stacker
How to Use Instagram to Engage Audiences - Museum Hack
Looking for some digital inspiration for your own museum? There are tons of examples of museums who are using Instagram to engage audiences. Let’s take a look at four Instagram accounts from museums around the world who are doing it right when it comes to engaging audiences online.
march 2017 by stacker
Objects in Focus: Museum Visitors and Instagram - Budge - 2017 - Curator: The Museum Journal - Wiley Online Library
While there is increasingly widespread use of social media by those visiting museum exhibitions relatively little is understood about this practice. Further still, the focus of such practices is unknown yet research in this area can reveal much about how visitors using applications driven by smart phone technology are engaging with exhibition content, space, design, architecture and people. This article draws on a case study of one exhibition using visual content analysis to frame, explore and interpret visual and text based posts by visitors using the social media application, Instagram, as part of their experience. Findings suggest that museum visitors using this application do so to account for and record details of their experience that draws attention to exhibition content, specifically objects. The implications are extensive for cultural institutions given the uptake of social media in all corners of life, with museums and galleries being a lively context for social media use via mobile technologies.
instagram  research 
march 2017 by stacker
The World's Most Instagrammed Museums in 2016 | artnet News
The top Instagram hashtag of 2016 was #love, and the most-used emoji was—you guessed it—. As the year grinds to an end, the Instagram PR team has sent us these factoids, plus a bunch more from all the data harvested from their massive user base. The trove includes some things for art fans to .
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december 2016 by stacker
The Demographics of Social Media Users | Pew Research Center
The following analysis discusses the demographic characteristics of each of the five social media platforms in the survey.
demographic  audience_research  social_media  Facebook  Twitter  linkedin  instagram  Pinterest 
september 2016 by stacker
Museums Are Embracing Selfies, Social Media, and Virtual Reality - The Atlantic
Earlier this year, at the Whitney Museum of American Art, in New York, visitors paraded through the fifth floor to see a retrospective dedicated to the abstract expressionist Frank Stella. Although many of the works on display were four or five decades old, in some ways the show felt tailor-made for the Instagram age: a riot of vibrant colors and textures, 20-foot-long reliefs, and sculptures as jagged and dynamic as 3-D graffiti.
Whitney_Museum_of_American_Art  Google_Cultural_Institute  Metropolitan_Museum_of_Art  instagram 
september 2016 by stacker
Paris looks to Instagrammers to boost city museum visits
Paris Musées, the public institution that oversees 14 of the city's municipal museums, has cottoned on to this new media wave and is turning to Instagram as a platform to raise awareness and boost museum attendance. To promote its recently launched site, which houses a searchable digital collection of all the museums' works, Paris Musées has commissioned 10 Instagrammers from various art backgrounds to re-create or reinterpret some of these iconic works.
instagram  Paris_Musées  emarketing 
july 2016 by stacker
Reflecting the Museum: How Instagram brings back seeing - by Russell Dornan - Museum Identity Ltd
Instagram is an increasingly popular platform for museums to explore. Russell Dornan on how the social network allows museums to create new kinds of mutual engagement
instagram  wellcome  social_media 
june 2016 by stacker
Instagram for Arts Orgs: What You Need To Know About Content And Setting Goals | Arts Hacker
People who want your pictures to appear in their homefeed are called “followers.” As they scroll, they’ll see anything you post publicly and be able to like, comment, or share aka re-gram your picture. The more people who follow you, the bigger your potential reach, so set a number goal and a deadline: We will have [number] followers by [date].
march 2016 by stacker
What the Heck Is Going on With the Renwick Gallery? | Washingtonian
A curator explains how the venerable museum became huge on Instagram.
Renwick_Gallery  instagram 
february 2016 by stacker
The Instagram hoax that became an art-world sensation.
How one savvy artist found a new format for an age-old line of feminist critique.
netart  instagram 
january 2016 by stacker
NYC Department of Records (@nycarchives) • Instagram photos and videos
NYC Department of Records Collecting and preserving the history of NYC. Everyday is #ThrowbackThursday
instagram  NYC_Department_of_Records 
november 2015 by stacker
The Photographers' Gallery (@thephotographersgallery) • Instagram photos and videos
The Photographers' Gallery Weekly artist Takeovers showing images related to our programme of exhibitions, events & talks.
The_Photographers'_Gallery  instagram 
august 2015 by stacker
#EmptyScienceMuseum | Inside the Science Museum
Over the past year or so, museums and galleries from around the world have been opening their doors outside of opening hours to Instgrammers, and the results have been stunning. Known as #emptymuseum, these events were pioneered by Instagrammers themselves.
science_museum  instagram 
july 2015 by stacker
Sharing Content - Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and Flickr | LibraryLinkNJ
Once you’ve created your visual social media images, how do you share it with the world? Many libraries already have Facebook pages they use to share visual content. Facebook is an excellent platform for sharing this content; however, the audience is somewhat limited to those patrons that like your page and those that share your content. There are many other social media platforms out there designed specifically for sharing visual content.
flickr  Pinterest  instagram  tumblr  library  social_media 
march 2015 by stacker
The interactive installation ON BROADWAY represents life in the 21st century city through a compilation of images and data collected along the 13 miles of Broadway that span Manhattan.
new_york_public_library  visualisation  installation  instagram  touchscreen 
march 2015 by stacker
'On Broadway' Is a Stunning, Data-Driven Portrait of Life in New York City | The Creators Project
ON BROADWAY transforms the length of the iconic thoroughfare into "a visual metaphor for thinking about the city: a vertical stack of image and data layers,” turning the entire length of Manhattan into an orchestra of easily-explored information. Inspired by Every Building on the Sunset Strip, Ed Ruscha's 25-foot-long artist book that depicts a continuous photograph of a 1.5 mile section of Sunset Boulevard in 1966, the team collected things like 660,000 Instagram photos shared along the avenue from six months in 2014, over 8.5 million Foursquare check-ins made since 2009, 158 days of Twitter posts, 22 million taxi pickups and drop-offs in 2013, info from the US Census Bureau, pictures from Google Street View, and more, and compressed life in the Big Apple down into one linear installation.
new_york_public_library  interactive  touchscreen  instagram  installation  visualisation 
march 2015 by stacker
Curious Conversations with the Curious Public: Digital Engagement – the Wellcome Collection Experience | Claire Bailey Ross
The next presentation at Show Us Your Assets was by Russell Dornan, Web editor at the Wellcome Collection. Russell gave a really great overview of the Wellcome Collection’s digital activities, from using social media, blogging, to digital storytelling and video projects. He then focused on three tools (Instagram, using hashtags and blogging stories) that have been particularly successful for the Wellcome Collection. The nice thing being that these three things can be scaled up and down and applied to any other museum with little or no cost (other than staff time). Finally, Russell provided a range of really helpful dos and don’ts. (NB. All images are screen grabs from Russell’s prezi which is available online)
wellcome  instagram  social_media  engagement 
march 2015 by stacker
20 Ways to Make People Fall in Love With Your Instagram: A Guide for Libraries and Other Cultural Institutions | The New York Public Library
My talk, naturally, was about something I am really passionate about: Instagram. Having co-managed the NYPL Instagram account (along with Billy Parrott, Managing Librarian, Art and Picture Collection) for the past 18 months, I shared my insights in a talk titled “Your Instagram Doesn’t Have to Suck.” But it’s really Twenty Ways to Make People Fall in Love With Your Instagram.
new_york_public_library  instagram  mcn2014 
december 2014 by stacker
#EMPTYMET by Dave Krugman - Exposure
I reached out to some of my favorite mobile photographers who have large followings, anywhere from 30,000 to over 1,000,000 per photographer. We put a team together and brought them in on a Monday, when the Museum was closed to the public. We had 2 hours to wander the empty halls, composing our shots and capturing the uninterrupted beauty of the Museum. In exchange for the private access, I had the photographers direct their followers to the Museum’s page, where they could decide to follow the Museum as well. Raising awareness that the Museum had a profile was a big part of our efforts. We wanted to build a community for patrons to engage with. We repeated the same process multiple times throughout the past two years. When the project began they were just shy of 4,000 followers, as of this writing they have 183,000. The Museum won the Webby Award for best Arts and Culture Social Marketing, and the New York Times featured the project on the front page of the Arts section.
instagram  Metropolitan_Museum_of_Art 
october 2014 by stacker
Richard Tuttle’s ‘I Don’t Know · The Weave of Textile Language’ - Instagram Blog
Richard Tuttle’s I Don’t Know · The Weave of Textile Language is the latest large-scale work to be shown in the Tate Modern’s (@tategallery) Turbine Hall. The American artist’s largest work to date, the piece measures 12 meters (39 feet) in height and covers more than half of the former electrical supply hall in red and marigold fabrics on plywood.
instagram  tate  tate_modern 
october 2014 by stacker
The bright side of visitor photography, now and later | Thinking about museums
Documentation is a key element in the Reggio approach. It serves many purposes, most of all as a way to study how children learn. Documentation is about what children are doing and learning. The product of that documentation becomes the material for learner and teacher to discuss what the learner is learning and how. For the learner, it becomes a way to reflect on their learning and crystalize it, and for the teacher, it becomes a way to gauge how their  instruction is being received, so they tailor it to suit the learner’s needs. Documentation becomes the way that learning is demonstrated and discussed.
visitor_experience  photography  instagram  Metropolitan_Museum_of_Art 
october 2014 by stacker
Instagram and Art Theory
Maybe it seems as if there’s a tension between Berger’s enthusiasm for image-sharing and the criticism of the inanity of what technology actually does. But it’s the fact that Ways of Seeing helps square this circle, to break out of the choice between dismissive traditionalism and easy techno-optimism, that I think makes it useful. The whole purpose, for Berger, of having a political take on how images function in society is to point beyond this binary: technology makes possible many good things; political and economic conditions guarantee, however, that it is constantly warped so that the same kinds of bad patterns repeat themselves, in new and improved forms.
instagram  art_history 
july 2014 by stacker
Sharing Cultural Jewels via Instagram -
That’s where Mr. Krugman comes in. Leveraging his nearly 50,000 followers at @dave.krugman and a deep network of influential photographers using Instagram, Mr. Krugman has become a go-to guy for New York libraries and museums. The New York Public Library, the Metropolitan Museum and the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, among others, have all used Mr. Krugman to find their voices on Instagram and attract a coveted younger demographic.
Metropolitan_Museum_of_Art  instagram 
june 2014 by stacker
How to use Instagram and Pinterest for your arts organisation | Culture professionals network | Guardian Professional
Thinking of setting up an Instagram or Pinterest account for your arts venue? Follow these top tips, from our last live chat
instagram  guardian 
december 2013 by stacker
Statigram - All Instagram online
Key metrics about your Instagram account… Get your total number of likes received, your most liked photos ever, your average number of likes and comments per photo, your follower growth charts and more advanced analytics. …to share with your community!
instagram  analytics 
september 2013 by stacker
The #Artlympics!
The #Artlympics is a new way to enjoy museums, with a pinch of competition. It is happening everywhere on earth, through hashtags, in any museum that allows photography. To participate, all that is needed is a free Instagram account. The #Artlympics will happen over 9 days—beginning Friday, September 20th and ending Sunday, September 29th.
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august 2013 by stacker

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