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Dear Ian – An Open Letter to Ian Blackford –
" You say you strongly support a woman’s right to choose on abortion. Again we simply ask, what do you mean by that? Do you think a woman should be free to choose to abort (kill) her child when they are 39 weeks in the womb? If not – why not? If so – are you really saying that it is the SNP policy to support abortion on demand, up to birth? And if up to birth – why not beyond? Why should a woman (or man) have to bring up a child they do not want? Why not just get rid of unwanted children? Before Christianity became the guiding ethos in European society, infanticide was normal. You think you are ‘progressive’, but the reality is that you are regressing to a Greco-Roman pagan view of the world. There are more than 100,000 people alive in Northern Ireland today because of the Northern Irish abortion laws. Yet you voted to kill babies in the womb. Herod only killed 3,000. You have voted to kill 300,000!

Apart from the immorality and crass callousness, it’s the stupidity of the position. I have noticed several tweets from the SNP in the past few days, complaining about the decline in the Scottish population – apparently, we are down about 500,000 on what we should be. Too many people are leaving our Nirvana and not enough are being attracted. So the SNP think the solution is to have control of immigration and get more people (servants) to come to Scotland to do the jobs we don’t want to do. Here is a radical thought for you…lets stop killing 12,000 plus babies per year (around 20% of all babies). Maybe the way to repopulate the country is to have more children, and to encourage families?"
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july 2019 by steelo
Why I’m sick of Pride | Coffee House
And it isn’t because they’re racist — it’s because they want to feel part of something bigger than themselves. This urge to look beyond oneself to the possibility of national togetherness and solidarity is surely more positive than the new cult of identity politics and its invitation to constant self-gazing and self-celebration.
homosexuality  transgender 
july 2019 by steelo
Daughter of famed sci-fi author reveals sexual horrors she suffered growing up in LGBT home | News | LifeSite
I have heard all the customary protestations. ‘Your parents were evil because they were evil, not because they were gay,’ but I disagree,” writes Moira Greyland in her new book, The Last Closet: The Dark Side of Avalon.

“The underlying problem is a philosophical one that is based on beliefs that are not only common to gay culture but to popular culture. And this is the central belief: All Sex is Always Right No Matter What,” she wrote.
june 2019 by steelo
1 in 7 adoptive couples now same-sex - The Christian InstituteThe Christian Institute
Professor Robert Oscar Lopez, who was raised by a lesbian couple, said: “The idea is so powerful in your head that there is a father and a mother out there, I mean how can you erase that?

“You can erase every single book ever written in the history of mankind that includes references to a father and a mother and the kid will still reach the age of 12 or 13 and know that something’s wrong”, he added.
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december 2017 by steelo
” ‘Gay love’- Roman decadence
Can't compare it to heterosexual marriage
july 2017 by steelo
Motherhood and Apple Pie – The Sins of Andrea Leadsom —The Wee Flea “Gottcha! She’s gone. Ding-dong, the witch is dead. After a weekend of vitriol and abuse Andrea Leadsom has had enough and withdrawn from the race to be Conservative party leader
There is a good reason for the inconsistency. Leadsom was savaged for her motherhood remarks because the metropolitan liberal establishment was determined to get its own back after suffering a crushing defeat in the EU referendum. It targeted Leadsom because it has a hate for anything it regards as the promotion of traditional family life. It operates in a kind of reverse of Clause 28 – it will praise alternative lifestyles to the point that even Tory MPs are feted as heroes if they come out, but it will not tolerate anything which seems even slightly to celebrate a traditional family life of two married heterosexual parents bringing up their own children.

As I wrote here in April, the latest form of ‘discrimination’ being promoted by the left is that childless employees earn less than new fathers do. Never mind that there is an obvious explanation – new fathers have to work harder because they have to earn more to support a family, especially at a time when their wives or partners are probably taking maternity leave – the TUC somehow tries to float the idea that employers are deliberately paying childless employees less.

I am sure that being childless will not detract from Theresa May’s ability to do the job of Prime Minister. I am equally sure that being a northern, working-class lesbian won’t help Angela Eagle be a good Labour leader, if she succeeds in getting the job (though she does have some good qualities as a parliamentarian). But it speaks volumes as to who wields the real power in Britain when a prime ministerial candidate is crushed for boasting about being a mother.
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july 2016 by steelo
The Vindication of Mark Regnerus | Public Discourse
How many children were raised by two women staying together from the child’s first birthday to his or her eighteenth? Just two. And how many such cases were there in the FGR category—of children raised by two men together for their whole childhood? Zero. This, out of an initial population of 15,000.

...As Regnerus concludes, “Perhaps in social reality there really are two ‘gold standards’ of family stability and context for children’s flourishing—a heterosexual stably-coupled household and the same among gay/lesbian households—but no population-based sample analysis is yet able to consistently confirm wide evidence of the latter.” What we can say at this point is that “the probability-based evidence that exists . . . suggests that the biologically-intact two-parent household remains an optimal setting for the long-term flourishing of children.” There is no other type of household of which that can be confidently said.

...According to Schumm, we know that it makes more sense to regard “the concept of sexual orientation as ‘fluid’ rather than fixed at birth.” And it appears that sexual orientation is subject in the case of children to profound influence depending on family structure.

... “given the apparent fluidity of sexual orientation in general, but especially for women, it may even be rare for parents to maintain a same-sex orientation for 18 years, much less remaining with the same partner for that time.” We know that “multiple primary caregiver transitions, presumably regardless of the sexual orientation of parents, are stressful for children and increase the risk of poor child outcomes.” Is it any wonder, then, that the New Family Structures Study yielded the results it did?

...The controversy over same-sex marriage, and over the place of social science findings in debating the question, will doubtless continue. But Regnerus’s contribution has complicated a set of breezy assumptions too widely held: that children raised in these new family structures suffer no disadvantages whatsoever, and that stable, long-term same-sex-parent families can even be found in significant numbers. In so doing, Regnerus has moved our national conversation on the family forward, in a positive direction, with greater awareness of what is at stake in the public policy choices we make.
gayadoption  homosexuality 
november 2015 by steelo
You Are What—and How—You Read - The Gospel Coalition
In short, we honor God with our reading diligence. We honor God with our reading sacrifice. If you watch two hours of TV and surf the internet for three, what would happen if you abandoned these habits for reading the Bible and the Puritans? For real. Could the best solution to the sin that enslaves us be just that simple and difficult all at the same time?
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july 2015 by steelo
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